Yili Greek Yogurt is selling at RM7 in Malaysia

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Highly influential China's variety programme "Running Man"  endorsed Yili Group's Greek Yogurt

Yili greek yogurt

Fans of the show have tried to purchase or to extend, imports the drink from China in order to displays their support and love on the variety show and celebrities. Although generally speaking most of Malaysian are not fond of yogurt drinks, due to celebrity endorsement from Li Chen and Angelababy, the market may endures large demand on Yili's greek yogurt beverage in a short time.

During the show, celebrity would satisfy thirst with Ambrosial AnMuXi Greek Yogurt Drink indirectly promoting the yogurt drink. Due to the large demand, the drink can be bought in some local stores in Malaysia for instance, Familymart. The price is at between RM7 - RM20.

The imported drink may have a different type of expiry date to warns the consumer. This yogurt drink most likely shows the manufacture date and encourages consumer drinks it within the duration of 6 months. Besides, do not be discouraged when you found out the beverage date is expired for a month, you may have wrongly noticed it was actually manufacture date for an imported products.

Yogurt or directly translated from Mandarin as "sour milk" is no stranger to us as we have known Yakult from Japan. Both products have a similarity in taste. However, a humble opinion, Yili's greek yogurt is much more sticky andcreamy.


MAS is RM20+ cheaper than Airasia domestic flight

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Sabah flight with Malaysia Airline is much more cheaper than Airasia. 

Airasia can never boast tagline "Now everyone can fly" the same way for local community in Sabah. MAS may have implemented price reform that could easily put Airasia in a disadvantage position. The changes in ticket price is noticeable as local community in Sabah are never fond of taking land transportation for instance, Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan or Kota Kinabalu to Tawau. They relied heavily on air transporation due to its travel speed and cost efficient.

Sabah may not be as congested as in the west Malaysia, However, the road to various cities in Sabah were not ideal. As more people noticing Sabah potential, the number of population has grew rapidly and will be in upward trend in the near future. No one wanted to spend 9 hours in a bus as alternatively air transport from Tawau to Kota Kinabalu is merely less than 1 hour.

The obvious popularity swing from Airasia to Malaysia Airline in Sabah has lead to one of the local member of parliament at Kinabatangan voicing dissatisfaction felt by his people in governed area. In fact, the people started to realized it is a good sign that fierce competition among air transport companies is good for the economy.

2nd Lunar new Year and Saturday 17 / February / 2018. Ticket price from Tawau to Kota Kinabalu. 

It is safe to say most of local community Sabah chose Airasia as their preferred airline company flying nationwide. The price is economical friendly as opposed to Malaysia Airline. Just speaking from experience, Airasia ticket used to be as cheap as lower than RM100 for single trip from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau or Sandakan which as cheap as an express bus that took 5 hours and more to reach. Whereas, Malaysia Airline ticket could cost up to RM180 above with added baggage.

It is even cheaper as if purchase it at early date, Airasia ticket could go as low as RM70 or even below RM50 in a promotional rate.

The price is RM 161.12 for a single trip from Tawau to Kota kinabalu. 

One may argue that it is because consumer is purchasng a flight ticket a day before the flight date. Airasia may get you a cheaper price at early date, there was no guarantee that you will average ticket price at a really late flight date. 

To be frank, the lowest airasia ticket we could find comparison is RM174.00 and that is not the final price no inclusive tax and processing fee. To blindly guess the price could be RM190.00++ for airasia ticket puchasing at a very late date and in a festive season.

Malaysia Airlines ticket price at RM161.12 is inclusive of tax, luggage, preferential seat allocation and may have a free meal for flight duration over 60 minutes. 

In a suggestion for a competitive airline companies in Malaysia, the Airasia is a role model and subsequently lead Malaysia Airline lost its status as monopoly in respective business and push for a price reform. Eventually not in exaggerate to say "Now Everyone can fly".

Lazada Mobile is Convenience for us

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There were so many shopping malls, some love shopping remotely

Lazada Package

China has Alibaba, Malaysia has Lazada for online shopping experience. The growing of e-commerce may have boosted national courier Pos Laju to a new height. Imagine of thousands of large and small parcels needed to be delivered to homes were not an easy task to be fulfulled. Lazada may considered the first and highly advertised successful e-commerce company in Malaysia.

