Astro On The Go Fan Choice Awards 2014

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Vote the best TV series, Actor, Actress, Movies that you like ! You only have 6 entries

Astro Fan Choice Awards
Astro's Fan Choice Awards

You will count as one vote per Facebook account for your favorite one. There are 6 category. "Gempak", "Vaanavil", "Hen Hao" , "International ", "Sports". 

Each category is different. Gempak category is more focusing on Malay actor/actress, Malay movies and TV series. Besides, Vaanavil category is more focusing on Indian TV. Moreover, Hen Hao category will be focusing on what Chinese like to watch in Astro. International category will be focusing on international movies and celebrity. For sports, it mainly about Malaysian favourite sport channels

On April 30, the highest voting for Gempak category is Maharaja Lawak Mega 2013. For Vaanavil, it is Gala Gala Vaanavil. For Hen Hao category, the highest will be the movie The Journey 2014. As for International category will be Korean variety show Running Man.   Last category in Sport, the highest vote given to Cristiano Ronaldo

Beside voting, there are attractive prizes to be won. Iphone 5S, Ipad mini, Free access to Astro-on-the-go, Logitech headset, Powerbank

Visit main official contest page : Astro Fan Choice Awards

Top 10 Weird News in Malaysia April 2014

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Anything that very weird, novelty, strange, bizarre supernatural, abnormal, unusual, odd, mysterious.

Above are synonym of "Weird" . It is so weird that so many words means weird. Why the dictionary do not reduce so many words that translated as weird and only use the word weird. It will make the world simpler.

I do not think there are only 10 weird news in April, 2014 in Malaysia. If you do have weird news please do not hesitate leaving comments below.

1. Treasure hunt for Melaka hidden treasure

Mystery behind this treasure hunt is a true historical event that the Portugal army lead by Alfonso De Albuquerque in 1511 conquered Melaka and plundered Melaka Sultan wealth. Finding of the Melaka treasure is important and has to be continued because it is Melaka historical symbolic relics.The price of the relic is so high due to it connected with popular Melaka historical event.

Study made believed that the ship carrying Melaka treasure wrecked nearby Aceh. Melaka authorities have set up a company given the license to dig up the treasure from ocean floor. Smart Partnership International will discontinued it searching on April 30, 2014 after have been searching over the years.

It is reported that the treasure worth Billions or trillions( trillions? you must be overstated) . Anyways, It contained treasure box with golds and silvers and gold monkey and ancient manuscript.

2. Lee Chong Wei lost match with Indonesian Simon Santoso

The first question will be who the  F  heck is Simon Santoso ?? There were many Simon Santoso fans at Singapore badminton stadium at that time. Lee Chong Wei fans shouting still triumph loudest. However, in this match, Simon beat World No 1 Lee Chong Wei in less than a hour.

Lee Chong Wei does not lack of winning he lacks of losing. Although our memory still serve him best the glorious moments when Lee Chong Wei beat every single one in badminton arena before the year 2008. That was so cool you are always placed on top platform in every badminton match when receiving the winning trophy.

It is not the point to reflect Lee Chong Wei. The main point is who is Simon Santoso?

3. Internal Security Act activated for a guy editing skill

I bet he was captured by polices and asked by polices questions be like " Who teach you how to edit" ? "Who told you to edit her", "What are your motives" .  This man carrying Facebook name "Syed Saifullah" posted a fine edited corpse with Malaysian first lady head. Spreading lies across the internet. I must repeated do not attempt because they will catch you ! This joke is beyond limitation !

Police actually caught him while everyone is sleeping on 12.05AM as reported by news. This guy is working at a Dobi company. The main point are cant police catch him when everyone is sober at least the owner of the Facebook is sober at that time. I bet the accused still figuring out why Police knocking his door on late night. This is so weird that a guy working a Dobi really have this kind of editing skill ?

I want to ask too who you learn the editing skill? But I will make good thing of this talent

I hope the owner of the Facebook get good lesson for doing this. I repeated this is fake and edited image 

4. No longer safe traveling by air

3 cases of aircraft failure in a month of April. So much weird to the point that Acting transport minister, investigation for deliberate on failure of the aircraft have to be put into consideration.

The title is misleading because merely 3 aircraft failure does not represent not safe status there were thousand flights in a month.

One is electrical or power failure of an aircraft. This is serious because lost of power will cancel any communication between aircraft and tower. However, big aircraft have provided many alternative in an event of power failure like battery and power generator built-in the aircraft like Boeing 777. MH066 forced to land at Hong Kong delayed on the route to South Korea.

Second is Firefly Airlines FY1002, a codeshare with Malaysia Airlines MH9948. Plane was forced to turn back Penang International Airport after encounter landing gear problems.

Third is APFT flying academy incident. Aircraft crashed landed on Taman Kurnia Jaya. No death toll is reported.

5. Anti GST rally

Theme of the rally "Protest till it is dropped". It will be held on May 1, 2014. The rally was organized by a coalition of 89 non-governmental organisations such as Solidarity Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) and supported by opposition Pakatan Rakyat.

The rally coincides with International workers' day was held in response to Malaysian government plan to introduce a good and service tax on April 1, 2015. Precisely 11 months from the date of protest.

Police have been receiving the application but rejected as it failed to meet conditions under Section 9(1) of the Peaceful Assembly Act. It is said that location owner did not approve the rally.


When U.S president visiting UM for a speech at a Young South East Asian Leaders Initiative Town Hall Session at Dewan Tunku Canselor (DTC) several students raised banners opposing signing agreement of TPPA. 

Besides that, 6,000 peoples have liked the page "Bantah TPPA" facebook page at . 

