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Says Food Awards Malaysia 2014 Contest

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Stand a chance to win cash prizes worth RM25,000 . Everyone know how to take picture of a tasty food has higher chance

Says food awards 2014

A very creative vote-and-upload platform where abundant tasty food photos are stored in here for you to vote or you can upload your own tasty food photos. Seek no where but here for photos that will make you hungry and drooling in midnight. Everyone is uploading their most tasty foods pictures into this platform with optional provided location for your ease to find where is the restaurant serving that meal. The best part is you could be selected as the winner of cash prizes worth RM25,000

Take a food photo and win ! that is so easy . I am developing a thought that there will be gender inequality on the winners because most of the male forgot to take their food photo. They usually finished up everything or half way eating to be reminded to take a photo with their foods.

Capturing foods using smartphone or camera is a developing trend. A trend focused on those who born 80s and 90s . I don see our parents is leading this trend although they encourage or started doing it nowadays. What is so memorable capturing food photo if you eat it everyday ? 

Maybe because some of us think that food is a precious piece of art. It could be right ! I mean our future children would want to flip back photos what did we eat right in last decade or last 20 years ! Wait, there is another good reason why people like to take food photo, because they want us to feel hungry, pitiful and jealous. It is not entirely true but part of it is right !

I have seen people editing those food photos just to make it more tastier and more starving. Looking at Mcdonald and KFC advertisements you will see a very good looking meal inside the photo but when you go to Mcdonald and buy them. It is not what you think the size, the amount and the texture. They mess up our brain system who are managing the food sector by a pretty food photo .

I guess we cant sue them because you often will see a small print written "It is just for advertisement, it is for illustration purpose". Commercial companies always using the advantage of advertisement to attract more business. Why ? Because to some extend it is actually legal to do that. Commercial company always can refute that it is how the public to see the advertisement. 

Ok ! back to Says Food awards how do we win this contest ? Firstly, we need a smartphone to do that 

How to join this contest 

1. Download Free "OpenSnap" apps to your Iphone or android phone

2. Snap & upload photos nominate your favorite food places with hashtag #SAYSFoodAwards

3. Vote or get your friend to like your food photo to be eligible winner of this contest


1. 40 most liked photos each win RM 500 cash prize

2. 50 OpenSnap users will win RM100 each 

3. Top 10 restaurants will receive Says Food Awards

Contest started on May 5 and will end on June 5. Start download the app and vote your favorite delicious dishes !

Perodua Lagi Lagi Bola Contest 2014

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Perodua joined many businesses to create contest FIFA World Cup 2014 oriented to attract Malaysian crazed for soccer

Perodua FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2014 fever is on the widespread rampant affected Malaysian now. Many business establishment have come out with unique contest to celebrate FIFA World Cup 2014. Such as, Telekom Malaysia, Yes broadband, Maggi and many more. It is 32 days ahead of World Cup in Brazil !!

Contest is ongoing from May 2 - July 15, 2014. You will have 2 months time to win anything from Perodua Lagi Lagi Bola Contest. Interested ? do not hesitate to join !

Attractive prizes will be given to lucky winners. There are 10x RM5,000 cash prizes, 20x 50" LED TV worth RM 3,000 , 300x Petrol Card worth RM 500 . What are you waiting for ? Let see how to join this contest !

Reading their terms and conditions, you are required to either purchase a new PERODUA car at any authorized Perodua showroom From May 2 - July 15, 2014. Or, Spend more than RM150 servicing your Perodua car at an authorized Perodua service centre. 

Do note that registration card and invoice must be retained in the event that the participant declared a winner by Perodua judges. According to TOS, you are required to send SMS to 36660 as a sign of acknowledgement to be as a contest entry.

Throughout 2 months, there are 330 prizes waiting be won by you ! More information please visit at Perodua Lagi lagi Bola Contest 2014

Maggi Hot Cup to Brazil Grab Jersey every hour

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Maggi Hot Cup to Brazil malaysia

This contest is quite confusing. I recommended interested participants read fully their terms and conditions at Maggi Hot Cup to Brazil Contest

How to Join ?

