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Piala Malaysia Final 2014 Pahang vs JDT

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Johor Darul Takzim or Southern Tiger vs Pahang Yellow Elephant in Malaysia cup 2014

JDT performed well in against Felda United. In a result of winning, JDT advances to final against Pahang who is the defending champion. Will JDT crushes the mighty force of Pahang ?? 

Look closely, I would say it could be something like Spain vs Netherlands in Brazil's World Cup 2014 which Netherlands put Spain in a gravely defeated. Both soccer squads was in the final match World cup 2010 but Spain took home World cup by winning against Netherlands. In other sense, will JDT be like Netherlands getting their revenge in final later ??

I do not think Pahang will be two-time champion consecutively. But, both side's fans hoped their favorite win the cup. I would say if JDT could defeat Felda United then, I must say JDT could perform better this time against Pahang. 

The long-awaited final Malaysia cup 2014 will be held November 1, 2014. The game ended with Pahang as the winner of Piala Malaysia 2014 

Felda United vs JDT Semi-Final 2014

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OPPO Piala Malaysia 2014 Semi-Final to be held on October 25, 2014

Malaysia cup 2014 is gaining huge attentions it was not about the soccer squad or anything but when their supporters decided to put up a show that will create havoc in the stadium. It was so large-scale and emotional impacting when supporters of a team lost the match plus when the winning team was booing the loser side's supporters it will be a lost control situation. Imagine the crowd of full-house stadium there was news that Stadium tickets were not enough to cater the masses who wanted to witness the grand match. So, they just wait at outside till the guard off-duty they will jump into stadium for a glance of the match.

In an expected event,  Felda United training was disturbed by JDT fans deemed to be fanatic group of soccer fans. JDT will go against Felda United tonight at JDT's own soccer field. The fanatic JDT fans go to the extend that holding banner " No Way Out" or even there was a censored word "Hell".  

At Padang Seri Galam, a new winner will be emerged for final match of Malaysia cup 2014. Who do you think will win the match JDT or Felda United ?? As for the first match of semi-final between Pahang and Kedah, the match turned out to be overwhelmed by Pahang soccer squad at the score of 5 - 0. Kedah did not managed to secure even a goal.

Quarter-Final Malaysia Cup 2014

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Quarter-Final of Malaysia Cup 2014 will begin tomorrow October 3, 2014

Football Association of Malaysia has decided to move quarter-final first leg matches from October 4th to October 3th. Due to the Hari Raya Haji is around the corner will begin on the date Oct 5th, Muslim footballers will have enough time for them to spend precious time with their families.

Eight teams that are still in the tournament are Selangor, Terengganu, PDRM, Felda United, Kelantan, Kedah, JDT and defending champion Pahang. The most anticipated match among these team will be Felda United vs Selangor at Shah Alam Stadium.

The next quarter-final matches is on October 17th and 18th respectively. Who do you think will emerge as the new champion of Malaysia cup 2014 or Pahang the elephant retains their champion title ??

Author of the Unitedmy have higher confidence voting it either Felda United or PDRM will get its chance into semi-final. Meanwhile, check this article about Top 10 Goal strikers in Malaysia cup 2014

Malaysia vs Singapore 13th Sultan Selangor Cup 2014

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Malaysia versus Singapore in Stadium Shah Alam for Sultan Selangor Cup 2014

Witness the battle of one of top country in the world Singapore taking up the challenge by Malaysia in this prestigious soccer sport. Tune to LIVE match between Malaysia and Singapore on September 27, 2014. The time is 9PM exclusively on TV3. One can opt watch it at Tonton website.

Malaysia soccer squad were wearing Red & Yellow shirt, whereas Singapore soccer squad were wearing Blue jersey. There are a lot of talented footballer in Selangor squad would be playing later against Singapore. For example, Paulo (9), Hazwan (11), Farizal (25), Aidie(7), Azmi (8). 

The match attended by many very important persons including the Sultan Selangor and newly appointed Chief minister of Selangor Azmin Ali. There were Dollah Salleh and Raja Gopal spotted at this grand event too.

First few minutes, Singapore's Hafiz Sujad made a big mistake earned themselves first yellow card. Following by a red card which is given to one of the Singapore footballer after a obvious hard push from the back.

Paulo scored a goal utilizing the chance given to him in a penalty shot whereas, Singapore obtained first goal after the resting period with a long distance kick, bringing the score to 1 - 1 same. The winning emerged and belongs to Selangor when they scored another goal. The crowd are enjoying the match they were humming in the last few minutes of the game. 

