Easy way to own CryptoKitties in Malaysia

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Now you can own and gifts virtual CryptoKitties to other  

Disclaimer : Author is not expert in Cryptocurrency nor any affiliations.

Bought two kitties and 1 is in the market for sell after a breed

From my humble view, I will say it is not for everybody to own a CryptoKitties. It cant really bought by value less than RM50. A friendly reminder, please use fund that you can afford to lose in this extremely addictive game.

I must hereby warned you that CryptoKitties is not in any form an investment that yield return of investment. It is more like a virtual game that use one of the Cryptocoins, Ethereum. Anyone can play the game but certainly not everyone could afford it.

1. Get a Luno Account

Click to expand the image

First step is to have access to Ethereum. How can average Malaysian get their hand on Ethereum ? The answer is "Luno". Deposit your hard-earned Ringgit Malaysia into Luno by online transfer and remember to put assigned unique codes into the recipient column

Some of you may have question like the credibility of Luno. Firstly, Luno account name must compatible with the bank account name and each Luno account get a unique codes for deposit Ringgit Malaysia. The codes is for the recipient column for Luno staff easy verification. In less than 2 business days, you will be able to purchase Ethereum or Bitcoin. Please click the link below

Sign up / Register Luno

There was a case Luno does not allow anyone buy Ethereum. The best method would be purchase bitcoin in Luno. Use MetaMask to convert bitcoin into Ethereum using Shapeshift.

2. Get a MetaMask Account

I have 0.25 ETH , left 0.10 ETH after bought two cats and breed one cat 

Next step is getting MetaMask in your Chrome browser. A registration is required to activate MetaMask. Since CryptoKitties requires Ethereum, MetaMask is your wallet to unlock CryptoKitties seamlessly. Without MetaMask, you are not allowed to visit CryptoKitties for any transaction.

MetaMask has the ability to receive Ethereum from other source notably, Luno. Transfer Ethereum on Luno to MetaMask with the public address. The transaction took less than 3 minutes.

3. Buy your first Cryptokitties 

Cryptokitties gas price 75
Author have failed numerous time buying kitties on default gas price at "40"

It is time to buy some Cryptokitties. There are tricks purchasing Cryptokitties and it incurs high transaction fee as above. There are lots of complaints on failed to purchase first CryptoKitties. The reason behind the failure is highly influenced by the "Gas Price".

Default Gas price should be "40". Author key in "75" higher gas price then the default and gas limit should be between 160,000 to 300,000. The chance for you to complete the transaction is almost certain and took less than 5 minutes. However, it took 5USD equivalent to RM20 for just a simple one-off cat transaction.

Following the default gas price would result in transaction in loop. This is a bad sign and require manually cancelling the transaction. Higher gas price in other words, beat other kitties buyers and proceed for your transaction.

4. Get Two Cat for Breeding

I get two cats without breaking a sweat. Trick is ensure Gas price 60gwei above and making sure default gas limit is not over million. If you click a cat to purchase and the default gas limit is over "million" please refrain from purchasing the kitties because indicating there were many buyers queue the kitties.

5. Breed to be parent !

One of the most prominent feature in Crypokitties is new kitties is born from a feature "breeding".

6. Pay to use the blockchain

There is a cost for breeding

With breeding leads to a new cryptokitties in your collection. It can be sold, gift or breed with other user. All of it are requires a small fee to complete it.

Okay from this point you probably think it is a form of investment, but the supply is endless as CryptoKitties creates new kitties every 15 minutes for selling. The buying demand can be as much as the supply and who are going to actually notice the cryptokitties you are selling in the market place if it not so special crytokitties ??

7. Gift it to somebody 

At least Cryptokitties maker knows the importance of kitties trading between users as a result beating Pokemon Go's non-existent "gift" feature. But, what can you possibly expect from a free and versatile mobile game.