The success of Lazada brought huge investment from Alibaba. When Lazada first opened its e-commerce store, there were very little china made products and there were no big tab sign written "taobao". Clicking into the tab would result to a new page full of taobao owned products. Taobao vaguely means in mandarin "roll for treasure".

E-commerce may have high influence on future cashless society. If there were no major failures in comsumer-to-machine transactions or historical flawed in bank's cards, the future generation will no longer accepting cash as a norm to purchase anything. Although younger generation prefer goes cashless, they needed to know machine sometimes overloaded, overheated or has to undergo long maintenance time just like the bank's ATM.

JBL T450 headphone
Headphone gadgets are always has low lifespan. 

I have used many headphones throughout my life. Neither were Samsung, Huawei and Remax lasted a lifetime. Not to mention countless of counterfeit headphone products. In 2018, before celebration of Lunar new year, I am really fond to get JBL headphones. However, the original imported JBL headphones were really expensive. It could easily cost anyone RM100 and above.

The good thing about Lazada is that, every consumer could leave bad or good feedbacks. Unlike traditional way of engaging a sales assistant for a review. Of course, some sales assistant would just simply give everything they are selling a good reviews. JBL products in Lazada has more than 100 reviews and most of them are positive.

Lazada Mobile
Lazada mobile

I have known Lazada mobile for a really long time but never get to use it. The simple app has almost all the features as comparison to visiting Lazada on a PC.

Lazada cash on delivery
Lazada has cash on delivery, easy return

You will be suprised how fast they deliver the products to your home. The fastest I have truly experienced was 3 days. To be honest, most people pay in advance rather than using "Cash on Delivery" option. This feature allows buyer pay on the meeting spot. Lazada could fulfill any orders nationwide as long as there were pos laju nearby or you could opt getting your products at the nearby courier company such as Gdex.

payment method in Lazada mobile
If you have debit or credit cards, you may just insert card's number

Choose your bank wisely and remember you must have online banking for FPX service. FPX has some really good preventative measures for example, phone notification, rhb bank website verification and phone code verification.

If you are wondering does Lazada accepting order from Sabah, the answer is yes. Some people are curious as online shopping  is for the city folks who does not want to drive all the way to shopping mall and cause traffic congestion or pay a hefty parking fee. If you are unsure or you are living in rural areas you may just write your phone number and nearest courier company as if the products has arrived they may give you a phone call.

Happy shopping and hope you will find this helpful to your problem.

Speed Test: Digi Unlimited Data in Sabah

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Digi has extensive mobile Internet coverage throughout the nation.

Digi unlimited data RM100 speed test
Digi RM100 unlimited postpaid plan. Speed test done in Sabah

The battle of unlimited mobile Internet data is officially started. Thanks to Webe (unifi mobile), paving a new trend that followed by many local Internet mobile companies. Webe's reign on the term "unlimited data" is unrivalled for nearly six months from 2016 to march 2017. In an attempt to stay competitive, Digi continued effort revised its postpaid plans. 

Digi unlimited postpaid plans has a significant difference that would be no blockage on mobile tethering to other devices such as laptop and other device with Wi-Fi. Depending on your package, you may open tethering on your mobile phone to a laptop and watch 20GB of contents on your laptop. in an event of usage of 20GB is fulfilled, you may opt for a topup or surf the contents in your mobile phone without tethering to your laptop until the next billing month.

Besides, the new postpaid is constantly  run on 4G with 5mbps internet speed. However, Digi is prominent in dealing with user downloading stuff with the torrent software. Most of Digi users have experienced huge speed throttle while downloading any torrent files.

Digi has solved the issue of Internet coverage in many rural parts of Malaysia. In recent years, there have been lots of projects involving communication towers. In fact, those tower seem to be stabilizing LTE/4G Internet connection.

In the near future, we may observe another promotions battle among local mobile Internet providers in term of mobile internet speed. Since we have unlimited data now, consumer may suggest unlimited data and 20mbps instead of 5mbps. 

Watch CS Go Matches to win Souvenir items

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Obtains In-game CS GO weaponry meanwhile learns from the professional Counter-Strike Global Offensives players

A sniper rifle with skin that could be sold in steam market for more than 10 dollars

The most iconic shooting game of the decade roughly gathered 400,000 views on its live streaming. Enthusiast from all around the world witness the battle of professional CS GO players coming from many parts of the world.

