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Top 10 Construction Projects at Kuala Lumpur 2021


Article is based on personal opinion. Tremendous amounts of construction projects happening at Kuala Lumpur. Owner of the article owned the photos and videos below feel free to like, share and subscribe to the youtube channel or it is best to put a caption credits to the owner's works.

1. MRT 2 Putrajaya 2021

putrajaya sentral mrt station 2021

Public Transportation benefits the public and future generation. It can reduce greenhouse gas emission. Besides, it can boost rural economic activites. Although Kuala Lumpur has KTM service, MRT by far the most accepted mode of public transportation due to its efficiency.

2. PNB Merdeka 118 Tower 2021

merdeka 118

Mammoth construction of PNB Merdeka 118 Tower is set to be Malaysia tallest mega skyscraper in the near future. Do we require another mega skyscraper ? My answer would be, Yes and why not ?. These kinds of developments should have happen 10 years ago. 

3. Bukit Bintang City Centre 2021

Bukit Bintang City Centre 2021

It is a long overdue development at this area. Bukit Bintang City Centre will transform the area into a bustling modern youthful attraction. This area should be able to rival the likes of Pavilion Mall and Berjaya Times Square.

4. TRX or known as Tun Razak Exchange 2021

TRX Exchange 2021

Upcoming Financial district at Kuala Lumpur. The Tun Razak Exchange will be a spotlight for foreign investors and businessman. The area is served by MRT, accessibility should not be a concern.

5. 8 Conlay

8 Conlay

Luxury Branded Residence nearby Pavilion Shopping Mall. 

6. Plaza Rakyat Project 2021

Plaza Rakyat 2021

Ongoing effort to restart the construction. The project has been abandoned for nearly 2 decade despite good location and really good accessibility.

7. Oxley Tower KLCC 2021

oxley tower 2021

Construction of Oxley Tower is situated next to Petronas Twin Tower. 

8. Sunway Velocity 2 2021

Sunway Velocity 2 2021

Sunway Velocity area will be a prime location in next few years. The ongoing development is increasing the area values.

9. MAIWP Tower

Menara MAIWP

Iconic Tower situated at Chow Kit area. Besides, Petronas Twin Tower can be clearly seen at the background.

10. PR1MA / PPR Housing

PR1MA Kajang

In order to serve the increasing number of local population, the number of public housing should match the upward trend. Public housing seem to restore public confidence on fairness and pull the gap closer for rich and poor in urban city.

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur during covid 19

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Kranji MRT > Woodland train checkpoint > Malaysia's Woodland train > Johor Bahru Terminal >Larkin Terminal > Kuala Lumpur Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS)

Singapore buses will alight passengers at Woodland train station.

The reason to leave Singapore was due to expiration of visit pass. At Kranji MRT bus station, the usual crowd waiting for 170x and causeway link bus were all gone. I had to go to the opposite of Kranji MRT bus station for a bus.

Coronavirus pandemic is as scary as economic impact brought upon us all.

woodlands CIQ to JB sentral
Woodlands CIQ to JB sentral

There were literally no bus at first causeway bridge. Walk to Johor Bahru Custom Immigration and Quarantine or take the train. The first option can break my arm and leg though. Good thing about the train was passport checked by both countries custom before departs with KTM till reach Johor Bahru centre.

SGD 5 for one way train trip to Johor. An usual one way trip bus would probably cost you only 1 dollar or RM3.00.

KTM singapore woodland to Johor bahru
KTM to Johor Bahru. Empty seats 

One Singaporean had been rejected to Malaysia due to the movement control order. Likewise, Malaysian cant enter Singapore for any visit. In recent, Singapore does not impose any movement restriction but will not taking in any visitor with short term visit pass.

SMRT bus
On the way to Johor Bahru Larkin terminal

RM1.70 to Larkin Terminal from Johor Bahru Centre Terminal.

