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10 Products contain Palm Oil

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Biggest vegetable oil exporter in the world !

It is hard to determine the products when they say 50% of the products at market shelves containing nutrients of palm oil. We are at the 100 years of producing fine palm oil to the world. Harvest from oil palm trees and refine palm oil for the benefit of people in a century and more to come.

There is no sign of slowing down on the demand of palm oil. Malaysia is used to be the number 1 palm oil producer till Indonesia overtaken us for quantity. Oil Palm reaches it maximum potential in Malaysia soil due to constant sunlight and abundant rainfall as oppose to place of origin the native Africa countries where drought spell is frequent.

Bread massimo contain palm oil

1 Massimo Bread

we may not be recognized as a high-tech country. But, we are greatest producer of vegetable oil to the world and that seriously mean something.

Malaysia cooking oil contain palm oil

2 Cooking Oil

Palm Olein is one of many name for palm oil. We should gladly announce that we are producer of vegetable oil and we like consuming it. In a normal Asian household meal particularly in Malaysia, people like using vegetable oil than using butter. Will you use butter to cook Kangkung ?

Milo UHT contains palm oil

3. Milo

Milo is Malaysia household brand for chocolate milk drink. As you can see clearly, it contains the nutrient of Palm oil and an noticeable ingredient, Luo Han Guo. 1 Liter of Milo Chocolate drink is equivalent to RM 4.50 as in the year of 2017.

Maggi contain palm oil

4. Maggi

Take a quick read on the Maggi ingredient. You will be able to see "vegetable oil" and it could be from palm oil. For you information, Maggi is Malaysia household brand for instant noodle We always address "instant noodle" as Maggi in a form that a kind of abbreviation.

Nutella made of Palm oil

5. Nutella Chocolate Spread

This is the highest rated chocolate spread for your daily crave of loaf. People never stop buying it though it contains palm oil nutrients. I love Vanilla more maybe I should start applying Cold vanilla instead of Nutella.

Lexus biscuit contain palm oil

6. Lexus Biscuit

Either Vegetable oil or vegetable fat, the source could from palm oil. We quickly becoming indispensable. In fact, we are now and in the future until we are tired of vegetable oil. How could people still believing in oil originated from animals ?

pringles contain palm oil

7. Pringles Potato Chips

Any snacks at the local market shelves has a sign of palm oil nutrients in it. Just grab any nearest snack you can find at your home now. Please read the ingredients slowly !

Dove Contains palm oil

8. Dove

Oil Palm is so versatile you could extract the necessary ingredients for making of soap. Probably wonder which ingredients could potentially indicating contain palm oil the obvious one is sodium laureth sulfate which could be contained from coconut too

Selsun Hair shampoo

9. Selsun Blue

you may not notice this shampoo due to the reason of Selsun is an imported shampoo from USA. This does not stop the manufacturer getting the making of shampoo from the extract of palm oil. Ingredients such as stearic acid, palmitic acid or propylene glycol are potentially made of Palm oil.

10. Men Biore Face Wash

No doubt the oil palm produce an excellent fruits contain the massively useful ingredient for face wash product. The thing that separate your face from oil and dirt is the doing of palm oil extract.