Selangor jersey is very much stick with Kappa brand. Some of the well known brands has been supporting the game. Some of the advertisement boards at the soccer field side were SYABAS, Tanjung Balai Group, Permodalan Selangor, Sime Darby, SP Setia, TV3, Berita Harian, The Star Newspaper and many more.

Malaysia vs Saudi Arabia at Incheon 2014

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17th Asian Games 2014, Malaysia versus Saudi Arabia in 2nd day soccer category.

This is the second match Malaysia soccer squad playing on this event. Saudi Arabia is a formidable opponent based on the analysis they played on last match. In previous match, Malaysia won against Laos in an unprecedented score of 4 - 0. Subsequently obtained 3 points ahead. Besides, Saudi Arabia proved they too had won which put Malaysia and Saudi Arabia in a same level.

More info about Malaysia vs Laos 4 - 0.

As if Malaysia won again Saudi Arabia later, Harimau Malaya's chance advancing for goal medal is one step closer. Anything could happen in the field and last minute playing at field. We will need to see who will prevail till the last minute or scoring the last goal. After all, winning and losing are the culture of any sport games.

Witness the fight on 3.55 Pm on Astro Arena 801. The date is 21 september 2014, the time is on 3.55 PM

More detail after the match

Malaysia vs Laos Asian Games 2014 LIVE

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Asian Games 2014 soccer category is expected to start earlier than other sport category

Malaysia vs Laos 2014

Malaysia soccer squad lead by Datuk Ong Kim Swee marched to Incheon stadium, South Korea. The very first match is compete with Laos. Last few days, Malaysia suffered defeat against South Korea national soccer squad in a friendly-match. South Korea squad strikers and defenses were both in a amazing form they had broke in defense of Harimau Malaya scoring 3 goals and stopped all the attempt to score a goal by Malaysia strikers. 

Malaysia versus Laos is the first soccer match for Malaysian soccer squad and they are determined to get first points by defeating Laos. Malaysian soccer fans are eagerly waiting the coming of date September 17, 2014.  The match can be watched either at Astro Arena 801 or TV9. The time is set on 3.30PM.  

Dollah Salleh was presence at this match assessing the soccer players for upcoming AFF tournament on November later. The target for this match is 3 points set by Datuk Ong Kim Swee. At the first half of the match, A very high target and only able to be achieved if the coach call upon its strongest formation and players.

Harimau Malaya U23 has lost three matches before heading versus Laos. Coach realized to give a surprise to opponent about its strength. Nor Farhan, Brendan Gan and Hazwan Bakri was playing at the field as potential goal scorers. As for defense side, there were Fadhli Shas (27) and Aidil Zafuan for perfect defense combination.

In the first round of the match, Malaysia secured a goal by Aidil Zafuan at 12' minutes. The formation started to yield result after the second match where the three goals were scored. Second goal was scored by Nor Farhan (10) at 76' minutes followed by Mohamad Fandi (17) at 78' minutes. Subsequently, Farris Danial (25) scored at 81' minutes.

Some of the players on the field were Ashri Chuchu (5), Gary (12), Amer (24), Zubir, Nazmi (31), Azrif (20). 

There were many perimeter advertisements such as Hyundai, Kia Motors, SK Innovation, Tissot, Samsung and many more

Preparation AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 Malaysia vs Indonesia

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Senior Harimau Malaya vs Indonesia in a friendly match at Surabaya, Indonesia Stadium

Malaysia vs Indonesia AFF Suzuki 2014 friendly match

Last time Malaysia face against Indonesia was a big blow and staggering win with a score of 2 - 0. Now it seem that Indonesia has their revenge in this friendly match. The commentator of the match said that Indonesia soccer squad is much more confident and well-trained. Their strategy is able to penetrate Harimau Malaya defense.

The same color jersey blue represents Malaysia and red represents Indonesia squad. As you can see in the image above, they are advancing in a bid to score a goal against Malaysia. The Malaysia soccer squad is now lead by Dollah Salleh, a former Malaysian footballer.

Malaysia never expecting a win because it was not a soccer tournament that needed to be focus on. As for Indonesia, they are the one will focusing on this match due to the losing match again Malaysia at last AFF Suzuki cup 2012. A defeat that sent Indonesia soccer squad home.

As for Malaysia soccer fans, it is the third defeat in a roll today. Noticing carefully, there are 3 soccer matches held on September 14, 2014. The triple losing streak disappointed many soccer fans. A very sad day for Malaysian soccer history.

Among the three matches, the only good match worth to watch was the Malaysia U16 vs Australi U16. Malaysia U16 has tremendous potential sleep within them. If polish with care, they could be a very good soccer squad that has standard to go on for World Cup. The English commentator praised on the commendable Malaysia U16 and expecting to see them next few years of development.

