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Watch World Cup 2018 in Radio Televisyen Malaysia

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Malaysian are watching RTM 2's World Cup 2018 Russia vs Saudi Arabia

Watch on Smartphone with Digi unlimited plan RM100+
Watch on Smartphone with Digi unlimited plan RM100+

You may watch it free of any charge in your smartphone browser or PC browser. Fret not as if you had missed Russia vs Saudi Arabia, RTM 2 would make a playback on the match. Highest resolution is 720p and for those who has limited internet speed may opt 234p for smoother video buffering. 

Some of the perimeter wall advertisements are visible such as Hisense, Wanda, Budweiser, Vivo, McDonalds, adidas and many more. The first goal between Russia vs Saudia Arabia was in the 11 minutes with a head goal by Russia team's "Lury Gazinsky"

In fact, relevant authorities in Malysia have suggests  all Malaysian should pay no charges on important World cup 2018 matches. Previously, in order to watch every World Cup high-definition shows were needed to pay a subscription fee to a private company and only important world cup matches were shown in national television channel.  

Full occupancy is expected on those restaurants with television as some would prefer the ambience watching with a group of supporter and adversary, 

Please click the link for world cup 2018 opening ceremony and watch it on Youtube. 

If you wish to watch LIVE you may watch it on Official LIVE RTM 2

10 Reasons Why You Should go to Gym

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Gym business in Malaysia are doing really well

The fitness center is a real business model due to an increasing demand for better health. At the recent budget 2017, there was a column purposely quoted that there will be a tax relief on Gym membership fee.

1. Heart Coronary Disease 

The statistic number never lie, still, no one bother about it. It seem like over the years, people are getting some awareness and conscious about their well being. It could explain why Gym business is flourishing than before ?

2. Vegetable and Fruits are just lazy advice

It is truly blessing living in a place where vegetables and fruits are cheap and all of us can easily access and afford buying dozens of them. But, the fact is those nutrients are acquired too easily. 

Some believe that all of the vegetable and fruit's rich nutrients will turn into fats whenever the body deemed the minimum daily nutrient is met for inactive person. As for the physically active, the body will adapt and digest all the rich nutrients on a maximum capacity. 

3. Gym is your favorite running track

The loud speakers with random good songs, television with great channels are some of the main attraction inside gym will keep you distracted during your exercise. The distraction is mainly to numb / weaken the body's pain sensory and will keep you going.

4. Outdoor versus Gym

A confined area with air-condition and less mosquito bite. No strangers talking to you in the middle of your exercise trying to seek your attention and ask your knowledge of the direction of nearest toilet. 

Besides, there are no way any outdoor park has dumbbell, locker room, changing room and a trainer always walking around anxiously with their well-built body. 

5. Yoga Class

Some fitness center offers Yoga class at a certain time in a day. Yoga is a no joke physical activity. It could turn one man with 130KG into a 70KG man with right amount of effort and time. 

6. Preparation for your marathon

Penang Marathon 2015. More info at 27 Photos of Penang Marathon 2015

Another hype thing to do for an adventure-seeking Malaysian definitely not excluding the marathon events. Your first or next marathon is crucial with the right mindset is to do all the necessary preparation mentally and physically. 

You would not risk your body getting a tremendous amounts of shock after a 21km half marathon due to lack of physical training and mentally unprepared. 

7. Good Peer Pressure

Everyone should have a role model in life. There is always someone better than us and train harder than us. All of them come to Gym for the same purpose. The strong will of carry on sometimes is weak in ourselves and strong on other good people.

Newcomer at Gym always serves a reminder to us why we come here at the first place. a right amounts of good peer pressure work fine for the gym newcomers and the veteran.

8. Avoiding 9 out of 10 of Death cause in Malaysia 

It seem like the dead cause list always blame us on our smoking habit. Can't they just tell us what to do for nonsmokers out there ? I do not know the future of Malaysia death cause but today we are narrowing the problem to two, Mosquitoes and Heart.

As you can see here the problem is pretty much solved by the introducing of Gym. You could opt for the nearest gym. One of the clear example is the Fitness center located at newly opened Sunway Velocity Mall 2016. 

By the time you know it, we are the lucky few avoiding 10 out of 10 death causes in Malaysia. As for those who are smoking, there was a reliable study indicated that strong will for exercise could deter one desire to smoke.

