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SugarBun Restaurant at Gaya Street

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A strategic place opening up SugarBun restaurant

SugarBun restaurant Jalan Gaya Kota Kinabalu

A fully renovated or refurbished Sugarbun now open for business. Order and support homegrown fast food restaurant. The quality and tastiness is unrivaled. Besides, This Sugarbun outlet opened at the middle of most vibrant place during the night at popular Gaya Street where the foreigners staying nearby gathered.

SugarBun aroma rice and chicken

3 layer tea and mouth-watering aroma rice with marinated chicken that really brighten up the day.

SugarBun aroma rice and marinated sauce chicken

A closer look and non-aerial shot, I believe you are now hungry. It worth your time and money if you have yet taste it with your tongue. Our first homegrown fast food restaurant has been in the business for more than 30 years.

However, it seem like SugarBun still require large market share in Malaysia in order to combat rising cost of food and invest more in creating more delicious menu. I have seen some SugarBun outlets closed its door it might be due to problem in sustaining business expenditure.

It will be another atmosphere as the day get darker. The sun is still shining bright at Gaya Street Sugarbun outlet. Most of the frequent patrons are still preparing to come out.

Where to Eat on Sunday at Suria Sabah Food Court

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Halal and non-Halal, Noodle and Chicken your no 1 choice hangout at the heart of Kota Kinabalu

Suria Sabah Food Court

Brings Starbucks, KFC, McDonald's, Chicken Rice Shop and order a drink at here. I guess there were no restrictions imposed that you should order food there in order to occupy that area. It was crowded with local peoples on Sunday. A location you have higher chance overlooking the wide sea. 

One thing I have observed was the hardworking staffs cleaning the table so that the next customer could occupy the dining table. Without them, you will dine on a table with leftover food. It is not Sabahan culture throwing food leftover. Besides, there is no designated place where Sabahan could learn throw their own leftover food.

As if there were a designated place, they could throw away the food and returning the plate which is a good idea. However, it would take away the jobs. Besides, I would suggest putting the recycle dustbin increasing public awareness on protecting the planet since there were tourist we should set example but, it would jeopardize our culture ( Not all actually left their food on the tablet). Furthermore, outlets could use recycled plastic instead of solid plate or make a recycled plastic and put Suria Sabah Food Court logo or something.

Suria Sabah Food Court on Sunday

Hangout and blend in local community. Suitable for all ages. There were pastry, noodle, malay cuisine, chinese cuisine, chicken rice, buffet and many more.

Suria Sabah Food Court Sea View

You could see boats go forth and back they are transporting people to islands. Today, it was a rainy day. the clouds are blackish. 

Crowd Suria Sabah Food Court

On Sunday, some of the food stalls were off on the non-halal section. Suria Sabah Food Coury operating hour is 10AM - 8PM.

Heavy Smoke Kota Kinabalu Island November 6, 2014

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Pulau Gaya on Fire again ? Captured between the time 11.30AM-12.00PM 

Pulau Gaya-Kota Kinabalu Island-fire-November 6-2014

It was not a big fire but, the heavy dark smoke covered the sky. Everyone was like wondering what happened at the other side of the land. There were speed boat hovering nearby. 

Pulau Gaya-Kota Kinabalu Island-fire-November 6-2014

I guess there was nothing serious happened. As there were no large explosion or wave of earthquake or something really frightening. I am not so sure what happened I would like to make closure that it should be another purposely training ?

Pulau Gaya-Kota Kinabalu Island-fire-November 6-2014

The smoke lasts for somewhat 40 minutes. There were no major panic. I am guessing that you should feel panic when mentioning whether or not this is related to the Penampang shooting ?? That was not my intention I think it just another bad day for the affected victims.

Oceanus Waterfront Mall in Kota Kinabalu

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Sabah capital is having another shopping mall that build on used to be part of the sea

Facing Marina Court the luxury condo at the eyes of local peoples, there will be another shopping mall for Sabahan people after Suria Sabah and 1 Borneo seem to have fully occupied and business is growing in a steady pace.

