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Piala Malaysia Final 2014 Pahang vs JDT

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Johor Darul Takzim or Southern Tiger vs Pahang Yellow Elephant in Malaysia cup 2014

JDT performed well in against Felda United. In a result of winning, JDT advances to final against Pahang who is the defending champion. Will JDT crushes the mighty force of Pahang ?? 

Look closely, I would say it could be something like Spain vs Netherlands in Brazil's World Cup 2014 which Netherlands put Spain in a gravely defeated. Both soccer squads was in the final match World cup 2010 but Spain took home World cup by winning against Netherlands. In other sense, will JDT be like Netherlands getting their revenge in final later ??

I do not think Pahang will be two-time champion consecutively. But, both side's fans hoped their favorite win the cup. I would say if JDT could defeat Felda United then, I must say JDT could perform better this time against Pahang. 

The long-awaited final Malaysia cup 2014 will be held November 1, 2014. The game ended with Pahang as the winner of Piala Malaysia 2014 

Felda United vs JDT Semi-Final 2014

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OPPO Piala Malaysia 2014 Semi-Final to be held on October 25, 2014

Malaysia cup 2014 is gaining huge attentions it was not about the soccer squad or anything but when their supporters decided to put up a show that will create havoc in the stadium. It was so large-scale and emotional impacting when supporters of a team lost the match plus when the winning team was booing the loser side's supporters it will be a lost control situation. Imagine the crowd of full-house stadium there was news that Stadium tickets were not enough to cater the masses who wanted to witness the grand match. So, they just wait at outside till the guard off-duty they will jump into stadium for a glance of the match.

In an expected event,  Felda United training was disturbed by JDT fans deemed to be fanatic group of soccer fans. JDT will go against Felda United tonight at JDT's own soccer field. The fanatic JDT fans go to the extend that holding banner " No Way Out" or even there was a censored word "Hell".  

At Padang Seri Galam, a new winner will be emerged for final match of Malaysia cup 2014. Who do you think will win the match JDT or Felda United ?? As for the first match of semi-final between Pahang and Kedah, the match turned out to be overwhelmed by Pahang soccer squad at the score of 5 - 0. Kedah did not managed to secure even a goal.

Oppo sponsored Malaysia cup 2014

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Oppo is on spending spree for advertisements in order to mass attention

It used to be only Piala Malaysia 2014 but now it changed to OPPO Piala Malaysia 2014. It must means something I think Oppo is using this opportunity for part of its marketing strategies as long-term business and capturing smartphone market share in Malaysia. 

The smartphone brand based in China is one of the most advertised smartphone brand either in China or Malaysia. I have noticed that Oppo is everywhere manifesting at Shopping malls or even local cable TV shows. Turn on TV3 news on 8PM, you will see Oppo advertisement there.

Piala Malaysia 2014 is gaining momentum as advancing to final match will see strongest two soccer squada competing each other. In the meantime, Oppo unlike any other smartphone brands, took the bold steps in sponsoring the grand sport event. The figure remains unknown but it must be a huge figures. 

If you are soccer fans, you are most likely to notice those sideline advertisement boards around the soccer field. Oppo seem to have more than 2 sideline advertisement boards compared to other only 1. Besides, Oppo held a contest for any Malaysian who wish to join and win some tickets for final match of Malaysia cup 2014.


Quarter-Final Malaysia Cup 2014

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Quarter-Final of Malaysia Cup 2014 will begin tomorrow October 3, 2014

Football Association of Malaysia has decided to move quarter-final first leg matches from October 4th to October 3th. Due to the Hari Raya Haji is around the corner will begin on the date Oct 5th, Muslim footballers will have enough time for them to spend precious time with their families.

Eight teams that are still in the tournament are Selangor, Terengganu, PDRM, Felda United, Kelantan, Kedah, JDT and defending champion Pahang. The most anticipated match among these team will be Felda United vs Selangor at Shah Alam Stadium.

The next quarter-final matches is on October 17th and 18th respectively. Who do you think will emerge as the new champion of Malaysia cup 2014 or Pahang the elephant retains their champion title ??

Author of the Unitedmy have higher confidence voting it either Felda United or PDRM will get its chance into semi-final. Meanwhile, check this article about Top 10 Goal strikers in Malaysia cup 2014

All Goal Scorers in Malaysia cup 2014

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All the goals scorers in every soccer squads of Malaysia cup 2014. 

Top scorer in Malaysia cup 2014 so far is PDRM's Ali Ashraq or well known for his legendary title "Man or Steel" or "Iron Man". He secured 7 goals for PDRM throughout the matches. The second place are Pahang Dickson and Kedah's Billy Mehmet. 

These scores were recorded from August 13, 2014 - September 3, 2014. To be continue updating this article when Malaysia cup resumes on October 3 for quarter final.

