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Wechat Wallet allows user top up mobile number

Wechat is a huge mobile app among the Mandarin-speaking countries notably China. However, there are lots of social networking apps offers the same functionality. From a random statistic shown that Hong Kong and Taiwan people prefer "Line" developed by IT company from South Korea. As if the app Line is not usable, they would prefer "WhatsApp".

There are huge differences between Wechat version in Malaysia and China. China version of Wechat allows users browse movies and make daily transaction. They are strong believer of cashless society. Whereas, Malaysian are generally go to stores with their smartphone and wallet. The term "Cashless Society" is still very fresh and new to them.

Lack of apparent benefits of cashless further slow down acceptance on this phenomenon. It will take awhile to witness common traders / sellers / hawkers putting up barcode allowing buyer/patron pay with their smartphone. Besides, nation with fewer population and slower internet speed may not be an ideal place for such ground-breaking innovation.

 A nation with large population and with faster internet speed is able to reap benefits in cashless society with consumer transactions time reduced and less paper corruption cases. Imagine thousands of automobile on the road are crossing the toll counter paid by using mobile app instead of paper currency. Besides, authorities could have easily obtain digital evidence those trying to bribe a traffic officers.

Time is as valuable as gold and more. Saving 10 seconds for 1 million population is a disruptive force for better society.

Wechat Malaysia

Very clean and modern Wechat interface

Choose your telcos

Wechat users allow to choose Xpax, Umobile, Digi and many other choices for mobile reload service

Digi RM 30 Prepaid Reload

This feature will reduce mobile users dependence on small mobile store reloads their phone.In the near future, mobile prepaid cards will be redundant.

Top up successful

Wechat is one of the most sucessful social messaging apps in the market. Neither Line or Whatsapp have this exclusive feature.


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