Astro Malaysia website is hacked on July 25, 2014

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Astro Malaysia website is believed to be hacked and it no longer accessible.

A serious allegation on Astro Malaysia company collaborating with Israel company is circulating on the Internet. The information exposed on internet sparked anger and will get worst when they related it to the incident on Palestine and Israel. They were no satisfactory answer given by Astro Malaysia spokesperson and seem to have ignored the statement.

The situation has reached a boiling point when hacker group decided to take down Astro Malaysia official website. It has been down for more than 3 hours. As soon as the attack is realized by the public, one of the party claimed taking down the website. They are " Malaysia Security Tester "

In this screenshot below, you will learnt that there were more than 20,000 likes on their facebook page. In the comment box, there were many people leaving comment seem to have no sentimental towards Astro Malaysia the largest paid television service provider.

Boycott on Astro has been called by Islamic Da'wah Foundation Malaysia (Yadim) Chief. This move could be influenced by recent news in some part of the world there are people who boycotting on Israel products. This could be the largest boycott in Malaysia in favor of the Palestine suffering rejecting Israel.

As soon as the chief announced they would boycott this deal which had been signed for more than 10 years if they refused to enlighten them on this issue, Astro Malaysia Facebook page have been stormed by comments calling boycott on Astro in prior the incident of hacking Astro official website.

This is a first warning before the hacking on Astro website took place. Astro is a very successful television business in Malaysia. Earning huge profit in past few years. 

More details about the hacker group Video hacker claimed to hack Astro Malaysia website


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