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October Movies in Malaysia 2014

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Starring : Gino, Mindee, Teddy, Kim

Genre :  Horror

Director : Ryon Lee

Summary / Synopsis

More information you could find at their Facebook page Seventh Facebook page . The casts were not all Malaysian. ”Seventh“ or in mandarin language ”守夜“ is a mandarin horror movie you should watch in cinema due to its directed by highly regarded production company that directed “一路有你” or in english "The better half" the best and top 1 mandarin movie in Malaysia 2014.

Trailer : Youtube video


Starring : Awie, Sharmaaz Ahmad, Neelofa, Fizz Fairuz

Genre :  Action / Comedy

Director : Kabir Bhatia

Summary / Synopsis

A veteran gangster, Dollah who always dreamt one day to become an actor get the chance of lifetime when a popular actor asked him to become his mentor for action movie. Dollah a real gangster is the right man for this position.


Starring : Mak Jah, Sura Sojangi, Kalpana Sundraju, Naqia Nasution

Genre :  Horror

Director : M Subash Mannan

Summary / Synopsis

Local horror movie production company is Renbash Entertainment..

Trailer : Video


Starring : Bront Palarae, Farid Kamil, Nora Danish

Genre :  Action

Director : Faizul A Rashid

Summary / Synopsis

A Malay action-packed film a young man living in Malaysia who was raised by military army. He is haunted by dark past.


Starring : Yeo Yann Yann, Henley Hii, Adrian Tan

Genre :  Action

Director : Felix Tan

Summary / Synopsis

A mandarin movie made by local production company. Six live performers trapped in a cage with audience sitting below the platform. In an attempt to escape they realized their performance was to act real murder story. As soon as they were panic about this, they asks for help from the audience but no one know it was all real dead guy inside the cage.


Starring : Lisa Surihani, Fizz Fairuz, Miera Leyana

Genre :  Thrill

Director : Jason Chong

Summary / Synopsis

A women who wake up from a long coma with a bleak memory about the past soon discover thing she do not want to be remember. She do not want to wake up it better for her to stay asleep.

7. PHUYAL 18

Starring : M Suurya, Prakash Gobal, Sivabaalan

Genre :  Thrill

Director : M Subash Abdullah

Summary / Synopsis

Team Phuyal is formed to destroy the plan of a group of foreigner who tried to invades Malaysia by force. Team Phuyal is likened to a British movie James Bond.