RM1000 is minimum requirement for Maybank Fixed Deposit

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Investment & Economy Class 101

Modern day saving in the 21st century is not about putting money in the bank and wait for dividend. Modern day saving is "Fixed deposit". I am not an expert but everyone should know this and make it a practical lesson.

Fixed deposit is not a new term or something confusing. It is just a logical way for bank to put more money into your savings while set a rule on the money. The rule is you have to place RM1000 for a period of time. It can be 2 months for the bank to invest and give you a return of investment.

If I can learn more about economy which I would as well as all the people out there, Fixed deposit has always been fighting the inflation rate. Inflation rate is price goes upward without any sign of going down. It can be like a slow music but it never stop playing.

Salary earners must embrace fixed deposit as a solution for the coming price increase of common goods the recent one would be the cooking oil (2016) !

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Maybank is a friendly bank with little or not deposit in opening bank account. In fixed deposit investment, RM1000 for two months is a practical way to kick start your way ward off nation's inflation rate. 

The return of investment is 3% annually. In a correct assumption that RM1000 will yield RM30 in a year. RM30 must divide by 12(annual) in order to calculate monthly yield. The yield of one month is RM2.50 only.

Maybank fix deposit RM1000 minimum for 2 months
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There are 4 options to select in fixed deposit investment. Maybank2u offer hassle free choice crediting all your returns into the same account.

As depicted above, Jun 1, 2017, there were two fixed deposit investment in same day. RM1000 for two months locked till maturity on August 1, 2017.

Two months maturity and RM1000 yields RM5.00 for both return of investment in Malaysia 3% fixed deposit investment. 

In conclusion, I got RM10.00 just by mouse clicking taking few minutes using Maybank2u service. On contrary, I risk my savings locking up RM2,000 for 2 months. In any case of unforeseen circumstances, as if I need the RM2,000 back, all I need to do is few mouse click away to retrieve it back but it will be at your loss. 

Cheese Instant Noodle hit Malaysia shelves

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Ottogi Cheese Instant noodle is the new trend in Malaysia's instant noodle hunting

You may not believe the fact that Ottogi is South Korea most successful instant noodle brand on par with Samyang(Thank Wikipedia). This Instant noodle has been in Malaysia market for quite sometimes without anyone noticing. You should start going to nearest supermarket and gaze on the shelve for any of these left. Since everyone is giving all the credits to Samyang hot and spicy instant noodle, somebody should give one or two reviews on Ottogi Cheese Instant noodle.

Samyang hot and spicy noodle is too much to bear even for those who are seasoned spicy food consumers. Since we do not want to disappointed all the Oppa or Unni at Korea, we must at least buy Korean products in order to showcase our love to Kpop. The least thing we can afford to do is buy their not-so-overpriced instant noodle.

Imported instant noodle always start as low as RM15 to as high as RM30 for 4 or 5 packs. I bought 4 packs of Ottogi Instant noodle for RM18.00. Estimates RM4.50 per pack. I am not from a rich background but if we were to watch nice Korean drama and Korean movie on internet without spending a dime is enough to justify my spending spree on Korean Instant noodle. I am just redeeming my misbehavior.

The taste of Ottogi Cheese is to be simplified as a combination of original Korean instant noodle soup with added Cheese flavored powder. Have you notice one of the pictures in the collage with so much powder in it ? That is the cheese powder

Ottogi Cheese Ramyeon is imported by Tian An Trading Sdn Bhd located at Subang Jaya, Selangor.

  • Product : Ottogi
  • Status         : Halal , Made in South Korea
  • Manufacturer : Ottogi
  • Flavor : Cheese
  • Value (2017) : RM18.00 (4packs)

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Resident Evil 6

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Resident Evil 6 the final installment of zombie action game

Disclaimer : All the picture and illustration are from my steam game library.

If you like Zombies and Resident Evil movies on theater, you are surely like Resident Evil. The resident evil has been a brand tied to Playstation 1. As a fan of resident evil, we never really want to go back play the same game with the same gaming platform. We want improvement on the graphic, sound and action. Capcom delivered it with tremendous successful.

Before we enter main topic about the game. You could actually buy the game on Steam. I bought it while Steam had this summer sale. The game usually cost more than RM 50 before the sale.

1. Meeting of Two Protagonist

Chris & Redfield

Agent Leon was on RE4 while Chris was on RE5 fighting the virus before rampant infection on global scale. The virus may have different names but it has a same purpose and pose a great threat on human health. Resident Evil series rarely seen both of them together on a mission or fight on conflict issue.

2. Resident Evil 6's bold story

Ada Wong on Helicopter
Ada Wong on Helicoper

In a fictional world, agent Leon met with President who tried to expose the truth about Raccoon City incident. Before he did the broadcast, he had been attacked by his national security personnel.

3. Trigger Action Anytime

Improvement on character action engine since Resident Evil 4. It is now able to move while shooting and do some physical action on opponent without having to shoot first for physical action instruction on the screen

4. Four Playable characters

Leon campaign start in the middle of chaos in the city and a large presidential office. Beside agent Leon, you could select Chris, Jake and Ada Wong campaign.

5. Four Antagonist

Each campaign have 4 different boss.

6. Chaos in Hong Kong

The language spoken was indeed Hong Kong. The fictional chaos in city is taking in Hong Kong.

7. C Virus Infection

Encounter a colossal opponent while in Chris and Jake Campaign. A new virus variant turn normal living being into crystal form and burst into numerous monsters.

8. End of Trilogy

Resident Evil 6 is a complete package while bring forth every profile of main Resident evil characters. Namely Leon, Chris, Ada Wong and Jake. It is a closure of RE4 & RE5.

9. End of Umbrella Corp on Raccoon City

The threat has been eliminated by agent Leon. The raccoon city incident is a past now and the culprits have been located and justice has been served.

10. Cure is Jake's blood

In all the Resident Evil games, all of them are just eliminating threats. In RE6, they actually found a cure to the virus. The anti-virus is in Jake's blood and potentially spell the end of Resident Evil series. (It is just like in the Resident Evil movie Alice found the cure ). The game end with Jake saving the world than following his father footstep.