9. The Influence of Instagram 

I find it nonsense as one of the widely spread article actually quoted like this" Singapore has the healthier people in the world". Check it out at Singapore healthiest country .Perhaps, they play too much Instagram already.

Social media such as Instagram is a great way to spread incredible health message by images such as six pack and yoga pant. Everyone seem to have an inevitable desire to upload something like that in Instagram to showcase us the beauty of having a healthy and attractive body.

There was a joke told by a funny man that women notice two things a man has, your job title or your physical attributes. 

10. Make use of your sport apparel

The rising of sport apparels has attracted us to buy the under Armour with our hard-earned cash. Buying and wearing sport apparel is always a form of motivating us to do more activities. As usual, the gym has a dress code that every members should acknowledge the important of attire within the compound.

As if you have a pair of running shoes and a comfortable sport apparel at your wardrobe please make use of it there are tons of Gym at your area.

Volunteer needed for Kuala Lumpur 2017

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29th SEA Games to be held at Malaysia after 16 years

Malaysia is the host for the upcoming 29th Sea Games to be held at the vibrant city Kuala Lumpur. The coolest thing about Kuala Lumpur 2017 | 29th South East Asia Games is looking for volunteer.

The only way to beat being a spectator on this grand event is to be volunteer. Everyone can be a spectator even your grandfather watching at home is a spectator. But not everybody can ask for a high esteemed position as 29th SEA Games volunteer.

To beat being a volunteer, you may need to be an athlete. Sadly, I was not born athletic. The volunteer initiative was not just opened for Malaysian only. If you have a willing heart, you may register to be join volunteer initiative at this link  Kuala Lumpur 2016 Volunteer program    

Run a few searches on Kuala Lumpur 2017 volunteer programme, they will required as much as 20,000 volunteers. Qualified age is 16 years old and above.  

Exclusive Coca-cola Can for Euro 2016 France

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I like how Coca-Cola influences our minds that, every sport must associate with a can of Coca-Cola. Not that I like Coca-cola or Euro 2016, I simply like how Coca-Cola, Euro 2016 France and the new packaging combined altogether.

Instead of collecting the Coca-cola bottle which many has done that to the extent that they will put all of the Coca-Cola cans to a big shelves for displaying. I personally rather collecting the memory and photo with Coca-Cola.

I do not go to a store and pick up Coca-cola randomly as my diet cannot afford a flavored drink. Besides, It cost more or less RM7.00 at 7-Eleven store, you might think this is some kind of purchase at Hotel or Island, no. Who are going to buy 250ml Coca-cola with RM7.00 right ? someone need to be a Coca-cola fans to do that.

It so strange that whenever Coca-cola made any promotion or new packaging, I have desire to buy it. Reminiscing how much Coca-cola I have drank in my life, it is crazy !

So any Malaysian Coca-cola fans wanted to collect it feel free to visit nearest 7-Eleven store now !

27 Photos You wish were at Penang Bridge Marathon 2015

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PBIM 2015 has 4 categories Full Run, Half Run, 10km and Fun Run. 

PBIM 2015
runner sitting at one of the Queenbay Mall entrance

Glad it was not raining anymore. It was raining that day 6pm till 11pm.

The highly anticipated sport Penang Bridge International Marathon heavily supported locally. The starting time for this exclusive annually event on 1.30AM, 22 November 2015. Participants were seen slept on the floor of the esteemed Queenbay Mall.

Dressed in green represented male and as for female runners, it was red. The momentum is slowly gaining pace.

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2015
Queenbay Mall boulevard
Runners were making a short preparation and pumping up the right amount of adrenaline before heading to starting point. 

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2015
Baggage deposit station

You rather sleep on that time right now. Most of the staff stationed there were below 20s . The baggage were reaching 5000 units. Meanwhile, There were more than 100 units of removable toilets.

Medical practitioners were standby in case of anyone need medical attention. They were Red crescent Moon, Boy and Girl Brigade, BP Health.

To maintain absolute security, parameter were set by police and police cars and motorbike were parked nearby and can be seen in every corner. Police were instructing a restriction order for any cars parked or crossing nearby the event. I believe it would be strange to say Drone were deployed at the field by either media or enforcement agents.

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2015
Fireworks 1
 As the event begin now, Spectacular sight as awesome as new year countdown fireworks. The big splash rocks the island.  

