10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Resident Evil 6

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Resident Evil 6 the final installment of zombie action game

Disclaimer : All the picture and illustration are from my steam game library.

If you like Zombies and Resident Evil movies on theater, you are surely like Resident Evil. The resident evil has been a brand tied to Playstation 1. As a fan of resident evil, we never really want to go back play the same game with the same gaming platform. We want improvement on the graphic, sound and action. Capcom delivered it with tremendous successful.

Before we enter main topic about the game. You could actually buy the game on Steam. I bought it while Steam had this summer sale. The game usually cost more than RM 50 before the sale.

1. Meeting of Two Protagonist

Chris & Redfield

Agent Leon was on RE4 while Chris was on RE5 fighting the virus before rampant infection on global scale. The virus may have different names but it has a same purpose and pose a great threat on human health. Resident Evil series rarely seen both of them together on a mission or fight on conflict issue.

2. Resident Evil 6's bold story

Ada Wong on Helicopter
Ada Wong on Helicoper

In a fictional world, agent Leon met with President who tried to expose the truth about Raccoon City incident. Before he did the broadcast, he had been attacked by his national security personnel.

3. Trigger Action Anytime

Improvement on character action engine since Resident Evil 4. It is now able to move while shooting and do some physical action on opponent without having to shoot first for physical action instruction on the screen

4. Four Playable characters

Leon campaign start in the middle of chaos in the city and a large presidential office. Beside agent Leon, you could select Chris, Jake and Ada Wong campaign.

5. Four Antagonist

Each campaign have 4 different boss.

6. Chaos in Hong Kong

The language spoken was indeed Hong Kong. The fictional chaos in city is taking in Hong Kong.

7. C Virus Infection

Encounter a colossal opponent while in Chris and Jake Campaign. A new virus variant turn normal living being into crystal form and burst into numerous monsters.

8. End of Trilogy

Resident Evil 6 is a complete package while bring forth every profile of main Resident evil characters. Namely Leon, Chris, Ada Wong and Jake. It is a closure of RE4 & RE5.

9. End of Umbrella Corp on Raccoon City

The threat has been eliminated by agent Leon. The raccoon city incident is a past now and the culprits have been located and justice has been served.

10. Cure is Jake's blood

In all the Resident Evil games, all of them are just eliminating threats. In RE6, they actually found a cure to the virus. The anti-virus is in Jake's blood and potentially spell the end of Resident Evil series. (It is just like in the Resident Evil movie Alice found the cure ). The game end with Jake saving the world than following his father footstep.

10 Facts Pokemon Go Legendary Event

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Articuno found and captured at Malaysia
Articuno has been spotted at Malaysia. Successful attempt in defeating Legendary Pokemon Articuno with 12 Trainers.

1. Legendary Pokemon

Worldwide Trainer have seen Legendary Pokemon showing up on Pokemon Go radar. Since Team Mystic won the event, the first legendary Pokemon to be encountered is Articuno and Lugia following by Moltres and Zapdos on later date.

2. 5-Star Raid Pass

Literally anyone playing Pokemon Go are able to join 5-star raid by spinning Gym disc in prior then join the battle with the free daily gym raid pass. The premium gym raid pass are meant for those who seek 2nd or 3rd raid in the same day.

3. 100% defeating Legendary Pokemon

Gym mechanism has changed for better but still need improvement. At a total of 10 players and more, trainer should proceed the raid battle in any circumstance one trainer should able to finish off 10% health points.

The tips is you must not accept the battle until there are 10 players and more. You will be able to quit the raid and rejoin again without the need to waste a raid pass and hassle free.

4. 300 timers is more than enough

Legendary Pokemon raid is set on more or less 300 seconds timer. With more than 10 players in the raid, the raid should be finished with just using 200 seconds. 

5. One trainer could send 6 or more Pokemon into battle 

300 seconds timer is a little too long for veteran Pokemon go Trainer, As if all your six Pokemon has fainted, you are still get the chance to send other Pokemon to the raid or revive the 6 fainted Pokemon to the battle before the 300 seconds timer ends the raid.

6. Nine Chances to catch Articuno at bonus stage

Some of us get just 9 Pokeballs in the bonus stage. All you need to do is feed berry, curve ball and throw with the score of nice

7. Double Rewards

Trainer get temporary boost in experience, Pokemon's candy and many more in compliment the on-going legendary event.

8. Increased Pokemon Spawn Rate

Pokemon Spawn rate is at new record. Do you have enough Pokeballs ?

9. Ash's Hat on Pikachu

Trainer still be able to catch Pikachu with Ash's Hat on it. 

10. Articuno is no 144 on Pokedex

The legendary event is very hard to miss on big cities and well-known landmark. Whereas on the countryside, there are relatively big gap of differences and hard to ignore Trainer at big cities could have 4 Articuno and 2 Lugia.

