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10 Things to do at Singapore

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1. Night Walk

Awesome calm sea breeze. Literally no wave hitting the shore. Definitely iconic sea shore to view. It seem like Singapore shore is protected by wave force. A miracle and strategic sea port.

Johor Bahru Singapore Causeway

2. Causeway Bridge

On a sunny day and warm breeze, nothing beat taking a walk at causeway. Besides, it could potentially reduce traffic congestion at peak time.Although there are abundant of buses, it really just about increase fitness level and save some trip expenses.

Fair Price and Instant Noodles

3. Fair Price and Instant Noodles

One thing about exploring a city, It is a must to visit their supermarket and foods. I believe Koka Instant Noodle is a Singapore Brand and made in Singapore. I have had lots of instant noodles, Koka instant noodle has a unique taste and personality.

Marina Bay Sand Countdown Celebration

4. Countdown Celebration

Fireworks lights up the sky annually at Marina Bay Sand. Everyone waiting patiently the clock ticks to 0:01AM and date to 1.1.2020. Some of them even brought their picnic blanket. MRT train station were remained operation till late 2AM. 


5. Chinatown

Expecting authentic and super genuine China people. Thick Mandarin accent from mainland China. It was super cool due to modern China people are skewed towards simplified Chinese characters and unique China mainland accent. However, some Chinatown are full of southern China Chinese such as Cantonese, Hokkien and Hakka. Singapore Chinatown are diverse and can easily mingle with people from Northeast China.

Sentosa Beach


6. Sentosa Beach

Loving the place especially the sunset. Sandy beach with calm to no wave. Full of sun, sea, sand lover spent their weekend here. Indulge yourself and be lost at this magnificent place on your weekly off day. 

Universal Studio Singapore

7. Universal Studio theme park

This is the place where you can go all-out screaming and swearing. Fun and enjoyable Roller Coaster and huge Transformers display. Your favorite animation characters are all appear here. Let your imagination run wild.

Orchard Street Singapore

8. Orchard Street

If you never been to Orchard road, you are never been to Singapore. Orchard road is where you can find street busker. This is where huge crowd of people waiting the street lamp at red and walk when its green. Fashion designer brands are opening their retail stores here.

Singapore sport stadium

9. Sport Stadium

This place provide you a special scenery of the city. A perfect place to see Genting Tower, Marina Bay Sands and Singapore flyer. At the evening, this is the perfect spot for you to jog around. It is important to know sunset do appear on a clear day. Remarkable sunset will overshadow all the building and really look amazing.

Food Court at People park

10. Diverse Food Culture

American fast foods chain, Japanese food, Korean food, Thailand Food, Indonesia / Malaysia food, China northeast food, Hong Kong Food, Taiwan Food, Indian Food, Muslim Halal Food. You name it, they have it. 


Lunar New Year Singapore 2020

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Year 2020 is a year of mouse according to Chinese zodiac. 

Photos taken on month of January 2020. 


Bright blue sky at Singapore Chinatown. The street is filled with all the people seeking foods and local attractions. In case you did not noticed there were China travelers bought all the masks to be brought home.

buddha tooth temple

One of the significant landmark at Singapore's Chinatown is Buddha tooth temple. 

buddha tooth temple

This is some really incredible place. The strong smell of burnt incense. The amounts of people praying inside the temple.

They are having a blast here. TsingTao beer bottle can be seen on the table. This place is People's Park complex.

kampung admiralty

Gathering at Kampung Admiralty is just pure amazing. Lion dance performance was superb.

clarke quay

Business are usual at Clarke Quay. The night lights will surely captivates any patron eyes. The wonderful river side is always so calm and serene.

Stunning view of garden by the bay plus traditional orchestra. Everyone was enjoying the evening with songs and greenery.landscape.

One of the top 10 places you must visit in Singapore, The Float. During the Chinese new year, the theme for this event is river hongbao 2020. There are dancing and singing performance. Some really interesting folklore and 12 Chinese zodiac animals display. Security check due to having VIP guests on the event for opening ceremony.

giant fortune guy

Giant God of fortune got everyone took out their smartphone for a quick selfie.

Fireworks are expected everyday. Besides, Chingay 2020 is an event you do not want to miss. Did you see the smoke screen ? It was caused by fireworks.

Spectra light and water show nearby the Shoppe Marina Bay Sand Mall. Everyone was Chilling and relax. No one seem to understand the amazing soothing feeling when the sea wind blowing towards faces. 

10 Christmas decorations in Singapore 2019

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Christmas season is huge in Singapore. Although there is no snow, giant christmas trees everywhere with glittering lights are suffice. Besides, year-end sales just making it even merrier.

1. Orchard Road

Best time to visit Orchard is definitely at night plus festive season is around the corner. this busy street is a must in your to-do list at Singapore. Huge crowd is patiently waiting at the pedestrian crossing. Drop off at Orchard or Somerset MRT.

It is advisable to keep your wallet hidden from your sight due to increasingly numbers of luxury brand stores such as Uniqlo, Tiffany and co, Prada, Giorgio Armani.