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2015
Fireworks marks the opening of Penang Bridge International Marathon 2015

As the time stood at 1.30AM, fireworks is released lighting up the sky and firing up the participants. Full Marathon is 42 kilometers run started on 1.30AM and it was a 7 hours duration run. 

Terrific fireworks stuns audiences. As there were rain 4 hours ago, the dirt of the field built up on many's shoes.

do you hear and able to see this fireworks too ?

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2015

Midnight marathon run always the right temperature compare to daylight. It was not that cold with hundreds of runners altogether. As if marathon was on the daylight, many would suffer difficult task such as scorching hot temperature and traffic congestion. 42 kilometer and duration 7 hours. This category definitely for hardcore runners. It is surprising to know that some runners even completed 7 hours track in less than half planned.

As the intense feeling to be the top 10 in the list overwhelmed the runner seem to be having a immense anxiety emotion on their looks. On the front line where the elite runners lining up full of confidence in their race especially from nation of Kenya. Someone is taking out marathon gun out and fire it off after the 10 seconds countdown by the event host.

Penang Bridge Marathon 2015
Chief minister of Pulai Pinang and runner's family

PBIM 2015 specially invited Honorary Chief Minister of Pulau Pinang, Mr Lim Guan Eng to oversee the opening of the event. As the full marathon runners left the track, many were starting to goes up the stage in order to take a closer glimpse on the state leaders. It was a friendly approach by both parties.

Penang Bridge Marathon 2015 Lucky Draw winner prize
Two Proton cars as PBIM 2015 lucky draw prizes 

Found the lucky draw prizes. Two local brand car the Proton is sponsoring two car. Each of everyone of us who has joined the marathon and finished it were given a lucky draw number.

Half marathon runners

They are waiting for 3 o'clock in the morning the starting time for half marathon 21 kilometers. As you can see they are yellow tag bib representing half marathon.

Penang Bridge Marathon 2015
Seiko official timer
 As the half marathon is near to begin, crowd are building up much faster. Most of them are joining the Half Marathon, 10KM Run and Fun Run.

Queenbay Mall

Some of the runners were equipping themselves with smartphone on their muscle. Checking their heartbeat rate and running distance ?

Come back later for 6.30 am 10 KM run and Fun Run.

ASICS one of the apparel sponsor for PBIM 2015

Morning Runners, this is a booth where runners get to sign names on Asics banner.

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2015

Do not think 10km and fun run were exciting. It shocking to say that as if one has not walk or run for a long distance refrain from joining. It good for health though !

Do not attempt to join 21km or 42 km categories if you have not joined Fun Run or 10KM categories. Test your limit first !

Almost reach the Iconic Penang Bridge ! The morning view is groundbreaking. It is the same feeling felt by the female runner in front. Runners did not miss the opportunity to take selfie

Reaching the bridge Penang Bridge Marathon 2015

It is a wonderful joy step foot on the Penang Bridge.

A group of runners were rushing towards the bridge. There were water station extending isotonic drinks to runners on the way and also some portable toilets for the runner convenience.

It was not easy task but it all worth it. Reached the end of the run where Milo (popular chocolate drink) awaiting thirsty affected runners. Fitnesse is part of the Nestle who too own the brand Milo.
Fitnesse booth offering free kokokrunch and flake with some milk in a cup.

Large hot balloon !

Crowd is coming back for more Milo. Wish human were 4 hands as it could carry 4 cups of Milo. Greedy and thirsty runners took 2 cups away. That was inconsiderate acts ! Perhaps should mention those who carry their own bottle, that was absolute ignore the rule for free drink. Hey, many come back for another Milo and you just take it all at once ?

I am afraid how those foreigner's reaction to some non-civilize acts. It happen all the time only Nestle Milo. Addictive ice-cold chocolate flavor ! 

for any orange drinkers. Some of the booths were not camera captured were Digi, BP Health, Seiko, Flight centre and many more !

Besides, there were local eateries such as Char Kuay Teow, Asam laksa and mee goreng for only RM2.00

100 Plus

The most successful Isotonic drink in Malaysia.

Closing ceremony for Penang Bridge International Marathon 2015

It inevitable to every event there must be an ending. The closing ceremony is presented by leaders of the state. Following a talk igniting the marathon spirit beneath our heart.

