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8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Interstellar Movie

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Boring science made interesting in this movie. 

I do not study advanced science nor a scientist. I wanted to watch again this movie because there were many things I could not grasp it. It a wonderful science-fiction movie. If it was a documentary and made not by Christoper Nolan and his brilliant team it would be another sleepy class. I have watched it and they were talking about Murphy law, Einstein research that I barely could understand. Yet, it still very comfortable movie experience.

1) The technology to cross worm hole

We may have touched this worm hole subject in few Hollywood movie previously. A science-fiction and myth. Worm hole and Star gate are the same . Entering the worm hole means one could traverse to another side that beyond the reach of human technology.

Although we may have bullet train or supersonic aircraft it shorten significantly to move from location to new location. However, it takes time to reach another galaxy. We need something as fast as the speed of light which is impossible to be materialize. The outer space is simply too big even the light could not reach to the far edge.

2) 5 Dimension

This is something new in Hollywood movie. Manipulating the gravity and time. Cooper stumbled upon the 5 dimension box showing a set of memory of his daughter bed room. He discovered the knowledge to send Morse code via moving the clock.

The artificial intelligent robot decipher the code to save the world. Cooper daughter is the one receiving it on Earth and save humanity from nature disaster. Cooper thought he was selected by "them" to save the world that is the sole reason backed to left his family behind. 

3) Earth is dying

We are born here not to meant to died at here. Food is scarce. Every educated man possessing highly skilled talent were distributed to agricultural industry. The army was disband. The NASA was remove from government funding due to the people wants more money on better thing than research on outer space.

The sand was covering the Earth so strong wheat is no longer viable to be planted. It is doable to plant corn only. In the research lab, Cooper was exposed to the fact that in few years ahead corn will be an extincted food supply.

Cooper a former astronaut not that he wanted to quit it just NASA was disbanded uttered something like "We are pioneer,we are explorer. We always thought our position on the star but, we just look down worrying thing below the Earth."

He get his daughter suspended in school because disagree that someone thought the landing on the moon by great Armstrong was a story to bankrupt Soviet.

4. Love transcends space and time

Although Dr Brand and Anna have not seen Edmund for years. She wanted to see him badly. In a discussion whether or not to visit Edmund planet or Dr Mudd planet Dr Brand admitted her love towards Edmund. She is following her feeling rather than idealistic conscience.

Cooper made a decision not to follow Dr Brand's decision. They flew to Dr Mann planet.

5. Time Relativity

This is something new in Hollywood movie and provoking thought. The first planet they were travelling was covered by water and giant tidal waves. I think it due to strong gravitational pull by black hole that eats anything without spill something out. It so strong that water a miracle element could crush anything. One hour in that planet which is nearby black hole named as "Gargantua" is equivalent 7 years.

Cooper and Dr Brand spent almost 3 hours and half in that planet trying to obtain data and rescue the scientist. Returning to the "Endurance" one of the scientist with beard telling the truth about the time pass on Earth so fast that 24 years long gone. Cooper daughter and son are already became an adult.


6. Dr Mann's Survival Instinct

"Coward" labeled by Cooper. Dr Mann admitted it three times. He faked the data and destroy his robot so that somebody could travel to his god-forsaken ice-covered planet. Awakened by Cooper in a hyper sleep chamber, Dr Mann lies to everyone face that there is a surface. He tried to murder Cooper unsuccessfully. But, Dr Mann killed another scientist making the second casualty in this expedition.

Dr Mann repeatedly saying about the lesson of "Survival Instinct". He was trying to save humanity and he seem to think that only him could save the Earth while other person life were not important. He is smart but very desperate to save humanity that costs him his life after opening the hatch without properly attached it.

7. Docking on a High-Speed Spinning Ship 

This is one of the breath-taking action this movie. The explosion was so strong the ship was spinning in a uncontrollable speed. In order to stabilize the ship, they will have to dock first and steer in an opposite side.

You may think it fairy easy but one tiny mistake is a big problem. If rocket science is about "how to safely docking a "calm" ship in an outer space" then, it will be much more impossible to dock on a ship that spinning.

It suppose to be an impossible mission because the pilot needed to do an accurate docking technique which he must spin his ship first and do the docking later. After successfully docking, he will then stabilize the ship by steering in the opposite direction.

8. Funny, Trust-issue, swift, cheating Robot

This is one of the robot we must own in the future. He could save Dr brand by running back to the ship with a human running speed. That really incredible. What's more, he could tell joke, lies and have a trust issue with Dr Mann action too.

This is some exaggerated robot ever. It far more advanced then the Star War robots that behave like a robot.

Kung Fu Jungle (2014) Movie Review

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Why Donnie Yen always pick highway as a location for his last battle in action movie ?

"Kung Fu is an art of killing" uttered by the villain. He occasionally wash his face with salt so that face could sustains more painful punches. This movie has not much computer generated images in it. So, embrace yourself with some brutal action scenes. Donnie Yen broke his own record in the prison by inviting 16 prison mates fighting him alone in a bare hand fight, his previous record was just 10 men. 

 The villain has been labeled as dangerous subject by police force as he is able to do powerful force with bare hands. In an attempt to pursue this villain, Hong Kong polices seem to be clueless and powerless in this individual. Guns were not able to overwhelmed this dangerous villain. This villain has a sole motive killing martial art practitioners. He wanted to be no 1 in Kung Fu universe.

Donnie Yen is one of the Kung Fu practitioner with a thought to rise it Kung Fu club reputation to a higher level, He chose the path to defeat another Kung Fu practitioner in Kung Fu universe. But, he killed a person in a legal fight. Although it was a legal fight, he surrendered himself by walking in to police station confessing and he was stained with blood.

 The villain was wreaking havoc while Donnie Yen was in the prison. In a bid to escape the prison and restore his freedom, Donnie Yen promised to help Hong Kong policemen pursuing this highly dangerous subject. The felame Police officer is desperate in nailing down this subject due to pressure from the top management.

