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Jay Chou held Concert in Malaysia 2014

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Taiwanese pop king singer is back LIVE at Malaysia 2014. His songs is the 90's generation inspiration

Jay Chou Contest is giving out free concert ticket, interested ?? Visit at Be Malaysia Jay Chou Concert

If you are born in end of 80's and early 90's generation, you are like everyone else knew his most popular song " Qing Tian" everyone love that song and to the extend to learn how to play guitar chord of it. His uniqueness in singing skill is unrivaled and one-of-the-kind. Fusing with pop music and his music talent it is self-explanatory and hard to express how and when we started love his songs. One thing needed to clarify mandarin speaking youth are deeply in love with his songs at that time.

In fact, He had been in music industry for more than 10 years. That was his one of the wishes to be a singer. Jay Chou have tried to be host of talk shows, film director, movie star, film producer. His last studio album was on December 2012. The release of the album is related to his promise to all his fans out there especially those in love with his songs. Those who are going to his concert in Malaysia November 2014 you might have a chance to hear his latest songs. What do you like Jay Chou to be a singer, film producer, film starring, host of talk shows ??

Speaking about his last year concert in Malaysia, it was a sold out successful concert. Due to the strong reason Malaysia is having "Visit Malaysia 2014 year". He decided to held two shows in November 14 and 15.  The place is at Putra Indoor Stadium, Kuala Lumpur. Talking about concert, there were so many big international singers came to Malaysia performed. There were Taylor Swift, Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider, 2NE1, Avril Lavigne. 

The Opus 2 Jay Chou World Tour Concert will take place in Malaysia 5 months from now. The 35 years old singer is determined looking forward for another amazing concert for Malaysian fans. Ticket are priced lowest RM 180, RM 270, RM 320, RM 440, RM 490, RM 660, and the highest would be RM 850. If you know Putra Jaya Indoor the nearest to the stage platform will be the ticket sold at RM 490 and RM660. Ticket price is varies from time to time.

Tickets have been released since June 21. You are allowed to purchase as early as today. Visit at for more details.

More information at Speedy Entertainment Facebook at

Malaysian raged on twitter for One Direction concert

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One Direction is unlikely held concert in Malaysia 2014 in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2014

Twitter trends Malaysia 19 May 2014

They are online protesting that why One Direction boy band is not going to perform a concert at Malaysia. Some even left comments or complain to the management of One Direction at this opportunist time

Hashtag #MalaysianeedsOTRAT have been trending on May 19, 2014. Outraging due to the decision by One Direction mangement that concert will be held at other parts of Asian countries excluding Malaysia.

This hashtag sparked nationwide as well as worldwide attention demanding a Malaysia tour by One Direction. I guess Malaysian love express their concern and opinion on Twitter. I mean in order to be a hashtag by worldwide is incredible . That must be a lot of people tweeting this hashtag that day

Will Malaysian fans get a chance to meet up One Direction in Malaysia by a concert ? Will they hear the our  outcry ? This hashtag is a proof to many we are indeed wanted them to come here. It could be possible due to this year is "Visit Malaysia year 2014 " anything could happen.

Don be too much unrealistic because One Direction concert is fully booked this year. In fact, their asian tour is scheduled next year 2015. How I know ?? because One Direction manegement made an announcement Asian concert is likely happening on next year !!

Too early get excited ? They are touring Singapore and Thailand. Singapore on March and Thailand will be on May 2015.

I believe Malaysian fans is in agonizing because some of them claimed they have been waiting One Direction concert in Malaysia for more than 2 years. Whne they heard the news One Director is going to open concert in Asian countries. They must be so happy ! That is a sign of hope they have been waiting for

I would suggest you take a ride to Singapore if you really want to hear they singing and meet them in close proximity in this coming March 2015. 10 months ahead from now !