TPPA is still remain undisclosed to the public what are the essential information discussed on agreement. Several countries is expected to join TPPA including Malaysia. There are several information circulated on Internet that it will benefit interest of specific companies. Local news said it will bankrupt some Malaysian company will agreement is signed.

7. Malaysian NGO voiced out about the visit of U.S president to Mosque

The main focus of voicing out is preventing U.S president visiting mosque which is included in the schedule. Islamic NGO Hizbut Tahrir said sent out memorandum that U.S president is an imperialistic country and Obama is head of it. 

They expressed disappointed on State council decision approval of the visiting of mosque by U.S president. 

8. Disrespectful Attitude to U.S president motorcade 

Myvi middle finger motorcade president
Myvi-middle finger-motorcade

Seriously I do not own this image and found this on Facebook. Due to Facebok image url I am unable to put it at blogger. You should know who was coming right on April 26, Saturday right ?? Traffic congestion happened. But this act is really offensive made by this Myvi driver. What if He really saw that on his "The beast window" 

If you look deeper you actually can spell it plate number. You are about to be famous !

9. ESSCOM Sabah too late to act ?

Kidnapping and asking for ransom in Sabah worsen due to 2 cases in less than 6 months. The last biggest case of kidnapping suspected by Abu Sayyaf was the year 2000. His gunmen raid the Malaysian diving resort of Sipadan. About 10 western tourists and 11 resort workers kidnapped to nearest Jolo island. Same year, they launched another attack capturing three Malaysians.

After the incident happened, 13 years have passed. Another abduction case surfaced Taiwan tourists have been captured. This case sparked controversy the setting up of ESSCOM is being proposed and successful after allocation of 300 million is approved.

However, the establishment of Eastern Sabah Security Command did not ward off or prevent another abduction incident which had been happened on early of the month. One chinese women tourist and resort worker are confirmed to be taken away.

10  Water is clean or contaminated ?

Still the topic of water rationing in state of Selangor. Mine pool water is tested safe by several water experts in various department. 10 Pipes to be bought at China to channel this water into the water treatment area.

 After few days later, UM study reported that the mine pool is not comply to standard set by water department. Report showed that the water is contaminated by heavy metals.

Authorities urged to stop water rationing activity started from May 1. Selangor residents water crisis resolved ? Some people still claimed that water rationing should continue because the water reserve in the dam is not hitting 55%.

Huawei Honor 3C launched at Malaysia for RM499

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Huawei launched notable Honor 3C 2GB RAM with super affordable price. It is not just affordable.

Honor 3C malaysia RM499

It seem that the Malaysian smartphone market is still in vibrant state. China based company Huawei is launching first ever website named "" as a platform selling groundbreaking Huawei Honor 3C

It is well known that without thinking smartphone company based in China will offer the best affordable price to target large group of society in Malaysia. Assuming that old mindset pay cheap get cheaper quality product but it seem like I will disagree with you what Huawei has to offer to you

Launching on April 29, Huawei announced there are in the state of sold out after hours of selling. I guess they do not release too many smartphones to sell on the first day. Both Grey and White color Huawei Honor 3C with 2GB RAM are fully bought by alerted consumer and patron.

Before the day of launching on, Huawei organized a small contest namely "Guess the price". The basic rule to win is to guess the right price before launching. Who won the contest will be awarded a Huawei 3C Honor as a return. Unitedmy author have tried several times throughout the contest. It was held from April 21 - April 28, 2014   . We can return to guess again after 5 hours. There will be 100 people taking away Huawei Honor 3C for free !!

Huawei Honor 3C
Source : Soyacincau

Speaking about trying the contest by myself, I have tried so many times I can say more than 12 times of trying each day. I am shocked after the end of the contest on April 29, 2014 when they announced the price is RM499. I am completely in the state of joy because I had previously key in RM499.

Despite that, Huawei opened two large outlets in Malaysia further proving that Malaysian are supportive on Huawei especially those who read the Huawei new smartphone specification.

Specification of Huawei Honor 3C

Screen size   : 5" inches
RAM            : 2GB
Camera        : 5 MP for front toward you / 8MP for rear or back
Processor      : Quad-core
Internal.M      : 4GB / 8GB (Varies)

Features        : Dual SIM, 3G,

Color              : White, Grey, Gold, Yellow, Pink, Green

Visiting for more information at

Huawei Facebook :

Abang Long Fadil Movies Starring Zizan Razak

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Syafiq Yusof Director of "Abang Long Fadil" is brother of the Director KL Gangster. Both of them are great talented movies director

Release date : May 29, 2014

Language : Malay

Genre : Action / Comedy

Director : Syafiq Yusof

Casts : Zizan Razak, Kamal Adli, Tauke Raja Lawak, Soffi Jikan, Syamsul Yusof, Aaron Aziz

The movie trailer is released and I am very tempted to watch. Actor Zizan Razak has a very unique personality that fit to be the cover guy in this movie. He is humorous and in the same time actor personality.

Commenting on the movie trailer, it seem that there are doing very good job in the looking of CGI effect. I cant say it is perfect but certainly it is up to the standard of cinema movies. I cant comment further until I have watch the movies on May 29.

One thing for sure that the movies will not be just fighting scenes and martial arts like in the movie KL Gangsters. I am not stressing and it could prove me wrong on my next statement It is resemblance of Transformer, Kung Fu hustle and matrix movies elements into it. Although there are similarity but to make it look alike and making own storyline and blending three of the those hollywood movies into one, it will challenging. Abang Long Fadil will be a glory achievement that will leave excitement mark to Malaysian movies fans.

Will this movies be top 1 in movies ranking 2014 beating the current crowning love story " The Journey" movie ? It is unfair to compete head to head because both movies are different genres but we can look in term of the earning in the end of the year. Who will the the top earning between "Abang Long Fadil" and "The Journey".

