10 Reasons Why You Should go to Gym

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Gym business in Malaysia are doing really well

The fitness center is a real business model due to an increasing demand for better health. At the recent budget 2017, there was a column purposely quoted that there will be a tax relief on Gym membership fee.

1. Heart Coronary Disease 

The statistic number never lie, still, no one bother about it. It seem like over the years, people are getting some awareness and conscious about their well being. It could explain why Gym business is flourishing than before ?

2. Vegetable and Fruits are just lazy advice

It is truly blessing living in a place where vegetables and fruits are cheap and all of us can easily access and afford buying dozens of them. But, the fact is those nutrients are acquired too easily. 

Some believe that all of the vegetable and fruit's rich nutrients will turn into fats whenever the body deemed the minimum daily nutrient is met for inactive person. As for the physically active, the body will adapt and digest all the rich nutrients on a maximum capacity. 

3. Gym is your favorite running track

The loud speakers with random good songs, television with great channels are some of the main attraction inside gym will keep you distracted during your exercise. The distraction is mainly to numb / weaken the body's pain sensory and will keep you going.

4. Outdoor versus Gym

A confined area with air-condition and less mosquito bite. No strangers talking to you in the middle of your exercise trying to seek your attention and ask your knowledge of the direction of nearest toilet. 

Besides, there are no way any outdoor park has dumbbell, locker room, changing room and a trainer always walking around anxiously with their well-built body. 

5. Yoga Class

Some fitness center offers Yoga class at a certain time in a day. Yoga is a no joke physical activity. It could turn one man with 130KG into a 70KG man with right amount of effort and time. 

6. Preparation for your marathon

Penang Marathon 2015. More info at 27 Photos of Penang Marathon 2015

Another hype thing to do for an adventure-seeking Malaysian definitely not excluding the marathon events. Your first or next marathon is crucial with the right mindset is to do all the necessary preparation mentally and physically. 

You would not risk your body getting a tremendous amounts of shock after a 21km half marathon due to lack of physical training and mentally unprepared. 

7. Good Peer Pressure

Everyone should have a role model in life. There is always someone better than us and train harder than us. All of them come to Gym for the same purpose. The strong will of carry on sometimes is weak in ourselves and strong on other good people.

Newcomer at Gym always serves a reminder to us why we come here at the first place. a right amounts of good peer pressure work fine for the gym newcomers and the veteran.

8. Avoiding 9 out of 10 of Death cause in Malaysia 

It seem like the dead cause list always blame us on our smoking habit. Can't they just tell us what to do for nonsmokers out there ? I do not know the future of Malaysia death cause but today we are narrowing the problem to two, Mosquitoes and Heart.

As you can see here the problem is pretty much solved by the introducing of Gym. You could opt for the nearest gym. One of the clear example is the Fitness center located at newly opened Sunway Velocity Mall 2016. 

By the time you know it, we are the lucky few avoiding 10 out of 10 death causes in Malaysia. As for those who are smoking, there was a reliable study indicated that strong will for exercise could deter one desire to smoke.

9. The Influence of Instagram 

I find it nonsense as one of the widely spread article actually quoted like this" Singapore has the healthier people in the world". Check it out at Singapore healthiest country .Perhaps, they play too much Instagram already.

Social media such as Instagram is a great way to spread incredible health message by images such as six pack and yoga pant. Everyone seem to have an inevitable desire to upload something like that in Instagram to showcase us the beauty of having a healthy and attractive body.

There was a joke told by a funny man that women notice two things a man has, your job title or your physical attributes. 

10. Make use of your sport apparel

The rising of sport apparels has attracted us to buy the under Armour with our hard-earned cash. Buying and wearing sport apparel is always a form of motivating us to do more activities. As usual, the gym has a dress code that every members should acknowledge the important of attire within the compound.

As if you have a pair of running shoes and a comfortable sport apparel at your wardrobe please make use of it there are tons of Gym at your area.

Baby Pokemon and Pokedex

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Obtained Baby Pokemon leads Pokemon Go's Pokedex enlarged.  

Pokemon Go December 2016 Theme

A refreshing Pokemon Go theme in conjunction with Christmas season. Veteran Pokemon Go Trainer is anticipating Pokemon Go Xmas event. Besides, Will Niantic roll out legendary Pokemon on New Year Eve ?

Pikachu with festive hat

Limited Edition Pikachu with festive hat are out there to be caught till December 29, 2016. Hoping there are more limited edition Pokemon out there to catch on next time ! For your info, Raichu get to wear festive hat too by evolving Pikachu with festive hat.