2NE1 sending message for Blackjacks in malaysia

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Anyeonghaseyo or selamat datang to arrival of 2NE1 for second time in Malaysia 2014 

Source : wikipedia

Give a 2NE1 a break would not you Malaysian fan ? They have been to Malaysia last year and also this year ! . If it is not because Malaysian demand on Kpop concert, they would not come for second time but it is a very happy to see them back.

It is a world tour for them with title "All or nothing". Malaysian just cant get enough for Kpop song and dancing. This will be another concert that will make you lose oxygen and suffocate collapse at the floor  held on May 2014. Month of May and June are usually holiday season !!

I am not being serious about that . The truth is that in conjunction of Visit Malaysia 2014 there are really a lot of happening. After 2NE1 concert in may, we will see Taylor Swift in June performing "Red Tour" ! I could not imagine that actually dream become true for many Malaysian fans.

What are the songs you like 2NE1 to sing in the concert ? There are so many good song such as "Don stop the music", "Go Away", "Love is ouch", "I am the Best", "I Don care", "Clap your hand".

CN BLUE Cant Stop Concert in Kuala Lumpur 2014

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CN BLUE boy band is back for another concert ? Are you ready for CN Blue's love songs ?

IME  Production CN Blue concert 2014 Malaysia

Last CN Blue concert in malaysia was 2013. I believe it must be very welcoming by Malaysian arrival of CN Blue last year. There are too much happening in the year of 2014 in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2014.

Amid Red Bull Air Race tomorrow May 17, the same day CN Blue concert ticket released to be sold. CN Blue will the second Korean band to come to Malaysia this year. 2NE1 korean girl band too will be performing soon at May 24.

2NE1 World Tour malaysia is organized by the same company IME Production will be gladly introduce to you CN Blue concert on August 9, 2014 .

The lowest entry fee to the concert is PS4 RM188 only and the highest will be VVIP 1 RM588. 

CN Blue might sing your favorite song to you. Which songs do you want to hear? "Dream Boy", "Love Girl", "Love Light", "Sweet Holiday", "Intuition". 

Which favorite boy in the band you adore the most ? Is it YongHwa ?

IME  Production CN Blue concert 2014

For more information you could visit at : IME production official facebook

How to win Taylor Swift RED Contest by Cornetto

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Taylor Swift is performing in Malaysia in the month of June. In the meantime, Let join this wonderful contest

Organized by Cornetto Malaysia. This will be so fun. Author of the blog personally joined this contest. I have not won anything but looking forward to crack this.

No doubt to see Taylor Swift in a concert is way too much demand that lead to concert ticket price inflated. Those who have time and money are having higher chance to see her performance. I don think Malaysian fans have seen her concert LIVE at home.

Her first ever concert in Malaysia is amazingly shocked in fact neighboring countries such as Singapore and Indonesia are very much in the state of joy. Her message of RED touring the Asian countries spread fainted Asian fans

No doubt it will attract large crowd and people will likely traveled to Malaysia just to see Taylor Swift concert. But, she announced way to early. It will be in the month of June. It also the month of FIFA Brazil 2014

I think Cornetto done a great marketing job in promoting it brand by introducing this contest. Taylor swift and Cornetto Ice-cream. It seem like a great match.

There is no other way to get Taylor Swift limited merchandises than join this concert. Find and eat Cornetto Ice-cream now and redeem your prize !!

You could won meet & greet passes if you collected certain points.

I hope the merchandise is enough for everyone who have taken the contest!!

First thing you need to do is go to nearest 7-Eleven stores or 24 hours store. These are the place where you have higher chance to get the exclusive ice-cream with Taylor Swift cover on it.

Fret not if you not discover one ice-cream with Taylor Swift cap. You just need to collect normal ice-cream cap just shown in above image. Remember take a piece of the contest form and look for ice-cream with the date of expiry beyond November 2014. My ice-cream is January 2015 to be safe as a contest entry.