The vote is yours. No matter what is the outcome would be local movies should be fully supported.  

Movies is produced by SKOP production and visual effect is by Viper Studios.


Zizan Razak plays as a Abang Long Fadil. He dreamed to be a gangster instead of samseng. His life turned around when he thought Aaron Aziz escaped from prison.

Abang Long Fadil movies trailer reached 200,000 views in a week. Know more about the movies in this video clips.

More about "Movies Malaysia" 

1. Top 10 Malay movies 2014

Top 10 Gaming Laptops in Malaysia 2014

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Gaming Laptops is about weight, power consumption, Graphic processor unit. It is more than you ever know

Of course the main thing to ponder first speaking of gaming laptop should be GPU. Laptops will be always a portable one. Their weight as well as power consumption is very much important.

If it is heavy it will be not so portable. Importance of power consumption is no less than it weight. Comparison of graphic processor unit in laptops is essential it will be slight boring just talking about it. There are many things need to learn about graphic cards it is not just low-end and high-end graphic cards. There are many factors needed to consider !

We can breakdown on graphic cards to Pixel shaders, Memory speeds, Memory Bus. All of the new graphic cards in laptops need to be Direct 11.

Without further delaying, First you will see a entry-level gaming laptop till those will cost you really expensive. You do not really need heavy GPU laptops You can always buy a cheap one and play your favourite high-end game let say "Titanfall", "Crysis" rendered game setting to low. 

You need to know that gaming company always want their game to exceed expectation in current GPU. They want provide as real as possible. They are good at promoting to us to buy newer computers because they are affiliated with computer manufacturer. Gamers always have a choice to lower the game setting although it will slightly impact gaming experience.

Summary of important things to look at a gaming laptops are weight, power consumption, GPU, Screen size. As the innovation and creativity in small chips built inside each laptops growing rapidly, each laptops in the future will try to look at different angle in gaming laptop. Battery technology is one of the example. The reason why I do not put battery as an important factor to look at gaming laptops because gaming processor required consistent power supply that a lithium battery still will be depleted.

Purchasing a gaming laptop does not need you to look at the battery factor because a gaming laptops generally run faster when you always plug it into a power socket instead using battery. Laptop battery does a small part in this topic.


Laptops features : 15.6" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i5, 4GB RAM & 1TB HDD, GTX760M

Color : Silver

Weight : 2.5KG

GPU cards : Nvidia GTX760M  , GPU Pixel shaders  : 768 , GPU memory speed : 4000 , Memory 

bus : 128 , GPU power consumption : 50W

The GPU is fully supporting 5th generation PureVideo HD. A very good and prime example entry-level laptops. It is under RM3000. Purchase with the right vendor, It has 2 years warranty. Newly launched by Asus in the year 2014. Check the full information and current price at Asus RM3,100 more or less


Laptops features : 15.6" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i7, 8GB RAM & 750GB HDD, GT740M

Color : Silver

Weight : 2.5 KG

GPU cards : Nvidia GT740M  , GPU Pixel shaders  : 384 , GPU memory speed : 1800 , Memory 

bus : 64/128,    GPU power consumption : 33W

A bigger screen of Toshiba satellite if you do not like 14" screen size gaming laptop. Bigger means more expensive. Opting for bigger gaming laptop screen and higher middle range graphic card? Full information and current price at Toshiba Satellite Gaming SIlver


Laptops features : 14" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i5, 4GB RAM & 750GB HDD, GT720M

Color : black/orange

Weight : 2.2KG

GPU cards : Nvidia GeForce GT720M , GPU Pixel shaders  : 96 , GPU memory speed 

1800 , Memory bus : 64 , GPU Power Consumption : 25W

Laptop come with HD camera for video chatting at skype or any video software. Lenovo always boasted they have longer battery life in any of their products. Check full nformation and current price at  Lenovo Flex black/orange

LENOVO Y410P 5940

Laptops features : 14" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i7, 8GB RAM & 1TB HDD, GT755

Color : Black

Weight : 2.2KG

GPU cards : Nvidia GeForce GT755 , GPU Pixel shaders  : 384 , GPU memory speed 

: 5400 , Memory bus : 128 , GPU Power Consumption : 40W

Lenovo always boasted they sell at a lower price. I think this laptop is under the actual price. One of the laptop you should buy with the budget RM3000. Although it does not have 500+ pixel shaders but this is consider one of the fastest GPU ever build inside a laptop. More information and current price at 
Lenovo laptop cost about RM2600 more or less . There is a bigger screen size version this laptop. It is Lenovo Y510.


Laptops features : 14" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i5 processor , 4GB RAM & 500GB SATA HDD, GT740M

Color : Cool Steel

Weight : 2.0 KG

GPU cards : Nvidia GeForce GT740M , GPU Pixel shaders  : 384 , GPU memory speed 

: 1800 , Memory bus : 68/128 , GPU Power Consumption : 33W

Emphasis on the right screen size and weight of laptop are as important as the GPU for a would-be laptop consumers. Too large or too small laptop screen size will rendered your gaming or learning experience. 4GB RAM is super fast enabled you to open few more website tabs while browsing for your assignment information. Acer is well known brand they have been recognized the biggest laptop manufacturer in the world. You can see any electronic retail shops in Malaysia selling Acer products. With this specification only cost around RM2000 more or less. Check the current price and full information laptop at Acer Aspire V5 Cool Steel


Laptops features : 15.6" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i7 processor , 4GB RAM & 1TB SATA HDD with 24GB SSD, GT740M, Bluetooth 4.0

