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10 America Products in Malaysia


United States of America Produce at Malaysia.

My Top 12 Imported Foods from America. USA are more than just McDonalds and KFC or even Burger and Fish and Chips. Fresh and Safe Produce from USA are tasty and healthy.

America No 1 Potato

1. USA Potato

Known as America No 1 Potatoes. As for the local price it goes up to RM7.00 per Kilogram.

Autumn Crisp Green Grape

2. Autumn Crisp Green Grape

Sweet and seedless green grape all the way from USA. Local Price for 1 kilogram can be as high as RM50.00

Almond USA

3. USA Almond

Enhance your food flavor with taste of crunchy nut. Full of nutritional values and must try !

Fruit Royale Grape

4. Fruit Royale California Grape

There are no secret to great and smooth skin. Get enough nutrition for your skin by eating grapes.

Chelan Apple USA to Malaysia

5. Chelan Apple

An Apple a day, keep the doctor away. Keep illness at bay. Ward off some really dangerous diseases with clean and healthy Apple from USA.

Organic Oat Bran

6. Organic Oat Bran

Organic + oat is an excellent combination for your daily consumption. 400g of oat is just as low as RM10.00. 

Organic Sunflower Kernel USA

7. Organic Sun Flower Kernel

Lower Blood Pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. This food is awesome and contain vitamin E.

Walnut USA

8 Walnut

Rich in Antioxidants. Walnut is full of nutritional values. Its is good for heart and brain health.

Washington Apple

9. Washington Apple

Great product from Washington state. These apple has some grape aftertaste lingering in your tongue.

Organic Yellow Split peas

10. Organic Yellow Split Peas

America exported some really good food products to the world. Good for Soup as it needs to be cooked at a longer time to break down and become thickening. Preferably cook with tomatoes or add in a Indian curry cuisine. A top food for those seek fiber.


Millennials Drink Lesser Alcoholic Drinks

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Millennials are hooked by the words "Apple Cider" with 4.5% alcohol content

Millennials in Malaysia understand the adverse effect consuming alcoholic drinks from their parent. Besides, prolonged campaign of "too much alcoholic drinks are bad for health" are really effective way stopping us from binge drink.

Furthermore, alcoholic drinks are for adults (normally bartender ask your age prior serving). Even though we can pretend we are adult but the heavy tax imposed by the authorities really put us off as one simple and normal alcoholic drinks are priced at more or less RM8.50 in an amount 300ml to 350ml.

Last but not least, the religion strongly against consuming alcoholic drinks. Some of us think alcoholic drinks must be really bad to the extent it goes opposed by religious teaching.

It might be true Millennials are not drinking that much now. In fact, they do not find it is good to drink what the elders have been drinking all this time.  In order to attract younger generation, the company behind alcoholic drinks are introducing the health-concerned alcoholic drinks to the market with as low as just 4.5% alcoholic content.

Apple fox cider canned drink
Apple fox cider 

Despite all the above mentioned implications, we will see market shelves filling up with colorful canned drinks and shiny see-through glass bottle thank to Heineken and Carlsberg. Apple fox cider is by Heineken.

Somersby Apple cider 4.5%

Somersby by far the pioneer of apple cider alcoholic drink in Malaysia. It is brought to you by no other than Carlsberg. I bet the taste only appeal to younger generation and all the advertising are all targeted on younger audiences.

Strongbow Heineken
Strongbow by Heineken

Alcoholic beverage company are gaining sales momentum after putting the word "apple cider" into their products. It is sending a positive messages and alcoholic brands to the market. These are 3 most favorite alcoholic drinks for the youth in 2017.

Top 10 Vegetables & Fruits in Malaysia

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The greatest gift of all is "land filled with milk and honey"

We can all assume our parent taught us eating more vegetables for our health. Ironically, they never really taught us the whole picture. This is not an article that cover everything more of nagging you to recognize all these fruits and vegetables are a blessing.