List of requirements

  • RM100-500 (preferably RM300)
  • Luno Account
  • MetaMask Account
  • Google Chrome
  • Email Address

Buy Any Steam Games with Malaysia Debit Cards

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 Valve's Steam Autumn Sale 2017

Valve's Steam Autumn Sale 2017

November is a good month for shopping spree. With just weeks ago recovering from Double 11, now Black Friday said "Hello" to our hard-earned cash. It always hard for just a seconds to think there were just too much games in Steam library already ! Dust is seen slowly covering the surface !

November marks the school holiday and beginning of Christmas. Although we have a constant tropical weather, defiance on playing at outside is a common global social issue. The only fun stuff to do at home is PC games !

Rampant non-genuine PC games were sold in a form of Compact disc. Nobody stops us buying it nor any law enforcement forbids business premises to sell. It was affordable and business operator get huge profit from our gullible soul. Illegal PC games were our favorite pastime. In those days, Microsoft windows can be a cracked copy !

Accessibility and price tag of original copy of digital games were way ahead of us. Nobody knows where to get them and most of us know it would cost us lots of pocket money for one if we get to see one. Customer were satisfied rarely complaint thrown out and business operator was smart to have one to one game exchange service if game were spoil.

Where were Valve Steam back then ? I guess they were really busy making game such as half life and counter strike. No one knows that in the future, our favorite game maker Valve is creating a platform luring people to buy all sort of original digital game. It just pure insane and lovely idea ! Everyone like original !

The collapse of non-genuine Microsoft windows and illegal digital game are imminent. One thing is not quite fixed yet. How about the price tag ? You think everyone gonna afford original game. How about an annual Autumn Sale ?

They were literally no digital game sale I ever heard in my life until Steam come to the rescue. A truly game changer that relieve hearts of all game players. It may not be as relieving as our soul pure reason has been drifted away with thousands of crazy and affordable digital games.

The Steam catalog is just look so familiar. In the era of Illegal games used to have a physical catalog contains hundred of pages of amazing game covers. It was like a RM5 - RM15 for a digital game stored in a compact disc. Besides, if you are lucky enough, you might get to download entire cracked digital game for free.  

Enough ranting on the past, as a highly regarded gamer, we should refrain ourselves from using fake Microsoft windows and non-genuine digital game. The best time to buy a game is when Steam is having a sale. 

Tips : All of these digital games can be bought with just your Malaysia debit cards without the to need access internet banking and verification codes to your mobile phone. Firstly, you need to do is  call your respective bank to unlock online payment in their system and proceed to do any purchase in Steam likened to a credit card.

In this method, there were no surcharges for instance, imposed by Digi and Mol Malaysia. This method is perfect due to Valve Steam have converted the game price tag into our national currency.  



10 Easy Steps purchasing online on Tmall China

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Do not be confuse between Tmall and Taobao. On Double 11, most of them are prefer to use Tmall or Tian Mao.

Double 11 is quite an intimidating scheme to purchase items online. None of the giant retailers such as Ebay and Amazon make an influence on their version of annual sale here such as Black Friday. Malaysia has its own version of cyber sale but, unnecessarily mentioned due to different in market share.

Good news is Tmall or "Tian Mao" has make lots of improvements on behalf of Malaysian consumers and oversea buyers. Although the website is dominated with Mandarin, the registration process has been simplified. It is almost like purchasing on Lazada, Shopee and 11street.

Get yourself an account on Tmall !

1. Purchase during the Double 11 or known as bare sticks day

Double 11 boasts huge discounts on variety of items. Redemption of discounted voucher plays a huge role in the success of the event. Prepare your wishlist and storm the website with your mouse clicks on November 11, 2017.

Key in your mobile number. At the second column, swipe from left to right

2. Local mobile number

This is one important step as user ought to have a personal mobile number. Opening an account required Tmall sending a random numbers to your phone and you are opted inserting the numbers into completion of your Tmall account.