Respected panels seated listening to speech. What's next were presentation of marathon winners and lucky draw. It is not that surprising that since it's International level. Some of the runners were from Kenya. Most of the grand prizes were all retrieved by them. It is a big challenge for local to compete with them as one of the runner said the effort was to spent some daily 35 kilometers run. Who would have the time running 35 kilometers daily ?

Indeed, some of the winner were from USA too. Moreover, there were local winners but all from local category where only local community were eligible to win.

Most of the international eligible winner category were all coming from Kenya. They spent 2 hours and half to complete a 42 kilometers marathon. Whereas, a local spent 3 hours and 15 minutes to complete the full marathon. The astonishing record is hard to break. Winning away RM20,000  for both women and male categories.

As for the lucky draw winners, one of the winner are from China and one from Malaysia.

Emcee Penang Bridge International Marathon 2015

The second reason why should not miss for PBIM 2016 is for Miss Laureen Quah. Being Emcee for 4 years in a row. See you around !

As you know by now, the marathon only accept online registration. Official receipt as above, Fun Run only cost RM25. A bag pack and sport attire will be given on the collection kit day.

Nearby Hotel to stay recommended is Apple 1 Hotel. It is the nearest budget hotel to Queenbay Mall.

Facebook         :
Date                 : 22 November 2015
Website           :
Starting Point  : Queenbay Mall car park, Eastin Hotel highway
Time                : 1.30AM - 10AM

Piala Malaysia Final 2014 Pahang vs JDT

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Johor Darul Takzim or Southern Tiger vs Pahang Yellow Elephant in Malaysia cup 2014

JDT performed well in against Felda United. In a result of winning, JDT advances to final against Pahang who is the defending champion. Will JDT crushes the mighty force of Pahang ?? 

Look closely, I would say it could be something like Spain vs Netherlands in Brazil's World Cup 2014 which Netherlands put Spain in a gravely defeated. Both soccer squads was in the final match World cup 2010 but Spain took home World cup by winning against Netherlands. In other sense, will JDT be like Netherlands getting their revenge in final later ??

I do not think Pahang will be two-time champion consecutively. But, both side's fans hoped their favorite win the cup. I would say if JDT could defeat Felda United then, I must say JDT could perform better this time against Pahang. 

The long-awaited final Malaysia cup 2014 will be held November 1, 2014. The game ended with Pahang as the winner of Piala Malaysia 2014 

Felda United vs JDT Semi-Final 2014

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OPPO Piala Malaysia 2014 Semi-Final to be held on October 25, 2014

Malaysia cup 2014 is gaining huge attentions it was not about the soccer squad or anything but when their supporters decided to put up a show that will create havoc in the stadium. It was so large-scale and emotional impacting when supporters of a team lost the match plus when the winning team was booing the loser side's supporters it will be a lost control situation. Imagine the crowd of full-house stadium there was news that Stadium tickets were not enough to cater the masses who wanted to witness the grand match. So, they just wait at outside till the guard off-duty they will jump into stadium for a glance of the match.

In an expected event,  Felda United training was disturbed by JDT fans deemed to be fanatic group of soccer fans. JDT will go against Felda United tonight at JDT's own soccer field. The fanatic JDT fans go to the extend that holding banner " No Way Out" or even there was a censored word "Hell".  

At Padang Seri Galam, a new winner will be emerged for final match of Malaysia cup 2014. Who do you think will win the match JDT or Felda United ?? As for the first match of semi-final between Pahang and Kedah, the match turned out to be overwhelmed by Pahang soccer squad at the score of 5 - 0. Kedah did not managed to secure even a goal.

Oppo sponsored Malaysia cup 2014

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Oppo is on spending spree for advertisements in order to mass attention

It used to be only Piala Malaysia 2014 but now it changed to OPPO Piala Malaysia 2014. It must means something I think Oppo is using this opportunity for part of its marketing strategies as long-term business and capturing smartphone market share in Malaysia. 

The smartphone brand based in China is one of the most advertised smartphone brand either in China or Malaysia. I have noticed that Oppo is everywhere manifesting at Shopping malls or even local cable TV shows. Turn on TV3 news on 8PM, you will see Oppo advertisement there.