Larkin Terminal Johor Bahru to TBS
Johor Bahru Larkin Terminal to TBS

I have planned this trip even before the announcement of MCO. Today is the fourth day of movement control order due to the Coronavirus and I was not done it deliberately. I was desperately wanted to go Malaysia due to Singapore would fine me for staying longer than intended.

It took less than 4 hours from JB to KL. Less than 6 persons on board the bus and there is no resting time. Cost me RM35.00 one-way ticket to Kuala Lumpur Terminal Bersepadu Selatan.

Larkin Terminal MCO
Social distancing measure

Malaysia implemented social distancing at Larkin Terminal bus waiting area.

Billion star bus

The bus did not departed on time. Probably wanted more passenger before off to TBS. Estimated departure time was 3.30. It was a really fast trip as there were no traffic congestion.

Johor bahru to TBS
Google Map from Johor Bahru Terminal to Kuala Lumpur TBS

Currently not feeling very well. Having sore throat and flu after the trip due to new environment.The 14-days quarantine news was very shocking and saddening.

If time machine did exist, I would travel back to February 2020. I would have find a job and stay in Singapore.

Cleansing Bar Price in Malaysia and Singapore

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Buying personal care at Malaysia Johor is much cheaper. 

Sebamed made in germany
Sebamed is Germany product.

How much cheaper ?

Ranging from RM5 - RM10. Let say buying 5 sebamed that would be saving of RM50.

Due to variety of skin problems, usage of soap-free cleansing bar is on the rise. No two skins are the same. Delicate skin cant tolerate normal soap.The use of skin-related active ingredients and the physiological pH value of 5.5 makes sebamed Cleansing Bar a biologically effective skin cleasing agent and ideal for sensitive skin.

Soap and alkali-free sebamed Cleansing Bar gently cleanses deep into the pores. An effective moisturizing complex, containing essential skin-related amino acids, vitamins and lecithin, promotes the moisturize retaining capacity of your skin. The pH value of 5.5 maintains the balance of the acid mantle's hydro-lipid system and its protective barrier function against damaging environmental influences.

Top up Grab Singapore using Malaysia bank

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You may top up Grab Singapore with Malaysian RHB visa card

At Singapore, Malaysian will not be able to see Grab Malaysia interface even with balance of RM100. The urge to use Grab car service among the youngsters are on the rise. Singapore has efficient public transportation. However, Grab has lenient rules one may bring pet, large luggage, eat or drink. In fact, the rise of Grab car are likely due to youngsters cant get MRT and public bus after midnight.

It seem like Visa does have a higher fee. RM154.79 for SGD50 is about 0.323 rate.

A current exchange rate from SGD to MYR is 3.01. RM154.79 should get SGD51.42.

Anyways, you will need a RHB visa card plus counter activation to do top up your Grab Singapore balance. 

Yili Greek Yogurt is selling at RM7 in Malaysia

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Highly influential China's variety programme "Running Man"  endorsed Yili Group's Greek Yogurt

Yili greek yogurt

Fans of the show have tried to purchase or to extend, imports the drink from China in order to displays their support and love on the variety show and celebrities. Although generally speaking most of Malaysian are not fond of yogurt drinks, due to celebrity endorsement from Li Chen and Angelababy, the market may endures large demand on Yili's greek yogurt beverage in a short time.

During the show, celebrity would satisfy thirst with Ambrosial AnMuXi Greek Yogurt Drink indirectly promoting the yogurt drink. Due to the large demand, the drink can be bought in some local stores in Malaysia for instance, Familymart. The price is at between RM7 - RM20.

The imported drink may have a different type of expiry date to warns the consumer. This yogurt drink most likely shows the manufacture date and encourages consumer drinks it within the duration of 6 months. Besides, do not be discouraged when you found out the beverage date is expired for a month, you may have wrongly noticed it was actually manufacture date for an imported products.

Yogurt or directly translated from Mandarin as "sour milk" is no stranger to us as we have known Yakult from Japan. Both products have a similarity in taste. However, a humble opinion, Yili's greek yogurt is much more sticky andcreamy.