I heard peoples said Kota Kinabalu should not have another high-rise shopping mall back in the year of 2011 due to the Suria Sabah was still not fully occupied there were many empty tenants. But, it seem like many investors renting shopping mall tenants and the event of Suria Sabah no more shop lots to rent could occur in the coming year. Some of the biggest shop brands in Suria Sabah are Metrojaya, KFC, Chicken Rice Shop, Upperstar, GSC and many more.

I wonder which cinemas Oceanus Waterfront Mall is going to have, GSC or Growball ? It could be no cinema like Wisma Merdeka.

Oceanus waterfront mall


As the shopping mall name suggested, I hope the management brings in more popular seafood restaurants in Sabah. Something like invitation sent to Sandakan and Tawau popular seafood restaurants asks them to set up stall there. That just my suggestion this mall should live up its name.

I do not know when they will fully operating because many works needed to be done at the top of the building. I guess it will be completed and fully operate on May 2015. Oceanus seem to be officially recruiting leasing activity. Notably, I think the business will flourish in this one because the city bus is operating at this area. 


Bus Express From Tawau to Kota Kinabalu

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8 Hours trip from Tawau to Kota Kinabalu with long-haul bus express

Mount Kinabalu

8 Hours trip and half hour rest at check point that pretty much painted the whole picture. I have ride bus express less than 20 times. It was not as fun as taking air flight. Sometimes, one could get headache or feeling of vomiting. Well, it depends on one physical condition not everyone get that kind of sick at least the driver did not show the symptom. They would argue that those passengers in the first and middle enjoys the ride while at the back seated passengers it was not that enjoyable.

Tung ma ticket


Tung Ma is one of my favorite long-haul transportation company. They still charging RM50 in the year of 2014 . I guess the rising of oil price RM0.20 did not affect the pricing. You would notice an increase of price when on the festive season such as Hari Raya and Chinese New Year. The price could go up as much as RM70 per person.

Tawau Bus Terminal

This is Tawau terminal located at Sabindo Plaza nearby Tawau library. Tung ma express take off time fixed at 7AM. Time arrival will be varies depends on condition of traffic between 4.30PM - 5.30PM.  

Bus Express Tung Ma

Tung Ma Express arrived at checkpoint destination. 

Sri sentosa simpang tiga Sabah

Checkpoint for Tung Ma bus express at a road junction leads to Sandakan, Kota Kinabalu and Tawau. 

Inanam Terminal

Arriving the last checkpoint which is Inanam Terminal. You are considered arrived at Kota Kinabalu. There are bench where you can rest. What's more, there are Indian, Chinese and Malay restaurants nearby. Besides, there are information counter, toilet, police station, hotel and bus ticket booths where you can buy another bus ticket for later day. 

Inanam Terminal Taxi

Negotiate well with the taxi driver it usually needed RM20-RM30 or approximately $7-10 USD for a trip to the town hotels or anything. 

Itinerary Bus express From Tawau to Kota Kinabalu

  1. 7.00AM from Tawau to Kota Kinabalu
  2. 7.30AM reached Balong
  3. 9.30AM reached Lahad Datu/Sri Perdana
  4. 11.00AM reached Kota Kinabatangan
  5. 2.30PM reached Luanti baru
  6. 2.50PM reached Pekan Ranau
  7. 3.15PM reached Kundasang
  8. 3.20PM reached Kinabalu Park
  9. 4.15PM reached Pekan Tamparuli
  10. 4.45PM reached Terminal Inanam Kota Kinabalu

Eating Dinner at Taste Two Restaurant Tawau

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Choose to dine inside with air-conditioning or outside with cold breeze

Taste Two Restaurant & Bar Tawau

Sitting outside is awesome choice enjoying the natural air and dim-light surrounding. Another advantage will be after you have finish dinner, take out lighter and light up the cigarette which is quite convenience. Whereas, sitting inside enable patrons enjoying air-condition and bright light surrounding.

Taste Two restaurant is one of the best hangout places. In weekend, a rare event of people waiting for vacant table does occur sometimes because there is a higher chance every tables are occupied. No one is seem leaving it table couple with the attraction of free Wi-Fi.

Around the area where Taste Two situated, there were not much restaurants could compete with Taste Two due to it strategic place. It easily spotted and placed at corner side. Everyone know that business opened at corner usually getting lot of attentions. If you cant find it you need to ask the driver go to the one-and-only Giant Tawau, Taste Two is just nearby there.