1. Get codes from the label package of Maggi Hot Cup. ( Those with FIFA logo)

2. Send SMS to 36300 for example HOTCUP<space>Name in your IC<space>Mycard numbers<space>Unique codes

HOTCUP Izuan 1322XXXXXXXX Unique Code (From maggi hot cup 9 digits)

3. 1 entry received (Charge 0.30 for 1 entry without normal charge)

This contest held from April 15, 2014 - June 15, 2014. There will be 24 prizes for 62 days. Accumulated for 1488 prizes to be won throughout the contest period. A soccer jersey is taken away every hour by lucky winner.

How to win Taylor Swift RED Contest by Cornetto

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Taylor Swift is performing in Malaysia in the month of June. In the meantime, Let join this wonderful contest

Organized by Cornetto Malaysia. This will be so fun. Author of the blog personally joined this contest. I have not won anything but looking forward to crack this.

No doubt to see Taylor Swift in a concert is way too much demand that lead to concert ticket price inflated. Those who have time and money are having higher chance to see her performance. I don think Malaysian fans have seen her concert LIVE at home.

Her first ever concert in Malaysia is amazingly shocked in fact neighboring countries such as Singapore and Indonesia are very much in the state of joy. Her message of RED touring the Asian countries spread fainted Asian fans

No doubt it will attract large crowd and people will likely traveled to Malaysia just to see Taylor Swift concert. But, she announced way to early. It will be in the month of June. It also the month of FIFA Brazil 2014

I think Cornetto done a great marketing job in promoting it brand by introducing this contest. Taylor swift and Cornetto Ice-cream. It seem like a great match.

There is no other way to get Taylor Swift limited merchandises than join this concert. Find and eat Cornetto Ice-cream now and redeem your prize !!

You could won meet & greet passes if you collected certain points.

I hope the merchandise is enough for everyone who have taken the contest!!

First thing you need to do is go to nearest 7-Eleven stores or 24 hours store. These are the place where you have higher chance to get the exclusive ice-cream with Taylor Swift cover on it.

Fret not if you not discover one ice-cream with Taylor Swift cap. You just need to collect normal ice-cream cap just shown in above image. Remember take a piece of the contest form and look for ice-cream with the date of expiry beyond November 2014. My ice-cream is January 2015 to be safe as a contest entry.

If you encountered with exclusive Cornetto ice-cream with Taylor Swift cap, your process will be easier. Redemption can be done at Cornetto contest website. For those who are using Cornetto Contest form, you are required to send it back to the office, then, they will send you the code and you will key in to Cornetto Contest website. You are ready to redeem with the point. 1 Cornetto ice-cream equivalent to 1 point

I am giving out 3 cornetto Taylor Swift codes . This event started from May 26 - May 29, 2014. If you are collecting codes for redemption on better items then this is your chance. The reason I disposed because I have already claimed and wish to give to lucky persons who try to win big in this contest

All you have to do is like my facebook page at the right and then comment "why you need these codes" with your Facebook home page at comment section below !! Thanks ! Should you win, I give you this 3 codes to you by your Facebook account !

Cornetto Malaysia Facebook : Cornetto Malaysia

Astro On The Go Fan Choice Awards 2014

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Vote the best TV series, Actor, Actress, Movies that you like ! You only have 6 entries

Astro Fan Choice Awards
Astro's Fan Choice Awards

You will count as one vote per Facebook account for your favorite one. There are 6 category. "Gempak", "Vaanavil", "Hen Hao" , "International ", "Sports". 