In an early days, the villain met with Donnie Yen in prison cell apparently made a deal to help Donnie Yen escaping the prison in a bid to get a chance to fight with Donnie Yen in his lifetime. The main villain made to the news headline and terrified Hong Kong public tremendously as Hong Kong officer failed to catch him. The villain killed numerous high-ranking Kung Fu practitioner.

Freeing Donnie Yen to be like freeing a caging tiger with a sharp tooth to a forest. The movie get a little bit intense when Donnie Yen is labeled as villain's accomplice. In a fight to clear his name and to avenge his lover as the villain killed Donnie Yen lover to make him stronger. Well, Donnie Yen become so powerful overwhelmed the villain in a "highway fight" 

Personal review

They seem to be filming the movie in a close distance and believed to be adopting Hong Kong TV series filming style. I though Donnie Yen admitted he was not practicing Kung Fu for long time how could he still defeat the villain ??

Movie Review Interstellar Best Space Movie in 2014

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Interstellar is a movie you will glue to the seat and eye stick on the big screen. Do you believe there is higher power put the black hole there ??

Interstellar movie poster

An incredible science fiction, apocalyptic, rocket science, funny and trust issue new designed robot, black hole, new galaxy, love, girl instinct, crying, happy and many more. A black hole was formed at close distance to the earth. Scientist believes that black hole is rarely making appearance and it did not show up at a random place just like that.

It is a daring science fiction movie by director Christopher Nolan with many new science elements in it. It will explode your mind with too many unknown exciting, intriguing science terms. Those who always skip science classes should have not understand some parts of the movie I admit that. Copper the well-educated and an engineer believing the moon landing is a true and he was working for NASA at that time till no funding by the government forced to close down due to pressure from the people that NASA or outer space research were not the real concern anymore. Meanwhile, the school teacher disagreed with him saying that the moon landing was a fake news meant to bankrupt the Soviet, when they received news about US successfully landed on moon, they will move all the country resources to build a spaceship that can fly to the moon.

Imagine one day the world is facing food crisis and educated persons were submitted to the agricultural industry instead of other field because job was scarce. In order to keep pace with food demand, Copper becomes an overqualified farmer. His talent seem to have inspired his daughter and his work inspired his son.

Copper's belief human are pioneer and explorer and earth is rejecting human. That human has all the resources and power to find another galaxy for a better living. The nature is not cruel or too good to human species. One day, earth will be burned out too. Although we may seem animal break wide open its prey, it all a normal cycle of nature.

The dying earth but not human faith. Copper's daughter, Murphy. She did not like her name very much. She soon discovered something wrong in her room. Refusing to let her father to take a risky mission. The time relativity in this movie is pretty awesome. Copper's age is very much same with Murphy because Copper went to a different galaxy where timeline is slower than the earth. Murphy eventually became same age as her father.

Cooper expedition was a unbelievable journey. Imagine there is a technology where ship could withstand the force of black hole. I though no one ever escape from black hole gravity pull ?? Christopher Nolan borrowed the theory of another movie that black hole is a portal that can be pass through for a far galaxy ahead of us which we cant reach in a very short time. His mission is to retrieve data from 3 scientists who sent out to a far galaxy. First, he will need to pilot the spacecraft heading to the black hole.

In a first attempt rescuing the first scientist after crossing the black hole, Cooper challenge is landing safely in one piece the new planet covered with vast water and there seem to be no land. Unprepared and unexpectedly, a big wave is sweeping on its way to them described as tall as the tallest building of the world. The cost of this expedition is one of the scientist sacrificed.

They did not managed to rescue the scientist nor the important scientific data that cost them a decade of research. Without further delay, they continues the expedition. When Copper and Dr Brand arrived to Endurance. This is where a new science term "Time relativity" strongly explained. One hour spent is 7 years at earth time. By the time they arrived Endurance, they spent 3and half hours which translated as 24 years in earth time. This is when Cooper's age is in the same as his daughter and son. Physical appearance of his daughter and son changed tremendously after Cooper opened the replay clips stored for 24 years.

Dr Mann is the second scientist Cooper visited. He made a big mistake waking up Dr Mann because he is a real bad guy talking about saving humanity but all his action was a selfish trying to rescue himself so much for a brightest and brilliant no 1 NASA scientist. Dr Mann received his ultimate defeat by not listening to Cooper that costs his life opening Endurance hatch without properly attached. 

Cooper is an amazing space pilot he successfully maneuver the spaceship docking at an on-going high-speed spinning's ship called "Endurance". There is some incredible and strong scenes in it. 

There were many cry-making scenes in this movie. Firstly, Cooper left his daughter, Second, Cooper watching the replay stored for 24 years. Third, Professor Brand's lie and dying scenes. Fourth, Cooper pulled away the ship in order to make way for Dr Brand or Amelia to the Edmund planet. Lastly, I think it pretty emotional when Cooper is able to watch his grown old daughter in hospital.

The most exaggerated plot in this movie when Cooper arrived the fifth dimension where Cooper is allowed to communicate with his daughter. Besides, will we ever transformed living in fouth dimension I am not so sure whether or not it was fourth dimension at station cooper. In fact, no one come out after entering black hole. Moreover, if you want to live longer and still look like the same just go for a space travelling, Cooper is 124 years old still look the same like in his late 30.

My rating will be 5/5 although it a little bit longer than normal movie. The early part of the movie is kinda boring wait till you watch the middle and last part of the movie. A complete and commendable movie.



October Movies in Malaysia 2014

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Starring : Gino, Mindee, Teddy, Kim

Genre :  Horror

Director : Ryon Lee

Summary / Synopsis

More information you could find at their Facebook page Seventh Facebook page . The casts were not all Malaysian. ”Seventh“ or in mandarin language ”守夜“ is a mandarin horror movie you should watch in cinema due to its directed by highly regarded production company that directed “一路有你” or in english "The better half" the best and top 1 mandarin movie in Malaysia 2014.