If you encountered with exclusive Cornetto ice-cream with Taylor Swift cap, your process will be easier. Redemption can be done at Cornetto contest website. For those who are using Cornetto Contest form, you are required to send it back to the office, then, they will send you the code and you will key in to Cornetto Contest website. You are ready to redeem with the point. 1 Cornetto ice-cream equivalent to 1 point

I am giving out 3 cornetto Taylor Swift codes . This event started from May 26 - May 29, 2014. If you are collecting codes for redemption on better items then this is your chance. The reason I disposed because I have already claimed and wish to give to lucky persons who try to win big in this contest

All you have to do is like my facebook page at the right and then comment "why you need these codes" with your Facebook home page at comment section below !! Thanks ! Should you win, I give you this 3 codes to you by your Facebook account !

Cornetto Malaysia Facebook : Cornetto Malaysia

Shila Amzah Held Concert in Malaysia 2014

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First ever Shila Amzah concert in Malaysia 2014. She said this in an interview

There are so many Malaysian fans would go to this concert. She made a good choice joining China Voice in past year and really won big in an international stage.

In another angle watching Shila Amzah and her singing talent. She is the Malaysian Taylor Swift. They are both just great singer. Well, Taylor swift wrote her own song but Shila is a great vocal singer. I am just saying she look like Taylor Swift.

Shila Amzah is taking another participation in China singing competition with many participants are come from all around the world. It further brighten up her singing career. Good comments by Shila Amzah fans that her singing in Chinese songs have improved tremendously.

She is living up her potential and she is now living in her best dream ever. Shila Amzah Love Concert 2014 will be held on September this year at Megastar Arena.

China's Asian Wave TV singing show Champion Shila Amzah will perform in China this coming August 2014. It is her first ever concert. Will she perform again the song "Zheng Fu" that made her the champion in Asian Wave 2012 ?

Shila Amzah Love Concert 2014 is successful thank to sponsor from Mega Ultimate Sdn Bhd and Shila Amzah Entertainment, Official Radio Station is My FM & Era FM, Warner Music Malaysia is official recording label.

The ticket will released on later date and the price will be in the range VIP RM268, PS1- RM138, PS2 -RM88 (Excluding admin fees RM3)


Title : Shila Amzah Love Concert 2014
Date : September 13
Time : 8PM
Online ticket sales :
Venue : Mega Star Arena

Shila Amzah announced she will held her concert at Malaysia 

RED Contest Win Taylor Swift Merchandise and Concert Tickets

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Cornetto Malaysia main sponsor RED tour Taylor Swift is coming to sing for Malaysian fans

Cornetto Taylor Swift Concert Contest

Are you ready for Taylor Swift? I bet you have heard that Taylor Swift is coming to Malaysia as part of her Red Tour in Asia region. 

I guess you did not know that as soon as the concert ticket announced to be released on first day, massive crowd flooded the entry to the ticket booths. Internet sales released subsequently but physical store already sold 30% of the tickets. The online traffic is so enormous the web page for Taylor Swift concert online ticket  is not accessible to some people due to many Taylor Swift fans bought the online ticket in the same time crashed the database. 

At the first day of ticket sales, Malaysians bought every ticket released at the physical booth causing panic to those who are unable to buy at that day. The second day another massive wave of Taylor swift fans in Malaysia stuck at the physical booth demanded more tickets but there were no ticket left.

In fact, it is true that many physical booths selling Taylor Swift concert ticket announced running out of it. However, We still can get Taylor Switft concert tickets by winning Cornetto organized RED Contest.