In this product, consumers are able purchasing this product using local e banking service and provides sea shipping option

3. Delivery Obligations

Tons of Tmall stuff are offering unique service such as the above picture. Better safe than sorry do not choose those items without these tag.

4. Internet banking

A reminder to you all those who do not choose credit card and visa card. A small fee imposed for those using Internet banking. Major banks such as Maybank, CIMB and RHB opens Internet banking 24 hours on the double 11 date for the ease of your convenience. Author bought some stuff on 01:00 AM and quite shocked Internet banking is still active.

Google exchange rate 249 yuan = RM157.19 , 115 yuan = 72.60. After paid, it becomes RM162.19 and 74.91 respectively

5. Exchange Rate

The price is in China Yuan. Due to the constant fluctuation of both currency. There were slight difference and cost consumer a few ringgit Malaysia.

6. Shipping fee

The huge difference between buying at Lazada Malaysia and Tmall China is that there is an incurred small shipping fee to be paid. In local e-commerce website such as Lazada Malaysia, the cost sending items to your home is pretty quite calculated into your final checkout.

However, international e-commerce such as Tmall would separate the bill. Consumer could choose a cheaper option by consolidated all your items and send it in one package in order to avoid sending your items 1 by 1 for the benefits of consumer and on behalf of the shipping company.

Be prepare to pay a minimal fee of more or less RM50.00. It get a little bit intense because most people are skeptical on this amount. The staff working at warehouse sometimes, might have make some human mistake on the weight of your items. Well, let keep it sincere and hope for the best our favorite items from China and be prepared contains excitement. The items will be on our doorstep when least expected.

7. Alipay Account

Consumers are demanded to have an Alipay account with just 6 digits of password. Alipay is a form of intermediate payment processor between the buyer and seller. In an event of unfortunate incidents, Alipay could holds the payment or return the payment to the buyer till the dispute is settled.

Tmall final receipt

8. Busy Retailers

The ethical way to handle this situation is do not treat it as traditional way of buying items at shopping mall. Do not expect it to appear at your doorstep on second or third day after the date of purchase. It does not work that way particularly on this date !

Original Symbol and Consumer satisfaction guaranteed 

9. Original and Satisfaction Guaranteed

The launch of Tmall is fundamentally aimed on overseas buyers and ward off bad perception on Chinese's products. Most of the products listed on Tmall are original in quality control. Besides, there are ways for consumer writes a comment or two about the products.

Should you notice the 7 symbol ? As if all the items were to big or small to fit your body, fret not, 7 days return policy is on your side till your satisfaction is guaranteed.

As for you double 11 sign, it is quite obvious symbol the items are on sales and price is lowered for the double 11 festival.

10. Midnight or Morning on Double 11

Everyone should know that website goes slow when thousands of online traffic flows into a particular web page. In order to have smooth buying experience, please make shopping on 7 AM or the midnight.

Disclaimer : This guide is best for Malaysian consumers buying online on Tmall China.

Paypal charges more Ringgit Malaysia

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Higher service charge leads lesser Paypal transactions in Airbnb

A few clicks away not to be RM 7 poorer. Paypal used to be a very good method in dealing with Airbnb as few options were given to be an eligible Airbnb user in Malaysia. However, there is one way to be RM 7 richer.

Airbnb does make a good perception. Alternative to hotel bookings, Economically and reliability makes most of us fall for it. Why spend so much on accommodation, all cost to foods and transportation yelled a budget travelers.

Fret not budget-friendly traveler, let say you are not a credit card user, fully utilize a debit card ability to make a booking on Airbnb by just a simple call to your respective bank for a full access on your card to online payment. When it is done, you get to book Airbnb rooms with your debit card instead of Paypal.

Mind you that, after unlocking your card to access on online payment. You are required to safeguard the card numbers and only store the amounts required for online payment. Now, you could buy your favorite stuff or buy a service on Internet. For instance, Lazada, Grab and Google Playstore. 