Taste Two Restaurant & Bar Tawau

24味 or Taste Two Restaurant & Bar is rather confuse whether it is a non-halal or halal restaurant there were alcoholic drinks in the menu but it seem like they do not serve pork. If you are Muslim I guess you are welcomed as nothing will happen to you if you avoid ordering alcoholic drinks. You can always order hot coffee or Taste Two signature coffee.

The price of each food is above average expecting something above the kopitiam price. It typical fancy and service-orientated concept restaurant.

Taste Two Restaurant Tawau-Black Bean sauce Chicken
Black Bean Sauce Chicken

It fish with black bean sauce mixed with carrot and tomato.

I have witnessed myself there were Muslim and non-Muslim patrons around. This is the signature drink of Taste Two, pearl milk tea

Taste Two Restaurant Tawau-Gangnam Fried Noodle

It Gang Nam Fried Noodles. I believe it not related to gangnam style or the korea town.

Taste Two Restaurant Tawau-Mexican Chicken Chop

Mexican Chicken Chop. Tell them to bring a bowl of rice because it either rice or noodle and not just chicken alone.  I waited quite sometimes for this chicken chop. Other foods have arrived at least 5 minutes earlier.

Taste Two Restaurant Tawau-Gon Lou Mee

Thai Chicken Gon Lou Mee. There is a small chance you could eat Gon Lou Mee at nighttime. The black sauce noodle hiding in the bottom. 

Collection of Sabah Fishes

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What kinds of fishes they are selling in the market ?

1 Barracuda / Ikan Alu Alu/梭鱼

Barracuda or Ikuan Alu Alu

Aggressive type fish. A predator in an open sea. Some Barracuda has a fierce looking and sharp jaw. Some hawkers are selling this 1KG = RM8 (Value in 2014) only. This Barracuda weight more than 3 kilograms

2. Garfish / Todak


The legendary fish recorded in Malaysia history book. Malay called them Todak in the past. In the myth, there was a king ordered his mens to stand in a line near the shore where the Garfish attacking anyone near the shore. All the mens sacrificed. A boy jump out and voice out his idea to the king, "why don we build a banana stem along the shore". The king agreed to the idea. Banana stems were placed near the shore, when the Todak attacked again, its sharp snouts pierced stuck there later killed by men standing nearby. The past Singapore was no longer threatened by it.

This Garfish weight is 2KG. Some fishmonger sells it 1KG = RM5 (Value in 2014)

Sabah Tea Facebook Contest 2014

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Drink Sabah Tea and capture yourself white doing it for winning a trip to Sabah resort

Sabah Tea

Please visit at this website for more detail on Sabah Tea Facebook Contest 2014. >> Sabah Tea Facebook page contest 2014

Winner will get a chance to holiday at Sabah Tea resort 4D3N with 4 pax . Besides, there are consolidation prizes to be won. RM 100 Youbeli website voucher x10 and hamper worth RM50 x10. As if you are one of the winner, the designated location will be announced by contest organizer at later date.

The contest is held from August 1, 2014 - September 30, 2014. Winner of the contest will be announced through official Sabah Tea Facebook page on Octber 8, 2014. 

Sabah Tea is cultivated on foothill of Mount Kinabalu. Malaysia first ever World Heritage site. Sabah Tea is 100% unaffected by insect pests. 

Sabah Tea

  • Product : Sabah Tea
  • Calories : unknown
  • Net Weight : 200g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Desa Tea Sdn Bhd
  • Distributor/Importer : Yee Lee Trading Co Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Green Tea
  • Value (2014) : RM 5.30 for 200 G
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 088-440882

Beras Nasional Cheapest Rice in Sabah

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Among so many rice packs in local store, This is the cheapest for 10KG rice pack

Beras Nasional-Bernas-rice-nasi-sabarice-Sabah rice

Product name : Beras Nasional
Import             : Padi Beras Nasional
Manufactured : Sabarice
Net Weight     : 10KG
Retail value    : RM18
Calories kcal   : 361 KCAL for 100g  (one plate)
Carbohydrate    : 82g for 100g

Few years back there were news about businesses in Sabah grabbed all the subsidized commodity left few to the poor and needed community especially the "Beras Nasional"  . It is ironic to know that the next cheaper alternative rice pack for 10KG will be RM30. Most of the people living in Sabah unwilling to buy the second alternative rice pack.