All you need to do to get it is luck and follow the guidelines How to get Taylor Swift concert tickets free ! You need to win this contest. For more information about Cornetto's RED Tour Contest at Taylor Swift Red Tour Contest . ( Update June 6, 2014 This contest has ended )

The contest is running from April 1, 2014 - May 31, 2014. Do check any Cornetto ice-cream with imprinted Taylor Swift and those expiry date on November 2014 and above

Summary of the Contest :

Main attraction of the contest : Taylor Swift

Contest Organizer : Cornetto

Entry to the contest : Purchase any of the below and key in the codes under the ice-cream cap
  1. Cornetto Classic Vanilla 110ml
  2. Cornetto Classic Chocolate 110ml
  3. Cornetto Classic Black&White 110ml
  4. Cornetto Royale Blackforest RED 135ml
  5. Cornetto Royale Chocoluv 135ml
  6. Cornetto Royale Strawberry 135ml

Prizes to be won : 

  1. Key chain exclusively by Cornetto @ 1000 set = 2 points/set
  2. Iphone 5 casing exclusively by Cornetto Taylor swift @ 450set = 5 points/set
  3. A Cap exclusively by Cornetto Taylor swift @200set = 10 points/set
  4. T-shirt exclusively by Cornetto Taylor swift @300set  = 20 points/shirt
  5. Headphone
  6. CD with Taylor Swift signature 
  7. Pass for back stage concert with Pass entry to (RED ZONE) concert @ 5 =600 points /1
  8. Pass for Taylor Swift Red Concert at Malaysia (Pit standing) @ 50 = 800 points for 1
  9. Pass for Taylor Swift Red Concert at Malaysia (Red ZONE) @30 = 400 points for 1
  10. One guitar with Taylor Swift signature @ 5 units = 1000 points/unit 

Registration at : Taylor Swift Red Tour Contest .

Hotlink is giving out last Taylor Swift Ticket please visit at Livelifeloud with Taylor Swift

Requirement : 

  1. IC No
  2. Telephone No
  3. Address
  4. Purchasing any Cornetto ice-cream
  5. key in the codes at website after registration 

2NE1 World Tour Malaysia will be held on May 2014

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Popular Female KPOP Band "2NE1" World Tour titled " ALL OR NOTHING".

In the year of 2014, we are very happy because they are so many Korean Pop stars visiting Malaysia. We will have Rain and Big Bang to see us. But how about those who love female Korea Pop band? Besides male korean pop stars, Malaysian Kpop fans are awaiting their dream to be fulfilled to see a Kpop girl band.

They will have to wait for little longer for their dream to be materialized. G Dragon and Rain are coming in this March 2014. 2NE1 World Tour is scheduled to be held in May 24, 2014. Are you excited?

The four members girl group  made up of CL, Minzy, Dara and Bom to form 2NE1 will perform at Stadium Merdeka as part of their world tour.

This concert main promoter is IME production the same company who supporting BigBang fans meeting to Malaysia on March 2014. It announced ticket sales on 2NE1 World Tour "ALL OR NOTHING" on March 9 at Sungai Wang Plaza in Kl. Prefer to purchase entry pass online visit .

Tickets are priced from lowest to highest. RM199, RM399, RM499, VVIP RM 599 . More information please visit Ticketcharge 2NE1 World Tour Malaysia 2014

Taylor Swift Red Tour KL 2014 tickets Sold Out in First Day

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Malaysian fans anticipated the opening of ticket selling in every ticket outlet on March 1 

Taylor Swift Red Tour KL get huge response the ticket released on March 1 by Ticketpro and its every booths swarmed by peoples waiting the time ticked to 10.00 AM. As soon as the booth opened, fans have been lining up for more than hundred peoples. 

In just two hours, Ticketpro announced closing two categories as it has been sold out either purchase in Internet or at physical stores. The cheapest ticket is RM295 to see Taylor Swift Live in KL this coming June 2014.

The environment at physical stores such as The Curve and Rock Corner, get overwhelmed and intense as the people in the front line purchased 5 tickets maximum for their friends and the tickets are selling at fast pace they knew the ticket will be sold out soon. Their prediction turned out correct the only ticket left for those coming late at lunch hour is the RED seat costing RM725

Official ticket seller Ticketpro staffs reacted that the stores opened as early as 10AM they planned to sell 8000 pieces of ticket that day. Online customer could purchase the ticket started on 11AM. When asked "How is the condition today" She said, " there were many Taylor Swift fans at Malaysia, the ticket is selling very fast and now it left 4000 tickets". 