Color : Aluminium Black

Weight : 2.5 KG

GPU cards : Nvidia GeForce GT740M , GPU Pixel shaders  : 384 , GPU memory speed 

1800 , Memory bus : 68/128 , GPU Power Consumption : 33W

15.6 screen size plus some internal space in Solid State Drive for your perfect laptop performance and experience. Built-in the latest touchscreen technology. Basically a gaming laptop requirement is higher than 2GB RAM and good graphic card. You will not be disappointed purchasing this multi purpose laptop. It cost around RM3000 . You could check current price at Asus Vivo Book Touch Black


Laptops features : 15.6" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i7 processor , 8GB RAM & 1TB SATA HDD, Radeon HD 8670M

Color : Aluminium Black

Weight : 2.2 KG

GPU cards : Radeon HD 8670M , GPU Pixel shaders  : 384 , GPU memory speed 

: 2000 , Memory bus : 64 , GPU Power Consumption : 30W,   Shader : 5

Last time I checked on Malaysian market. This cost around on a scale RM2500-RM3000 . Dell is well known brand for manufacturing gaming stuff. This laptops is highly sophisticated in engineering and it is touch-screen built-in. Looking for gaming laptops budget less than RM3000? It also boasted that using MaxAudio 4.0 technology winning numerous awards. This is a perfect example. Check full information at Dell Inspiron 5537T


Laptops features : 14" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i5 processor , 4GB RAM & 500GB HDD with 24GB SSD, GeForce GT370M

Color : Aluminium Black

Weight : 2.0 KG

GPU cards : GeForce GT370M , GPU Pixel shaders  : 384 , GPU memory speed 

1800 , Memory bus : 64/128, GPU Power Consumption : 30W,   Shader : 5

HP Pavilion generously offered 2 years warranty on this laptop. It can help you do daily computing with ease. Hesitate no more this gaming laptop is not even over RM2000. This GPU is highly valuable due to it can support 4k resolutions. A fairy good GPU coupled with fairy low price really tempting .Check the current price and full information at HP Pavilion m4


Laptops features : 15.6" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i7 processor , 8GB RAM & 1TB HDD, GeForce GTX860M, Bluetooth 4.0

Color : Aluminium Black

Weight : 1.9 KG ( Doubting)

GPU cards : GeForce GTX860M , GPU Pixel shaders  : 640 , GPU memory speed 

: 5000 , Memory bus : 128, GPU Power Consumption : 60W,   Shader : 5

-GPU featured Battery Boost, Gamestream, ShadowPlay, GPU Boost 2.0, Optimus, PhysX, CUDA, SLI and Geforce experience

MSI's gaming laptop with 15" screen size and steelseries gaming keyboard. Running side by side with highly renowned Geforce GPU. All of the gaming features you needed the most are all inside. MSI generously offering buyer with 2 years warranty. It boasted that the MSI hardware is not an ordinary but a gaming leaned hardware. It possibly reduce and kills lag when you are downloading and streaming with friends in online game. It can make your gaming experience to next whole new level. The price to pay on this rig will pay you off and well worthy. It is over RM5000 . Could check full information at One of the kind MSI GS60 Black


Laptops features : 14" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i7 processor , 8GB RAM & 750GB HDD with 64GB SSD, GeForce GTX765M, Bluetooth 4.0, Microphones and 2MP HD camera.

Color : Aluminium Black

Weight : 3KG

GPU cards : GeForce GTX765M , GPU Pixel shaders  : 768 , GPU memory speed 

4000 , Memory bus : 128, GPU Power Consumption : 55W,   Shader : 5

It heavy and it hungry of more power but it is because of it gaming rig. It is sensible at any angle that Alienware one of the division of Dell competitor of MSI laptop one should mention. Alienware brand is associate with gaming just like Nvidia is a gaming chip associated with gaming term. This alienware is a fine piece of gaming rig. Built-in aluminium protects your LCD and components, while the cooper heat sinks keep your system cool on the inside so you can game for hours and hours. It make sense why it is so heavy.

Are you a gamer that upload youtube video ? This is good laptop as it has Purevideo HD and video encoding engine called NVENC. It really hard to choose between MSI laptop and Dell Alienware. Both of them have same price tag but different screen size. Choose wisely if you are interested ! More information at  Dell Alienware A14

Astro's Game App based on Apokalips X Movies

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Astro Shaw made a game app inspired by the movie Apokalips X aired on local cinema on April, 2014

Login with your facebook account to save your game scores and unlock the feature to compete score with your friends

Speaking about local game app we are not aware we actually can make a good game or either we have such a talent to develop a good smartphone game app?

No such things that Malaysian does not have the talents. We have plentiful talented young smartphone app developers. 

The game app is named as "Larian Maut" Have you figure out how is the overall game content ? It actually like pyramid escape but more excitement. I called it as escape & slashing game category. It is not just escaping and jumping obstacles. It actually slashing bad guys off the screen as the bad guys will slow you down and big bad guys from behind is rushing to caught you.

Most of the time you are running in the game but you actually have extra fun. Let say riding a motorbike and utilizing super slashing move. Besides, the game mechanic is top notch. Do not expect you can buy new weapons or upgrading your gears but you actually can unlock new character to play.

I will give score of 4/5 because it game graphic is eye-catching and plentiful of wow factors. Definitely worth you to download it is only 40 MB. Moreover, I do not seen any heavy ads built-in the game.  

So much to catch up if want to enter top 5 in leaderboard

Umobile unveils Samsung Galaxy S5 plan on April 25

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Umobile Malaysia offering RM555 or RM999 for Samsung Galaxy S5

You can get Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone with only RM999 and RM555 but you are required to follow their following instructions.

It incredible low for RM555, what are the terms and condition for it? It required interested consumer to sigh up for Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card and sign up for U Plus LTE RM138 plan. This promotion will end on June 30, 2014. Be swift if you are qualify and meeting all the requirements for a RM555 Samsung Galaxy S5.