No doubt that eatery shops will have better accessibility in getting Beras Nasional due to their influence and relationship with suppliers. Since then, it seem that authorities have added more availability on Beras Nasional so that everyone get the fair chance as eatery businesses. The distribution section is now in stable condition there were no news reported people not getting Beras Nasional for more than 2 years now.

The last incident on Beras Nasional being sold at an overpriced tag was 2011. Despite that, Beras Nasional retail price is RM18 but some business premise selling it for RM20 or RM 21 for 10KG rice pack. Did they violated the law for doing that ?? So far, they were no investigation or news reported business premise have been closed down.

Beras Nasional
One of the obvious reason why authority allowed it happened because they are selling it to the local people. If business premise selling Beras Nasional at the price RM20 to the local community, it cant be consider as violation of law. However, if some people buy subsidized diesel and sell it to foreign soil, they will be labeled as violation of law.

If you do not want to buy at RM21 Beras Nasional 10KG, you can always find other shops. You can always bargain with the shop owners. There is nothing you can do if businesses conspire to sell at a fixed price but you can always ask for discount with your loud and convincing voice.

The trick is that there is most likely a discounted price if you buy two or three Beras Nasional. If you buy one , it is most likely you could not get a discounted price.

Let do a calculation why Beras Nasional is so cheap people are desperate to buy it ! If 10KG = 10,000 grams for RM 20 .

RM 1 = 500grams
RM 0.20 = 100grams

Basically, 500 grams of rice is enough for 5 peoples. If any eatery shop using Beras Nasional and they charge one plate 1 ringgit, they will be collecting RM 5 each. Minus production cost of RM 1 and the profit will be roughly RM 4.00. That is double profit. Any eatery shops selling RM 0.50 per plate of rice will still profit.

Let say eatery shop using high quality rice it is reasonable that they are charging RM 1 per plate of rice .

Bernas's short promotional video clip Chinese New Year 2013. 

Patient diagnosed with H7N9 in Sabah 2014

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A Tourist diagnosed in a test positive carrying H7N9 after felt sick travelling to many attractive places in Kota Kinabalu 

When global epidemic H1N1 few years back, the tourism industry fell to the ground hotels and attractive places left empty people are feared for the dangerous infection. In the year of "Visit Malaysia 2014", Malaysian opted to attract large numbers of visitors to the country by mass marketing and organizing various international events.

H7N9 will gravely impact tourism in Sabah and many people who are working in related industry will be laid off to save cost. The Health Minister of Sabah has confirmed first H7N9 carried by a female tourist from China. A 67 year old chinese women infected by H7N9, who travelled from Guangdong, China to Kuala Lumpur on February 4. 

The women felt body weakened and decided to visit private hospital while travelling in Kota Kinabalu. After two screenings, she was told by doctor the sample was tested positive in H7N9. Dr Subramaniam said, there is no need for panic because H7N9 human transmission is very low.

For your information, H7N9 is a new virus variant and the sources of the virus were likely coming from China. It is a new virus therefore no cure is formulated by virus expert. China biggest livestock market was identified for the cause of infection outbreak.. The livestock in Malaysia is very much not infected.

Although there is no cure formulated for H7N9, Malaysian are unlikely infected by the virus because the weather is so hot the airborne virus would be killed before infecting people. Meanwhile, if you are travelling to China and visit their poultry market, you are likely to be infected by H7N9. The reason for no cure is simply because when China shut down their livestock market and do disinfection, the virus will gone and there is no need for a vaccine that could cost billion making them commercially according to experts.

Furthermore, Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Yahya Hussin stressed that livestock and poultry in Sabah is safe from virus infection. Rest assured the H7N9 did not come originate from Sabah.  

Last few weeks, appearance of H1N1 in Sabah infected a Sabah singer, children and it caretakers. Fortunately, the news media is doing a good job exposing such findings swiftly for the safety of public members.  