There are many reasons why they have so many fans watching the competition for instance, cheering their favorite team, getting souvenir drops and some simply just love competitive gaming. The company behind massively successful game is Valve. Their business model are pretty straight forward in CS GO. Without any discount, CS GO is priced at RM30+

In the old days we like to play counter-strike in a local area network or "LAN" with a bunch of strangers in a cyber cafe. In a rapid technology advancement, Counter strike is no longer restricted to just in a computer cafe. Dream to play Counter Strike at home is a reality now. The game is no longer the same with added features such as weapon skins and marketable items.

cs go souvenir 2018
400,000 viewers are cheering their favorite team to win and some are watching just so they are eligible for the possession of randomly allocated CS GO souvenir 2018. Some of the viewers are mad they have watched CS GO for 4 years streak and did not have a chance obtaining souvenir items from the vicious random generator(RNG) 

There are not really much anything in the game that change one's life unless you are playing as a professional and CS GO players usually have a virtual accomplishments as playing a competitive match earns them a virtual army titles reminiscent the real world army ranking such as sergeant, major and even captain.

As for those titles, it mostly for the purpose of bragging. In order to support their team, one can either purchase RM169.00 Championship Mega bundle 2018 or the team's sticker ranging from RM1-RM10. If you wish to watch the competition in Malaysia, the competitive matches always begin on midnight from 01.00AM - 7.00AM

As if desperate to own a souvenir weaponry, you may opt for far safer option just purchase it with your pocket money in the steam market. Those souvenir weapon acted as a cosmetic not necessary addd your winning chances in CS GO match

Hottest Mobile Internet Plans 2017-2018

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Digi new prepaid and postpaid plans are the hottest topic in its own league.

Digi plan rm100

It takes them a while to use the term "unlimited" data as in the past only home internet get to use it. soem of us are happy and contented with unlimited data surfing Facebook and Instagram after monthly data depleted. But, as compeittion started to heat up, some company just has to pick up the challenge.

They know we like Facebook and Youtube. However, the consumer wants more just surfing Facebook or Instagram. Most notably, they crave more data, coverage and Internet speed. In recent years, they have been rolling out plan with data for watching movies on specific platform such as Youtube or iflix. 

In order to have advantage in a competition, there was not many other choice but listen to consumer demands and giving out more to the public as we are talking about small profitable compay. To be speific, unlimited data with enabled hotspot are just a great combination in successfully attract more subscribers before the end of the year 2017.

Digi newest plan RM100 is the lowest price you can get in the market for unbeatable bargain.It is literally designed for those who tried to squeeze every penny for their own. You cant get any lowest than that anymore. The plan can feed your data-hungry mobile and computer as you wish. Turn on your apple or android update or set it automatically update as you like without rely on home or someone else WiFi.

If you still have an issue with it, please just subscribe RM150 and any of your worries are no longer your concern. 

It even shocking fact that in the first quarter of 2018, Digi rolls out just another awestruck prepaid plans for you to have unlimited data on weekend without elaborate more on the speed. With these plans alone sent out a shockwave to the mobile community for a change of plan due to Digi new prepaid plan can be as low as RM38.

It will be hard time for other companies's mobile Internet plan to caught up, well, we are already excited what are their new plans to counter besides just racking up so many profit. 


Top 10 Game Titles You Should Know

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Image Name Type Price

Counter Strike Global Offensive First Person Shooting (FPS) RM31.00 (sale RM20.77)
Counter Terrorism
Dota 2 Multiplayer online battle arena Free to Play
Dota 2
Half Life 2 First Person Shooter RM23.00(sale RM2.30)
Half Life 2
Starcraft 2 real-time strategy Free to play(limited content)
Starcraft 2
Tomb Raider 2013 Action adventure RM39.00(sale RM6-RM10)
Tomb Raider 2013
Resident Evil 6 Survival Horror RM89(sale RM22.00)
Resident Evil 6
X wing rebel vs imperial fleet Star Wars Empire at War Real Time Strategy RM38.00
Star Wars Empire at War
Alien vs Predator Alien vs Predator First Person Shooter RM31.00(RM8.00)
Alien vs Predator 2010
DMC Devil May Cry DMC Devil May Cry action-adventure hack and slash RM89.00(RM22.00)
DMC Devil May Cry
Heroes of the Storm Heroes of the Storm Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Free to Play
heroes of the storm

Some of the most brilliant game titles in decade. Companies behind these marvellous games are Valve, Blizzard, Capcom, SquareEnix, Sega and many more.