Piala Malaysia 2014 is gaining momentum as advancing to final match will see strongest two soccer squada competing each other. In the meantime, Oppo unlike any other smartphone brands, took the bold steps in sponsoring the grand sport event. The figure remains unknown but it must be a huge figures. 

If you are soccer fans, you are most likely to notice those sideline advertisement boards around the soccer field. Oppo seem to have more than 2 sideline advertisement boards compared to other only 1. Besides, Oppo held a contest for any Malaysian who wish to join and win some tickets for final match of Malaysia cup 2014.


Quarter-Final Malaysia Cup 2014

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Quarter-Final of Malaysia Cup 2014 will begin tomorrow October 3, 2014

Football Association of Malaysia has decided to move quarter-final first leg matches from October 4th to October 3th. Due to the Hari Raya Haji is around the corner will begin on the date Oct 5th, Muslim footballers will have enough time for them to spend precious time with their families.

Eight teams that are still in the tournament are Selangor, Terengganu, PDRM, Felda United, Kelantan, Kedah, JDT and defending champion Pahang. The most anticipated match among these team will be Felda United vs Selangor at Shah Alam Stadium.

The next quarter-final matches is on October 17th and 18th respectively. Who do you think will emerge as the new champion of Malaysia cup 2014 or Pahang the elephant retains their champion title ??

Author of the Unitedmy have higher confidence voting it either Felda United or PDRM will get its chance into semi-final. Meanwhile, check this article about Top 10 Goal strikers in Malaysia cup 2014

Battle of Titans Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan

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Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan battle for men single gold medal in Asiad 2014

Dato Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan
Source : Media Prima's TV3 

This match will be broadcast nationwide on TV3 on the date September 28, 2014. Dato's Lee Chong Wei is finally broke into semi-final to meet up Lin Dan. That was expected result from Malaysia greatest badminton player in the history. As if Lee Chong Wei won this match, he will progress to final for gold medal. Preparing for the worst, he is still getting the bronze medal.

Today Saturday, Lee Chong Wei lost first match of the game to Vietnam badminton player. He could have lost the golden opportunity playing with Lin Dan. However, he gained momentum in second and third matches subsequently won the Vietnam badminton player advancing himself to face Lin Dan. As for Lee Chong Wei biggest nemesis, Lin Dan won against Japan's Kenichi Tago in the same day.

Who do you think will win in this match ?? There must be massive badminton fans swarming up the indoor Incheon stadium seats to witness grand battle between two biggest badminton players of this time. Although Dato' Lee Chong Wei may have lost the mach against Chen Long earlier in badminton team but it does not mean anything in this match.

Will Lin Dan pull the same trick again this time against Lee Chong Wei ?? Will Lee Chong Wei overcomes Lin Dan winning streak record against World No 1 badminton player ?? We will see this intense battle tomorrow Sunday 4PM.

Update : Lee Chong Wei failed achieving victory against Lin Dan in third match. Lin Dan advances to Final Badminton Men's single Asiad 2014. Lee Chong Wei is likely to get bronze medal


Malaysia vs Singapore 13th Sultan Selangor Cup 2014

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Malaysia versus Singapore in Stadium Shah Alam for Sultan Selangor Cup 2014

Witness the battle of one of top country in the world Singapore taking up the challenge by Malaysia in this prestigious soccer sport. Tune to LIVE match between Malaysia and Singapore on September 27, 2014. The time is 9PM exclusively on TV3. One can opt watch it at Tonton website.

Malaysia soccer squad were wearing Red & Yellow shirt, whereas Singapore soccer squad were wearing Blue jersey. There are a lot of talented footballer in Selangor squad would be playing later against Singapore. For example, Paulo (9), Hazwan (11), Farizal (25), Aidie(7), Azmi (8). 

The match attended by many very important persons including the Sultan Selangor and newly appointed Chief minister of Selangor Azmin Ali. There were Dollah Salleh and Raja Gopal spotted at this grand event too.

First few minutes, Singapore's Hafiz Sujad made a big mistake earned themselves first yellow card. Following by a red card which is given to one of the Singapore footballer after a obvious hard push from the back.

Paulo scored a goal utilizing the chance given to him in a penalty shot whereas, Singapore obtained first goal after the resting period with a long distance kick, bringing the score to 1 - 1 same. The winning emerged and belongs to Selangor when they scored another goal. The crowd are enjoying the match they were humming in the last few minutes of the game. 