2. Paragon

It is just opposite the bustling orchard road. Literally light up the christmas mood.

3. Garden by the Bay

When the night falls, hundred of trees at Garden by the Bay is illuminated. During the festival, the calm river is lighted up by hundreds of egg-shaped glowing decoration. To your suprise, all the balls could changes color seamlessly from blue to yellow.

4. Bugis

Huge brown bear, an icon from South Korea's messaging app LINE friends is making a trend. Bugis is an unique place itself supplementing Singapore shopping experience. With this place close proximity to Suntec City, the amounts of human traffic is paramount.

An unique scene about Bugis is the sea of people waiting at the bus stop. No way Orchard road can beat this down to earth place.

5. Church 1888

Lady of Lourdes chuch is said to be built on 1888. Located just a walking distance from Bugis MRT.

6. Resort World Sentosa

Sandy Beach, resort, tropical forest or a grand theme park by Universal studio. You name it everything is here.

7. Vivocity Mall

To the top floor of vivocity mall overlooking the sentosa island. Feel the breeze and check out those restaurant namely Haidilao hot pot.

8. Fullerton Hotel

Hard to miss such magnificient hotel. The building design is evergreen. The building reminisces glory days of western architecture.

9. Changi Jewel

The world best airport just got better with its expansion on 2019. The jewel Changi celebrated it first christmas.

10. Changi Aiport

At the top of Jewel Changi, You will be greeted with Disney's Frozen movie, Elsa and Anna. So, do you want to build a snowman ?

10 Foods Cheaper than Fast Food in Singapore

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Rich nations like Singapore, cheapest McDonalds set is $7.20 with drink. It totally cool walk out McDonalds front door realise money not enough. There are way more ecomical eateries out there.

1. Roasted Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice Singapore

Roasted or steamed Chicken Rice are available as low as $2. Sticky soy sauce and sweet chili sauce are always available on the counter for customers. You can order 3 packs of Chicken Rice with S$7.20 and still get $1.20 back.

2. Minced Meat Noodle

Bak Cho Mee

Pork as the main ingredient in making this dish. Everyone know and love this. One can eat like 2 minced meat noodle for S$7.

3. Soto Mee

Soto Mee Singapore

Priced at S$3 each without drink. Ingredients are shredded chicken, beansprout, yellow noodle, chili(optional), spring onion and some fried shallot. Unique and outstanding citrus soup.

4. Hokkien Mee

Hokkien Mee Singapore

Priced at more or less S$4 without drink.

5. Vegetable Rice Stall

fan cai singapore

The cheapest buffet style foods. Get some sweet and sour meat, fried egg with some fried potato coupled with sweet sauce. Only at $3.60 without any drink. Some stall may even sells it cheaper.

6. Yang Zhou Chao Fan

Yang zhou chao fan Singapore

The most well known staple food in chinese community. You could have it as little as S$5 only.

7. Lontong

Lontong Singapore

Malay-style vegetable sweet and spicy soup.

8. Tosai / Dosa

Tosai Singapore

Favourite Dish when visiting Indian restaurant. Lovely and healthy condiments

9. Wan Tan Mee

Wan Tan Mee Singapore

Always so tempting to eat it when visiting hawker centre. Cantonese cuisine is just so hard to resist. Price tag at S$4.50

10. Yong Tau Foo Soup

Yong Tau Foo Soup Singapore

Hakka Chinese cuisine with clear savoury soup sided with fried beancurd skins.

10 Easy Steps purchasing online on Tmall China

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Do not be confuse between Tmall and Taobao. On Double 11, most of them are prefer to use Tmall or Tian Mao.

Double 11 is quite an intimidating scheme to purchase items online. None of the giant retailers such as Ebay and Amazon make an influence on their version of annual sale here such as Black Friday. Malaysia has its own version of cyber sale but, unnecessarily mentioned due to different in market share.

Good news is Tmall or "Tian Mao" has make lots of improvements on behalf of Malaysian consumers and oversea buyers. Although the website is dominated with Mandarin, the registration process has been simplified. It is almost like purchasing on Lazada, Shopee and 11street.

Get yourself an account on Tmall !

1. Purchase during the Double 11 or known as bare sticks day

Double 11 boasts huge discounts on variety of items. Redemption of discounted voucher plays a huge role in the success of the event. Prepare your wishlist and storm the website with your mouse clicks on November 11, 2017.

Key in your mobile number. At the second column, swipe from left to right

2. Local mobile number

This is one important step as user ought to have a personal mobile number. Opening an account required Tmall sending a random numbers to your phone and you are opted inserting the numbers into completion of your Tmall account.

In this product, consumers are able purchasing this product using local e banking service and provides sea shipping option

3. Delivery Obligations

Tons of Tmall stuff are offering unique service such as the above picture. Better safe than sorry do not choose those items without these tag.