Malaysia Chairman of Asean 2015 at Suria Sabah

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Educational Entertainment and free gifts  

Program Seranta & Diplomasi Awam

Celebrating Malaysia is the chairman of ASEAN in the year 2015. The official handover by President Myanmar to Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Free gift performed in the middle of the event. Crowd could not resisted it but there were limited quantity of this T-shirt.

Everyone want to have a piece of the T-shirt.

Some of the most eye-catching banner will be like the above picture !

Sabah Restaurant Receipt shows GST 6%

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It is under business right to exercise prior to the agreed date ?

It never one intention to harm anyone but to states the fact or truth or reality. I will never reveal because it will be a common thing at the future nagging it just feel no right. Demand and supply still rule. . You have the right to impose but we have the right to say and comment!

When demand and supply rules the above receipt is nothing at all. World crude oil fell 40 dollars and more it is amazing to know that nothing get affected at here everything is still normal because there is no decreasing price in our local oil price. When the oil price just increase a little bit locally, everything seem goes up !

There is one significant question in my head a little voice saying that "When it the right time for our favorite restaurants trim it price down ?" I had this questions when I am still young I always glimpse on the price of my favorite food. Apparently, it was just a fairy tale ! As I grow up, I realized that when food and service goes together nothing really goes down.

It never goes down I was hoping a miracle that could bring this dream materialized. The reasons behind it I heard that the restaurant owner wants to maintain profit. Due to some minimum wage policy or local oil price increased or 5-star service. One of the most sound reason of all will be go and you try to open a restaurant business yourself !  I was so guilty being so naive by stating all this facts

Business operator used to be charging RM3 for a bowl of kon lao men or RM 3.50 for big portion chicken rice or RM1.50 for 3 Dim Sum or RM0.70 for a roti canai. Nowadays, no one hardly get the prices

Do you ever miss paying RM 1.00 for a fried rice or fried noodle ?? I mean it not like the salary is catching up the inflation of food. There is only one certain thing in the future "price of your favorite foods goes up in the restaurant if demand is still strong" . 

We talk too much about demand what about the supply well, my favorite restaurant might want to maintain it price if there are many new and good restaurants doing business around there. Besides, people changes their diet too during a life cycle or due to some significant event happened like disease that would be something entirely unpredictable but it does occur !

So stop everything start eating your favorite food with the food price set by the restaurant ! Although their business depend very much on customer do not forget they listen when you comment on the food taste but not food price !

Malaysian joins MBC Star Audition in Korea

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Her real name is DIDI MOO and she got the attentions of the judges as well as everyone enjoying her performance 

"Talents are everywhere" These words are perfectly fit for describing her. Although she does not have a celebrity looking but when she sings you will be transported to a fantasy wonderland, a beautiful ever dream. Her singing talent will make anyone crazed.

In audition, she has performed 2 songs and traditional Sabah dance. The songs were Hot Chocolate and Bubble Pop. Besides, she was wearing Sabah traditional wear performing and she was happy and conquering stage fright feeling.

Didi Moo snapped the opportunity performing at Korea when she saw MBC advertisement recruiting for talents back on 2011. She met all the requirements and one of the requirement was uploading a video of herself performing her best talent. Subsequently, she got shortlisted. She told her mum about it they are very proud of her.

She did not just make her mom and herself proud, Sabah Tourism Board Minister have met her after her success in participant MBC star audition in Korea. Most of you guy did not know her but she is actively uploading new cover song in her Youtube channel.

Author of Unitedmy have listened her cover songs strongly encourage supporting her. We need to see her living up to her potential !