Trailer : Youtube video


Starring : Awie, Sharmaaz Ahmad, Neelofa, Fizz Fairuz

Genre :  Action / Comedy

Director : Kabir Bhatia

Summary / Synopsis

A veteran gangster, Dollah who always dreamt one day to become an actor get the chance of lifetime when a popular actor asked him to become his mentor for action movie. Dollah a real gangster is the right man for this position.


Starring : Mak Jah, Sura Sojangi, Kalpana Sundraju, Naqia Nasution

Genre :  Horror

Director : M Subash Mannan

Summary / Synopsis

Local horror movie production company is Renbash Entertainment..

Trailer : Video


Starring : Bront Palarae, Farid Kamil, Nora Danish

Genre :  Action

Director : Faizul A Rashid

Summary / Synopsis

A Malay action-packed film a young man living in Malaysia who was raised by military army. He is haunted by dark past.


Starring : Yeo Yann Yann, Henley Hii, Adrian Tan

Genre :  Action

Director : Felix Tan

Summary / Synopsis

A mandarin movie made by local production company. Six live performers trapped in a cage with audience sitting below the platform. In an attempt to escape they realized their performance was to act real murder story. As soon as they were panic about this, they asks for help from the audience but no one know it was all real dead guy inside the cage.


Starring : Lisa Surihani, Fizz Fairuz, Miera Leyana

Genre :  Thrill

Director : Jason Chong

Summary / Synopsis

A women who wake up from a long coma with a bleak memory about the past soon discover thing she do not want to be remember. She do not want to wake up it better for her to stay asleep.

7. PHUYAL 18

Starring : M Suurya, Prakash Gobal, Sivabaalan

Genre :  Thrill

Director : M Subash Abdullah

Summary / Synopsis

Team Phuyal is formed to destroy the plan of a group of foreigner who tried to invades Malaysia by force. Team Phuyal is likened to a British movie James Bond.

Top 10 Comedians in Malaysia

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Jason Leong
Source : Facebook page JasonLeongComedy

Facebook link : Jason Leong Facebook page

He is a doctor but realizing later his hidden talent is become a comedian. His admiration local comedian is Harith Iskandar and Douglas Lim. He made a comedy advertisement related to sore throat medicine product. Besides, he also did stand-up comedian. His joke mostly in English language.


source : Harith Iskander Facebook page

Facebook link : Harith Iskander Facebook page

Godfather of stand-up comedian in Malaysia. One of the earliest Malaysian venturing in stand-up comedian business. He discovered his talent when one of his friend decided to invite him for a speech on stage at a party. After that show, there were people started sending invitation to him for a comedy talk in corporate parties. He joke in English language.


Source : Wikipedia

Facebook link : /OfficialZizanRazak Facebook page

Zizan Razak is a popular actor and TV host. He is consider as a funny person. He does not do stand-up comedy show. But, he is well known for his humorous acting. His joke mostly in Malay language.


source : Wikipedia

A member of popular group "Senario" . He often dress in a traditional China wear in one of the show "Melodi". He joke using Malay language. Senario received prestigious award in an award show Anugerah Lawak Warna. However, he seem to be inactive after his group were seem to be disbanded due to the show "Senario" has been redundant.


Source :

Facebook page : Nabil Ahmad Fan page

A successful stand-up comedian in Malay language. He is an actor, comedian and singer. A champion in TV show "Raja Lawak Season 2" which give him a nickname of "Raja Lawak Nabil" which translated in English as "Nabil King of laughter".


Source :

He is one of the successful comedian. His joke mostly in English. His joke is funny as much as Harith Iskandar and Jason Leong. He is pretty well versed in joking related in many cultures and talkative person. I believe that his joke carrier is as successful as Canadian comedian Russell Peters.


Source : Facebook page ShuibFC

Facebook link : ShuibFC Facebook page

Shuib Sepahtu is a stage name for him. He just won "Super Spontan" tv show in third place with a cash prize of RM25,000 


Facebook link : Afdlin Shauki

He seem to have more than 1 million fans in his Facebook page. He is a writer, director and actor. Presence in many comedy shows. He is the founder of "Spontan" TV show. He is likened to Zizan Razak and he not really a stand-up comedian more of a celebrities in entertainment industry. His joke is all in Malay language.


Facebook link : Along cham

He is one of comedian with the title Raja Lawak due to winning on  Raja Lawak TV show. Besides, he is talented actor actively involving in big movie. He starred in Adnan Sempit Sawadikap the movie released in year 2014.


Source : Wikipedia

Facebook link : Raja Lawak Johan Facebook page

Johan a stage name for him real name is Yazid Lim is a popular TV host and comedian. One of the champion in "Maharaja Lawak" TV host entitled him to be called as Raja Lawak Johan or in English translated as Johan King of laughter.

He defeated all other comedians to be the most popular comedian in Malaysia in the year of 2012.

Heroes of the Storm Invitation extended to Malaysia

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Malaysian receives invitation to play Blizzard MOBA Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard approval testing Heroes of the Storm Alpha
You are required to login first Blizzard account then click the "Download Now"

Barely remember when was the day applying to play Heroes of the Storm. It should have been 6 to 7 months waiting.  Downloading it the next day received this e-mail from Blizzard. Firstly, you would need Blizzard account in order to queue up for alpha testing Heroes of the Storm.

It not really a huge file merely 2GB or more occupying your hard disk space. The best part is one could play the game instantly even though the game was not fully downloaded. Although it under alpha testing period, there are sizable of heroes to try out.