We should be contented at least we caught one of the legendary and enjoy the event thoroughly. 

Top Up Steam Account for Summer Sale 2017

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Buy all the games including "Game of the year" with more than 50% discounted price

Great games are always overprice. It may not overprice but certainly higher than the normal budget for most gamer around the world. 

The Steam's summer sale 2017 is so tempting I bought 4 game titles before it ends on July 6. The game titles are Half Life Complete, Bioshock Infinite, Fallout 3 and Borderlands 2. This sale has cost me more or less RM53.00

We have the tendency bought so many games ended up no time playing it. I have the habit since the era of Playstation one. Speaking of my history of gaming, I used to go to game store to buy the latest games on the shelves but, now with a great platform, we just need bank card numbers and a steam account. Ease the inconvenience of traffic, weather, car maintenance and the possibility of CD failure.

 Yes, all the games I bought are almost obsolete but the review and ratings are high. I am likely purchase more game titles. It could be Outlast and Resident Evil 6. Both specification are compatible with my laptop. Wait, I have to check how much I got left first.

One of the reason why I do not go for the expensive game due to my laptop neither can handle the test of ultra resolution nor the minimal PC specification.

Hey, I bought my laptop on 2016 with tremendous improvement on the sound and graphic quality. I am very grateful to own it indeed!  I do not want to mention my 5 years old laptop sold for merely RM100.

Valve's Steam has improved so much now all the game title are quoted in Malaysia currency and you are able to purchase it using just a debit card.

RHB debit card is one of many card allows you to purchase game title on Steam. Before that, you are required to call the RHB customer service for online transaction.

Remember do keep some savings behind and if you are using your parent card please do consult parent advice !

10 No GST Goods and Services in Malaysia

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Some of the zero-rated GST products. You have yet to notice them

Government & Service Tax or in short GST, it has been implemented a while ago. Do ask any receipt after watching movie at GSC or eating out at McDonalds, there will be a GST charge on display.

Concern for GST burdens the people is inevitable topic. The observation of price increase is a never ending process due to business is always looking for profitable balance sheet. Sometimes, we heard a one-side story from the business owner about the price increase of certain products or service is caused by the authority.

The truth is GST does not needed to be perceived as a bad news. It transparency and accountable practice should be a good mechanism.

These are example of GST exempted products and service for your references.

The poster above explained everything. Your ride with KTM is GST free.

Sugar no GST


Sugar and salt are exempted from GST. However, Ajinomoto is not excluded from GST list.


Either Napa or round Cabbage are exempted from GST.


Apple of any kinds are not needed to be put on GST list.


Do you know that a small avocado cost more than RM 5 each ? No one could resist this delicious imported fruit.

japanese mushroom


There are no sightings of report mushroom is in GST list.


Cooking oil is exempted from GST. In 2016, there are a change of cooking oil price in the market. If you do buy cooking oil, buy the 1KG cooking oil as the price remain the lowest one.


Asian could not stop craving for rice consumption. In this lovely dish above, it may seem GST free right ? the cabbage, chicken, the green tea, Japanese rice and some soybean soup. In reality, this dish is served in a restaurant and charging you usual 6% GST.


Buying seafood at local seafood marketplace is free of GST. But, if you happen to buy Japanese roast eel or casually called "Unagi", it is listed in GST.


I am just prove a point here that some service rendered without any charge of 6% GST. It can be Grabcar or Airbnb or the transaction you made for your favorite game on Playstore.

Besides, if you are using FPX service to pay your ptptn or any transaction that involve directly on FPX, you are compulsory to pay 6% GST.

Top 10 Vegetables & Fruits in Malaysia

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The greatest gift of all is "land filled with milk and honey"

We can all assume our parent taught us eating more vegetables for our health. Ironically, they never really taught us the whole picture. This is not an article that cover everything more of nagging you to recognize all these fruits and vegetables are a blessing.

Okra lady finger

1. Okra / Lady Finger

In a way that it has more similarity to a fruit than vegetable. A pod that containing seed. Eating okra is equivalent eating fruit. Asian love stir fried lady finger with garlic and little bit of chili than eating it raw or boil.

You could get a taste of authentic lady finger dish in any Malaysian "Nasi Kandar" restaurant when available.

Bird eye Chili

2. Bird's Eye Chili

Do you know that Bird's Eye Chili is actually a fruit ?. This is because it contains the seed more or less like a pod. Of course, some of us do not like to eat it. That is the reason why god give us tomato a rival of Chili that what I love to believe.

Can you put bird eye chili and tomato in a same dish ? It is truly sad to agree not all god's creation are meant to blend well together !


3. Carrot

Basically it is a tuber. harvest it underneath soil. Frankly speaking, carrot is a giant stem storing all the natural nutrients under the soil. It cant be classified as fruit due to lack of seed and does not grow out of a tree.