As for the RM999, you are required to be tied on a 24 months contract on Umobile plus LTE RM138 plan. Umobile did not just have 2 plans for Samsung galaxy S5.

There are Umobile plus LTE U58 and U88 plans with Samsung Galaxy S5 tied for 24 months. 

Umobile Samsung Galaxy S5U58 U88U PLUS
Monthly Commitment RM 58 RM 88RM 138
Internet  2GB 3GB 5GB
Free Calling 100 mins to Umobile
200 mins to other operators
100 mins to Umobile
200 mins to others
350 mins to all
Free SMS  None 100 to Umobile
200 to others
250 to all
Voice call charge 18 sen for Umobile
20 sen for other operators
18 sen for Umobile
20 sen for other operators
18 sen to all
Contract  2 years  2 years   2 years
Phone price RM 1699  RM 1499  RM 999
Estimated 2 years cost  RM 3091  RM 3611  RM 4311

If you feel there is a hassle and burden tied up for 24 months. You always can opt for purchasing new Samsung Galaxy S5 without contract. Comparison among Maxis, Digi and Celcom have been made. You can try to do comparison what you have to pay after a period of 1 year and 2 years with the contract you signed up.

Visit here to know about Comparison Maxis, Digi and Celcom plan on Samsung Galaxy S5 : Comparison Samsung Galaxy S5 among telcos

Visit here to know the specification of Samsung Galaxy S5 and interested to buy Samsung Galaxy S5 without contract through Online : Get Samsung Galaxy S5 COD through Online

Groupon Malaysia Samsung Galaxy S5 - Groupon's Samsung Galaxy S5 (Discounted)

Zalora Malaysia Online Shopping Website Review

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Zalora Malaysia is an online shopping sites selling wide range of fashion wears 

First time experiencing online shopping at Zalora Malaysia. It is my first time in my whole life purchasing shoes at a website. It fairly easy and hassle-free. It was very fun !  

Before I go through Zalora review, In fact, I have been making several online transactions prior than this. How do I learn making online transaction and what actually inspired me? It is a problem. A problem that made me exposed to first time ever making online transaction !

The problem occurred when I was at college and I need to buy an airplane ticket to fly back hometown. This problem leads me opening a bank account and purchase my first airplane ticket through the internet. It had discount if you purchased at their website ! I do not have the ticket to show here but it was Airasia. It is affordable and only alternative. Thanks to you ! I remembered it was on 2011.

All I want to say is that Online transaction is completely safe and reliable. Whether it Airasia or Zalora. Both of them are really big company. Online shopping is unique with Zalora. They have this "Return Policy". You are prompted to return an item deemed damaged upon delivery. Besides, items can be bought by Cash On Delivery method. For example, delivery will send to your doorstep, you will need to pay them when your item is on your sight with good condition. Zalora is using Ta.Q.Bin

 First of all of Zalora Review, Zalora boasted that they have 600+ brands with 30,000 products. It is fast and free delivery available, 30 days return, Cash on Delivery and you could make your order by calling them on 03 2035 6622

Back to the shoes part, I made an order with Zalora Malaysia on April 11, 2014. I bought a Tomaz brand shoes costing RM100+ . 

Zalora order
This is an order form after you click "Buy" at any items on Zalora Malaysia website

There is a column insert coupon before this page. Do not leave it blank I am strongly encourage you to insert " ZBAP006 " this seven digits code. First time Zalora customer will get 15% discount putting the code provided.

Zalora Malaysia guides
A blank column to put discount voucher code. You can put ZBAP006 to get 15% discount if you are new to Zalora

Zalora Malaysia Payment processor

Please choose wisely your payment method. As you can see there are many way you can pay to Zalora. You are prompted to pay in advance if you do not want "Cash on Delivery" method. This method is limited to specific areas that has Ta.Q.Bin services.

You will be directed to mobile88 website. I believe They are handling Zalora online payment system
which is true. You will have limited time to perform online transaction. If you suspect anything like address error or forget to double check information, you can always cancel this transaction at this stage.

After that, it will direct you again to your respective payment processor website. The rest will be highly sensitive information and I think you will figure it out what to do next ! 

Shortly after the payment processor completed. They will send a copy of order confirmation to your e-mail make sure you have put a correct e-mail address.

I do not know what to say. On the same date, they had delivered my item to Gdex. I ordered on Friday. I actually receive this on Saturday. They asked me to search the code but I think it is because that day was Saturday They had not update their system on Gdex. I cannot search my tracking code on Gdex website.

One advice is that Zalora and it partner Gdex and Ta.Q.Bin is different company. There will be slight delay if you purchase especially on holiday or weekend. But it completely fine !

I got my shoes on April 15. I actually order it at Zalora around Friday on April 11, 2014. Gdex called me on April 14 which is monday. I am shocked it was so fast ! I decided to take it at Gdex office the day after Gdex officer called me.

When I opened the package. It contained the shoes, thank you envelope contained return slips and Pos Laju's envelope and new Pos laju package.  

I am still shocked until today if you are to return the damaged item, it will be like no cost will be borne by me and all the thing have been prepared for you to return the damaged item. But, I received an item in perfect condition. Can I just return the return slip wrapping with new pos laju package without the shoes back to Zalora I think they will need it ?? 

I do not think it good idea !

Few days later, they sent me this feedback form. They actually have after-sales service ! . If you ask me about my first experience on Zalora Malaysia I will definitely no hesitation in one second give 10/10 points

I think that is all my review on Zalora Malaysia. ! My last words are I will definitely purchase with Zalora again if I got money !