Selangor jersey is very much stick with Kappa brand. Some of the well known brands has been supporting the game. Some of the advertisement boards at the soccer field side were SYABAS, Tanjung Balai Group, Permodalan Selangor, Sime Darby, SP Setia, TV3, Berita Harian, The Star Newspaper and many more.

Day 1 Malaysia in Incheon Asian Games

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Malaysia hunts Gold medals in Asiad 2014. The target is 8 Gold Medals announced by Minister of Sport and Youth

Malaysia won first gold medal in day 1

On September 19, 2014, It was the date of opening ceremony Incheon Asian Games 2014. There will be no competition on the day of opening ceremony. The competition will resume tomorrow which is September 20, 2014.

The official day of Asiad should be September 20, 2014. There are competitions will be taking place. Hockey, Wushu, Bicycle and many more. In the Hockey competition, Malaysia hockey squad has won against Singapore national hockey squad.

As for cycling, athletes representing Malaysia were Azizulhasni Awang, Josiah Ng and Muhammad Edrus Md Yunus. Mr Edrus is one of the best cyclist that can win at least silver or bronze medal for Malaysia

In the meantime, Volleyball indoor and Cricket national squad did not managed to secure a position to the final of the game.

Malaysia was lucky enough to won first gold medal in first day of Asiad. The first contribution of gold medal was in the Wushu category. She obtained the gold medal in Wushu Nan Quan. Her name is Tai Cheau Xuen. In an interview with her, she could not express her feeling as she never thought could win gold medal. Her action biting the gold medal was one of the proudest moment for a Malaysian.

Malaysian can enjoy watching athletes at Asiad on TV3, 9TV or Astro Arena 801. Free streaming is available on Tonton website.  

Badminton Malaysian vs China in Day 3 Asian Games

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Lee Chong Wei, Chen Long, Lin Dan and Chong Wei Feng will play on September 22, 2014

Will China obtain Gold medal or Malaysia in Men's single Badminton match ? Stay tuned TV9 or Astro Arena 801

Malaysia vs Saudi Arabia at Incheon 2014

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17th Asian Games 2014, Malaysia versus Saudi Arabia in 2nd day soccer category.

This is the second match Malaysia soccer squad playing on this event. Saudi Arabia is a formidable opponent based on the analysis they played on last match. In previous match, Malaysia won against Laos in an unprecedented score of 4 - 0. Subsequently obtained 3 points ahead. Besides, Saudi Arabia proved they too had won which put Malaysia and Saudi Arabia in a same level.

More info about Malaysia vs Laos 4 - 0.

As if Malaysia won again Saudi Arabia later, Harimau Malaya's chance advancing for goal medal is one step closer. Anything could happen in the field and last minute playing at field. We will need to see who will prevail till the last minute or scoring the last goal. After all, winning and losing are the culture of any sport games.

Witness the fight on 3.55 Pm on Astro Arena 801. The date is 21 september 2014, the time is on 3.55 PM

More detail after the match

Malaysia attended Opening of 17th Incheon Asian Games

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Nicol David carrying and waving the Malaysia flag when it Malaysia turn to walk on the track 

Queen of the squash in Malaysia and worldwide proudly waving Malaysia flag at Incheon stadium. She was accompanied by all the Malaysia athletes. They were all wearing orange color outfits. TV9 broadcaster mentioned about Nicol David news of retirement in squash was very saddened Squash fans all around the world. Her amazing performance will be cherished this could be her last biggest sport event.

Nicol David winning streak earned her a legendary title in an international stage as well as the title granted to her "Datuk". Although she may have lost some of the Squash tournaments held not so long ago. But she never failed to amazed all the audiences in big sport event nor she failed to get gold medal in any big sport event.

Datuk Lee Chong Wei will not miss this grand opportunity to play. It will be his biggest moment in his life because his arch rival has agreed to play at this sport event. Asian Games 2014 where the three countries compete furiously for gold medals, China, South Korea and Japan will try their very best to get as much gold as possible. China Lin Dan coach makes an appearance that he will help his country to get the gold medal to retain China no 1 record in Asian Games.

One can watch some of the amazing video feed focusing on Malaysian athletes on Asian games 2014 by watching TV9. This exclusive show is sponsored by TM, MYEG and Team Malaysia.