"Play" option pop out although the game is not fully downloaded

If you ever receive an invitation from Blizzard to try out Heroes of the Storm, it better to do it now because they are finding more players to test the game of any major bugs they have been spreading the message through social media. I am from Southeast Asia country and there is a dedicated server for it. It something like "America & Southeast Asia" server. Do not choose the "Asia" as I have tried it and it not a better option though. With that server, your gaming experience with Heroes of the Storm improved tremendously.

Choosing "Asia" option is tempting but every time there were many times of lost connection when clashes happened in-game. It even worst when clashes of 5 heroes one totally lag all the way. You would not know which enemy heroes attacked you or you would not know how you died run out of HP.

As you can see above image, you are 2 clicks away to play with other players. There are many modes but the most significant are "Versus" and "Cooperation". "Versus" is an optional mode to fight with other players, whereas, "Cooperation" 5 players against Artificial Intelligent (A.I).  You could invite your friends to the battle.

Golds will be collected when one completing daily quests, level up and finish a match. It important to raise level to 12 as it will unlocking few heroes to play. As you can see image above, I am level 3 currently. Besides, golds is utilized to buy new favorite heroes although there were heroes rotation every week.

It is not cheap to unlock new heroes. A winning match in Versus mode contributing 30 golds to your gold vault  If you buy let say the panda "Chen" unlocking needs 10,000 golds you are required to play many rounds of matches, quests completion and level up. Alternatively, you could spend real money to unlock them too.

If you ask me about how addictive the game, I would say it is pretty good indeed. There are plenty of heroes to try. So far, I have tried less than 10 characters. One of my favorite would be Sanya or the guitar guys.

Unlike Dota 2 or HoN or League of Legends, this game is completely designed differ from other MOBA. There were no items to boost character attributes. One of the most obvious and distinctive will be the duration of each game was shorten to 20 minutes or lesser. One will easily wipe out enemy base in less than 20 minutes. 

 Moreover, Heroes of the Storm focusing on uniquely themed maps. you will be surprised there are 5 attractive maps to be played. Each maps are unique. For example, Haunted mines, Cursed Hollow, Dragon Shire, Blackheart's Bay and Garden of Terror.

Notably, in order to win the game entirely dependent teamwork to finish the map's requirement. As for Dragon Shire map, one requires to unleash the dragon by controlling two towers simultaneously enemy will always try to fight you preventing you to control the tower. Furthermore, in Garden of Terror map, one is required to collect seeds as much as possible to awaken giant plant to crush enemy bases. As for other maps, it is better for you find it out.

Top 10 TV Animations in Malaysia 2014

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These animations are watchable on Sunday on various channels. 

More best animations in Malaysia 2014 please visit at Top 20 animation series in Malaysia 2014 

1. Spongebob Squarepants

Time       : 5.00 PM
Date        : Sunday
Channel  : TV9
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis :

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Time       : 4.30 PM
Date        : Sunday
Channel  : TV9
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis :

3. Bola Kampung

Time       : 6:10 PM
Date        : Sunday
Channel  : TV9
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis :

4. Icarly 

Time       : 4.00 PM
Date        : Sunday
Channel  : TV9
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis :

5. Winx Club

Time       : 3.30 PM
Date        : Sunday
Channel  : TV9
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis :

6. KungFu Panda

Time       : 3.00 PM
Date        : Sunday
Channel  : TV9
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis :

7. Dora The Explorer

Time       : 2.30 PM
Date        : Sunday
Channel  : TV9
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis :

8. Power rangers Samurai 

Time       : 12.30 PM
Date        : Sunday
Channel  : NTV7
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis : Power rangers Samurai try to master the Shogun mode and BullZord in hopes of gaining an edge in the battle to protect humankind from evil.

9. Masked Rider Ooo

Time       : 12.00 PM
Date        : Sunday
Channel  : NTV7
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis : Kamen Rider fights the Greed and their monster.

10. Digimon Xros Wars

Time       : 9.30 AM
Date        : Sunday
Channel  : NTV7
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis : Amazing adventure begins for Taiki Kudo. It just like Pokemon adventure but only it is created uniquely differentiate from it. As for Digimon, one only get one Digimon oppose to Pokemon where master could catch lots of creations to help them in their mission.

Top 20 Animation Series in Malaysia Saturday

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Animation series for kids living in Malaysia. 

All of these animation broadcast in channels such as NTV7, TV2, TV3 and many more. All of the animation series here can be watched on Saturday.  There are many animation series for kids. Choose one of them.

Although there is many kids contents during Saturday, one should opt to watch the favorite one as kids should not spend so much time watching television. It is not good for eye and body.

1. Title  : Tree Fu Tom

Time         : 9 AM
Date          : Saturday
Channel    :  TV2
Duration   : 30 minutes

2. Title  : Inazuma Eleven Go Chrono Stone

Time        : 9.AM
Date         : Saturday
Channel   : NTV7
Duration  : 30 minutes

3. Title  : Crystal Warrior

Time       : 8.30 AM
Date        : Saturday
Channel  : TV2
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis : Adventures of Princess Iris of Ariel. The evil Jyn have overrun her father's lands and stolen three of the four elemental crystals used to keep the peace.

4. Title  : Boboiboy

Time       : 8.00 AM
Date        : Saturday
Channel  : NTV7
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis : Boboiboy and his friends with alien Adu Du, hatching a plan to harness the power of Earth's cocoa supply.

5. Title  : My Little Pony

Time       : 8.30 AM
Date        : Saturday
Channel  : NTV7
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis : After a thousand year curse vanishes, the Crystal Empire reappears in Equestria's north. Princess Celestia calls upon Twilight Sparkle & her friends to protect the empire from harm. The pink pony all about her.

6. Title  : Oscar's Oasis

Oscar's Oasis

Time       : 9.30 AM
Date        : Saturday
Channel  : TV3
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis : It about the gecko living at desert. They don talk much unlike Spongebob. As for the graphic, it pretty amazing.