4. Potato

I think some of us confuse potato and french fries in some point of our life. It actually a same thing. I do not know why it widely called as french fries instead of potato fries. It is so confusing ! Due to potato does not contain any seed so it safe to say it is a vegetable stem. We should eat more potato and treat it as a kind of vegetable.

Brinjal Eggplant

5. Eggplant / Brinjal

The king of "vegetable". I seriously think Eggplant should be classified as a fruit. I am a huge fan of eggplant. No one treat it raw and often cook with oil in many variety.

sweet potato

6. Sweet Potato

There are many differences between potato and sweet potato. Firstly, sweet potato is reddish even when skin is peeled off. Sweet potato has this long oval shape and rough surface unlike the potato usually round and fine surface.

Sweet potato is largely popular at Japan and South Korean as opposed to potato. They believe eating sweet potato is good for skin.


7. Pineapple

Historically, people has been crazy about pineapple due to scarce availability and often a dish only on royal dining table in China once upon time. I am very grateful able to taste it in my short lifetime at a grand seafood restaurant that serve pineapple fried rice. Yummy !

large yam

8. Yam

Yam is a large tuber than potato and sweet potato. Behold your eye on this heavy yam ! Yam is much more easily recognized than the rest. Outside of yam is a rough surface whereas, Inside of yam is pure white.

Chili Pepper

9. Chili Pepper

This is some fantastic discovery ever in human food history. This delicious-looking fruit has three distinctive color. Green, yellow and red. Do not fool by it colors, It is the same fruit. I am laughing so hard because once believe that three of them are different fruits.


10. Broccoli

Brocoli is a new trend in vegetable world after discovery of substances hidden in Broccoli could save life before getting diabetes or cancer. 

Pay Your PTPTN Loan 2017

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Pay your PTPTN loan through FPX & Maybank2u

I have written a guide back in 2013 how to pay your PTPTN debt >> link here 

Due to some changes in PTPTN website in 2017, my 2013 guide is pretty much obsolete.

 What You need before performing pay your PTPTN loan through FPX & Maybank2u :

1. Internet connection
2. PTPTN ID & Pass ( you will get this during semester 1 with the help of your lecturer )
3. Maybank2u online banking account (any online banking will do such as CIMB or RHB )
4. A savings of more or less RM 500 ( the reason Why I put more than the required monthly payment amount because "save for rainy days ?" )
5. A mobile phone ( Receiving secret code )

As you search PTPTN on Google, often you will be directed to the above webpage where there are so many other options. Click the one with blue arrow. It means "check your loan balance" in Malaysia language.

Anyone reading to the point that trigger question like "have you regretted taking up PTPTN loan" ? 
I will. Each time I try to pay PTPTN debt. I have skipped lots of PTPTN loan repayment as you can see the screenshot above me at an amounts RM5000 and I have tried very hard to meet the criteria. 

Everyone has different committed monthly repayment amount mine is just RM 183.00. Since I have skipped so many times paying and accumulated so much overdue might as well just pay RM 200.00 


In the second page, you will be prompted to enter your personal email account and choose the bank you like to pay with. 

Everything is perfectly fine. Type your Username and wait till the yours chosen image come out and safely put your password and enter. 

Besides, you will need your mobile phone on your side and power turned on. On the screen insert the code for confirmation of payment from your bank to PTPTN department.

Any payment comes a receipt even a payment done through Internet. In any case of asking you to show a payment receipt there you have it saving in your computer.

It really delightful to see PTPTN website has been getting a new interface displaying so many important details than the previous interface. As you can see above, the advantages of paying through FPX is it is instantly updated after payment is done. 

Have you use JomPAY ? There is no cost but it take time to process at least 3 days of business hours. There are so many ways paying up your PTPTN debts and remember to do so, as there are so many other Malaysian struggle to get loan for their studies. PTPTN must prevail !

Turn your mobile into Shopping machine with Shopee

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"Shopee" is your answer to mobile shopping experience in Malaysia

Do you ever wonder what it like doing online shopping with your mobile phone ? Rapid digital technological advancement allows us seamlessly purchase something at Internet without the hassle going outdoor at all ! 

Purchase something like Fidget Spinner does not really need you to go all the way to nearest shopping mall concern yourself with all the car fumes, car gasoline and parking rates even traffic congestion.

The only thing we need to worry about how much time it required to be delivered to our home. Shopee is an mobile app acting as the middle man between the buyer and thousands of sellers. It is a Internet marketplace platform integrated with online payment system.

Basically what you needed beforehand are Internet banking account, a smartphone, Shopee account and a valid mailing address.