Watch LIVE Asian Games 2014

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Malaysian is exciting to be able to watch Asian Games 2014 opening at Incheon, South Korea

Asian Games 2014

Thank to Media Prima, Malaysians who like sport and those K-pop fans are able to witness the grand opening of the prestigious Asian sport 2014. Incheon is the third largest city in South Korea was selected to be the host of 17th largest sport event in Asia countries. It will be held from September 19, 2014 - October 4, 2014.

Due to this event, Malaysia cup 2014 quarter-final was halted in order to focus on this groundbreaking event. Malaysia soccer squad was selected to be a rival for South Korea at a friendly-match. It more likely an opening match for soccer category in Asian games 2014. Although lost to South Korea, Malaysia did not lost any point. The good news is Malaysia won Laos in a 4 and nil score. 

K-pop fans in Malaysia will be enormously grateful one of their favorite K-pop band is perfoming on the stage. JYJ band was selected to represent South Korea as an icon for the sport. Their Korean song "Only One" has 1.8 million hit even before the match begin. The video has been uploaded as early as last year.

Take a guess on their official mascot, it Seal. 3 different color Seal wearing a medal or badges. They are staggering 45 countries would make appearance at this exclusive sport event. One of them are Malaysia. Sport and Youth minister expected Malaysia to get some medals back especially in the sport of Squash and badminton. Lee Chong Wei and Nicol David are showing up in this cant-miss opportunity event.

Do not miss the opening of LIVE Asian Games 2014. Stay alert for the date September 19, 2014 (Friday) and the time 6.00PM. Tune to TV9 and wait for Malaysia national flag to show up. One will be able to see athletes competing each other tomorrow of the opening ceremony. Some of the sport events in Saturday are badminton, cricket, basketball and many more.

Malaysia vs Laos Asian Games 2014 LIVE

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Asian Games 2014 soccer category is expected to start earlier than other sport category

Malaysia vs Laos 2014

Malaysia soccer squad lead by Datuk Ong Kim Swee marched to Incheon stadium, South Korea. The very first match is compete with Laos. Last few days, Malaysia suffered defeat against South Korea national soccer squad in a friendly-match. South Korea squad strikers and defenses were both in a amazing form they had broke in defense of Harimau Malaya scoring 3 goals and stopped all the attempt to score a goal by Malaysia strikers. 

Malaysia versus Laos is the first soccer match for Malaysian soccer squad and they are determined to get first points by defeating Laos. Malaysian soccer fans are eagerly waiting the coming of date September 17, 2014.  The match can be watched either at Astro Arena 801 or TV9. The time is set on 3.30PM.  

Dollah Salleh was presence at this match assessing the soccer players for upcoming AFF tournament on November later. The target for this match is 3 points set by Datuk Ong Kim Swee. At the first half of the match, A very high target and only able to be achieved if the coach call upon its strongest formation and players.

Harimau Malaya U23 has lost three matches before heading versus Laos. Coach realized to give a surprise to opponent about its strength. Nor Farhan, Brendan Gan and Hazwan Bakri was playing at the field as potential goal scorers. As for defense side, there were Fadhli Shas (27) and Aidil Zafuan for perfect defense combination.

In the first round of the match, Malaysia secured a goal by Aidil Zafuan at 12' minutes. The formation started to yield result after the second match where the three goals were scored. Second goal was scored by Nor Farhan (10) at 76' minutes followed by Mohamad Fandi (17) at 78' minutes. Subsequently, Farris Danial (25) scored at 81' minutes.

Some of the players on the field were Ashri Chuchu (5), Gary (12), Amer (24), Zubir, Nazmi (31), Azrif (20). 

There were many perimeter advertisements such as Hyundai, Kia Motors, SK Innovation, Tissot, Samsung and many more

Preparation AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 Malaysia vs Indonesia

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Senior Harimau Malaya vs Indonesia in a friendly match at Surabaya, Indonesia Stadium

Malaysia vs Indonesia AFF Suzuki 2014 friendly match

Last time Malaysia face against Indonesia was a big blow and staggering win with a score of 2 - 0. Now it seem that Indonesia has their revenge in this friendly match. The commentator of the match said that Indonesia soccer squad is much more confident and well-trained. Their strategy is able to penetrate Harimau Malaya defense.