7. Title : Ninjago, Masters of Spinjitzu

Ninjago, Masters of Spinjitzu NTV7

Time       : 9.30 AM
Date        : Saturday
Channel  : NTV7
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis : It ninja world. All of the character looked like Lego. Only those characters inspired by Lego bricks. They are ninjas each of them has different colors. Red, Black, White and Blue.

8. Title : Gogeiser

Time       : 9.30 AM
Date        : Saturday
Channel  : TV2
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis : Unknown to the people of Earth, there is branch of humanity called the Gosei Angels protecting the earth without alerting the public. A very nice power ranger from Japan. Their ultimate form will be becoming a transformer with the combination of each power ranger's transformer.

9. Title : Penguins of Madagascar

Penguins of Madagascar TV3

Time       : 10.00 AM
Date        : Saturday
Channel  : TV3
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis : From Dreamworks Animation, there are 4 penguins living under a zoo. On top of them, there are King Julien, Maurice and many more to entertain you guys. This animation graphic is as good as Oscar's Oasis.

10. Title : Fairy Odd Parents

Fairy Odd Parents  TV3

Time       : 10.30 AM
Date        : Saturday
Channel  : TV3
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis : Adventure of Timmy Turner, a boy granted two fairy godparents. It one of the Nickelodeon animation.

11. Title : Slugterra

Time       : 10.30 AM
Date        : Saturday
Channel  : TV2
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis : Amazing animation. It looked like Pokemon but this is US version of it . One would be addicted to Slugterra.

12. Title : Shaggy & Scooby Doo - Do Get A Clue

Time       : 11.00 AM
Date        : Saturday
Channel  : TV2
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis : Scooby Doo returned to the TV to solve mysterious and creepy story of the town. They always stumble upon on supernatural things.

13. Title : Detective Conan

Detective Conan

Time       : 11.00 AM
Date        : Saturday
Channel  : TV3
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis : Another legendary animation from Japan. A detective named Conan is a skillful and talented in detecting crime cases. He is helped with many of trust partners in handling difficult crime cases. He always catch the criminal returning justice to the victims.

14. Title : Crayon Shin Chan

Time       : 7.00 PM
Date        : Saturday
Channel  : NTV7
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis : Shin Chan is a naughty kid living in a typical Japanese family. He is humorous sometimes. A legendary animation same standard with Doraemon.

15. Title : Doraemon

Time       : 7.30 PM
Date        : Saturday
Channel  : NTV7
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis : After Crayon Shin Chan, kids in Malaysia is fortunate to watch Doraemon. Its one of the best animation of early 90s and late 80s born kids.

16. Me & My Robot

Time       : 6.30 PM
Date        : Saturday
Channel  : TV3
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis : Robot is his close friend.

17. Oggy And The Cockroaches

Time       : 6.00 PM
Date        : Saturday
Channel  : TV3
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis : You should like this if you like Tom and Jerry.

18. Legend of Korra

Time       : 5.30 PM
Date        : Saturday
Channel  : TV2
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis : One of the popular animation that turn into movie. There are 4 elements of power. Earth, Air, Water, Fire. There are peaceful four nations but when fire nation begins to attack another element it turned very ugly. In order to assert peace again, they need Avatar who could master all elements.

19. Kainar Asy - Tac Fronteer

Time       : 6.00 PM
Date        : Saturday
Channel  : TV2
Duration : 30 minutes

Synopsis : An intense transformer fighting. Made by China. It involves drama and high-speed gun shooting action.

20. Barbie As The Island Princess

Time       : 11.30 AM
Date        : Saturday
Channel  : TV3
Duration : 2 Hours

Synopsis : A desert island and orphaned little girl named as Ro. It was unknown whether Ro's ship was wrecked by storm. She living in an island for at least 10 years. The animals is friendly towards her all the times.

Movies in Malaysia September 2014

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These are awesome movies made in Malaysia in the month of September 2014. 

Support local production movie. There are Malay and Mandarin movies in this month.  


Starring : Farid Kamil, Maya Karin, Bront Palarae, Ayu Raudhah

Genre :  Drama and Love

Director : Sharad Sharan

Summary / Synopsis

Released in September 11, 2014. One of the most successful movie that take you whole new level of dramatic loving story. Kasyah cant accept the fact that his beloved wife and daughter were gone. He determined to start a new life with Kate. The OST of the movie was prepared by Yuna the song title "Bicara".

Trailer : Youtube video


Source :

Starring : Chen Zeyao, Guo Xiaodong, Zhou Zhou, Huang Zhongkun

Genre :  Drama and Love

Company : S100 Entertainment

Summary / Synopsis

There is a Facebook page about this movie garnered 10,000 likes >> thegatheringmovie << . Two couple deeply in love to each other. Problem arise when Xiao Mei's mother did not allow this relationship. Many things happened in the school now and then. As the time tested their relationship, in one of the night gathering of school mates, Xiao Mei and Fang Tai will meet each other up for a final closure.

Trailer : Youtube trailer


Source : Beautiful Nara

Starring : Adiba Yunus, Azwan Kombos, Shima Anuar, Along Eyzendy

Genre :  Horror

Company : Metrowealth

Summary / Synopsis

Released on September 18, 2014. There was a myth that the power to retain a male or husband there was a very guaranteed way yet illegal and deemed as witchcraft. It was widely known in Malaysia community. A black magic that will draw evil spirit too.