Each category is different. Gempak category is more focusing on Malay actor/actress, Malay movies and TV series. Besides, Vaanavil category is more focusing on Indian TV. Moreover, Hen Hao category will be focusing on what Chinese like to watch in Astro. International category will be focusing on international movies and celebrity. For sports, it mainly about Malaysian favourite sport channels

On April 30, the highest voting for Gempak category is Maharaja Lawak Mega 2013. For Vaanavil, it is Gala Gala Vaanavil. For Hen Hao category, the highest will be the movie The Journey 2014. As for International category will be Korean variety show Running Man.   Last category in Sport, the highest vote given to Cristiano Ronaldo

Beside voting, there are attractive prizes to be won. Iphone 5S, Ipad mini, Free access to Astro-on-the-go, Logitech headset, Powerbank

Visit main official contest page : Astro Fan Choice Awards

RED Contest Win Taylor Swift Merchandise and Concert Tickets

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Cornetto Malaysia main sponsor RED tour Taylor Swift is coming to sing for Malaysian fans

Cornetto Taylor Swift Concert Contest

Are you ready for Taylor Swift? I bet you have heard that Taylor Swift is coming to Malaysia as part of her Red Tour in Asia region. 

I guess you did not know that as soon as the concert ticket announced to be released on first day, massive crowd flooded the entry to the ticket booths. Internet sales released subsequently but physical store already sold 30% of the tickets. The online traffic is so enormous the web page for Taylor Swift concert online ticket  is not accessible to some people due to many Taylor Swift fans bought the online ticket in the same time crashed the database. 

At the first day of ticket sales, Malaysians bought every ticket released at the physical booth causing panic to those who are unable to buy at that day. The second day another massive wave of Taylor swift fans in Malaysia stuck at the physical booth demanded more tickets but there were no ticket left.

In fact, it is true that many physical booths selling Taylor Swift concert ticket announced running out of it. However, We still can get Taylor Switft concert tickets by winning Cornetto organized RED Contest.

All you need to do to get it is luck and follow the guidelines How to get Taylor Swift concert tickets free ! You need to win this contest. For more information about Cornetto's RED Tour Contest at Taylor Swift Red Tour Contest . ( Update June 6, 2014 This contest has ended )

The contest is running from April 1, 2014 - May 31, 2014. Do check any Cornetto ice-cream with imprinted Taylor Swift and those expiry date on November 2014 and above

Summary of the Contest :

Main attraction of the contest : Taylor Swift

Contest Organizer : Cornetto

Entry to the contest : Purchase any of the below and key in the codes under the ice-cream cap
  1. Cornetto Classic Vanilla 110ml
  2. Cornetto Classic Chocolate 110ml
  3. Cornetto Classic Black&White 110ml
  4. Cornetto Royale Blackforest RED 135ml
  5. Cornetto Royale Chocoluv 135ml
  6. Cornetto Royale Strawberry 135ml

Prizes to be won : 

  1. Key chain exclusively by Cornetto @ 1000 set = 2 points/set
  2. Iphone 5 casing exclusively by Cornetto Taylor swift @ 450set = 5 points/set
  3. A Cap exclusively by Cornetto Taylor swift @200set = 10 points/set
  4. T-shirt exclusively by Cornetto Taylor swift @300set  = 20 points/shirt
  5. Headphone
  6. CD with Taylor Swift signature 
  7. Pass for back stage concert with Pass entry to (RED ZONE) concert @ 5 =600 points /1
  8. Pass for Taylor Swift Red Concert at Malaysia (Pit standing) @ 50 = 800 points for 1
  9. Pass for Taylor Swift Red Concert at Malaysia (Red ZONE) @30 = 400 points for 1
  10. One guitar with Taylor Swift signature @ 5 units = 1000 points/unit 

Registration at : Taylor Swift Red Tour Contest .