The real date of AFF Suzuki Cup soccer match commencing is on October 2014 after Asian Games 2014 and Malaysia cup 2014.

Malaysia vs Indonesia AFF Suzuki 2014 friendly match

Video FAM chanted in Stadium as "Bangsat"

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A viral video showing stadium goer chanted FAM management is not a good one

The video was not uploaded by me either. It was obtained one of the most popular Facebook page in Malaysia. The widely controversial video emerged as Malaysia soccer squads lost all three matches yesterday on September 15, 2014.

It remains a speculation or presumption that angry stadium patrols who always supporting Harimau Malaya get really pissed off and was recorded in a video clip. Despite the chanting, there were no violence occurred. It was believed to be a peaceful gathering and peaceful freedom of thought in a large crowd.

The chanting could be a little overdone. The chanting translated to English is "Football Association of Malaysia is a bastard or asshole". There were huge numbers of peoples followed the chanting. The repeated chanting was recorded in a video clip. Most of them chanted in a Malay language like this 

FAM bangsat, kami datang FAM bangsat. x2 Kami turun ke stadiun , satu jiwa satu malaysia, FAM bangsat dibunuh saja.

The outrageous chanting has aimed on FAM which the management were under someone respectful and powerful in Malaysia. We should think positively that this is just some emotional occurrence rather than a disrespectful acts.

Yesterday South Korea vs Malaysia with a score 3 - 0 was held in Incheon. As for Malaysia U16 vs Australia 1 - 2 was held at Thailand the qualification of Malaysia to World Cup was not materialize. The third match Malaysia versus Indonesia in a friendly match was held at Surabaya. The question remained mystery where is the location this chanting happened ??

Warning viewer discretion is advised. The content could be deemed as dangerous and inappropriate. 

Malaysia vs South Korea friendly-match Asian Games 2014

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Korea republic vs Young tigers B-23
Source : Astro Arena Facebook page

As Asian Games soccer category is unveiling. South Korea is testing their soccer squad strength with Malaysia Young tigers. It will be a honor as it will be treated as opening ceremony of soccer category in Asian Games 2014 at Incheon. Who will win in this match against the host ?

South Korea soccer squad must have heavy burden in order to prove they are the host and they cant lose the game. As for Malaysian soccer squad, it will be a terrific experience and knowledge playing in an international level soccer event. As if Malaysia lost the match, Malaysia will still advance and proceed.

A friendly match that Malaysia could afford to lose because it will not jeopardize it performance in Asian Games 2014. Harimau Muda B-23 should focus on strategies how to defeat it real opponent. They are Laos soccer squad. the match Harimau Muda vs Laos will be a great match worth to watch.

Harimau Muda captain is Aidil Zafuan. Aidil, is JDT defender one of the senior team members being asked by coach Datuk Ong Kee Swee to beef up the formation of Harimau Muda that is going to compete in Asian Games 2014. Coach believed Aidil's knowledge and experience is extremely useful.

A little bit of research on the South Korea soccer squad, their strongest soccer squad may have been sent to play at AFC U-16. Lee Seung Woo the SK Messi will not play at Asian Games 2014.

Stay tune for this match the host of 17th Asian Games 2014 will go against Harimau Muda in this coming September 14, 2014. Tune to Astro Arena on the time 3.30Pm. 

Result : Malaysia soccer squad lost to South Korea with the score of 0 - 3.

Malaysia to FIFA World Cup U-17

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Malaysia against Australia match in this coming September 14, 2014. If Malaysia seal a winning goals, they are going for FIFA World Cup.

Harimau Malaya U-16 Jersey 7 Najmuddin
Harimau Malaya Muda jersey 7 Najmuddin

This is a very good opportunity for Malaysia advancing to the FIFA world cup as they had won against the host Thailand in a perfect U-Turn goal by jersey no. 8 Syazwan. Golden boy that seal the fate of Malaysia 1 - 0 Thailand. Besides, there is another player worth to be mentioned, Najmudin helped the team in a match against Oman secured two goals for the team eventually bringing the score to 2 - 1. 

The host of next FIFA World Cup U-17 is Chile. this prestigious soccer event is the dream of young tigers team D lead by chandran. Certainly the soccer fans in Malaysia sincerely hoping they get the chance to see Malaysia soccer squad appeared on world cup as well as Malaysia flag and Malaysia anthem are there showing to the world.

It will be a proudest moments for Young Tigers team D. What more if we can get into the final against Nigeria the crown winner of last world cup U-17. Nigeria will be the biggest inspiration for Malaysia despite a small country but able to compete with developed nations showing the best quality of sport to the audience around the world to billions watching the sport event. 

