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Piala Malaysia Final 2014 Pahang vs JDT

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Johor Darul Takzim or Southern Tiger vs Pahang Yellow Elephant in Malaysia cup 2014

JDT performed well in against Felda United. In a result of winning, JDT advances to final against Pahang who is the defending champion. Will JDT crushes the mighty force of Pahang ?? 

Look closely, I would say it could be something like Spain vs Netherlands in Brazil's World Cup 2014 which Netherlands put Spain in a gravely defeated. Both soccer squads was in the final match World cup 2010 but Spain took home World cup by winning against Netherlands. In other sense, will JDT be like Netherlands getting their revenge in final later ??

I do not think Pahang will be two-time champion consecutively. But, both side's fans hoped their favorite win the cup. I would say if JDT could defeat Felda United then, I must say JDT could perform better this time against Pahang. 

The long-awaited final Malaysia cup 2014 will be held November 1, 2014. The game ended with Pahang as the winner of Piala Malaysia 2014