Hotlink is giving out last Taylor Swift Ticket please visit at Livelifeloud with Taylor Swift

Requirement : 

  1. IC No
  2. Telephone No
  3. Address
  4. Purchasing any Cornetto ice-cream
  5. key in the codes at website after registration 

RHB Hunt for 100 Contest RM50,000 to be won

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RHB Hunt for 100

Organizer : RHB Bank Berhad

Title : RHB Hunt for 100 Contest

Main attraction : Easy Smart Debit Card

Duration of the contest : March 5 2014 - May 5 2014

More information at RHB >> RHB "Hunt for 100

Eligibility & Requirement : 

  1. 18 years old
  2. RHB Easy debit card holder
  3. Like their facebook page
  4. Fill in registration to win prizes
  5. Verification hand phone number, a text message will be sent

How to win the game : 

  1. Facebook fan not Easy Debit card holder - entries 1
  2. Fan and Easy Debit card holder - entries 3
  3. Share to your wall - entries 4

Let say you have 4 entries, there will be 1000 tilts you will need to open tilt the tilt will show the hidden prizes. Good Lucks !  

Yeo's 80 days drink to cash 2014

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As long as you drink Yeo's beverage You are entitled to win this contest daily. Follow the instructions below !! 

All of the information is described inside the video. It contained English and Malay version. The video provided here is English version. The contest lasts for 80 days. You will have 80 days to win the contest. Each day Yeo's officials will pick some winners. Be consistent view their Facebook they will announce there everyday except Saturday and Sunday.

There will be 72 Ipads to be won and RM500,000 worth of prizes. Besides, there will be RM3,000 daily draw everyday. RM10,000 special draw once very 10 days. 

The contest begin March 13, 2014 - May 31, 2014. 

The requirement of the game is very easy. Purchase Yeo's drinks and key in the codes. You will get exposed how to do it inside the video.

There are two ways of submission either key in the code embedded at Yeo's drinks or using receipt. It is important You keep the receipt to retrieve prizes !

You will require smartphone and Wechat apps to key in your submission. It is really easy I have personally joined the contest. Unfortunately, none of the winner match my name .

More information please visit : YeosMalaysia Facebook

Share to Win Contest Everyone can win a Proton

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Everyone can own a Proton car low interest and free installment

Proton share to win contest

As you can see in the picture above, which automobile dealership give you this lucrative deal ?? 6 months free instalment that really worth to check it out !

Proton is national automobile brand in Malaysia. Everyone know that except for those prefer foreign automobile brand like Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford and so on. Existence of Proton have a very strong agenda in national interest. Some of the Proton company income is invested in research and development automobile industry in Malaysia

Proton is eagerly promoting it brand. They have rolled out Proton Persona for the interest of people. The car charging RM388 for those who willing to purchase. There are so many choices You don really need to purchase Proton Persona. You can pick one of those Suprima S, Preve, Exora, Exora Prime, Sage FLX, Inspira and Satria Neo.

The best deal in my opinion, it would be Saga FLX. Try to calculate it with 2.5% interest rate and rock-bottom price at RM34,000 for this car plus down payment RM5,000 with 10 years. Your monthly repayment only RM300 or below.

The recent biggest news about Proton company is senior adviser Tun Datuk Seri Mahathir Mohammed resigned from the position. Many authority do not hope He resigned from the position. Will the next elected Proton adviser do a greater job for the company interest and raise the brand to the international stage? 
Beside this lucrative deal, Proton also would like to ask your help to promote their products and brand through social media in exchange you can win attractive prizes ! It starting from March 17, 2014 - March 31, 2014

Proton low interest

Low interest rate 2.5% . Proton is seriously taking less for themselves and giving more for the Malaysian people ! 

Proton car

It is so much cheaper than foreign made auto car. Own a Proton Preve for RM488. Myvi 1.5 cost RM 550-RM650. Which one is better you can decide for yourself ! 

Janji Sihat Contest 1 Million Malaysian Pledges for Healthy Livestyle

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Nestle Malaysia seeking 1 Million Malaysian to pledge their commitment living healthy lifestyle and preserve well-being. 

Nestle Malaysia contest Janji Sihat

60,000 Malaysians has pledged their commitment at Nestle Janji Sihat, when is your turn to do this ??