Didi Moo Facebook : Didi Moo Facebook

Didi Moo Youtube channel : Didi Moo Youtube channel

Didi Moo MBC Star Audition video link Facebook video ( Due to some issue, Facebook did not allow embedding video, you need to go Facebook and watch the video there)

Malaysia 57th Theme Malaysia, Where Love Grows

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57th Independence Day Theme - Malaysia, Where Love Grows or Di Sinilah Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta 


Cinta, Cinta kepada Nusa
Kini dan selamanya
Tak berbelah bagi
Cinta bergema sejarah kebangkitan
Semangat bagai Pahlawan
Alangkah Ong Bertuah nya

Kita rasa sayang dalam pada pertiwi ini
Kita terus berganding ke mercun

Disini Lahirnya, Sebuah Cinta
Cinta yang Semarakkan
Penyatuan Kita semua

Disini lahirnya Sebuah Cinta
Curahkan Sepenuhnya
Jasa dan Budi Kita
Segala Cabaran Kita Terus Tempuhi
Jangan ada yang leka
Tetap Berjuang

Disini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta
Cinta Semarakkan
Penyatuan Kita Semua

Disini Lahirnya, Sebuah Cinta
Curahkan sepenuhnya
Jasa dan Budi Kita

Ayuhlah Berbakti, hingga akhirnya

More version of the song at Youtube

10 Important things to do Hari Raya Malaysia

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Hari Raya Aildifitri 10 Checklists. Do your own or you may like one of them listed here

1. No last minute frenzy shopping

Imagine the attitude of rushing for last minute frenzy shopping spree, the shopping mall might overcrowd. You do not the meaning of overcrowd if you do not see one. I know you wish it not happening on you.

2. Plans homecoming route

Tune right radio station and open it louder to know current road situation. Do not be haste just follow the flow and be patient for your turn. You always get your turn please drive safely for the sake of passenger nad yourself

Get your neighbor alerted that you are heading home. Close the windows and close the gas chamber.

3. Tell employer 1 month in advance

Yes means yes, no means no that what employer will tell you unless you apply it in advance there is a big chance you will get it. However, there is percentage you still need to work. If you have seen the Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) Hari Raya video 2014 you will know what I had tried to say.

4. Check best discount deals for Hari Raya

Lazada Malaysia

Survey all options and physical outlets before decide to make a transaction because there are always big sales. All the people are now more keen surveying online products because items bought online were mostly cheaper due to no expensive rental fees


5. To cinema for Hari Raya movies " Tembus " or " Mat Tudung "

There are massive movies coming out such as the title suggested and Hollywood movies such as Hercules and  Guardian of Galaxy. It is sad to tell you guys that both the movies do not have macho Aaron Aziz or pretty Nelydia Senrose. 

6. Watch exclusive videos made for Hari Raya 2014 in Malaysia

Have you seen the latest Hari Raya advertisement video from Telekom Malaysia, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Proton or Petronas ?? They have put tremendous effort to make these videos.

All the Hari Raya advertisement videos can be watched at All Hari Raya videos 2014

7. Upload Gathering pictures to social media

Do not get upload all pictures onto your Facebook or Twitter account. Tagging your friend and show them your smile face that would light up the dark sky.

8. Green Packets 

You will know the feeling of getting one when you visit employer or Datuk house. They usually warp it in green packets.

9. Use oil lamp to light surrounding house

Oil lamp is unique culture from ancestor. It has been passed down from generation to generation. It like a Christmas tree but it Hari Raya oil lamp for decoration the house during this period.

10. Be Tolerate

Last thing is to remind not everyone have this rare opportunity celebrating raya with friends and family. Keep them in touch !! You can always video chat the person later.

Hari Raya Videos in Malaysia 2014

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Complete list of new Hari Raya videos in Malaysia 2014. Do not miss these meaningful videos 

Earliest wishing all happy celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslim in Malaysia. Happy holiday for everyone.

1. This advertisement video is made by Telekom Malaysia 

Title : Sister

Moral of the story always know and admit your faults. Especially during Hari Raya ask for the forgiveness of elders.