Trailer : Youtube video


Source : GSC

Starring : Sofi Jikan, Nadia Mustafar, Syuk Balas, Shuib Sepah, Rashidi Ishak

Genre :  Thrill

Company : Astro Shaw

Director   : Mamat Khalid

Summary / Synopsis

Released on September 25, 2014. Heavily dependent on casts's humorous talent. Amir & Loqman decided to quit triad to start a new life. Entering to be triad member is easy but quit is not as easy as that. In order to be free again, they were to perform another task. The promise to set them free again they will do whatever thing to achieve freedom. In the trailer, they seem like robbing a money exchange branch

Trailer : Youtube video

5. FANTASIA 爱。疯王

Source : GSC

Starring : Yise Loo, Teddy Chin, Cathryn Lee, Koe Yeet, Billy Ng

Genre :  Drama, Fantasy, Thrill

Company : Juita Entertainment Sdn Bhd

Director   : Jason Kok

Summary / Synopsis

Released on September 11, 2014. A same production company of "Bullet over Petaling Street" which I think it a cool movie. A lonely hectic metropolitan. A movie is told from the perspectives of three single women. Each of them are finding price charming which they spent lifetime with. A romantic movie with a great ending.

Trailer : Youtube video

More about "Movies in Malaysia" 

  1. July & August Malaysia movies 2014

Winners of Anugerah Lawak Warna 2014

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Who are the most funniest guys in Malaysia ? An award dedicated for their lifetime achievement to make people happy and laughing

Last time when you told your parents about wanting to become a comedian. They say to you a big "No". A kids with parental motivation against their passion. The life is a long journey if you do not do what you love you will struggle along the way. Some of them determined to pursue the passion. their passion and consistency to become a comedian now has been recognized by all Malaysian.

There were no less talented comedian in Malaysia. Anugerak Lawak Warna 2014 is the platform for many to know some of the most talented Malaysian comedian. This is a prestigious award was held on September 19, 2014 only watchable on the channels Astro Warna & Astro Mustika HD.

List of celebrities and peoples attended the award show were Dato' AC Mizal, Nabila as host of the show. Others were, Yusoff Naslam, Luna Maya, Kamal Adli, Nong Cham, Wak Doyok, Yana Samsudin, Elizabeth Tan, Amir Jahari, SVJ, David Teo, Feeya, Khir Rahman, Kak Engku, Krill, Jambu Sharifah, Hairul Azreen, Nad Zainal, Arja Lee, Harith Iskandar, Shaarnaz Ahmad, Salleh Yaacob, Fouziah Gous, Jasmin Hamid, Almy Nadia, Zul huzaimy, Elfira Lov, Jihan, Sofi Jikan, Noor Khiriah, Mr.Os, Enor and many more. Sadly Zizan Razak and Maya Karin did not attend the show. There were few nominated actors and actress did not make appearance.

If laughter and smile is the best medicine and best expression then these guys deserved an award for their brilliant contribution.

Comedy TV Series 2014 in Malaysia

  1. Oh My English-April Fools (Winner)
  2. Osman Baku Musim 2
  3. Projek Memikat Suami
  4. Yem Rempit
  5. Benci Vs Cinta 

The Best Directors in Comedy TV Series Malaysia 2014

  1. Jamal Khan          - Bini Aku Hantu Langsuir
  2. Nazir Jamaluddin - Bila Joyah Dah Goyah (Winner)
  3. Kye Fariz              - Jihan Tak Nak Balik Raya
  4. Shamyl Othman    - Oh My English - Hello America
  5. Tan Suhaimi         - Pengancam Perkahwinan

The Best Variety Shows in Non-Series Malaysia 2014

  1. Fuyoo Raya Zizan
  2. Karoot Komedia Raya (Winner)
  3. Kaunter Kaboom Raya
  4. Warna Raya
  5. Lari Lari Raya 

The Best Variety Shows in Series Malaysia 2014

  1. Super Spontan 2013
  2. Maharaja Lawak Mega 2013 (Winner)
  3. Sembang Tek Tarik
  4. Bintang Mencari Bintang
  5. Kan Dah Kena Siri 2

The Best Directors in Comedy Movies 2014

  1. Osman Ali (Sejoli)
  2. Halmy Yusof (Kental Bikers)
  3. Shamyl Othman (Kami Histeria)
  4. Ismail Bob Hasim (Adnan Sempit 3)
  5. Waan Hafiz (Hantu Tok Mudim)

The Best Comedy Movie of the year 2014 in Malaysia

  1. Sejoli (Winner)
  2. Bikers Kental
  3. Adnan Sempit 3
  4. Kami Histeria
  5. Hantu Tok Mudim

Special Awards 2014

  1. Dato Jama Shada  (Winner)
  2. Pak Hamid Kurga (Winner)
  3. SENARIO band    (Winner)

The Best Actress in Comedy Movies 2014

  1. Maya Karin - Sejoli (Winner)
  2. Nur Fazura - Kami Histeria
  3. Yana Samsudin - Adnan Sempit 3
  4. Diana Danielle - Kami Histeria
  5. Intan Ladyana - Adnan Sempit 3

The Best Actress in Comedy TV 2014

  1. Jasmin Hamid             - Bila Joyah Dah Goyah (Winner)
  2. Jihan Muse                 - Jihan Tak Nak Balik Raya
  3. Nadiya Nissa              - Pengancam Perkahwinan
  4. Fazlina Ahmad Daud - Awang Senandung
  5. Khatijah Tan              - Atan & Atoi

Most popular by voting for Female Comedian 2014

  1.  Tizz Zaqyah
  2. Didie Alias
  3. Jihan Muse
  4. Sharifah Sakinah (Winner)
  5. Noorkhiriah

The Best Actor in Comedy Movies 2014

  1. Bront Palarae - Sejoli (Winner)
  2. Azad Jazmin - Sejoli
  3. Zizan Razak - Bikers Kental
  4. Shaheizy Sam - Adnan Sempit 3
  5. Sofi Jikan - Hantu Tok Mudim

The Best Actor in Comedy TV 2014

  1. Shuib Sepahtu - Bini Aku Hantu Langsuir
  2. Kazar Saisi      - Bila Joyah Dah Goyah  (Winner)
  3. Hairie Safwan - Bini Aku Hantu Langsuir
  4. Sharol Shiro    - Atan & Atoi
  5. Ajak Shiro       - Yem Rempit

Most popular by voting for Male Comedian 2014

  1. Jep Sepahtu (Winner)
  2. Johan
  3. Zizan Razak
  4. Achey
  5. Nabil Ahmad

Most Popular Comedy Radio Segments

  1. Spontan Era
  2. Gosip Mah Jemah
  3. Sketsa Johara (Morning Era) (Winner)
  4. Drama Ke Laut
  5. A.M Crew Bersama Dr.r Hot. FM

Watching Dracula Untold in Malaysia cinema

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The wild bed scenes has been filtered. Dracula drinks the blood using a cup in movie trailer, whereas in the movie, it was a crushed head skeleton that filled the vampire blood.