Friendly reminder : If you are not matured enough or less than 18 years old, please consult your parents for any online transactions.

Paypal charge RM7.00 more on a simple stay at Kuala Lumpur due to convert to USD

I am a Kuala Lumpur residents. Travelling to Kuala Lumpur is simply one of my favorite dream come true. 

Card payment vs Paypal

After a quick switch, you get hard-earned money back as much as RM7.00. If you have any other method or any suggestion please leave a comment below.

8 Reasons to buy Tomb Raider 2013

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Spoiler Alert : Article contains images and contents from the Tomb Raider 2013 game.

Lara Croft 2013 PC Game
Lara Croft 2013 inside a cave

1. Hype on Tomb Raider film adaptation. 

Lara Croft / Tomb Raider's 2018 movie lead female actress look brilliantly stunning. The film is strongly backed by PC renowned game maker Square Enix. In the trailer, there is a familiar Hong-Kong male actor having a dialogue with Alicia Vikander.

2. Lara Croft 2013 Game is only RM9.99 on Steam

Immerse yourself with Lara Croft the fearless character exploring territory and overcome obstacle beyond the limit of ordinary. The usual price for Lara Craft 2013 is RM39.00 unless steam is being generous to do sale up to 75% on the game.

If you miss the date, you should not wait for another one as it is sure worth to own it right away.

3. Lara Croft wields bow better than Katniss Everdeen.

Lara first weapon is a hunting bow instead of traditional wielding two silver pistols. This significant change could be inspired by the hugely successful box office movie "Hunger Games". Everything about Lara Croft character is closely familiar with Katniss. Both are fictional yet portraying strong female survival abilities in the wilderness.

Making Lara Croft wield bow will definitely a winning point for the game.

4. Lara Croft and Mysterious World War II Plane 

Lara Croft has suffered a shipwreck at dragon triangle out of the Japan coast. The story revolved around Japanese mythical island and mythical Japanese lore princess Himiko. Lara Croft is again up against some tough situations weakened by her wound.

Lara Croft is accompanied by a trusty pick axe for easing her climbing upward, getting locked door loosen and swinging down flying fox rope.

5. Lara Croft speaks British Accent likened to Alice in Wonderland

English accent adds novelty to the character. Great English female explorer are always set in the mind of common audiences. It is great to hear Lara Croft speaks perfect English accent understandable by most of the audiences.

6. Gravely wounds and Terrific Stamina

Lara tried heal her bleeding

The game should stop half way and let a man handle the situation. The well made cinematic scenes invoke abundant emotional affections towards Lara is suffering or even met her demise. Everything is so detailed and comprehensive.

7. Upgrade your weapons stash

After a series of encounter with Yamatai unfriendly and hostile reception, she can now use some upgrading her firepower as enemies getting stronger.

Lara Croft wield iconic two pistols finishing off her arch enemy in Tomb Raider 2013 video game

8. First to wield two pistols

This is a game since 1996 no other game character come closer to her ability to wield two pistols not even Devil May Cry's Dante.

Play Mobile Legend in your phone using Unifi 4G

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Unifi is here, no more "webe".

It seem much cooler displaying Unifi on top left of your mobile phone instead of "Webe". "Unifi" is synonymous with high-speed internet connection nationwide. Besides, it is always a delightful to call their customer service hotline as they provide top-notch solutions.

The latest move by Webe more likely upgraded 4G availability and stability. It is easier now to receive 4G mobile Internet connection after changing their name from "Webe" to "Unifi". However, there are no changing of title in their official website.

The move could be a marketing strategy to lure more people into subscription as Unifi is a trustworthy brand as good as Streamyx. 


Using high-speed connection playing mobile legend is a half good example. Mobile game does not consume much data. With this Unifi turn on in your mobile phone, Mobile Legend obtain green latency all the time. Do tune on either 3G and 4G for research as your area might be having strong 3G signal. 