The same color jersey blue represents Malaysia and red represents Indonesia squad. As you can see in the image above, they are advancing in a bid to score a goal against Malaysia. The Malaysia soccer squad is now lead by Dollah Salleh, a former Malaysian footballer.

Malaysia never expecting a win because it was not a soccer tournament that needed to be focus on. As for Indonesia, they are the one will focusing on this match due to the losing match again Malaysia at last AFF Suzuki cup 2012. A defeat that sent Indonesia soccer squad home.

As for Malaysia soccer fans, it is the third defeat in a roll today. Noticing carefully, there are 3 soccer matches held on September 14, 2014. The triple losing streak disappointed many soccer fans. A very sad day for Malaysian soccer history.

Among the three matches, the only good match worth to watch was the Malaysia U16 vs Australi U16. Malaysia U16 has tremendous potential sleep within them. If polish with care, they could be a very good soccer squad that has standard to go on for World Cup. The English commentator praised on the commendable Malaysia U16 and expecting to see them next few years of development.

The real date of AFF Suzuki Cup soccer match commencing is on October 2014 after Asian Games 2014 and Malaysia cup 2014.

Malaysia vs Indonesia AFF Suzuki 2014 friendly match

Video FAM chanted in Stadium as "Bangsat"

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A viral video showing stadium goer chanted FAM management is not a good one

The video was not uploaded by me either. It was obtained one of the most popular Facebook page in Malaysia. The widely controversial video emerged as Malaysia soccer squads lost all three matches yesterday on September 15, 2014.

It remains a speculation or presumption that angry stadium patrols who always supporting Harimau Malaya get really pissed off and was recorded in a video clip. Despite the chanting, there were no violence occurred. It was believed to be a peaceful gathering and peaceful freedom of thought in a large crowd.

The chanting could be a little overdone. The chanting translated to English is "Football Association of Malaysia is a bastard or asshole". There were huge numbers of peoples followed the chanting. The repeated chanting was recorded in a video clip. Most of them chanted in a Malay language like this 

FAM bangsat, kami datang FAM bangsat. x2 Kami turun ke stadiun , satu jiwa satu malaysia, FAM bangsat dibunuh saja.

The outrageous chanting has aimed on FAM which the management were under someone respectful and powerful in Malaysia. We should think positively that this is just some emotional occurrence rather than a disrespectful acts.

Yesterday South Korea vs Malaysia with a score 3 - 0 was held in Incheon. As for Malaysia U16 vs Australia 1 - 2 was held at Thailand the qualification of Malaysia to World Cup was not materialize. The third match Malaysia versus Indonesia in a friendly match was held at Surabaya. The question remained mystery where is the location this chanting happened ??

Warning viewer discretion is advised. The content could be deemed as dangerous and inappropriate. 

Malaysia vs South Korea friendly-match Asian Games 2014

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Korea republic vs Young tigers B-23
Source : Astro Arena Facebook page

As Asian Games soccer category is unveiling. South Korea is testing their soccer squad strength with Malaysia Young tigers. It will be a honor as it will be treated as opening ceremony of soccer category in Asian Games 2014 at Incheon. Who will win in this match against the host ?

South Korea soccer squad must have heavy burden in order to prove they are the host and they cant lose the game. As for Malaysian soccer squad, it will be a terrific experience and knowledge playing in an international level soccer event. As if Malaysia lost the match, Malaysia will still advance and proceed.

A friendly match that Malaysia could afford to lose because it will not jeopardize it performance in Asian Games 2014. Harimau Muda B-23 should focus on strategies how to defeat it real opponent. They are Laos soccer squad. the match Harimau Muda vs Laos will be a great match worth to watch.

Harimau Muda captain is Aidil Zafuan. Aidil, is JDT defender one of the senior team members being asked by coach Datuk Ong Kee Swee to beef up the formation of Harimau Muda that is going to compete in Asian Games 2014. Coach believed Aidil's knowledge and experience is extremely useful.

A little bit of research on the South Korea soccer squad, their strongest soccer squad may have been sent to play at AFC U-16. Lee Seung Woo the SK Messi will not play at Asian Games 2014.

Stay tune for this match the host of 17th Asian Games 2014 will go against Harimau Muda in this coming September 14, 2014. Tune to Astro Arena on the time 3.30Pm. 

Result : Malaysia soccer squad lost to South Korea with the score of 0 - 3.