Dracula Untold meme

Watched it on Sunday during Hari Raya Haji. The cinema packed with people wearing shiny satin dress. Usually jean and t-shirt are ideal choice for casual wear but today is a celebration.

The movie "Dracula Untold" is one of the most favorite no-miss movie in October, 2014. Rumor spread like fire that Dracula was once human, Dracula has a different name which is Vlad the Impaler, Vlad was a mass murderer, Vlad is son of devil. Do not expect the synopsis to be like Dracula in wikipedia because everything you see in the cinema is made in Hollywood.

After the magnificent description scenes, Luke Evans (Dracula) brings the audience to the moments of mystery and thrill what is awaiting next. Audiences will instantly notice the main cast of the movie rather than a long description. They called him Vlad inspecting the slain Turk's symbolic helm. His most profound lines was "whatever they scout, they conquer".

Vlad was curious why there was a fallen Turk scout then, he tracked the path to a brokeback moutain sorry it was broken tooth mountain where Vlad sees for his first time the vampire. Unexpectedly, Vlad did not died in the hand of vampire which was unbelievable fact everyone walked in the dungeon have no chance going out alive but he managed to cut wounded. I think because the vampire is being merciful or gay whichever suits you.  The Tywin Lannister, which I recognized him who died in Game of Thrones drama series killed by his own son so that he got the time to focus on high-paying job in Hollywood movie.

The guy Dominic Cooper who acted bad guy in the movie "Need for Speed". This time, he acted as a Sultan who forsaken his biological brother Vlad and demanding Vlad's son and his people's son as many as 1,000 to serve under Turk's army. Well, if Vlad agreed on the terms the movie will end like 20 minutes. Certainly, it was the case Vlad chose to be defiant against Sultan's will. What a genius decision, Vlad was indeed a tyrant he never listened to his people before making a decision. He just make a decision that would bring destruction upon himself and the people under his rule.

Not a wise decision though and yet he made another big mistake in his life visiting for the second time for the "monster" in the cave. the vampire seem to be impressed with Vlad courage despite did not kill Vlad, he granted Vlad the power of great "forever alone". Then, the vampire told Vlad how lonely he was in the cave being cursed and waited for the right guy. Vlad, set him free by drinking his blood which does not taste good you will see he died right on the spot.

Vlad convinced the vampire (Read it slowly and speak like the actor) "Men does not fear sword, they fear monster", "I impaled the enemy to save 10 more peoples". That are some great lines spilled out if you must ask me. Wait, did the vampire knew everything about Vlad ? I think the vampire is being a stalker for Vlad for some times. I vividly remembered the vampire said "Do not lie to me or I will crush you down". I think it all about bromance if you think it for a second.

The power of "forever alone" is just so badass. He is able to see everything to a great distances, transform to a bat when running too fast. I was impressed but not too long. You know what make people and vampire the same ? Its Vampire does get hungry !

Dracula Untold is a totally good movie because it successfully impressed the cinema goers and drag them believing emotionally that Dracula was a human and a monster in the same time. He killed men in order to get rid of the threats. He loved his city, people and family. He could not stand to see his own people succumbed to the pressure of war and vicious demand. When he becomes Dracula, a monster, he single-handedly attacked 1,000 Turk army without sacrificing any of his followers. His son thought his father was sick, the son asked father "You are sick because protect family ?" , he replied, "I would do it all again"  

One of the unforgettable scene when Dracula's own people tried to get rid of him when they knew about Dracula is a monster. The priest exposed Vlad's identity, they acted against Vlad and burned the tent with Dracula inside. Then another emerging movie lines uttered "This is how you show your loyalty and gratitude to your prince ?"

10 Not Moral stories learnt in this movie

  1. Sacrifice and burden of the prince for the family and his people
  2. Do not mess with vampire
  3. Prayer could not help defend the city wall. It helps when God intervene but what makes you think God wanted Dracula to win the battle ?
  4. Two biggest religion in the world happened to be in a collision
  5. First Vlad wear red cape, second Vlad did not wear red cape which totally noticeble
  6. The Dracula bat storm sweeping the Turk army remind me of the movie bald head mummy's sand storm
  7. The recruitment of teenage for war existed in the past
  8. Never go war with Dracula during night time
  9. Vlad broke his promise drinking his dying wife's blood. That torturing scenes
  10. Dracula 's predecessor or master followed closely in the end of the movie implying a hardcore stalker

Palace Series 3 Drama on 8TV

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The Palace Series 3 or 宫锁连城 now on 8TV for Malaysian audiences

Source : wikipedia

General of Qing Dynasty wanted his wife to have a son as a heir. But, his wife had 3 daughters and one still under pregnancy. The pressure of her husband to have a male baby deeply saddened her. Everyday, she would perform prayer to a temple goddess. In a desperate time, she resorted to a plan as if the newborn is a girl then she will get a random male baby form somewhere else as a substitute.

In the house of general, general's affair were making a bold step not to show respect gestures to the wife of general. When she was about to be punished, general show up out of nowhere halted the punishment to be made. Out of the sudden, affair told general she was having pregnancy.