Pichu Pokemon Go

Strong desire to hatch a baby Pokemon has emotional affected some Pokemon Trainer resorted to get one of those incubator in store in a bid to accelerate the chance of having one baby Pokemon. Author of Unitedmy have hatched two eggs before getting baby Pokemon at the third 5KM egg.

Pokedex Pokemon Go enlarged December 2016

Having a Pichu triggered an expansion of Trainer Pokedex. Although Pokemon Trainer might not have completed the first given Pokedex database, the Pokedex will be updated after getting any of the baby Pokemon by hatching. Previously, the Pokedex shown Dragonite is the last Pokemon in the list

It will be not an easy task to get a baby Pokemon as there were not in the wild to be caught by Pokeballs. After the releasing of baby Pokemon, there were a strong determination to walk even further in order to get one. Moreover, Pokemon Trainer could earn the 1,000 KM badge in the same time.

10 Pokemon Gym You Need to Conquer in Malaysia

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Pokemon Gym is strategically placed for you to visit

The real deal behind Pokemon Go is the Gym. You will not see Pokemon Gym placed at random places. It has always been something interesting there for Pokemon Go trainer to explore !

To truly understand Pokemon Go from my own perspective, the Pokemon and Pokestops are additional features, whereas, the Pokemon Gym is a place where Pokemon Trainers should be heading to.

Surely, This is only applies to Pokemon Trainer have all or most of the Pokemon in the bag already. As for those who are new seeking to register Pokemon into their Pokedex than they might have different idea than battling the Pokemon Gym.

These are some of the Pokemon Gym I have conquered during 3-day stay at Kuala lumpur and Penang. More Pokemon Gym to conquer means more place of interest in Malaysia has been explored by author !

Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad Pokemon Gym

1. Merdeka Square

Eventually everyone will face the mid-game of Pokemon Go, Pokemon Trainer seeking out to battle than to catch Pokemon at the wild. Visiting one of the historic place as Merdeka Square or locally known as Padang Merdeka is absolutely awesome. 

Pokemon Go inspired and lead author to Padang Merdeka. The way of it is much more overwhelmingly fun than opening Google maps.

Giant Mushroom KLIA2

2. Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2

While waiting at the bustling KLIA 2. Open up Pokemon Go app and start to catch some Pokemon accidentally discovered KLIA 2 has a Pokemon Gym.

Petronas Towers Pokemon Go Gym

3. Petronas Twin Tower

Giant buildings all over the place. KLCC is a place must visit. there is a park within the city for you to take some walk and watch the beautiful scenery and unbelievable fountains. 

Stadium Titiwangsa Pokemon Go Gym

4. Stadium Titiwangsa

Found Dratini at this grand lake. There were some bicycles for rental.

Penang ferry Pokemon Go

5. Penang Port Ferry

One of the mean from Butterworth to Georgetown, Pulau Pinang.

War Memorial Pokemon Go Gym

6. Padang Kota Lama 

Nearby to Penang City Hall and Esplanade park. At night time, it turned into a joyful night.

Penang sib portraits Pokemon Go

7. Portraits

You can miss everything in Penang but not this one portrait. The busiest intersection where all travelers must experience especially on Sunday and year end .

8. Will House Mural

Got an insane plan try to conquer every Pokemon Go Gym in Penang some other day !

9. Very Cute Dinosaur at Queenbays Mall

A huge mall definitely need some of your time to visit it.

the awaiting Trishaw

10. Trishaw Paddler station

There were some many Trishaws there but seem like no one is operating it. I guess it some form of Penang's way preserving the historic moments ?

Keep walking ! for Pokemon Trainers out there are not necessary to buy a travel books when travelling to Malaysia because almost every interesting places are mapped in Pokemon GO as a Pokemon Gym or Pokemon Stops.

One day gonna travel back to Kuala Lumpur and conquer some other Pokemon Go Gym !

Top 13 McDonald's Previous Promotions 2014 - 2016

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Sharing McDonald's moments ! McDonald's promotions 2014 - 2016

McDonald's is on smart move closing down few of its outlets in order to maintain a good annual balance sheet. Is McDonald's growing too fast ? 

The answer is no. If you want which fast food restaurant has surpassed McDonald's in rapid expansion will be KFC. Any small town nationwide you will see KFC and not McDonald's. Then why they are downsizing despite business is strategically located and doing just fine?

No point in arguing on that matter, let just rewind / reminiscence some of the nicest McDonald's Malaysia promotions.

McDonald's Minion toy

1. Minion Toys

Despicable Me the movie was so success when McDonald's Malaysia decided to roll out toy version of Minion everyone was like "I am gonna collect all of them".

McDonald's Malaysia chicken

2. McDonald's Chicken

The taste is fairy nice and so unique. Dipping slice of it into chili sauce is unbeatable combination.

