10 Foods Cheaper than Fast Food in Singapore

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Rich nations like Singapore, cheapest McDonalds set is $7.20 with drink. It totally cool walk out McDonalds front door realise money not enough. There are way more ecomical eateries out there.

1. Roasted Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice Singapore

Roasted or steamed Chicken Rice are available as low as $2. Sticky soy sauce and sweet chili sauce are always available on the counter for customers. You can order 3 packs of Chicken Rice with S$7.20 and still get $1.20 back.

2. Minced Meat Noodle

Bak Cho Mee

Pork as the main ingredient in making this dish. Everyone know and love this. One can eat like 2 minced meat noodle for S$7.

3. Soto Mee

Soto Mee Singapore

Priced at S$3 each without drink. Ingredients are shredded chicken, beansprout, yellow noodle, chili(optional), spring onion and some fried shallot. Unique and outstanding citrus soup.

4. Hokkien Mee

Hokkien Mee Singapore

Priced at more or less S$4 without drink.

5. Vegetable Rice Stall

fan cai singapore

The cheapest buffet style foods. Get some sweet and sour meat, fried egg with some fried potato coupled with sweet sauce. Only at $3.60 without any drink. Some stall may even sells it cheaper.

6. Yang Zhou Chao Fan

Yang zhou chao fan Singapore

The most well known staple food in chinese community. You could have it as little as S$5 only.

7. Lontong

Lontong Singapore

Malay-style vegetable sweet and spicy soup.

8. Tosai / Dosa

Tosai Singapore

Favourite Dish when visiting Indian restaurant. Lovely and healthy condiments

9. Wan Tan Mee

Wan Tan Mee Singapore

Always so tempting to eat it when visiting hawker centre. Cantonese cuisine is just so hard to resist. Price tag at S$4.50

10. Yong Tau Foo Soup

Yong Tau Foo Soup Singapore

Hakka Chinese cuisine with clear savoury soup sided with fried beancurd skins.

Cleansing Bar Price in Malaysia and Singapore

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Buying personal care at Malaysia Johor is much cheaper. 

Sebamed made in germany
Sebamed is Germany product.

How much cheaper ?

Ranging from RM5 - RM10. Let say buying 5 sebamed that would be saving of RM50.

Due to variety of skin problems, usage of soap-free cleansing bar is on the rise. No two skins are the same. Delicate skin cant tolerate normal soap.The use of skin-related active ingredients and the physiological pH value of 5.5 makes sebamed Cleansing Bar a biologically effective skin cleasing agent and ideal for sensitive skin.

Soap and alkali-free sebamed Cleansing Bar gently cleanses deep into the pores. An effective moisturizing complex, containing essential skin-related amino acids, vitamins and lecithin, promotes the moisturize retaining capacity of your skin. The pH value of 5.5 maintains the balance of the acid mantle's hydro-lipid system and its protective barrier function against damaging environmental influences.

Malaysia and Singapore Cream Bun

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Imagine SGD 1 can buy 3 Cream Bun at Malaysia

Malaysia and Singapore Cream Bun

With 1SGD equivalent to MYR3.00, RM0.85 Gardenia bun can be bought 3 times. Cream bun is like a basic pastry everyone fill their hungry tummy.

Besides, it is likened to an instant noodle at Japan. Cream bun is an instant noodle at Malaysia and Singapore. In fact, Cream bun is much cheaper than instant noodle cup unless it was a 5-packs instant noodle.

Student would always agree instant noodle are savior in their school or university days. Now, It even better with cream bun due to better nutrition.

  • Product            : Sunshine wholemeal cream bun
  • Calories           : 184 KCAL, 28g Carb, 6.6g Protein, 4.9g Fat
  • Net Weight      : 65g
  • Status               : Halal , Made in Singapore
  • Manufacturer : Sunshine Bakeries
  • Flavor              : Chocolate
  • Value               : SGD 1
  • Website           : www.sunshine.com.sg

Meanwhile, a Malaysian will need to fork out 3MYR to buy a 1SGD made cream bun. Although Malaysia and Singapore are neighbor, Malaysia food price is relatively cheaper in currency value. Well, Singapore's image shine brighter as a developed nation. SGD1 for a cream bun would not be any problem for average Singaporean.

Top up Grab Singapore using Malaysia bank

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You may top up Grab Singapore with Malaysian RHB visa card

At Singapore, Malaysian will not be able to see Grab Malaysia interface even with balance of RM100. The urge to use Grab car service among the youngsters are on the rise. Singapore has efficient public transportation. However, Grab has lenient rules one may bring pet, large luggage, eat or drink. In fact, the rise of Grab car are likely due to youngsters cant get MRT and public bus after midnight.

It seem like Visa does have a higher fee. RM154.79 for SGD50 is about 0.323 rate.

A current exchange rate from SGD to MYR is 3.01. RM154.79 should get SGD51.42.

Anyways, you will need a RHB visa card plus counter activation to do top up your Grab Singapore balance. 

Airasia Tickets 2017 - 2019

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KLIA2 fee and Visa charge on every ticket purchase.

2019 Airasia Ticket

2019 Airasia ticket

No Visa processing charge, there is no need to use online banking method to buy Airasia ticket with a RM4.00+ fee. Besides, news about KLIA2 fee abolished early January 2019 only applied to those board flight through Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2.

The issue with visa charge was a serious matter prompted Bank Negara's public statement. Rumor said the culprits behind exaggerated visa charge are now being charged at court early January 2019. The exorbitant visa processing fee caused lots of complaints among the foreign travelers.

The truth is Airasia are honest on ticket. RM16.00 for visa processing fee despite Bank Negara warning statement. Proof Visa processing fee RM16.00

complain #1 Trip advisor rage passenger
complain #2 rage passenger on visa charge

Airasia 2018 Ticket

Airasia 2018 ticket
KLIA2 fee abolished. RSC charged on every passenger. Online banking charge

Passenger service charge is the airport charge. Every passenger are required to pay RM11.00 one-way. On a return ticket for two persons, airport earned a total of RM44.00 in any airport nationwide. Not to mention, shop rental and really nice RM20.00 buffet.

On top of that, RM3 klia2 fee was a fee needed to be paid by every passenger onboard on KLIA2 until it was revised on early January 2019. On a return ticket, RM6.00 was a bearable cost. No doubt there was transparency in Airasia ticket.

The dire issue was not just KLIA2 fee or the RSC believed to be implemented in 2018. The issue was "Visa charge". One of the cheapest fee to get Airasia ticket through online during 2017 - 2018 was "Online banking".

2017 Airasia Ticket

Airasia transparent ticket system

The truth about Airasia ticket system is purely amazing. Like a real-time ticket service. The proof is the ticket system is able to do update after I paid cash at the counter on flight day. The RM79.50 charge was not previously in the online receipt, updated into the online receipt after I took the flight.

No one in Malaysia had a right mind to make an Airasia booking using their debit/credit card simply because there was a charge higher than the online banking. The card offered by Airasia to waive processing fee, it was just not doable and has cost to bear too.

Yes, the Airasia visa processing is no longer apply at least for me. Someone exposing wrongdoings on Visa processing charge