Palace series 3

In the fourth attempt to have a male son, she has failed to make an impression to the general because she has yet to have give born to a male baby. In order ward off any unwanted behavior toward her, she adopted the plan to switch her newborn to a random male newborn. She kept the truth away from General the true identity of baby biological father.

As for her newborn daughter was sent out to seem to be likely a prostitute institute. 20 years has passed, Her mother watched the switched male baby grown up to be an adult. He has a tremendous talent in horse riding as well as archery which made his father and mother proud. Although they said time will heal the pain but General wife never forget her fourth daughter.

The show is scheduled every Monday till Friday. The time is 8.30PM - 9.30PM on 8TV

Be Malaysia version of Jay Chou Contest 2014

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Jay Chou Concert 2014 at Malaysia but first let talk about the Jay Chou contest

Source : Mah Sing Group Facebook page

Have you ever thought of becoming your version of Jay Chou ? Do you have been performing at school or at your home mirror trying to emulate Jay Chou personality while singing his songs ?  You do not need to be very identical to him, all you need is a little bit of confidence. If your friend or your parent ever said you looked like Jay Chou then this is your golden opportunity.

No, you are not going to miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance. Grab this chance to become Jay Chou in stage overlooking audiences awaiting your performance. Prove to yourself that your dream is not just a dream anymore, materialize your dream by joining this contest.

This contest is brought to you by Mah Sing in search for "Malaysian Jay Chou". There are some easy methods to follow for an interested participants. Mah Sing is the main presenter for Opus 2 Jay 2014 World Tour in Kuala Lumpur this coming November 2014. Yes, Jay Chou is coming to Malaysia. You can try to buy entrance ticket or choose the alternative.

In a big event there were surely some biggest contest ever held. Taking for an example of Taylor Swift concert in Malaysia in June 2014, there was a contest held required contestants to buy Cornetto ice-cream in order to win some Taylor Swift merchandises or Taylor Swift entrance tickets. As for Jay Chou concert, basically more or less the concept is the same that is to give away some free tickets to interested contestants.

Cut to the important part, participants in any gender could join this contest. Top 20 finalists will be selected by board of panel. In order to be the top 20 finalists, submit your photo with cool look of Jay Chou and garner votes. The winner is determined by most Facebook likes. This is consider as first stage of the contest. The public voting ends on October 18.

Second or final stage requiring the top 20 finalists pour some creativity to out-beat the contestants to win the title. The finalists will move on to prepare a convincing video on why they deserve to win the VIP experience and best seats in Jay Chou Concert. Then, finalists should win the heart of public voter for their valuable votes. This video-submitting is closing on the date October 31, 2014

Management of Mah Sing will make a final call who will be the crowned winner of this contest. the winner will take away best seats worth RM 1,776 the Jay Chou concert in November. In addition, the winner will be pampered with a limo ride to the concert and be rewarded with a cash bonus of RM 2,000

Summary of the contest

  1. Submit your cool photo imitating Jay Chou. Like and Visit Mah Sing Group Facebook page
  2. Ask for public votes
  3. Deadline for photo contest is October 18
  4. 20 finalists submit convincing video, ask for public votes
  5. Ask for public votes
  6. Deadline is October 31, 2014
  7. Wait for final result
  8. Win the prizes

Prizes : RM2000, Limo ride to the concert and pair of tickets worth RM1,776

More information for this contest please call Mr. Chan at the phone number 012-362 7205

Watch Jay Chou contest promo video to get more information. Besides, one should keep checking on Mah Sing property launch as their lucky draw could get you another Jay Chou Concert entrance ticket. !!

Want to know more Jay Chou concert ticket price and where it held go visit at Jay Chou held concert in Malaysia 2014

Winners of NTV7 Golden Awards 2014

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Aaron Yan and Mike He arrived at red carpet Golden Awards 2014

Aaron Yan Golden Awards 2014

The crowd went a little bit lost control during the arrival of Aaron Yan to the show. His white outfit and laser starring turned the Golden Awards 2014 more joyful.

Mike He Golden Awards 2014

Mike He is one of the spotlight in the Golden Awards 2014. All the fans in Malaysia were grateful Mike He came all the way from Taiwan to attend this event. 

List are the winners in Golden Awards 2014 broadcast on NTV7

Best Mandarin TV Drama produced in Malaysia

- 香火 / The Descendant

Golden Awards 2014

Most favorite & welcomed TV Drama


Best Actor

- 李洛中 / Frederick Lee

Best Actress 

- 吴天瑜 / Debbie Goh

Best Supporting Actor

- 叶良财 / Steve Yap

Best Supporting Actress

- 杨雁雁 / Yeo Yann Yann

Best Newcomer

-  陈浩严 / Tan Hau Yen

Best Telemovie

- 夺命游戏 2

Best Drama Theme Song

- 灰 BY 杨家辉 in drama "The Descendant"

Best Director

- 郭福华 in the drama "The Descendant"

Best Original Screenplay

- 陈钰莹

Best TV Drama Montage

- 一次就爱对 / Love Compulsory Season 2

Best Variety & Entertainment Program

- 非常好歌 / The Ultimate Song

Best Variety & Entertainment Program Host

杨雁雁 / Yeo Yann Yann

Best Newscaster

- 陈丽亭 / Tan Ley Teng

Best News & Current Affair Program

- 抢救苏丹街 / Save Jalan Sultan

Best News & Current Affair Program Host

- 徐嘉得 / Chee Kah Teik

Best Festive program

- 古都西安 / Let's Go Xi An

Best Magazine program

- 聆听世界 / Listen To The World

Best Magazine program host

- 林佩盈 / LYNN LIM in a magazine program "跨世纪“ 

Life achievement awards

- 傅志坚 / FU ZHI JIAN