Do not forget to tune your Astro channel to fox sport no 812/832 for the battle of who qualify for world cup. The date is September 14, 2014. The time is 4PM. It will be held at Muangthong stadium. All eyes are on this match. 

There are several soccer matches beside Malaysia vs Australia U-16. There are Malaysia vs South Korea U-23 for Asian Games and Malaysia vs Indonesia for AFF Suzuki Cup. The most important match no other than the qualifying for world cup U-17. 

Based on author analysis, Malaysia will have a tough time against Australia. In previous 3 matches playing with Australia, all have been defeated by Australia. 

AFC 2014 Malaysia vs South Korea

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Clash of South Korea U16 and Malaysia U16 in prestigious soccer event AFC 2014

In previous match Malaysia was against Thailand with the score 1 - 0. Subsequently earned 3 points for Malaysia. However, it seem like South Korea's well known striker which titled as "Messi" secured a prominent goal and saving South Korea from having same points as Malaysia.

Lee Seung-Woo is South Korea most talented forward. He performed an identical movement likened to Messi dribbling skill in the match between Malaysia and South Korea U16 AFC 2014 event. He rejected Chelsea and Liverpool continuing to play in Bercelona team as news widely reported his bold decision.

It is still at a very early stage to say that any team would become AFC champion but certainly Malaysia proved to everyone especially Malaysia soccer fans that they have equal chance in obtaining the champion title. They will proud of them if Malaysia has enough points in joining the semi-final of AFC 2014.  

There is much attention on this grand soccer event although Asian Games 2014 is around the corner. Malaysia sent their brightest and talented soccer players to play at AFC U16 to test their ability and garner some experience in an international soccer event. These are the young soccer players that will play at even bigger soccer sport event in the coming future.

Malaysia seal the win on the match against Thailand host of AFC 2014. More info at Malaysia vs Thailand AFC 2014 U16

Malaysia placed on Team B AFF Suzuki Cup 2014

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Suzuki Cup 2014 will kick off this coming November after Asian Games 2014 at Incheon.

Source : AFF Suzuki 2014

Another big soccer sport event cant miss by South East Asian soccer fans. After the Asian games 2014 at Incheon and Piala Malaysia 2014 hopefully we will have another worth to watch soccer event the AFF Suzuki Cup. 

Last AFF Suzuki Cup, Malaysia lost to Indonesia soccer squad in a devastating blow score of 1 - 5. Malaysia will have a chance up against Indonesia if both of them would win the group qualifying matches. 

If everything is accordance to the unchanged principles, Malaysia will need to gear up against Singapore and Thailand soccer squad in order to become the winner of Group B subsequently joining semi-final and final matches.

Source : AFF Suzuki 2014

Like any big soccer sport event unveiled, there is a need of introduction new soccer ball to the field. This is the AFF Suzuki soccer ball 2014 edition. 

AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 is sponsored by AEON, Epson, Toshiba, Suzuki, Ajinomoto, Nikon, Familymart. 

Suzuki Cup 2014 Facebook page : Suzuki Cup 2014 FB

20 Chosen Malaysia Soccer Players for Asian Games 2014

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Coach Kim Swee decided 20 Soccer players for the Asian Games at Incheon, South Korea.

Young tigers group A lead by Coach Datuk Ong Kim Swee had a friendly match with Yemen September 6, 2014. The defeat by Yemen team 1 - 0 Young tiger U23 caused 4 soccer players to be erased from departing for Asian Games 2014. Those were excluded Bobby Gonzales, Mohamad Firdaus Muhammad, Mohammad Ridzuan Abdunloh Pula and Mohamad Faizat 

More information about the match Young tigers U23 vs Yemen. Yemen 1 - 0 Young tigers U23

20 Soccer players have been selected to carry the burden playing as a national team for the prestigious Asian Games 2014. Before that, there will be a friendly match at China Qingdao. The match is set to begin between China vs Malaysia U-23 on September 10, 2014. This will test the strength of Malaysia young tigers soccer squad before heading to Incheon.

Malaysia soccer squad will have the privilege opportunity facing South Korea national team on September 14, 2014 as an opening ceremony soccer match. It will be an exciting match even before the game started. Young tigers will then put into a match with Saudi Arabia and Laos. Malaysia soccer squad is placed under team A.