2. Jakel and Aaron Aziz

Get Aaron Aziz and Zizan Razak brand at nearest Jakel clothing store. Check them out for original and high quality wear only RM60.

3. Petronas Hari Raya Video Song

Title : Ke Pangkuan Bonda

#PetronasRaya2014 , A hashtag newly created by Petronas for you who want to comment on this video clip. A very soothing song coupled with a family preparing for Hari Raya.

4. Astro Kosong Kosong chain videos

Casts : Lisa Surihani, Zizan Razak, Hanis Zalikha, Fazura, Nana Mahazan, Maya Karin, Feeya Iskandar, Azhael, Sheera Iskandar, Shiro, 

There are many video with the title "Kosong Kosong" by numerous actress and actors. One of them is from Lisa Surihani

5. Nissan Malaysia Hari Raya video

Title : Atuk

Grandpa and Grand mom went out dating without telling their son and grandson.

6. Hari Raya video by Radio Television Malaysia (RTM)

Title : Ini Baru Raya

All the city dwellers back to Kampung. Try to catch live chicken is very difficult for those who never live at Kampung. Leave the job for elderly parent.

7. Panasonic Hari Raya Videos

Title : Riuh Punya Raya

There are 4 or more videos titled Riuh Punya Raya. In the end, they are promoting Panasonic electronic goods to all Malaysian.

8. Hari Raya video by JKKN

Title : Kuih Ibuku

True story of an adult man leaving behind his mother.

9. Hari Raya with Ambank

Title : Raya Bergaya

Raya bergaya with Ambank.

10. Hitachi Hari Raya advertisement videos

Title : Kasih Lebaran

There were more than one video. See them all !

11. Tenaga Nasional Hari Raya Video Song

It really creative video by TNB. So far, there are 3 videos with different genre. Joket, Original and Pop.

12. Hari Raya Video with TV9

From Media Prima a meaningful video. Spend more time with parent is always undeniably right decision

13. Hari Raya Proton Advertisement video

14. Hari Raya Aid with KFC Malaysia

More about " Hari Raya " in Unitedmy

  1. Top 10 goods/product Malaysian buy online during/before Hari Raya

Rage women demand RM2000 minor accident compensation

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Video about angry women and her seemingly new Peugeot car trending at Social Media in Malaysia

Meme : The uncle has been edit out and replaced Thor

Above picture is entirely wrong depicting Uncle who rammed white Peugeot. The women were holding a sterling lock smashing the black car owned by the Uncle. The situation get worse when she repeated smashing uncle car while angrily shouting " I want you to pay RM2000 now "

For those who have watched the video, women is really furious on Uncle mistake. It not like Uncle did it purposely and as if he knew the angry management of the women I think no one including him will do such mistake. She had been humiliating him in front of the public and stirred congestion on the road. Worst, she seem have threatened uncle with a hard object.

Accident happen when you least unexpected. I thnk we will need tolerate that the road is really congestion sometimes. Although it Uncle fault, he was not in one second deny his mistake. Besides, he was not upset when she holding the sterling lock and even confront her nicely. To the extend that she started to smash his car repeatedly.

Uncle quotes, " I pay you", "Do not do that again", " I have no intention upon this", " I tak sengaja"

Women quotes, " Pay me now", " I got your key", "kereta baru", "You do it intentionally", "What you did to my car now, you see", "Pay me now, RM2000", "oh man", "dia cina"

Video was uploaded by popular Malaysia media social "Oh Media" Thanks for sharing !!

Due to the popularity of this matter, many have tried to search both identity in social media. It seem that they have successfully traced the women identity. Below are some Facebook page related to the women.

Link >>

Twitter trending #CDM25 and Peugeot purely related to this accident

Someone has created a public figure page for her. Newly created one with almost garnered 1000 likes so far

Link >>

14.25PM (Update) : She openly apologized her mistakes and actions towards him through this page. Asking media to delete videos.  Kiki page

Huge response from Malaysian about this viral video to the extend that it garnered 19,000 likes for a page titled "Kami Benci CDM25". Everyone condemn the action of her and made some meme upon the matter. Latest news also said that Daughter of the uncle is going to sue her. However, uncle believed this is not necessary and he did not even lodge a police report.