Okra lady finger

1. Okra / Lady Finger

In a way that it has more similarity to a fruit than vegetable. A pod that containing seed. Eating okra is equivalent eating fruit. Asian love stir fried lady finger with garlic and little bit of chili than eating it raw or boil.

You could get a taste of authentic lady finger dish in any Malaysian "Nasi Kandar" restaurant when available.

Bird eye Chili

2. Bird's Eye Chili

Do you know that Bird's Eye Chili is actually a fruit ?. This is because it contains the seed more or less like a pod. Of course, some of us do not like to eat it. That is the reason why god give us tomato a rival of Chili that what I love to believe.

Can you put bird eye chili and tomato in a same dish ? It is truly sad to agree not all god's creation are meant to blend well together !


3. Carrot

Basically it is a tuber. harvest it underneath soil. Frankly speaking, carrot is a giant stem storing all the natural nutrients under the soil. It cant be classified as fruit due to lack of seed and does not grow out of a tree.


4. Potato

I think some of us confuse potato and french fries in some point of our life. It actually a same thing. I do not know why it widely called as french fries instead of potato fries. It is so confusing ! Due to potato does not contain any seed so it safe to say it is a vegetable stem. We should eat more potato and treat it as a kind of vegetable.

Brinjal Eggplant

5. Eggplant / Brinjal

The king of "vegetable". I seriously think Eggplant should be classified as a fruit. I am a huge fan of eggplant. No one treat it raw and often cook with oil in many variety.

sweet potato

6. Sweet Potato

There are many differences between potato and sweet potato. Firstly, sweet potato is reddish even when skin is peeled off. Sweet potato has this long oval shape and rough surface unlike the potato usually round and fine surface.

Sweet potato is largely popular at Japan and South Korean as opposed to potato. They believe eating sweet potato is good for skin.


7. Pineapple

Historically, people has been crazy about pineapple due to scarce availability and often a dish only on royal dining table in China once upon time. I am very grateful able to taste it in my short lifetime at a grand seafood restaurant that serve pineapple fried rice. Yummy !

large yam

8. Yam

Yam is a large tuber than potato and sweet potato. Behold your eye on this heavy yam ! Yam is much more easily recognized than the rest. Outside of yam is a rough surface whereas, Inside of yam is pure white.

Chili Pepper

9. Chili Pepper

This is some fantastic discovery ever in human food history. This delicious-looking fruit has three distinctive color. Green, yellow and red. Do not fool by it colors, It is the same fruit. I am laughing so hard because once believe that three of them are different fruits.


10. Broccoli

Brocoli is a new trend in vegetable world after discovery of substances hidden in Broccoli could save life before getting diabetes or cancer. 

10 Products contain Palm Oil

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Biggest vegetable oil exporter in the world !

It is hard to determine the products when they say 50% of the products at market shelves containing nutrients of palm oil. We are at the 100 years of producing fine palm oil to the world. Harvest from oil palm trees and refine palm oil for the benefit of people in a century and more to come.

There is no sign of slowing down on the demand of palm oil. Malaysia is used to be the number 1 palm oil producer till Indonesia overtaken us for quantity. Oil Palm reaches it maximum potential in Malaysia soil due to constant sunlight and abundant rainfall as oppose to place of origin the native Africa countries where drought spell is frequent.

Bread massimo contain palm oil

1 Massimo Bread

we may not be recognized as a high-tech country. But, we are greatest producer of vegetable oil to the world and that seriously mean something.

Malaysia cooking oil contain palm oil

2 Cooking Oil

Palm Olein is one of many name for palm oil. We should gladly announce that we are producer of vegetable oil and we like consuming it. In a normal Asian household meal particularly in Malaysia, people like using vegetable oil than using butter. Will you use butter to cook Kangkung ?

Milo UHT contains palm oil

3. Milo

Milo is Malaysia household brand for chocolate milk drink. As you can see clearly, it contains the nutrient of Palm oil and an noticeable ingredient, Luo Han Guo. 1 Liter of Milo Chocolate drink is equivalent to RM 4.50 as in the year of 2017.