Prosperity burger beef Malaysia

3. McDonald's Prosperity Burger

When Chinese New Year is around the corner, McDonald's never fail rolling out its annually promotional food, prosperity burger. 

FIFA Habanero Burger

4. Habanero Burger

Available during the football madness when Brazil was the main host for FIFA World Cup 2014 that held every 4 years. Never gonna forget painstakingly load of spice inside the burger.

5. Beef Samurai

Eat it like a real Onigiri. The seaweed is bomb coupled with fresh deep-fried fries.

6. Vanilla Ice-cream

The best ice-cream flavor in the world. Cherish your vanilla as in history, vanilla used to be very expensive product and only privileged people access to vanilla ice-cream. Although it much cheaper now, must appreciate every bite of it !

McDonald's Malaysia Congee

7. McDonald's Congee

Home sick of your mother / grandmother Congee ? Now, you can get it at McDonald's without cooking at home.

8. Burger Syok

Notice the artwork ? That is a common depiction of a man draw by local artist. The taste of burger so familiar and delicious.

9. Cakoi with Soya Milk

I do not mean to be rude, when I was eating Cakoi, peoples sitting around me were like kept looked at me, "Am I eating too loud" ? Dipping bits of Cakoi either the chili sauce or Soya milk, it absolutely made my day.

10. Grand Platter

Fulfill your morning with joyful breakfast. Literally wake up early queuing for new McDonald's Malaysia breakfast introduced on early December in conjunction with the launching of Cakoi in the morning menu. Most favorite in this grand platter will be baked bean !!

11. Hawaii Deluxe

The best burger ever. Satisfying level 10 / 10

12. Chicken Wrap

The juicy meat is wrapped flatbread plus ice cold lettuce and purple lettuce bring a sensational meal.

13. Chicken Foldover

Fold with a really thick flatbread plus a two juicy meat. The eating is very different because the meat is not wrapped fully.

Express My Love for McDonald's by through the years of collecting McDonald's promotions food images.  cWhat it like to miss McDonald's promotion ? Be sure to be able to eat all of the McDonald's Malaysia promotion before it gone !

Top 10 Japanese Food You Must Try

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Majestic food in Japan is an eye-opening lifetime journey 

If you never know what to order at Japanese restaurant, these are few suggestion for you.

1. Maguro

Maguro fish

Anything superior than salmon will be tasty and fresh Maguro sushi. Maguro is Japanese term for bluefin tuna

2. Grilled Saba 

Saba Shioyaki Sushi King

Want some grilled fish for your indulgence in Japanese food ? Pick none other than Saba shioyaki. Saba is cold-water mackerel fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

3. Ika Geso

Ika Geso

Deep-fried squid tentacle is really tasty. In order to make crispy and mouth-watering taste you need to learn putting egg, flour and some breadcrumb. Ika Geso is Japanese term for Squid tentacles.

4. Tempura

Tempura fish

Deep-fried and battered either fish or shrimp, a complete Japanese meal surely including some tempura dishes. Let try dip tempura fish fillet into Udon soup will sooth the taste of deep-fried for the sake of your tongue.

5. Sushi

Perhaps the greatest food in Japan are the introduction of Sushi. Main ingredient for a sushi is cold steamed rice coated with vinegar coupled with a garnish of anything from raw fish, egg, cucumber and crab stick.

6. Beef Udon / Rice

Beef Udon

Japanese Beef mostly are imported from elsewhere. Unless it was a Tender Kobe Beef only be found at Japan. Try on them the Asian taste of delicious beef cuisine. To ease your hassle finding a Japanese restaurant, find nearest Yoshinoya restaurant

7. Japanese Curry flavor

Curry Udon

Japanese always put red carrot as one of the main ingredient in their curry making. The essence of carrot blend well with the curry. Japanese curry is not as spicy as its looks.

8. Naruto Maki

Naruto Maki

As a naruto anime fan, I must not ignore the connection between both of them. It is hilarious to note that every time I eat naruto, no single time my brain stop associating with the highly-coveted Japanese animation "Naruto".

9. Udon

Kitsune Udon

Udon is pretty much signify the Japanese's noodle. Deliciously thick and finely smooth coupled the Inari a Japanese term for fried tofu.

10. Katsu Chicken

Katsu Chicken-rice-soup-green tea

Any Japanese restaurant seem to have the same recipe for the Japanese style deep-fried chicken cutlet together with fine sliced cabbage and some sesame sauce topping is a complete meal for your day.

Other 10 Japanese food related article : 10 Japanese seafood you must know

Ditto disguise as MagiKarp

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A new Pocket Monster to catch, Ditto

The new update allows player discovers Ditto and gain double experience every successful catching a Pokemon. Ditto, the highly awaited Pokemon is finally available to be fill in your bag and registered in your Pokedex.