Taylor Swift KL LIVE 2014 will be her first time performing at Malaysia. According to source, she planned to open concert at various Southeast Asia such Philippine and Singapore. If you missed Red Tour KL, you always can ride to Singapore for her concert or You could attend second time if you have not satisfied at KL concert.

Get Taylor Swift concert ticket for free by winning this Cornetto organized Contest for more information at Taylor Swift RED Tour Contest .

Hotlink is giving out 22 tickets to Taylor Swift Malaysia concert . Visit at Livelifeloud with Taylor Swift

Get Future Music Festival Asia FMFA 2014 merchandise at Zalora Malaysia

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FMFA 2014 Malaysia is around the corner ! Experience Super Cool DJ from around the world rocking the night !

FMFA shirt by Zalora

Do not know what to wear to FMFA 2014? Let get some merchandise FMFA from Zalora.. Get extra discount by using this code " ZBAP006 "

If you purchase more than RM75, You are entitled free delivery on selected areas. Support them now it official licensed FMFA & Zalora !

Get a Free ticket to FMFA 2014 by joining this contest FMFA 2014 & Asashi

Following are few of the merchandises !!

Item : Tank Top or Singlets

Gender : Female and Male ( there are two version )

Price : RM 60

Item : Red Cap with FMFA

Price : RM70

Color : Red & Black

Item : Tote Bag with FMFA

Price : RM40.00

Colour : black / white / blue

Avril Lavigne is coming to Malaysia 2014

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Say Hi to Avril Lavigne Concert in this coming March in Kuala Lumpur. She is bringing along her new songs.

Looking for Avril Lavigne Tour to Malaysia official website at Avril Lavigne Kuala Lumpur 2014

Releasing her fifth studio album, she got her hit singles "Let Me Go", Rock n Roll" and "Here to never growing up" for her worldwide fans. No doubt she will be performing her new songs in her Malaysia tour 2014. The exact date for her concert is March 14, 2014. The concert will be situated at Stadium Merdeka. 

Concert tickets has been released for selling since December 2013. There are 5 different ticket categories priced from RM88 to RM488. You can purchase ticket online at Redtix Airasia website. Any inquiries contact them directly at telephone line +603 8775 4666 . 

For those who do not familiar with Avril Lavigne, She sang "Girlfriend", "When You're Gone", "Complicated". Eight-time Grammy award nominee, seven juno awards winner. According so sources, it is her third time performing in Malaysia.

Source: Redtix Airasia dot com

This concert is brought to You by AMC Live Group. Beside that, there are also "Visit Malaysia 2014" logo assuming they are part of the team.

As I searched the internet, I came by this seem like unofficial Avril Lavigne facebook page. This shirt is made exclusively for Avril Lavigne Tour in Malaysia 2014. For more information at Facebook Avril Lavigne fan page ( I am not associated with them nor promoting their products)

Beside Avril Lavigne Tour, Malaysians are very much delighted that there will be a lot of fun in this coming March as Future Music Asia 2014 and Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia are organized in the month. A very anticipated month in the year of 2014 at Malaysia. Not to mention that Twin Tower Malaysia Concert 2014 is scheduled in the same month as well. We will be so much blast as Korean Pop Star Rain and Christina Aguilera are coming for the concert.

Red FM decided to contact Avril Lavigne to hear for themselves she is coming to Malaysia by inviting her in a video chat.

Red FM is organizing a contest with tickets Avril Lavigne Tour 2014 as prizes to lucky winners. Participant are required to do what they told you if you want to win a them. log on to Red FM Avril Lavigne 2014 Tour Contest .

Largest Paint Party Life in Color is coming to Malaysia 2014

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World Largest Paint Party will be coming to Malaysia on April 2014. Music and Color !