There are more than pledging, Nestle is serious about your well-being that why at certain stores such as Servay, Hua Ho Group, Cmart, Ecosave and many more,  if you purchase RM30+ Nestle products in one receipt, you are entitled 5 apples. Amazing right? It is not just at Servay and Apple only. Some stores offered different free stuff. You can see more information at Nestle promosi.

Beside that, 120 winner will be picked at duration from March 4 - April 15 by joining "Kongsi Kisah #JanjiSihat anda "

Nestle Malaysia contest Janji Sihat
Selected Stores 

This contest is very easy to participant. First thing you are required is either Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account. Second, make a post with hash tag #JanjiSihat. As if Nestle Malaysia noticed the post and decide you as a winner, You could win prizes all worth RM12,000 .

Do remember that to read Terms and condition from time to time. It is highly encourage participant to be 18 years old and above. Those who are 18 years old and below must send their consent and personal information to Nestle Malaysia before participant.

Nivea Malaysia Contest Stay Stain Free With Nivea Black & White

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Nivea Malaysia organized a contest everyone can win in every week just play this game

A game that fairly easy to play. I do not know how we can win prizes but certainly a very additive game to play. 

All we need to do is like their facebook page and start play the game follow the rules. The contest "Black & White challenge" is organized by Beiersdorf Malaysia which owned Nivea brand.

This contest run from February 7 until 13 April 2014. 

In the game you will be asked whether you are male or female. Choose respective gender and play the game. There will be a line of Nivea products and also non Nivea product. Pick the right Nivea product, drag it to the them. It is really easy !!

As you can see above, there will be leaderboard showing everyone scores. To increase chance of winning in every week, you are to collect the scores more than average people playing this game. A great game is meant to be shared like farmville or candy crush. Share with your friends at Facebook.

I am only managed to get less than 20,000 and get ranked at 380. You might get more score than me. Start playing now at Nivea Malaysia 2014 Black & White contest

The Music Run will be held at Kuala Lumpur by AIA 2014

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Run and listen to your favorite music along the way until the end of the journey. 

The event is supported and sponsored by AIA, Spotify, 100 plus, Hotlink, Airasia Red FM and many more. One of the new concept running with music will be held in Malaysia this coming March 23, 2014

The Music Run is newest most interactive 5KM running experience on planet. On each stop featuring 5 your most favourite songs to keep you up on running until you meet the end of the journey.

Venue is confirmed at Selangor Turf Club, Sungai Besi, Balakong Malaysia. It will be started as early as 7.30AM. The event is required registration which will cost fee. You can decide run solo or with group. For your information, children under 5 years old are fee waived. For running in a group, they are entitled 5% discount per ticket.

Interested participant must register at The Music Run and pay the registration fee about RM70.00. After you have paid, e-mail will be sent to you and You can vote your favourite song to be played at the designated venue. By joining " The Music Run " , You will collect 50 points and the point can be used to redeem prizes.

The Music Run also recruiting volunteer as they deemed as the backbone of every successful campaign. You will be entitled T-shirt, food, Volunteer allowance, certificate for the event. Being a volunteer has so many perks !

Source : The Music Run AIA at KL / Original Poster

Interesting about this " The Music Run " is that there are many attractive prizes awaiting their winner. Everyone should go back with handful of prizes. There are three contests will be run in the same time it will be " Superstars best dressed contest " and " Superstars photo contest " . Information can be found at AIA Music Run Contests.

To win attractive prizes such as Ipod touch, Monster iSport and many more. Please bring along camera to win the " Superstar Photo contest " and for other contest, please stay tuned on their facebook or website. Good Luck !

Darlie Malaysia organized "You Be The Expert" contest 2014

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Lucky winner will take home various prizes such as camera, smartphone and many more !