Ditto can disguise it self to a Pidgey, Magikarp, Ratata and Zubat according to player comments all over the world. My title fully explained how I got my first Ditto. 

With additional experience points on Thanksgiving, large number of players returned to their favorite place to catch Pokemon. 

Pokemon Go's most anticipated Christmas event will be as grand as Santa Claus giving out presents for Pokemon fans. Rumors that either one of them is rollin out second generation of Pokemon or Mewtwo and Mew.

Are you still remember the video clip Mewtwo were being seen at a busy shopping district ? It could implying that people were there to a new year eve countdown or even the Christmas eve. 

Airasia KUL to TWU Review

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Airasia Flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 to Tawau Airport is approximately 2 Hours and 50 minutes

Distance between Malaysia and Tawau is by estimation 1800 kilometers according to disween.com. Many would like to find the answer to the price of one way ticket from Airasia.

At the global oil price tumbling down to as low as below $50, one way trip from KLIA2 to TWU costs me RM210 per trip. The total price for a return trip is paid at RM422.24

Author would really like to know when global oil price will ever increase to $100, the price for return trip from KLIA2 to TWU will it still remain the same or double? But, it seem like no human truly has the ability to foresee the future.

Besides, Airasia is really the best Malaysian can choose to fly with on the domestic flights due to its cheaper price. I would continue using Airasia flying on domestic flight. Those who are affluent are more likely to choose MAS.

Well, In the process of restructuring, MAS realized it important to lower down their pricing which sometimes when you are comparing price between MAS and Airasia, you would actually see a competitive price offering by both airlines. MAS was never late to change it is now 2016. But, for decades, Airasia brand is deeply rooted in Malaysia mind

Airasia's slogan "Now, everyone can fly" is implying now, Malaysian can fly without burn a hole in the pocket.

In addition, Airasia Big points is definitely one of the best feature. I have 188 points after completed a return trip from KUL to TWU costing me RM422.24. It pretty intriguing that from my point of calculation, I will need to take lots of KUL to TWU in order to redeem Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast which cost 30,000 points. Anyways, I was not planning to go Australia Gold coast at this moment.

There was a small matter encountered during boarding the plane, why would an immigration counter approval is required for me to travel from East Malaysia to West Malaysia ? Yes, you have to show some ID in order to pass the gate even under domestic flight

It was an overwhelming experience exploring Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 for the first time in my life as a Malaysian. Lots of eateries and most importantly spotted 3 Starbucks at different corner throughout KLIA2.

There are few options going to KLIA2. I pick KLIA express out of Grabcar and bus to go there. It cost RM55 per trip from KL Sentral. Probably it will be my last time riding KLIA express because I found out there was a bus station at KL Sentral though KLIA express is much safer and swifter.

Airasia check in machine

Let say you forget to check in through website, there are dozens of helpful check-in machines for your convenience. As if you have check-in through website, there is no need for you to use the check-in machine service and should proceed to document check counter for boarding pass. (It was a free to ask the counter for boarding pass)

Airasia KLIA 2 weight detector

Airasia has been a very friendly airline towards the baggage section. This bag definitely fit the requirement as a hand carry. I have seen someone with much larger bag still qualify as hand carry.

Before boarding the plane to Tawau, "Quizinn" a really cute name that sound like "Cuisine" is a big food court with multiple eateries section. People has spoken many times, eating at airport is definitely gonna be costly. However, the foods are really tempting.

Quizinn-Airasia-KLIA2-food court

 After a moment of silence, Airasia on-board foods are way more cheaper than eating at Quizinn. Although it is a small portion and really not that comfortable eating on-board with Airasia, it still relevant to buy on-board foods while flying with Airasia.

Another good thing about Airasia, the cabin crew were not really checking on your designated seats unless customer bought hot seats. Airasia cabin crews advised to sit upright when taking off and refrain from using mobile phone while take off and landing but on unoccupied seats, you are allowed to take if passenger deemed necessary.

The controversy news shocked many of us about Auntie Anne's Pretzel food name tag. It seem like religious department failed to secure a victory to change Auntie Anne's Pretzel food name tag from "dog" to "sausage".  I have many Muslim friends and most of them referred it as "sausage" rather than calling it "hot dog"

Bus to KL Sentral from KLIA2

KLIA 2 offers great and convenience facilities. There are taxi and bus Booths selling ticket to passengers.


One way bus trip to KL Sentral from KLIA 2 currently priced at RM12.00. It used to be RM10.00 in the old days. KL Sentral is central transportation hub at Kuala Lumpur city.

It has been a pleasant flight with Airasia though there were slight delay on schedule. I will choose Airasia in my next voyage.