April 17, 2014 (Update)  -Unfortunately to announce that Life in Color Malaysia is cancelled. Refund is in progress. Ticker bearer can get refund as soon as on April 15, 2014.

We will be very excited seeing Future Music Festival Asia in coming March. What is the next biggest happening ? It Life in Color concert. Unique music and color spraying the audience experience.

It is so surprise that in 2014, Malaysian could enjoy lavish concerts without leaving the country. It may not be coincidence. Malaysian Department of Tourism has introduced and mass marketing "Visit Malaysia 2014" campaign in a bid to increase foreign tourists arrival in the country.

We have seen concerts been banned because of cultural and religious issue in the past years. For example, Kesha concert in 2013.  It might be very different situation in the year of 2014 because of VMY 2014 campaign upheld by Tourism Malaysia. For instance Life in Color, color spraying culture could be deemed a dangerous element to the country. Let hope there would be no concert cancelled like last year !

Back to the concert, As You can see above, they are selling the first phase ticket releasing on February 19. In just one day, The tickets costing RM 98 which is the cheapest entry ticket to the concert had been sold out due to high demand. Subsequently, the management decided to release the second phase of ticket selling at the cost RM 118. In the meantime, they are also releasing VIP ticket costs RM258 only. Interested to purchase ticket on Internet? Visit at >

Most of you do not know that Life in Color began humbly on 2006 in college campus in Florida. Since then, captured the heart of American amazed by high-energy music, art, dance and paint into one blowing combination. It had stage more than 200 concerts annually in US and international. Being a college party into world renowned live concert, Life in Color featuring popular DJ, stilt walkers, fire shows, contortionists. The most amazing part is the Paint Blast. Life in Color constantly expanding to various part of the world.

Life in Color held in Malaysia is collective effort of two Nightlife Giants proudly organized by Future Sound Asia & ZOUK Kuala Lumpur. Concert venue are confirmed by organizer at Jalan Pekeliling, Sepang International Circuit

It will be first time for Life in Color performing in Malaysia. Stay tuned for more information at LifeinColorMalaysia Facebook. It seem like they are welcomed in Malaysia in conjunction of Visit Malaysia campaign. Will they make another one in next year 2015 for those who cannot make it to this concert? It is still a puzzle !

Twin Tower Alive 2014 invited Rain to perform in Malaysia

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Twin Tower Alive will invited many international stars to perform in Malaysia. Some of them are Korean pop star Rain and Christina Aguilera.

Important Note: It is sad to announcing Twin Tower Alive 2014 canceled

Last year we have seen backstreet boy being invited by Twin Tower Alive organized by Petronas performed at Malaysia stage. Malaysian Fans were very much enjoyed the moment they sung the familiar songs. In 2014, we will once again be thrilled. As we trusted Petronas will bring more fun this year. One of the biggest company in Malaysia, they have Malaysia most talented human capital and also vast resources.

If you never been to Twin Tower Alive, it is actually free and you only required passes for the nearest platform to the stage. It will be held at Petronas Plaza on March 28, 2014. Besides, The official organizer of Twin Tower Alive 2014 is doing a pass giveaway for public members. If you want to win a Twin Tower Alive passes you should visit Twin Tower Facebook page. 5 Winners will be selected and announced on March 14, 2014. Be creative to win !! You are required to tag them #TTALIVE and #FANFRIDAY .

If you missed the Twin Tower Alive 2013, let us refresh our happy moments. It is really excited to see how Malaysian fans reacted to the situation when Korean 2NE1 made a surprise appearance on the stage despite there is no official announcement being made. There were Demi Lovato and backstreet boys. The highlight was backstreet boys they had performed many songs at the concert totaled more than 10 songs. Who will be the surprise guest for the year of 2014?

Many fans in Malaysia would like Korean band EXO to come Malaysia. From my point of view, I think it is likely would not happen because they have invited Rain on board. Will we see two Korean popstars ? Well in 2013, they invited UKISS and 2NE1 right ?