Maggi contain palm oil

4. Maggi

Take a quick read on the Maggi ingredient. You will be able to see "vegetable oil" and it could be from palm oil. For you information, Maggi is Malaysia household brand for instant noodle We always address "instant noodle" as Maggi in a form that a kind of abbreviation.

Nutella made of Palm oil

5. Nutella Chocolate Spread

This is the highest rated chocolate spread for your daily crave of loaf. People never stop buying it though it contains palm oil nutrients. I love Vanilla more maybe I should start applying Cold vanilla instead of Nutella.

Lexus biscuit contain palm oil

6. Lexus Biscuit

Either Vegetable oil or vegetable fat, the source could from palm oil. We quickly becoming indispensable. In fact, we are now and in the future until we are tired of vegetable oil. How could people still believing in oil originated from animals ?

pringles contain palm oil

7. Pringles Potato Chips

Any snacks at the local market shelves has a sign of palm oil nutrients in it. Just grab any nearest snack you can find at your home now. Please read the ingredients slowly !

Dove Contains palm oil

8. Dove

Oil Palm is so versatile you could extract the necessary ingredients for making of soap. Probably wonder which ingredients could potentially indicating contain palm oil the obvious one is sodium laureth sulfate which could be contained from coconut too

Selsun Hair shampoo

9. Selsun Blue

you may not notice this shampoo due to the reason of Selsun is an imported shampoo from USA. This does not stop the manufacturer getting the making of shampoo from the extract of palm oil. Ingredients such as stearic acid, palmitic acid or propylene glycol are potentially made of Palm oil.

10. Men Biore Face Wash

No doubt the oil palm produce an excellent fruits contain the massively useful ingredient for face wash product. The thing that separate your face from oil and dirt is the doing of palm oil extract.

10 Important Fruits in Malaysia

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Abundant Fruits available throughout nationwide

The last time Malaysian run out of fruit supply is almost impossible. The lifestyle disease pretty much outweigh Malaysia fruit consumption rate. It is believe that Malaysia has continuously import good fruits into the country in order to tackle problematic disease such as obesity, heart illnesses.

Although Malaysian healthcare system is fairly affordable. There is a saying goes like "prevention is better than cure". Unless it was a fruit named Durian, most of the fruits are supplement for our body !

Apple and grape


Most of the apple put on sale at Malaysian local store are product of import from USA. we never realize how lucky we are able to taste apple ! It receives underwhelmed response perhaps due to lack of health awareness ?

I firmly believe that the fruits are heavily subsidized by the authorities. we may not the know the actual price of one apple. In 2017, the price of an apple should be RM1 as well as the price of an orange which also a product of import either from Australia or Egypt !

There is not much price inflation in fruit market in Malaysia due to abundant supply and least demand !


I did not recalls any memories of my parent ever advice me eating more grapes. They never tell us eating it could prevent cancer and heart disease !



It is not a secret that our country could product some banana in a fertile land. Banana is no stranger to us. Often, we cook it in a boiling oil with flour covering the banana. Fried banana is totally mind-blowing snack !

We may have unconsciously eating banana the wrong way after the introduction of fried banana into our diet !



Corn is so delicious indispensable in many local cuisine. Indeed, whoever eat corn will live to tell the story to other how delicious it is !



F&N beverage has been brewing Lemon Tea products for century reaping profits from Malaysian thirsty for more lemon ! Don't get me wrong we love the song "Lemon tree" from Fool garden as much as much we love consuming the lemon !

Lime citrus


Teh O Ice Limau is perhaps the most consumed drink in mamak restaurant ! High demand and easily made good beverage for throughout the day.  To your surprise, there is a long list of health benefit eating lime.



There is a discussion about papaya is enlarging women breast by eating it at a minimal amount. Myth or fact does not matter as long as there is a research that consuming Papaya seed would make sure you are parasite free !