4. Internet banking

A reminder to you all those who do not choose credit card and visa card. A small fee imposed for those using Internet banking. Major banks such as Maybank, CIMB and RHB opens Internet banking 24 hours on the double 11 date for the ease of your convenience. Author bought some stuff on 01:00 AM and quite shocked Internet banking is still active.

Google exchange rate 249 yuan = RM157.19 , 115 yuan = 72.60. After paid, it becomes RM162.19 and 74.91 respectively

5. Exchange Rate

The price is in China Yuan. Due to the constant fluctuation of both currency. There were slight difference and cost consumer a few ringgit Malaysia.

6. Shipping fee

The huge difference between buying at Lazada Malaysia and Tmall China is that there is an incurred small shipping fee to be paid. In local e-commerce website such as Lazada Malaysia, the cost sending items to your home is pretty quite calculated into your final checkout.

However, international e-commerce such as Tmall would separate the bill. Consumer could choose a cheaper option by consolidated all your items and send it in one package in order to avoid sending your items 1 by 1 for the benefits of consumer and on behalf of the shipping company.

Be prepare to pay a minimal fee of more or less RM50.00. It get a little bit intense because most people are skeptical on this amount. The staff working at warehouse sometimes, might have make some human mistake on the weight of your items. Well, let keep it sincere and hope for the best our favorite items from China and be prepared contains excitement. The items will be on our doorstep when least expected.

7. Alipay Account

Consumers are demanded to have an Alipay account with just 6 digits of password. Alipay is a form of intermediate payment processor between the buyer and seller. In an event of unfortunate incidents, Alipay could holds the payment or return the payment to the buyer till the dispute is settled.

Tmall final receipt

8. Busy Retailers

The ethical way to handle this situation is do not treat it as traditional way of buying items at shopping mall. Do not expect it to appear at your doorstep on second or third day after the date of purchase. It does not work that way particularly on this date !

Original Symbol and Consumer satisfaction guaranteed 

9. Original and Satisfaction Guaranteed

The launch of Tmall is fundamentally aimed on overseas buyers and ward off bad perception on Chinese's products. Most of the products listed on Tmall are original in quality control. Besides, there are ways for consumer writes a comment or two about the products.

Should you notice the 7 symbol ? As if all the items were to big or small to fit your body, fret not, 7 days return policy is on your side till your satisfaction is guaranteed.

As for you double 11 sign, it is quite obvious symbol the items are on sales and price is lowered for the double 11 festival.

10. Midnight or Morning on Double 11

Everyone should know that website goes slow when thousands of online traffic flows into a particular web page. In order to have smooth buying experience, please make shopping on 7 AM or the midnight.

Disclaimer : This guide is best for Malaysian consumers buying online on Tmall China.

10 Facts Pokemon Go Legendary Event

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Articuno found and captured at Malaysia
Articuno has been spotted at Malaysia. Successful attempt in defeating Legendary Pokemon Articuno with 12 Trainers.

1. Legendary Pokemon

Worldwide Trainer have seen Legendary Pokemon showing up on Pokemon Go radar. Since Team Mystic won the event, the first legendary Pokemon to be encountered is Articuno and Lugia following by Moltres and Zapdos on later date.

2. 5-Star Raid Pass

Literally anyone playing Pokemon Go are able to join 5-star raid by spinning Gym disc in prior then join the battle with the free daily gym raid pass. The premium gym raid pass are meant for those who seek 2nd or 3rd raid in the same day.

3. 100% defeating Legendary Pokemon

Gym mechanism has changed for better but still need improvement. At a total of 10 players and more, trainer should proceed the raid battle in any circumstance one trainer should able to finish off 10% health points.

The tips is you must not accept the battle until there are 10 players and more. You will be able to quit the raid and rejoin again without the need to waste a raid pass and hassle free.

4. 300 timers is more than enough

Legendary Pokemon raid is set on more or less 300 seconds timer. With more than 10 players in the raid, the raid should be finished with just using 200 seconds. 

5. One trainer could send 6 or more Pokemon into battle 

300 seconds timer is a little too long for veteran Pokemon go Trainer, As if all your six Pokemon has fainted, you are still get the chance to send other Pokemon to the raid or revive the 6 fainted Pokemon to the battle before the 300 seconds timer ends the raid.

6. Nine Chances to catch Articuno at bonus stage

Some of us get just 9 Pokeballs in the bonus stage. All you need to do is feed berry, curve ball and throw with the score of nice

7. Double Rewards

Trainer get temporary boost in experience, Pokemon's candy and many more in compliment the on-going legendary event.

8. Increased Pokemon Spawn Rate

Pokemon Spawn rate is at new record. Do you have enough Pokeballs ?

9. Ash's Hat on Pikachu

Trainer still be able to catch Pikachu with Ash's Hat on it. 

10. Articuno is no 144 on Pokedex

The legendary event is very hard to miss on big cities and well-known landmark. Whereas on the countryside, there are relatively big gap of differences and hard to ignore Trainer at big cities could have 4 Articuno and 2 Lugia.

We should be contented at least we caught one of the legendary and enjoy the event thoroughly.