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1 Month before Covid 19 Pandemic at Singapore

All Photos were captured before April 7, 2020 Singapore Circuit Breaker Measures and Malaysia Movement Control Order March 16, 2020

I think the Covid 19 Measures had destroyed more life than the illness. Is it worth it ? Is the outcome yield better without Covid 19 Measures ?

1. Yishun Hospital March 2020

Preparation for Covid 19 pandemic. I remember vividly the security guard was trying to ask something. I guess Pandemic makes him think twice to get closer to me and shun me away

2. Woodland Clinic

As you can clearly see in the photo above, it was year 2020 Rat Year. Usually there were no customer service desk outside.

3. The Shoppes - Marina Bay Sands

3 manned Surveillance Camera at entrance checking body heat of potential Covid 19 Human Carrier. 

4. Donned Personal Protective Equipment

Not a everyday scene !

5.  9 Days before Malaysia implemented MCO

Photo were taken March 7, 2020. Outdoor Exercise is always nice during the good weather

6. Tourist Attraction

Photo were taken March 7, 2020. This was exactly one month before Singapore implemented Circuit Breaker measure or CB

Not much crowd though, it felt different. People were wary of the pandemic news.

7. Sentosa Beach

Photo taken March 14, 2020. Countless good weather have been missed. Tourism Industry was deeply affected !

This was 2 days before MY Movement Control Order and 23 days before SG Circuit Breaker

8. 3 Day after Malaysia Implemented MCO

Photo taken 19 March 2020, it does not seem affecting SG people movement. It seem like the great fear affected more on Malaysian than Singaporean.

18 days before Singapore enforces Circuit Breaker

On 16 March 2020, the day Malaysian authority implemented movement control order, there were huge stock market movement and it could have been a crash in stock market.

9. 18 Days Before Singapore implementing Circuit Breaker

Photo were taken on 19 March 2020. Great weather at Garden by the bay !

10. Quarantine and Vaccination are the new outdoor activities

The only legal way to get outside during the pandemic was getting infected and being sent to quarantine facility. Everyone advised to stay indoor as much as possible !

Mention about new outdoor activity, the compulsory vaccine is a great activity too ! 

This article provides you a historical imagery of the past. Not a fictional and none were edited.

10 Development Projects in Malaysia 2023

 1.Rapid Transit System (RTS link)

The traffic congestion on peak season at causeway is in bad shape. The rising needs to cross border visiting loved ones, work purpose and leisure have been causing heavy congestion at Johor and Singapore Causeway.

A Light Rail Transit project will be benefiting both countries. 

2. LRT 3 Shah Alam Line

Light Rail Transit Shah Alam project is very much anticipated by the Klang and Shah Alam residents. As if environment is in danger of destruction due to car fumes then this is possibly one of the best solution out there. 

Increasing numbers of environmental activism in recent year and car factory could not cope with the demands for a personal vehicle, it seem like LRT 3 Shah Alam could help address these rampant issues.

3. IBN bukit bintang

A high-rise building to help attract high income individual to stay here providing local employment and spur local economic activity

4. R&F Princess Cove Phase 2

Our sea side need to be beautify in order to attract tourism activity. Tourism income is a huge investment. 

5. Antara Genting

Development leads to creation of local employment for future generation ! In order to become a high income nation, it requires more development !!

6  Tropicana Windcity

Development always bring good investment as future generation dream is at stake. We can have more oil palm trees as well as more hotel rooms as there are demand out there !

7 Core Residence at Exchange 106

The upcoming Malaysia International Financial District and new Kuala Lumpur Central Business District requires lots of top notch facilities and amenities !

8. Riveria City

A very unique residential development as the Kuala Lumpur Monorail tend to pass through the building. ONE can clearly there is a overhead monorail rail track.

9. Aset Kayamas x Genting

Economy never really fail to recover at least for the western world ! Their market is always on the rise. We must stay ahead and build more attraction as foreign tourist might shift their focus and other nation can easily build and replace us as top tourism destination !

10. Skyline Kuala Lumpur

So much potential and so much to offer ! Unity is always a strength in the end of equation. If we thrive to do what is best in ourselves we will find our way ! 

Skyline Kuala Lumpur is located at Pudu area. Nice development !

The treamendous amounts of development in Malaysia is just mind blowing. 