Are you interested to know which 10 strikers is the best in Malaysia cup 2014 ?? Check this out Top 10 goal strikers in Malaysia cup 2014

1. JDT

  • Luciano Figuerao x4
  • Pereyra Diaz x3
  • Amri Yahyah x2
  • Hariss Harun x1
  • Safiq Rahim x2
  • Jasazrin Jamaluddin x1


  • Nicholas Delmonte x2
  • Zaquan Adha x1
  • Syafiq Shahrudin x2
  • Yusof Zainal Abidin x1
  • Shahril Ishak x1
  • Fandi Ahmad x1

3. Felda United

  • Mohd Raimi Nor x1
  • Ahmad Syamin Yahya x2
  • Edward Wilson x4
  • Shahrulnizam x1
  • Shukor Adan x1
  • Indra Putra x1
  • Makache Ndumba x1
  • Zan Rahan x1

4. Pahang

  • Dickson Nwakaeme x5
  • Fauzi Roslan x2
  • Gopinathan x2
  • Matias Conti x1
  • Zesh Rahman x1

5. Lions XII

  • Sufian Anuar x1
  • Madhu Mohana x1
  • Faris Ramli x3
  • Hafiz Sujad x2

6. Pulau Pinang

  • Luiz Ricardo x2
  • Rafiuddin Roddin x2
  • Lee Gil Hoon x2

7. Kelantan ( Red warriors )

  • Wan Zaharulnizam x1
  • Khairul Izuan Rosli x1
  • Forkey Doe x4
  • Fakri Saarani x2
  • Piya x2

8. ATM ( The Gladiators)

  • Juan Arostegui x1
  • Hairuddin Omar x3

9. Terengganu ( Turtles )

  • Manaf Mamat x1
  • Norfarhan x1
  • Ashaari Samsuddin x3
  • Mario Karlovic x2
  • Zairo Anuar Zailani x1
  • Ismail Faruqi x1
  • Nordin Alias x1

10. Perak ( The Boss)

  • Nasir Basharuddin x2
  • Abdula fees Abdulsalam x1
  • Milan Purovic x1
  • Hafiz Ramdan x1
  • Marco Tulio x1
  • Vincent Bikana -1 ( Scored own goal)

11. Sarawak ( The Crocs )

  • Ryan Griffith x3
  • Chanturu x2
  • Hairol Mokhtar x1

12. Kedah ( The Red Eagles )

  • Farhan x1
  • Billy Mehmet x5
  • Baddrol Bakhtiar x3
  • Namkung Woong x1
  • Syazwan Tajuddin x1

13. PDRM ( The Cops)

  • Bobby Gonzales x4
  • Chad Souza x3
  • Ali Ashfaq x7
  • Alafi Mahmud x1

14. T-TEAM ( The Titans )

  • Patrich Wanggal x1
  • Jimmy Mulisa x4
  • Leandro Dos Santos x1
  • Ramzul Zahini Adnan x1

15. SELANGOR ( The Red Giants )

  • Paulo Rangel x3
  • Hazwan Bakri  x2
  • Andik Vermansyah x2

16. SIME DARBY ( The Giant Killers )

  • Dilshod Sharofeldinov x1
  • Mateo Roskam x3
  • Dzulfahmi x1
  • Fahrul Razi Kamaruddin x1

Top 10 Goal Strikers Malaysia Cup 2014

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Early guess the best goal kickers in Malaysia Cup 2014. 

Who will be the all-time most powerful scorer in Malaysia cup 2014 ? Let see some expected contenders. They are being analysed from August 13 - September 3, 2014. Their performance were top-notch. The goal points they have been collecting untill September 3, 2014. It is true that Luciano Figueroa had scored 3 times for JDT. 

This is an analysis before the quarter final of Malaysia cup 2014. The chart will change in time. The quarter final of Malaysia cup 2014 is set on October. Although some of them did not managed to secure position in quarter final but they are amazing goal kickers that worth to be mentioned.

If you are interested to know all the goal scorers in Malaysia cup 2014. Check it out at All goal scorers in every soccer squad in Malaysia cup 2014

1. Luciano Figueroa

Scored three goals for JDT on Malaysia cup 2014. He is an Argentina International footballer.  

2. Dickson Nwakaeme

Amazing striker with excellent goal points. Staggering 5 goals for Pahang squad in Malaysia cup 2014. He could be the all-time top scorer for Pahang squad as well as the whole Malaysia cup 2014 so far. Pahang earned enough point entering quarter final of Malaysia cup 2014.

3. Francis Forkey Doe

Kelantan top scorer so far at least helped Kelantan scoring 4 goals and they are good to go for quarter final of Malaysia cup 2014. 

4. Billy Mehmet

Scored 5 goals the one who can compete with Pahang striker Dickson. Playing as a striker for Kedah. Kedah could be the chosen one in Malaysia cup 2014. Will Kedah successfully entering semi final ??

5. Ali Ashfaq

Carrying the jersey title "PDRM". He originated from capital of Maldives. Now getting fame by playing in Malaysia cup 2014. He scored 7 goals for PDRM. Amazing performance by Ali Ashfaq

6. Faris Ramli

He joined the team Lions XII and competing for Malaysia cup 2014. He is just 22 years old this year. A young talented footballer born in Singapore scored 3 goals. Meantime, he is a handsome footballer in the field.

7. Hairuddin Omar

He is a veteran in Malaysian soccer field. Throughout his career, he experienced the taste of winning in Malaysia cup. Captain of the team in ATM squad.

8. Ryan Griffiths

Hail from Australia now playing as a striker for Sarawak squad. The top scorer in the Sarawak squad. 

9. Edward Junior Wilson

A shinning star in Felda united. The top scorer for Felda United. They obtained the chance entering to quarter final for Malaysia cup 2014.

10. Paulo Rangel

Last but not least, Paulo the golden boot for Malaysia league 2014. A striker for Selangor squad. Scored 3 times subsequently successfully earned the pass to go quarter final of Malaysia cup 2014. Just for your information, he is a Brazilian.

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