11 Things to do during Ramadan in Malaysia

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Ramadan month started June 29 in Malaysia. Subsequently announced by Keeper of the Ruler's Seal

Ramadan month
Source : Awani Kosong Kosong

Fasting is obligatory to adult Muslim. One of the five pillars of Islam. It lasts for 29 or 30 days based on visual sightings of the crescent moon. Spiritual rewards thawab multiply during the month of Ramadan. In this month, there will be increased offering and recitation of Quran. Those who are able to fast is compulsory to them. Except for sick, traveler, pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic or going through menstrual bleeding.

1. Zakat Al-Fitri

Every male and female muslim who are qualified to the terms and conditions must contribute fixed amount Zakat.

2. Visit Bazaar Ramadan

Visiting Bazaar is not necessary for Muslim. The joyful and unity environment are felt presence should not be missed. There will be increase number of street vendors selling all kind of delicious food and beverage catering everyone. It usually started on 4PM and seen closing on 8PM. Everyone like to go there to buy food and beverage prior sunset.

After sunset, this is a moment allowing them to eat the food and beverage purchased during visiting Bazaar Ramadan.

3. Tarawih Prayer

A special night prayer throughout 30days. Recite entire Quran or longer than usually did.

4. Suhoor/Sahur 

It is necessary to consume food and beverage as a pre-dawn meal rather than no meal at all. After this meal, there were no breakfast and lunch till the sunset.

5. Breaking fast rules

First drink water or eat Kumar/Tamar fruit. Breaking fast is important to do as fast as announced. The next thing will be Maghrib prayer.

6. Strain from prohibited to you by Allah

It usually mean avoid intimacy with spouse, say harsh words, deliberately produce semen.

7. Quit Smoking 

It bad for your health, people surrounding and your wealth.

8. Medicine tips

Liquid and pill are restricted to eat. Besides that, Inhaler for Asthma patient, Eye ear and nose drop as well. However, there were some medicine allowed. cream & lotion for external use and those injected to the body.

More tips at this site Awani guides to medicine consume during Ramadan

9. Clothes for coming Hari Raya

Rather than purchase after Ramadan ended, it is better to make early preparation. Avoid traffic congestion !

10. Government handout for coming Raya Aidilfitri

Take note for government bonus handout during this month. Penang government announced half-month bonus or minimum payment of RM600 for civil servants. Besides, Prime minister of Malaysia announced special aid for Government pensioners and civil servants from Grade 1 to Grade 54. They will get RM500.

In Shah Alam, Civil servants in Selangor will receive one month bonus for Hari Raya.

11 Hari Raya Aidilfitri cookies and cake

Cook or go nearest shopping mall for fresh and delicious Hari Raya cookies and cake.

Proof of RM 20 Rebate for Electricity Bill

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Effective since 2008, RM 20 is waived if you are using lesser than 100 KWH a month

There is no release of information how many household are using less than 110 KWH a month. Certainly, many would have asked how was it like to be in the situation living under RM 20 electricity bill. Surely, many would question whether there is a solid proof the implementation of RM 20 subsidy was a successful or a failure ??

The electricity hike was all started on 2008. The year financial collapse in western world. If you ask what really affect globally as a result of the financial crisis in 2008, the obvious would be our electricity tariff. It was a chain reaction ?? I cant tell you that because I am no professor in this field. Observe carefully our electricity tariff increased year-on-year basis. When will it stopped ??

It affected everywhere you go there is no escaping even in Malaysia. The excuse was because the increase of the price material using to generate our power. How much increase and what materials were they using ?? It seem like there is no stopping it until the material price stabilize. Tomorrow our electricity tariff might changed in an upward trend. I heard TNB is going to increase again the news was reported in June 2014.