Fidget spinner

There are thousand products listed on Shopee. You could use the "search" functionality. These are the fidget spinners I bought on Shopee. It is important to know some sellers has high ratings and guaranteed a satisfactory service provided to you !

online payment option in Malaysia

Local banks in Malaysia has made tremendous finance technological improvement in recent years. We are now in the era of "checking saving balance on Internet" . Most of us would choose "online banking" as the preferred option.


Mobile88 is served as a gateway or summary of transaction before entering to your chosen secured bank website. 

The next thing you would see is your chosen online banking option such as RHB. You will need your smartphone now for the confirmation codes and entering it as requested. After successful attempt, your bank will be immediately deducted RM27 to be sent to Shopee for holding. 

Shopee fidget spinner seller

In this stage, Shopee has already informed the seller to ship the products out when Shopee get it hand on your money through online banking. Hand spinner is such a Internet sensation and it really cost nothing to own one of them. Anyways, I bought three fidget spinners with Shopee.

Chatting with seller at Shopee

Meanwhile, you could chat with the seller while you waiting anxiously your items to be sent till your doorstep. Trust me, if you are new in this online shopping, first 3 days is the hardest moments of your life waiting it.

Logistic tracking

Since we have the power tracking commercial airplane, it is safe to say we are now able to track commercial items too ! It so good living in the twenty first century

Order on 27 of May, Received on 5 of June. Approximately less than 11 days of delivering from China to Malaysia. It is your duty to release the payment to the seller when all the items has been safely arrived to the rightful hands.

Shopee is one of the product of Garena. Garena was one of my favorite gaming platform. This is one of my reason buying at Shopee rather than Lazada or 11street. I have performed many online purchasing on laptop but never on smartphone, this is my first tryout on mobile purchasing with Shopee. Thank You Shopee for this amazing experience !

10 Products contain Palm Oil

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Biggest vegetable oil exporter in the world !

It is hard to determine the products when they say 50% of the products at market shelves containing nutrients of palm oil. We are at the 100 years of producing fine palm oil to the world. Harvest from oil palm trees and refine palm oil for the benefit of people in a century and more to come.

There is no sign of slowing down on the demand of palm oil. Malaysia is used to be the number 1 palm oil producer till Indonesia overtaken us for quantity. Oil Palm reaches it maximum potential in Malaysia soil due to constant sunlight and abundant rainfall as oppose to place of origin the native Africa countries where drought spell is frequent.

Bread massimo contain palm oil

1 Massimo Bread

we may not be recognized as a high-tech country. But, we are greatest producer of vegetable oil to the world and that seriously mean something.

Malaysia cooking oil contain palm oil

2 Cooking Oil

Palm Olein is one of many name for palm oil. We should gladly announce that we are producer of vegetable oil and we like consuming it. In a normal Asian household meal particularly in Malaysia, people like using vegetable oil than using butter. Will you use butter to cook Kangkung ?

Milo UHT contains palm oil

3. Milo

Milo is Malaysia household brand for chocolate milk drink. As you can see clearly, it contains the nutrient of Palm oil and an noticeable ingredient, Luo Han Guo. 1 Liter of Milo Chocolate drink is equivalent to RM 4.50 as in the year of 2017.

Maggi contain palm oil

4. Maggi

Take a quick read on the Maggi ingredient. You will be able to see "vegetable oil" and it could be from palm oil. For you information, Maggi is Malaysia household brand for instant noodle We always address "instant noodle" as Maggi in a form that a kind of abbreviation.

Nutella made of Palm oil

5. Nutella Chocolate Spread

This is the highest rated chocolate spread for your daily crave of loaf. People never stop buying it though it contains palm oil nutrients. I love Vanilla more maybe I should start applying Cold vanilla instead of Nutella.

Lexus biscuit contain palm oil

6. Lexus Biscuit

Either Vegetable oil or vegetable fat, the source could from palm oil. We quickly becoming indispensable. In fact, we are now and in the future until we are tired of vegetable oil. How could people still believing in oil originated from animals ?

pringles contain palm oil

7. Pringles Potato Chips

Any snacks at the local market shelves has a sign of palm oil nutrients in it. Just grab any nearest snack you can find at your home now. Please read the ingredients slowly !

Dove Contains palm oil

8. Dove

Oil Palm is so versatile you could extract the necessary ingredients for making of soap. Probably wonder which ingredients could potentially indicating contain palm oil the obvious one is sodium laureth sulfate which could be contained from coconut too

Selsun Hair shampoo

9. Selsun Blue

you may not notice this shampoo due to the reason of Selsun is an imported shampoo from USA. This does not stop the manufacturer getting the making of shampoo from the extract of palm oil. Ingredients such as stearic acid, palmitic acid or propylene glycol are potentially made of Palm oil.

10. Men Biore Face Wash

No doubt the oil palm produce an excellent fruits contain the massively useful ingredient for face wash product. The thing that separate your face from oil and dirt is the doing of palm oil extract.