I do not fully know about this just to assure 3G signal is very strong and still very good option and on mobile legends bang bang average ping is 50 - 100 easily score a green latency.    

Millennials Drink Lesser Alcoholic Drinks

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Millennials are hooked by the words "Apple Cider" with 4.5% alcohol content

Millennials in Malaysia understand the adverse effect consuming alcoholic drinks from their parent. Besides, prolonged campaign of "too much alcoholic drinks are bad for health" are really effective way stopping us from binge drink.

Furthermore, alcoholic drinks are for adults (normally bartender ask your age prior serving). Even though we can pretend we are adult but the heavy tax imposed by the authorities really put us off as one simple and normal alcoholic drinks are priced at more or less RM8.50 in an amount 300ml to 350ml.

Last but not least, the religion strongly against consuming alcoholic drinks. Some of us think alcoholic drinks must be really bad to the extent it goes opposed by religious teaching.

It might be true Millennials are not drinking that much now. In fact, they do not find it is good to drink what the elders have been drinking all this time.  In order to attract younger generation, the company behind alcoholic drinks are introducing the health-concerned alcoholic drinks to the market with as low as just 4.5% alcoholic content.

Apple fox cider canned drink
Apple fox cider 

Despite all the above mentioned implications, we will see market shelves filling up with colorful canned drinks and shiny see-through glass bottle thank to Heineken and Carlsberg. Apple fox cider is by Heineken.

Somersby Apple cider 4.5%

Somersby by far the pioneer of apple cider alcoholic drink in Malaysia. It is brought to you by no other than Carlsberg. I bet the taste only appeal to younger generation and all the advertising are all targeted on younger audiences.

Strongbow Heineken
Strongbow by Heineken

Alcoholic beverage company are gaining sales momentum after putting the word "apple cider" into their products. It is sending a positive messages and alcoholic brands to the market. These are 3 most favorite alcoholic drinks for the youth in 2017.

RM1000 is minimum requirement for Maybank Fixed Deposit

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Investment & Economy Class 101

Modern day saving in the 21st century is not about putting money in the bank and wait for dividend. Modern day saving is "Fixed deposit". I am not an expert but everyone should know this and make it a practical lesson.

Fixed deposit is not a new term or something confusing. It is just a logical way for bank to put more money into your savings while set a rule on the money. The rule is you have to place RM1000 for a period of time. It can be 2 months for the bank to invest and give you a return of investment.

If I can learn more about economy which I would as well as all the people out there, Fixed deposit has always been fighting the inflation rate. Inflation rate is price goes upward without any sign of going down. It can be like a slow music but it never stop playing.

Salary earners must embrace fixed deposit as a solution for the coming price increase of common goods the recent one would be the cooking oil (2016) !

Image 1

Maybank is a friendly bank with little or not deposit in opening bank account. In fixed deposit investment, RM1000 for two months is a practical way to kick start your way ward off nation's inflation rate. 

The return of investment is 3% annually. In a correct assumption that RM1000 will yield RM30 in a year. RM30 must divide by 12(annual) in order to calculate monthly yield. The yield of one month is RM2.50 only.

Maybank fix deposit RM1000 minimum for 2 months
Image 2


There are 4 options to select in fixed deposit investment. Maybank2u offer hassle free choice crediting all your returns into the same account.

As depicted above, Jun 1, 2017, there were two fixed deposit investment in same day. RM1000 for two months locked till maturity on August 1, 2017.

Two months maturity and RM1000 yields RM5.00 for both return of investment in Malaysia 3% fixed deposit investment. 

In conclusion, I got RM10.00 just by mouse clicking taking few minutes using Maybank2u service. On contrary, I risk my savings locking up RM2,000 for 2 months. In any case of unforeseen circumstances, as if I need the RM2,000 back, all I need to do is few mouse click away to retrieve it back but it will be at your loss.