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Oceanus Waterfront Mall in Kota Kinabalu

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Sabah capital is having another shopping mall that build on used to be part of the sea

Facing Marina Court the luxury condo at the eyes of local peoples, there will be another shopping mall for Sabahan people after Suria Sabah and 1 Borneo seem to have fully occupied and business is growing in a steady pace.

I heard peoples said Kota Kinabalu should not have another high-rise shopping mall back in the year of 2011 due to the Suria Sabah was still not fully occupied there were many empty tenants. But, it seem like many investors renting shopping mall tenants and the event of Suria Sabah no more shop lots to rent could occur in the coming year. Some of the biggest shop brands in Suria Sabah are Metrojaya, KFC, Chicken Rice Shop, Upperstar, GSC and many more.

I wonder which cinemas Oceanus Waterfront Mall is going to have, GSC or Growball ? It could be no cinema like Wisma Merdeka.

Oceanus waterfront mall


As the shopping mall name suggested, I hope the management brings in more popular seafood restaurants in Sabah. Something like invitation sent to Sandakan and Tawau popular seafood restaurants asks them to set up stall there. That just my suggestion this mall should live up its name.

I do not know when they will fully operating because many works needed to be done at the top of the building. I guess it will be completed and fully operate on May 2015. Oceanus seem to be officially recruiting leasing activity. Notably, I think the business will flourish in this one because the city bus is operating at this area.