Will she recovers from H7N9 from Sabah private hospital ? It is still unknown but the doctor said she is in stable condition. So far, there is no death reported result of virus influenza.

More at :

1. Malaysia first H1N1 in 2014

Fish prices in Sabah is lowest during Lunar New Year 2014

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Among other states in Malaysia, Sabah fish prices is the lowest in most districts. 

In Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan website, there is a price controlled scheme for Chinese New Year 2014 lasts for 15 days from 26 January until 9 February 2014. It is to warned merchants do not raise their goods price as they wish. It acted as a guidelines for the consumer purchasing during Chinese New Year 2014. The motive is really clear that 13 goods listed inside the scheme is to ensure fair and just goods price to both buyers and sellers. 

There are 13 things listed inside comprised of chicken, egg, onions, pork meat. Check full list at here. It is very obvious and clear most of the goods price in west Malaysia and east Malaysia are different. Although Sabah has the lowest selling price in consumable fishes, all of the other good listed were higher compared to west Malaysia. Either onion, eggs or chicken are different price compared to West Malaysia. 

There is RM10.00 fishes price difference in West Malaysia and East Malaysia. However, Garlic, slaughtered chicken and eggs are slightly higher in Sabah and Sarawak compared to West Malaysia. Let say standard chicken and super chicken in Selangor costing around RM7.50 and RM8.30 respectively. In Sarawak, the price will be RM8.50 and RM9.50 respectively. In Sabah, the price will be Rm10 and Rm10.30 respectively. 

Conclusion, fish prices in Sabah is uniquely low and the only state offer price ranging Rm20.00 - Rm25.00. Other states including Sarawak prices are higher than Rm35.00.  

FIrst H1N1 Case in Malaysia 2014

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Sabah Health Department unveils H1N1 cases in various state's hospital affecting children.

After a week of diagnosing patient with various sophisticated medical tools, they confirmed the H1N1 cases in Sabah capital city Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan hospital. It has happened in the month of January on 2014. It most likely happened in Lunar New Year festival season. It is believed the report is delayed because they do not have sufficient equipment to test them effectively and also partly do not want public members panicking.

Borneo Post reported that it is not only children are affected by H1N1. It potentially affecting adult as there are adults being screened positive in H1N1 test although acknowledging adult people has stronger immune system. Patient are likely showing symptoms like cough, fever and flu. Public members are encouraged to stay away from them and they must take a H1N1 test in nearest hospital for the good of themselves and many. 

Director of Sabah Health Department Dr Christina Rundi said, among the immediate measures taken by the department against spreading of disease were given anti-virus shots to infected patient, expanding the screening process to all who had contacted with H1N1 carrier and disinfecting the ward. She also emphasize that staff working in the related hospital are wearing masks and wash their hand frequently as a preventative measure.

Thestar news portal further published the exact location medical practitioner determined the H1N1 cases was at Likas Women and Children hospital. Hospital director Dr Tan Bee Hwai said, five children and two adult caretakers had been tested positive for the flu virus. As a result, the entire ward of hospital located some 10kms from downtown Kota Kinabalu has been quarantined. 

History of H1N1 in Sabah showed that there were 944 infections in 2009 during H1N1 global pandemic and 26 cases in 2011. Although there are significant cases of H1N1 in Sabah, the sources and origins of H1N1 spreading in Sabah is yet to be uncover. 

 The question of the day can they successfully prevent spreading of H1N1 in Sabah ? They have the right tools and knowledge for doing that? Where is the source of H1N1?

February 13, 2014(update) - Patient diagnosed with H7N9

Author of commented on this H1N1 

H1N1 expertise believed that H1N1 can be killed by sun's hot ray temperature. H1N1 like to travel to the air if it in certain temperature most likely is in colder air. They are killed immediately exposing to certain tropical temperature like Malaysia. Most of the H1N1 history indicated that H1N1 travel north rather than going south as air is colder at north compared to south east asia. Unfortunately, airborne is only one of many ways H1N1 spread. 

Tuberculosis Incident in 1 Borneo Hypermall

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One Borneo employees have been advised seek medical attention as Tuberculosis is a highly lethal disease, adding that who are infected with TB could easily transmit it to other person through air. It will eventually cause chaos.

1Borneo Hypermall