To be able hitting below 110 KWH will make life uneasy. The reality is that most of us used up 110 KWH. Can you survive living with one refrigerator, light and fan turned on for 30 days?? No television, electric water boiler and most importantly no air-conditioner for hot weather and air purifier for polluted city.

In 2013, trusted source said there were 1.1 million benefited by this exemption. 146 million have been spent by the government for this exemption.

Example of waived payment to SESB. Exemption applied once balance below RM20. One still get bill every month showing current electricity consumption

10 Best Sinkhole Memes at Jalan Pudu and Hang Tuah

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That are some creative memes ! These are purely for entertainment purposes no hard feeling 

There were sinkholes in Jalan Pudu, Jalan Imbi and Jalan Hang Tuah. This is the not the main point but there are huge number of internet users who are good in making meme, made some funniest meme ever ! this is trending !

Save me Iron Man. I am stuck at this big sinkhole. 

Thor : Loki, Please explain to this officer we are came from Asgard. We do not possess any human identity. 
Loki : Excuse me officer, you are talking to me don look at Thor hair

Spartan :  Spartan do not negotiate, we are born to be warrior !! . Did you hear my wife said ?? only strong women born the strongest warrior. Now, stop calling women to shut up !

I am the biggest chicken and I am stuck. 
Godzilla came out from the cinema screen and rampant at KL
Anticipate my movie July 10 . King Kong is going to rule human world
Did you see Optimus Prime around here ?? I am going to capture him demanded by his creator !

Asal kita ada buat kerja sekarang tunggu back up datang yang tak datang datang lagi ini !

I do not know who make this meme. In fact, most of the meme were not belong to me. This man who created this make fun of him !

Optimus Prime : Human, what have you become ?? Hunting Autobots and make experiement on them .I am demand an explanation from your leader !!

Ultraman : I sense a Godzilla is around here. I must send them back where they belong ! This will be a glory fight watched by you guys. Although I am banned to come here but I will use my ultimate power with the gesture of holy cross power to crucify enemy !

KFC Tangy Crunch with Doraemon Blanket

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New KFC menu in the month of June 2014. KFC Tangy Crunch hot and spicy chicken recipe and Potato hash-rounds

Cristiano Ronaldo "So Good" commercial ads is ending. The popular soccer player who is now at Brazil with it Portugal squad. The ads started since March till June estimated 3 months. There were no special flavor chicken but there were Cristiano Ronaldo merchandise such as flashdrive, headphone, water bottle and pouch.

The new menu is taking over and surely Malaysian will miss this exclusive promotion featuring top soccer player. The new promotion is KFC Tangy Crunch a promotional title for special flavor chickens. Besides, Boneless Chicken rice is not longer at the menu table in any KFC outlets in case you do not know.

KFC Tangy Crunch Family and Friends Meal Malaysia 2014
KFC Tangy Crunch Family and Friends Meal

Have you tried it the new KFC promotion ?? The special flavor indeed spicy you would notice there is few new ingredients added at your first bite on this chicken. Moreover, they will serve you Lipton beverage rather than Soda Soft Drinks. I would say it way better than serving me Coca-cola.

Did you notice the Doraemon Blanket ? I am not a fan of Doraemon and it was not my decision to purchase it . I know little detail about it, if you wanted to get one of those it costs around RM 15 something.

Just a friendly advice if you do not want to get the Doraemon blanket, it is better you to take Tangy Crunch Individual Meal because there were no obvious benefits for those choosing family and friends meal. If the KFC staff insisted you to take then tell them you are sorry !!

Furthermore, KFC is not the only fast food restaurants offering new menu. One can go McDonald they are having Habanero Burger and free Coca-cola glass promotion. Yet, you can go to Pizza Hut they are having discount everyday after 9PM

I have tried  McDonald Habanero. Have you ?? See this Habanero Reality vs McDonald Habanero ads