10 Things about Genting Highlands

1. Take a walk

Don't let all the fancy hotels and restaurants took all your attentions. The best thing about Genting Highlands are the well-maintained road leading up to Genting Grand. Take a walk and feel the Highlands low pressure air.

2. Feel the Breeze

The low pressure air retains less heat from the sun. Creating a cooling effect plus the wind hitting your face just not something you can feel at lowlands. 

3. Take yourself closer to Sun

It just so hot at lowlands somewhere like Kuala Lumpur. Why Genting Highlands air temperature is so much lower ?

Due to air has mass, somehow the air went to lowlands gained lots of masses which retains lots of heats from the sun and all the smoke fumes from car and factory clouded the skies making the air temperature in lowlands very hot.

4. Take the new and old Genting Cable Car

Genting Highlands new Awana cable car will take you from Awana Genting Premium Outlet straight to SkyAvenue Shopping Mall. 

Besides, you can always take the Genting Skyway, the first Genting Cable car when they had a maintenance on the new one. 

5. Spends the Nights with rainflake

The air temperature is even colder at night. At the end of the year, December is when you could witness "rainflake" constantly blocks your windscreen or your eye glasses. 

Likened to snowflakes, rainflake is less cooler version of it. 

6. Booking the Largest Hotel

As if you like to visit Genting Highlands in the month of November and December like everyone else in the world, please do the booking now because even with thousands of rooms on First World Hotel at Genting Highlands Malaysia, the demand is so tremendous can be overbooked for two whole months.

7. Have Fun at Skyworlds Theme Park

20 Fox Century Inspired Theme Park. Due to the company sold to Disney, certainly hope Disney put in names such as Star Wars and Avenger into the park.

8. Reaching Awana station and Genting Premium Outlet

This is the first destination for most of the Genting Highlands visitors. Lots of Luxury Brands Shop here.

9. Take a look at Genting Permai

Most the visitor will come across this place. The second most lively place !!. 

10. Attends Festival and Events

Lots of international artists held their concert at Arena of Stars. If you find entertainment, you will find it at Genting Highlands! They never fail to amazes!

Google stock is now worth RM500 after stock split in July 2022

Google stock split only means one thing, great years ahead !!

2022 will be a year to be remembered as Tech giants Amazon and Google had their share split done. 

Now you can buy one whole share of Google in just RM500 instead of RM10000 per share. 

Now you can own one of the most prestigious tech company in the world by purchasing their company stock!!

The last time Google stock split was year 2014. 6 years after the financial crisis on 2008.

Google stock price was on upward trends ever since it stock split on year 2014 reaching as high as 2500 Dollars per share. Now the opportunity of a decade is here for retail investors.

Author of this website has bought 3 Google shares each equivalent to 500 Ringgit Malaysia. 

1 Share of Amazon is RM500 + after Stock Split

On June 8, 2022, Amazon the e-commerce giant performed stock split 1 to 20 . Amazon pre stock split is so expensive to retail investors at USD2000 ++ each share.

In order to participate the financial roller coaster of USA stock market, I need to have at least Rm600 to buy a single Amazon stock as a retail investor.

To achieve that I have an account with Rakuten Trade. They in recent years have been promoting USA stock market. A good platform for retail investors. Leave a comment if you know any platform does a fantastic job to secure market share in retail investors. 

In a rising of USD to MYR, it is much more expensive now to trade. 4.4 Ringgit to 1 USD is really high compared to past currency performance we used to have like 3.5 Ringgit to 1 USD.

Let hope currency will not have any large fluctuation in the future. We might stand to lose 40 percents just by currency exchange. Let say currency strengthened in MYR, when we perform stock selling, Rakuten Trade will automatically convert the currency to MYR. 

The good future for retail investors are Amazon stock price sky rocketed and Ringgit remained weakened or lower like 5 MYR to 1 USD.

As a retail investors with limited fund and limited knowledge in stock market, there is no need to put all the eggs in one basket. 

The last Amazon stock split was year 1999 before dot com bubble in the year 2000. I was just in primary school. After the bubble, Yahoo stock never recovered. In fact, Yahoo was quite a huge household brand I still remember the giant search engine till today.

Stock market is a risky to invest with a good return. If you don't invest, nothing will happen but if you do, stay investing and enjoy the ride !!