I can confirmed that they would be many local entertainers performing on the stage. Who would it be?

Rain Malaysia Twin Tower Alive 2014

Rain greet Malaysian fans that He will attend Twin Tower Alive 2013. See you there !!

DA MOUTH Beach Concert Malaysia

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Beach party in Sunway Lagoon featuring Da Mouth and DJ Tenashar and many other

Besides Da Mouth from Taiwan and DJ Tenashar, there are DJ Nikki, DJ Leng Yein and DJ Jerryca Misty making appearance on the beach party. It will be on Saturday February 15, 2014 at Surf Beach Sunway Lagoon. If You want to experience summer beach party, don miss this out !

This event is organized by JS Concert and Hotlink, a prepaid service of Maxis berhad. They have invited Taiwanese Da Mouth who is deemed as Asian's Black eye pea version.

 Tickets to enter are in condition hot selling You can buy them online via or visit nearest stores. Rock corner or The Guitar store. Ticket are sold for Rm68 silver zone and RM128 for golden zone. Please be reminded that it is not included RM10.00 booking fee with Internet purchase and telephone booking.

Planeteupe Music Fest Malaysia featuring Wang Lee Hom and U Kiss

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Wang Lee Hom and U kiss are those will be attending Planet Eupe Music Fest at Carnivall Cinta Sayang Resort. 

planet eupe poster

Apparently, those who are living at Kedah the most privilege in this music fest. It will be held at Cinta Sayang Resort Sungai Petani on March 1, 2014. You can visit this grand music fest after finish work it will be 6PM.

Planeteupe corporation are excited to host this unprecedented music fest at northern region of Malaysia in order to thank the people support over the years by staging an entertainment events of this scale at their doorstep.

According to Planet Eupe corporation Managing Director, Dato Beh Huck Lee, the event has potential to change the music and cultural landscape of the northern region. the company also said keen on making this Planet Eupe as an annual event and view it as a integral part of company ongoing commitment to support and invest in local communities in which it operates.

A total of 20,000 tickets has been released to the market for sale in December 2013. There are 4 price bands. Ranging from RM90 to Rm390.

It is not specific whether Lee Hom will sing which of his signature songs but if you want to hear and see closer Wang Lee Hom this will be your best opportunity. In the other hand, They also invited korean band U Kiss who is likely to perform their 2013 songs "Neverland"and "Doradora".

Beside Lee Hom and U Kiss, Few Malaysia sensational celebrities Yuna and najwa latif are scheduled to attend the event. Price are showed at below.

More information visit at and you can buy ticket at

Selena Gomez is not coming to Malaysia January 2014

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Selena Gomez's international tour "Star Dance" will be resumed. She supposed to be arrived at Malaysia December 2013 but delayed.

It is confirmed that Selena Gomez is performing on January 26, 2014. The location will be at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. The delay was caused due to Selena Gomez clash of schedule with her tour she was nominated for a movie award in the last minute announcement. 

Selena Gomez "Stars Dance" tour featuring her new songs released on August 2013. Her top song inside the album are "Come and get it" , "Love you like a love song" , "Who says". She probably will sing her signature song such as "Love will remember", "her cover of dream", "Like a champion". Top song in the album "Come and get it" received 100 Millions view in Youtube after released.  

There is a rumour saying Selena Gomez cancels all the Star Dance tour including Australia and Asia January and February. It might be true as most of the fans cant buy ticket at various ticket sellers.

It is confirmed further that many news portal commented on Selena Gomez Star Dance tour, she is having a break of her career by cancellation of all of her international tour for her new album "Stars Dance". She also commented on her personal social media saying " My fans are very important to me, I do not want to disappoint them. But it has become clear to me and those close to me that after so many years of putting my work first, I need to spend some time on myself in order to be the best person I can be. " "To my fans, I sincerely apologise and I hope you guys know how much each and every one of you mean to me "