In conjunction with Steam Winter Sale, all of the game can be obtained at a special price until January 5,2018.

Easy way to own CryptoKitties in Malaysia

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Now you can own and gifts virtual CryptoKitties to other  

Disclaimer : Author is not expert in Cryptocurrency nor any affiliations.

Update: Luno has been no longer an option to use as December 2017.

Bought two kitties and 1 is in the market for sell after a breed

From my humble view, I will say it is not for everybody to own a CryptoKitties. It cant really bought by value less than RM50. A friendly reminder, please use fund that you can afford to lose in this extremely addictive game.

I must hereby warned you that CryptoKitties is not in any form an investment that yield return of investment. It is more like a virtual game that use one of the Cryptocoins, Ethereum. Anyone can play the game but certainly not everyone could afford it.

1. Get a Luno Account

Click to expand the image

First step is to have access to Ethereum. How can average Malaysian get their hand on Ethereum ? The answer is "Luno". Deposit your hard-earned Ringgit Malaysia into Luno by online transfer and remember to put assigned unique codes into the recipient column

Some of you may have question like the credibility of Luno. Firstly, Luno account name must compatible with the bank account name and each Luno account get a unique codes for deposit Ringgit Malaysia. The codes is for the recipient column for Luno staff easy verification. In less than 2 business days, you will be able to purchase Ethereum or Bitcoin. Please click the link below

Sign up / Register Luno

There was a case Luno does not allow anyone buy Ethereum. The best method would be purchase bitcoin in Luno. Use MetaMask to convert bitcoin into Ethereum using Shapeshift.

2. Get a MetaMask Account

I have 0.25 ETH , left 0.10 ETH after bought two cats and breed one cat 

Next step is getting MetaMask in your Chrome browser. A registration is required to activate MetaMask. Since CryptoKitties requires Ethereum, MetaMask is your wallet to unlock CryptoKitties seamlessly. Without MetaMask, you are not allowed to visit CryptoKitties for any transaction.

MetaMask has the ability to receive Ethereum from other source notably, Luno. Transfer Ethereum on Luno to MetaMask with the public address. The transaction took less than 3 minutes.

3. Buy your first Cryptokitties 

Cryptokitties gas price 75
Author have failed numerous time buying kitties on default gas price at "40"

It is time to buy some Cryptokitties. There are tricks purchasing Cryptokitties and it incurs high transaction fee as above. There are lots of complaints on failed to purchase first CryptoKitties. The reason behind the failure is highly influenced by the "Gas Price".

Default Gas price should be "40". Author key in "75" higher gas price then the default and gas limit should be between 160,000 to 300,000. The chance for you to complete the transaction is almost certain and took less than 5 minutes. However, it took 5USD equivalent to RM20 for just a simple one-off cat transaction.

Following the default gas price would result in transaction in loop. This is a bad sign and require manually cancelling the transaction. Higher gas price in other words, beat other kitties buyers and proceed for your transaction.

4. Get Two Cat for Breeding

I get two cats without breaking a sweat. Trick is ensure Gas price 60gwei above and making sure default gas limit is not over million. If you click a cat to purchase and the default gas limit is over "million" please refrain from purchasing the kitties because indicating there were many buyers queue the kitties.

5. Breed to be parent !

One of the most prominent feature in Crypokitties is new kitties is born from a feature "breeding".

6. Pay to use the blockchain

There is a cost for breeding

With breeding leads to a new cryptokitties in your collection. It can be sold, gift or breed with other user. All of it are requires a small fee to complete it.

Okay from this point you probably think it is a form of investment, but the supply is endless as CryptoKitties creates new kitties every 15 minutes for selling. The buying demand can be as much as the supply and who are going to actually notice the cryptokitties you are selling in the market place if it not so special crytokitties ??

7. Gift it to somebody 

At least Cryptokitties maker knows the importance of kitties trading between users as a result beating Pokemon Go's non-existent "gift" feature. But, what can you possibly expect from a free and versatile mobile game.

List of requirements

  • RM100-500 (preferably RM300)
  • Luno Account
  • MetaMask Account
  • Google Chrome
  • Email Address