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National Achievers Congress 2014 in Malaysia

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Event about Aspiration, Inspiration, Determination and Motivation with Nick Vujicic.

National Achiever Congress 2014 Malaysia

The earth have no less person with healthy, bright, successful man, The world have less person with disability, encouraging, bright, happy. When the last time you have seen a person no arms and leg be a motivator?

He is the happiest person in the world and inspiring millions. In this congress, you will learn something meaningful in your lifetime that even your school teachers and parents wanted. The true hard fact today is that there are many people living today are not exposed to higher knowledge and lifetime experience

You will learn financial education, systems for success, investment opportunities and lastly most important factor you will learn at there is to be inspired live beyond.

There will be a line of panel speakers joining NAC 2014 at Malaysia. You will be amassed hearing their names and their voice of motivation at there. Most of them are successful entrepreneur they will tell you their personal experience with participants. What's more do you want ?

There are Nick Vujicic, Tom Hopkins, Brendon Burchard, Andrew Mathhews, Shiv Khera, Caroline Claydon, John Burley, Sean and Cayden, Gerry Robert, J.T Foxx, Peng Joon and Adam Ginsberg.

Among so many speakers, author of unitedmy only know 2 persons. Peng Joon and Nick Vujicic. Who have not seen Nick Vujicic right? Peng Joon is successful affiliate marketer on Internet. He is a Singaporean. I am very familiar with Peng Joon. He is one of the affiliate marketer of biggest affiliate company in U.S. Selling virtual books. He earned recurring while sleeping and travelling.

NAC 2014 requires participants to pay a entry fee. There are 3 categories. VIP RM1997.00, Gold RM297.00 , General RM197.00 .

The date of the event are May 23, 24 and 25, 2014. It will be held at MIECC- The Mines.

The event are brought to you by sponsors Flexiroam, Groupon, Popular, Affin bank many many more.

Get your free ticket to National Achievers Congress 2014 in Malaysia by Groupon Malaysia at Groupon Free ticket to NAC. You are required to do specific tasks in order to win the free ticket. The Groupon contest will be ended on May 5, 2014

Shila Amzah Held Concert in Malaysia 2014

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First ever Shila Amzah concert in Malaysia 2014. She said this in an interview

There are so many Malaysian fans would go to this concert. She made a good choice joining China Voice in past year and really won big in an international stage.

In another angle watching Shila Amzah and her singing talent. She is the Malaysian Taylor Swift. They are both just great singer. Well, Taylor swift wrote her own song but Shila is a great vocal singer. I am just saying she look like Taylor Swift.

Shila Amzah is taking another participation in China singing competition with many participants are come from all around the world. It further brighten up her singing career. Good comments by Shila Amzah fans that her singing in Chinese songs have improved tremendously.

She is living up her potential and she is now living in her best dream ever. Shila Amzah Love Concert 2014 will be held on September this year at Megastar Arena.

China's Asian Wave TV singing show Champion Shila Amzah will perform in China this coming August 2014. It is her first ever concert. Will she perform again the song "Zheng Fu" that made her the champion in Asian Wave 2012 ?

Shila Amzah Love Concert 2014 is successful thank to sponsor from Mega Ultimate Sdn Bhd and Shila Amzah Entertainment, Official Radio Station is My FM & Era FM, Warner Music Malaysia is official recording label.

The ticket will released on later date and the price will be in the range VIP RM268, PS1- RM138, PS2 -RM88 (Excluding admin fees RM3)


Title : Shila Amzah Love Concert 2014
Date : September 13
Time : 8PM
Online ticket sales :
Venue : Mega Star Arena

Shila Amzah announced she will held her concert at Malaysia 

10 Best Tablets in Malaysia under RM1000

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Tablets is bigger screen, more apps, more gaming experience. Don you want more ?

Biggest questions when choosing a smartphone and tablet are can my pocket fully contain it, able to play all the games, surfing internet anywhere anytime with bigger screen. That all !!

All the smartphone makers nowadays are eagerly competing to create bigger screen-size smartphone. There are now a 6" screen size smartphones in the market. Do not hesitate to even asking can it fit normal pocket. It will not fit to any male or female pocket !. I think the shirt manufacturer have to make bigger pocket !

If the smartphone makers crossing the line to make a 7" screen size that will defeat the purpose of having tablets right?. So choosing a tablet is all about screen sizes. I encourage people start thinking to purchase 8" tablets because that is what tablet size should be !

Over the years, there are so many tablet makers due to the demands of the market for lower specification tablets catering every people in this world. It will surprise you that you will see many different brands making tablet. Will they make a good tablets?

We all know that Apple and Samsung they have their own tablets right and it is not cheap and affordable for some market segments. Are there any other electronic companies making low cost tablets ?

There are some other prominent companies are making low specification tablets but still worth every dime ! They are Acer, Lenovo, Asus, HP, Alcatel, MSI, Google Nexus, Toshiba, Sanei, Ruvo, Amazon kindle, BenQ, Philips and many more !