There is one point in your life that you would fear body get infested with million of parasite ? That is how I got my first papaya for being too much pessimism.



If you ask me 3 fruits that I can think of right now, I would say watermelon after banana. This giant red fruit is everyone favorite.



Full of tomato in a pizza ? or, sweet and sour fish ? a necessary ingredient for many local cuisine. I like chili more than tomato anyone with me ?

coconut water


The last one should be least expected, coconut has been a very undervalued fruit. Most of the westerner does not really welcome coconut due to its research outcome not very pleasing. Well, in other part of the world, coconut milk or coconut oil are very much acceptable !

Imagine one day the fruit price skyrocketed or there has been a restriction imposed on these fruits. We should protect fruit from any discrimination in order for many generation yet to come for them to have a taste of it.

10 Healthy Vegetables For Your Body

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Your natural life support system likes these alkaline foods

Top 10 healthy vegetables consume by Asian people. Some of the vegetables were not originate from Asia countries yet it highly available in many Asian country due to appropriate environment for planting.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)'s MyPlate, vegetables took large portion of the plate indicating a healthy diet should include more vegetable than fruits and protein in a meal plate.

Vegetable is simply too abstract. Who knows which vegetable contains lots of nutrient than the other ? As an Asian, you must know these 10 vegetables reigned our market today !

-A vegetable a day, keeps the disease away-

1. Loose Leaf Lettuce / Rosso

Best way to digest this vegetable nutrients is by eating it raw. Clean thoroughly all the dirt and submerge it with cold water as it adds crunchy for your appetite. It usually used in salad or decoration.

2. Iceberg Lettuce

One of the indispensable vegetable for your daily salad diet. Clean all the dirt and submerge into cold water for more than 5 minutes than rinse it and it readily to be consumed.

3. Spring Onion

Spring Onion is always acted as a decoration. You may see Spring Onion on many occasion, top of soup, on top of fried rice and stir-fried foods. You are not an Asian if you have not seen one spring onion in your life.

4. Edamame

The super food contains all nine essential amino acid. Usually found at any Japanese restaurant as an appetizer. It actually a pre-matured soy beans. Soy bean was not meant to be eaten raw, you are highly encouraged eat it after submerges it inside a boiling pot for at least 2 minutes.

There's more, Asian loves soy bean so much there are many products out there associated with soy bean. Hence, soy bean dark sauce, soy bean milk and tofu as well as bean sprout.

5. Water Spinach

A highly regarded vegetable at South East Asia countries, Indonesia and Malaysia. Locally known as Kankung. It is recommended to eat it after cooking due to water spinach living condition most likely in a swamp place. Adding shrimp paste and some chili paste for good taste.

6. Chinese Cabbage / Bok Choy / Pak Choi

Bok Choy are staple vegetable in Hong Kong's chicken rice. Preparation of Bok Choy is boil it in a boiling pot or steam it. Every Bok Choy dishes you may order at any Chinese restaurant would be served with dark soy sauce. Soy bean sauce and Pak choi are the best synergy of vegetable.

7. Napa Cabbage / Long Cabbage

Ferment it 24 hours with salt to kill all the harmful germs and than filter it with water to remove the salty, there you go the main ingredient for Korean Kimchi.  Napa Cabbage are used in stir-fried noodles too !

8. Round Cabbage 

Eat this to prevent type 2 diabetes. In Japanese cuisine, round cabbage is prepared to be eaten raw by wash it thoroughly more than 5 minutes than submerge it into cold water for at least 20 minutes. 

9. Yard Long Bean

One of the ancient cultivated vegetable for cuisine. Nutritional values are fair skin due to abundant vitamin C and good amounts of thiamine for vision preventing eye diseases such as glaucoma,

10. Choy Sum

Belong to the mustard family and highly renowned in modern Chinese community. Choy Sum literally translated from Cantonese to English as "the heart of vegetable".