Chicken Price in Kuala Lumpur and Sabah

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Is West Malaysia chicken way expensive than East Malaysia ?

Bangsar Aeon chicken thigh price more or less RM13.00 per KG
East Malaysia chicken thigh price more or less RM9.40 per KG

Chicken price at West Malaysia and East Malaysia
East Malaysia every 100g chicken thigh is RM0.94. West Malaysia every 100g chicken thigh is rm1.31

Nowadays, you are not consider lucky to get 100g chicken thigh for RM1.00. There are RM0.90 for 100 grams of chicken thigh in east Malaysia.

Not much effort in this comparison simply to point out there are very little price gap between West and East Malaysia chicken price.In fact, chicken price is not fixed likened to Malaysia petrol price. There will be fluctuation in local produced chicken but rarely seen it actually raised to RM15.00 per kilo. Although Kuala Lumpur is a big city, East Malaysia food price are catching up real quick. Most of restaurant food prices are following West Malaysia standard.

Frankly speaking, West Malaysia restaurants with air-conditioning and nice interior setting are growing rapidly attracting younger generation and affluent community to try their foods in an exchange for higher food price. For more extravagant food, one should easily find it at West Malaysia.

Neither West or East Malaysia restaurants used imported chicken. High-end hotel restaurants may use the same local produced chicken as the open-air restaurants.

The support price for local produced chicken priced at RM8.50 and the ceiling price could be at RM14.00 per KG.


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