It is really amazing to know that some of the tablet makers offered affordable price so that everyone can own tablet like they own a smartphone.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet


Size : 8.0"

Connectivity : Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, 3G


Storage/Capacity : 16GB

Lenovo is a company growing rapidly due to it market expansion to reach lower and middle income group segment. They made the finest but quality always there. It has 5MP camera with powerful Quad core processor. Check full information and current price at
Lenovo Yoga RM800 +

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3


Size : 10.1"

Connectivity : Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, 3G, 4G


Storage/Capacity : 16GB

Camera : 3MP back and 1.3MP front

Slightly smaller screen than Lenovo Yoga 8. Samsung is keen capturing all market segment as possible. They are the largest smartphone vendor in the world captured 40 percents and more. There are other cheaper tablets you just need to surf often ! The one and only cheapest Samsung tablet check full information at New Samsung Tablet 2014 7.0


Size : 7.0"

Connectivity : Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, 3G


Storage/Capacity : 32GB

Camera :  1.2MP front

This is unlocked and import version of Google Nexus 7. This tablet is unique because they utilize the power of Nvidia processor. A gaming processor that used by every gamer in the world who are prone to high-end computer games.  It really really a very cheap tablet. Interested you can check it at 16GB Google Nexus 7 import


Size : 6"

Connectivity : WIFI

RAM : normal

Storage/Capacity : 2GB

Camera :  None

Single charge last up to 1 month. designed for book lover. A moving digital library holding up to 1,000 books. It is the digital book. This tablet has been in the market since 2011. This is not ordinary tablet it cant play any fancy games. Check it out at Amazon Kindle 6 . This is like Nokia 3310 but tablet version bigger and built-in book lover features. Imagine 1 month battery !


Size : 7"

Connectivity : WIFI


Storage/Capacity : 8GB

Camera : 5MP back & 1.2MP front facing

Android operating system 4.2 and 10 hours long-lasting battery. This is what an average tablet should have. Good speaker system, moderate screen size, clear camera, good processor and gaming supported. This is what average people needed ! You can check the price online at Asus Pad Memo HD

Alcatel One Touch EVo


Size : 7"

Connectivity : WIFI & Bluetooth


Storage/Capacity : 4GB

Camera : 0.3MP front facing

You would not believe Alcatel would sell it tablet for under RM500. It is a entry-level tablet. Are you just want to own and try a tablet definitely this is your pick ! Check full information at Alcatel One EVO Tablet


Size : 7"

Connectivity : WIFI & Bluetooth


Storage/Capacity : 16GB

Camera : Webcam

Basically this is a retired tablet from Acer. Major online or physical retailer could not bought this model anymore due to newest model has been rolled out by Acer. The newest version is Acer Iconia B1-721. Fret not, This older model tablet is fine like jewel. Check this out at Acer Iconia B1 16GB Red

MSI EnjoyPad Primo 73

Size : 7"

Connectivity : WIFI & Bluetooth


Storage/Capacity : 16GB

Camera : Webcam/ Front Camera 2.0

MSI is fairly recognized brand in electronic business. Do not underestimate MSI they have loyal subscribers and fans. One of the top 10 electronic brands in the world. This tablet is under RM500 only check the current price at MSI enjoypad primo tablet Black


Size : 9"

Connectivity : WIFI & Bluetooth

RAM : 512MB

Storage/Capacity : 8GB

Camera : Dual camera

It is incredibly big screen 9" screen size. The price of this tablet is superb low. Although it 512MB RAM speed it more like a computer already. Internal capacity 8GB make sure you have ample space for photo and game apps. The box come with a leather case to cover your tablet. Check the deal at Nova Storm 9


Size : 7"

Connectivity : WIFI & Bluetooth


Storage/Capacity : 8GB

Camera : 0.3 camera

It is a low-end tablet. Suitable for those with low budget. There are many company are making low-end tablets to sell to the vast market. If you choose to surf web, occasionally gaming You have all the reasons to pick Philips Pi3100. It cheap, It afforadble. Interested just check at here for current price
Philips tablet white

You do not believe there are many company making low-end tablets? I will give you some hints. I believe It even more companies making tablets than smartphones. See this tablet brand below

  1. Ampe Flatpad II
  2. APR 88
  3. Ipro Sense  
  4. Nautica Pro
  5. Nova Envelope
  6. Ainoi Novo 8 Mini 7
  7. BenQ R76 
  8. Teclast Tpad  P75
  9. JOI TM75A 7"
  10. RUVO 9.7
  11. Sanei N78

You can check all of these tablet name at any online shop. Some of them are selling you Cash on Delivery method check at here >online shop malaysia <

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10 Best Malay Movies in Malaysia 2014

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An incomplete list of Malay movies in 2014 that author come across. Check them out ! 

It is not a secret that most of Malaysian are supporting local production movies but most of us are hardcore movies downloader. That will surely jeopardize the entire idea of moving and rising movie industry in Malaysia.

If you feel it really an interesting movie instead of sitting at home download and watch better move your seat to nearest cinema with your friends.

Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves cetak rompak CD and torrent download are everywhere and uncontrollable. It really depend on ourselves. We all know that it really rampant in our country but artist and singer are still getting much support from their fans.

True fans bought original CD and original content as a sign to support him/her. I am not against anyone but it is a fact that I will purchase any merchandise from the superstar I like.  

Few suggestions on the best Malay movies from January 2014 - April 2014. If you wish to know what is the next best Malay movies bookmark this page  

Jangan Pandang Belakang  Movie 2014
Jangan Pandan Belakang
Starring : Zalif Sidek, Adiba Yunus, Shima Anuar, Ruminah Sidek, Epy Kodiang

Director : Ismail (Bob) Hassim

Genre :  Horror and Comedy

Production Company : MiG, Primeworks

Dharma's girlfriend, Rose died suddenly and later found out there was no murderer she might be killed herself. Dharma and Rose's twin, Seri set off a journeyto find out the truth behind the death of Rose. Dharma and Seri later companied by Indra. In the middle of investigation, Dharma is experiencing paranormal moment. He was accused by Seri that Rose killed herself because of Dharma. Will they eventually solve the mysteries behind death of Rose?

Balistik malay movies 2014

Starring : Rosyam Nor, Jack Lim, Adi Putra, Rita Rudaini

Director : Silver

Genre :  Action and Dramatic

Production Company : SKOP Production

Saga the main actor in this film is a hired killer. He is a mafia member. His job leads him to loneliness in life due to high risk of having companion and proper family. His son and wife is forced to leave him. For more than 6 years, Saga never know he will bumped with his wife Salina but she is no longer her wife she is a police wife named Nizam. Nizam and Saga are both living in orphanage when they were young. They knew each other. Saga received an order to kill every law enforcement and Nizam is standing on decision whether to pursue his old buddy Saga.