Darlie Malaysia You be the Expert

Everyday you have a chance to win random prizes ranging from Powerbank, BBcream and Starbucks card. Interested to obtain them ? All you need to do is like Darlie Malaysia facebook page and log in to Darlie "You Be the Expert" contest page, Click the "Play" . Computer will help you choose random prizes for you and you probably will need to try other day if you get nothings that day !

You are entitled to play once in a calender day and as if you invited friends to join Darlie contest, you are entitled another "free play" making you can play twice in a calender day.

Furthermore, You will need extra effort unlocking better prizes in the system by purchasing Darlie White. The rewards are Nikon camera, smartphone and tablet. By purchasing at certain outlets such as Giant, Tesco, AEON and Watson. You are not refrain to purchase at any stores but you should consult Darlie TOS. There are many other outlets You can purchase ! . You are required to store the receipt to unlock "Expert Play" . It is a feature different than "Free Play".

Confusing? There are two options as you can see below. "Free Play" and "Expert Play". Without purchasing any Darlie White product, one only could click the "Free Play" button. Meanwhile, you have purchased a darlie white with a receipt in certain specific outlets, you could unlock "Expert Play". Why unlocking "Expert Play" is hassle while "Free Play" is hassle free?

You are required to spend your money to purchase Darlie Product in order to win attractive prizes exclusively for "Expert Play" only. You get to brush your teeth and get a chance to win the game. For "Free Play", you are not required to purchase anythings, all you need to do is login everyday to get a chance win prizes. All of the luxury prizes required you to unlock "Expert Play" However, "Free Play" rewards are very much abundant.

Contest Prizes are as following?

Tier 1 : Ipad Air, Smartphone and Nikon
Tier 2 : Starbucks card, Powerbank and BBcream

If you ever won the Tier 1 prizes, you will be redirected to another browser to complete the form. Receiving the tier 1 prizes required you to present proof of receipt with the requirement the date must be in between the date of contest. The date of the contest is February 7, 2014 - March 20, 2014 .

Fuelled by fans Powered by PRIMAX started in February 2014

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Petronas biggest contest will be starting in February 2014 after selected few public members who earned the right to be partnered with 5 Asian celebrities.

You can see my previous post about Petronas's finding suitable public member to be partnering with 5 Celebrities at Petronas fuelled by fans, powered by PRIMAX part 1

It seem like Petronas has found what they were looking for 5 public members and 5 celebrities has come to Malaysia for this grand event. Celebrities are from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia. They are Maya Karin & Sam Shaheizy & DJ Yoon(Malaysia), Him Law (HK), Bii (Taiwan).

Fuelled by fans, powered by PRIMAX contestant

5 public members has won the judges heart to be in this contest. There were more than 100 peoples come for orientation but failed to be included. Who are the celebrities and selected members ? 

List of Celebrities and Contestants

  1. REUBEN & Maya Karin
  2. Siti Norfaizah & Shaheizy
  3. Max Tan Hock Yong & Bii
  4. Wong Wei Pin & DJ Yoon
  5. Lim Chun Jeat & Him Law

If you would like to see their action-packed racing like running man but Petronas version, You should watch NTV 7 channel every Thursday and Friday 9PM started on February 6, 2014. Who will win the race and who is your favourite team?

After opening ceremony has been witnessed and ended, they are moving to retrieve car scatter around the Petronas station. It seem like they are provided with cars and monies for fuel and foods. Their first task is find the location "Sungai Pisang in Gombak Selangor". The host don really expose at once all of the the event challenges. It is a mysteries what are their next tasks and what are ahead them at Sungai Pisang!!.

Video : Watch Them on Internet !

1. Or you can watch on Youtube "Opening ceremony, celebrities and contestant meet each other" Part 1 " Part 1 Gathering !

2. Part 2 at Part 2 :Heading to Sungai Pisang in Gombak Selangor

3. Part 3 at Leading team is DJ Yoon

4. Part 4 at Escape Room

5. Part 5 at Kampung

6. Part 6 at Final who will win Rm100,000

Vote for your favourite team free polls