Zombi Kilang Biskut Malay movies 2014
Zombi Kilang Biskut

Starring : Awie, Usop Wilcha, Soffi, Jikan, Eina Azman, Adam Af, Dayana Roza

Director : Mamat Khalid

Genre :  Comedy

Production Company : Enjit Semut Sdn Bhd

Release Date : March 20, 2014

A film took RM1.7 Million according to source, Usin have been invited to work at a biscuit factory He accepted the offer and become technician there. A strange day for Usin working at the factory , many factory employees fell unconscious. They encountered a Kamariah ghost. In the same time, they are dealing with zombi.

Apokalips X Malay movies 2014
Apokalips X

Starring : Farid Kamil, Jehan miskin, Peter Davis, Zoee Tan, Vassan, Adam AF, Zappa Khalid

Director : Mamat Khalid

Genre :  Action / Science Fiction

Production Company : Astro Shaw

Release Date : April 3, 2014

Same director as Zombi kilang biskut. A big budget movie supported by Astro Shaw company. This movie recruited many veteran and good-looking actor/actress. It is an unprecedented move by director to make an apocalypse movie. I think it is the first Malaysian movie actually with this extremely bold title and storyline. The movie is depicting about futuristic human civilization after the Nuclear War in the year 2047. Men who survived the war living in chaos. Several tribes does not tolerate each other and violence begin !

Sejoli Misi Cantas Cinta Malay movies 2014
Sejoli Misi cantas Cinta

Starring : Remy Ishak, Maya Karin, Bront Palarae, Izara Aishah

Director : Osman Ali

Genre :  Drama / Romance

Production Company : Primeworks Studio

Release Date : February, 2014

Most of the film are shot at Thailand. The story follows Gina (Maya Karin) and Joe (Bront Palarae) embark on a trip for personal self reflection and peaceful holiday at Phuket. They were strangers to one another. Both of them let down by their respective partners. In a moment of fate, they started talking to each other about their past relationship and it actually felt solace for both of them.

Kami Histeria Malay movies 2014
Kami Histeria

Starring : Diana Danielle, Mila, Nad Zainal, Sara Ali, Umie Omar, Izzue Islam

Director : Shamil Othman

Genre :  Comedy Horror

Production Company : Astro Shaw

Release Date : February, 2014

Five college friends who part of a band called "Kami Histeria" . The story begin when they moved into a secluded flat near a jungle in order for them to fulfill jamming and practice session. Since moving into the flat, the five of them often awakened by screeching in the middle of night. They ignored completely and focused on recording their new singles. The temptation to find out break the silence of the forest will they have the strong faith ?

Lu Gua Bro Malay movies 2014
Lu Gua Bro

Starring : Zalif Sidek, Epy Raja Lawak, Nina Iskandar, Rahim

Director : Ismail Bob Hashim

Genre :  Comedy Drama

Production Company : MiG Picture

Release Date : March 2014

Story about two best friend Yu and Mi from typical Malaysian rural village. They are always together no matter what happened. They have been together since young age. Yu and Mi get into conflict when one of them trying to report police about factory producing illegal drug. Business owner does not want them to leave the building alive to tell what they have seen in the factory.

Sniper Malay movies 2014

Starring : Pablo Amirul, Fadlan Hazim, Nina Iskandar, Mikail Andre

Director : Pierre Andrew

Genre :  Action

Production Company : Metrowealth

Release Date : April 24, 2014

Ahmad former army officer discharged from duty due to discipline problem. Rafi and Ahmad are good in sniper weapon. They were tested in a killing game created by unknown host. The game rule is fairy easy to grasp. Kill everyone and get yourself out ! Rafi managed to find out who is behind this whole game idea. He suspected Ahmad the one who invented the game. Ahmad does not only have self-discipline issue but also mental illness.

Aku akan Muncul Malay movies 2014
Aku Akan Muncul

Starring : Julia Zigler, Musly Ramli, Datuk Jalaludin, Liza Abdullah, Emma Akma, Zulkifli Ismal.

Director : Krishnan Roy

Genre :  Horror / Thriller

Production Company : RM Vision Film

Release Date : February 2014

Mystery curse that triggered that can never meet end. Kesuma lost her beauty in an accident. She requested help from Mak Yam a dukun. She said to Kesuma a list of thing needed to do involving to kill someone. Kesuma vowed to deliver the promises to Mak Yam. A successful attempt to kill everyone unless the daughter of Ramlee. All the killing happened at legendary Malay story "Gunung Ledang". Kesuma captured by the Ramlee and other friends of his. They burned Kesuma but her heart never stopped. In an attempt to finish it, they stabbed using a keris. This is just a beginning of a story. 40 years later after the incident, a college expedition visited Gunung Ledang and gone very wrong.

Laga Malay movies 2014

Starring : Wan Hanafi Su, Marsha, Milan Londoh, Syazwan Zulkifli, Tyas Mirasih, Nasir Bilal Khan, Eman Manan, Ruminah Sidek.

Director : Ismail Yaacop

Genre :  Action

Production Company : Business Leader Film

Release Date : January 2014

Cock competition that is so fond they can putting a bet of a wife and property. Gambling is very prevalence in this area. Hasan Laga being called upon a challenge set up by Daisuki putting his wife Ayu as betting money. Will he accepted the challenge ? will he risk losing her pretty wife Ayu?. That is a series of case murdering and trading of wife due to losing the match.

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