List of names of the soccer squad players shortlisted to join Asian Games 2014 at Incheon


  1. Mohd Izham Tarmizi 
  2. Mohd Farhan Abu Bakar 


  1. Mohd Azrif Nasrulhaq
  2. Mohd Zubir Azmi
  3. Nazirul Naim Che Hashim
  4. Mohd Fadhli Mohd Shas
  5. Shahrul Bin Mohd Saad
  6. Mohd Amer Saidin
  7. Aidil Zafuan Abdul Razak
  8. Mohd Fandi Othman


  1. Junior Eldstal
  2. Gary Steven Robbat
  3. Nazmi Faiz
  4. Ashri Chuchu
  5. Brendan Gan
  6. Saiful Ridzuan Selamat
  7. Amirul Hisyam Awang Kechik


  1. Ahmad Hazwan Bakri
  2. Mohd Ferris Danial
  3. Nor Farhan Muhammad

Malaysia vs Thailand 1-0 on AFC U-16

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Malaysia vs Thailand AFC U-16 on September 6, 2014. 

Thailand vs Malaysia AFC U16 2014

Before the match begin, there was a match between Malaysia U23 vs Yemen. A friendly match at Shah Alam stadium. It shocking that the result will make Malaysia soccer fans scream. More detail please visit at Malaysia U23 vs Yemen

The match started on 9PM and ended 94 minutes later approximately 22:54PM. One of the team scored a winning goal carrying the jersey no 8, Syazwan. The second half match was epic as Malaysia soccer squad needed to defend from the aggressive forward and attackers from Thailand.

Malaysia soccer squad was up against Thailand they were playing believed to be not own Malaysia soil. Some of the members of the squad were Syazwan 8, Na Jamaluddin 7, Abang 2, Shahrul Akmal 11, Najib 15, Haikal 6, Ali 5 and Dinesh 9.

Malaysia team was wearing a blue shirt and Thailand was wearing a red shirt on that match. The arena was decorated with some sponsoring brands such as Nikon, Toshiba, Samsung, Toyota,, Nike, Epson, Fly Emirates and many more.

The later match Malaysia will go up against South Korea on Monday. 

There were large crowd of Thailand fans stripping their top as a sign of cheering for Thailand team. 

Malaysia vs Yemen September 6, 2014

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Friendly soccer match Malaysia UN23 vs Yemen at Shah Alam Stadium. 

Malaysia U23 vs Yemen

No entrance fee entering to watch the match at Shah Alam stadium. Malaysian were not hesitated took the exciting opportunity to watch the game. The Yemen soccer squad was the same team versus Malaysia national team on March 2014. However, Yemen is up against the young Malaysia national team or "Harimau Muda"

There were large crowd cheering for Malaysia national soccer squad under 23 years old under the coach of Datuk Ong Kim Swee. In the second half of the match, Danial was their hope to secure a goal for them. But, the opportunity was minimal.

After Danial being replaced, the tactic of resembling tiki taka was adopted. It can be seen that 4 Malaysia soccer squad forwards and strikers tried to form it by 4 footballers.

These were the footballers in field of Malaysia national team under 23 years old. Danial 25, Junior 15, Nazmi 31, Farhan 10, Amer 24, Brandon 16, Saiful 8, Amirul Hisham 14, Faizat Ghazali 13.

This match were sponsored by some of the biggest brands such as Astro, Nike, 100plus and Team Malaysia

All Goal Scorers in Malaysia cup 2014

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All the goals scorers in every soccer squads of Malaysia cup 2014. 

Top scorer in Malaysia cup 2014 so far is PDRM's Ali Ashraq or well known for his legendary title "Man or Steel" or "Iron Man". He secured 7 goals for PDRM throughout the matches. The second place are Pahang Dickson and Kedah's Billy Mehmet. 

These scores were recorded from August 13, 2014 - September 3, 2014. To be continue updating this article when Malaysia cup resumes on October 3 for quarter final.

Are you interested to know which 10 strikers is the best in Malaysia cup 2014 ?? Check this out Top 10 goal strikers in Malaysia cup 2014

1. JDT

  • Luciano Figuerao x4
  • Pereyra Diaz x3
  • Amri Yahyah x2
  • Hariss Harun x1
  • Safiq Rahim x2
  • Jasazrin Jamaluddin x1


  • Nicholas Delmonte x2
  • Zaquan Adha x1
  • Syafiq Shahrudin x2
  • Yusof Zainal Abidin x1
  • Shahril Ishak x1
  • Fandi Ahmad x1

3. Felda United

  • Mohd Raimi Nor x1
  • Ahmad Syamin Yahya x2
  • Edward Wilson x4
  • Shahrulnizam x1
  • Shukor Adan x1
  • Indra Putra x1
  • Makache Ndumba x1
  • Zan Rahan x1

4. Pahang

  • Dickson Nwakaeme x5
  • Fauzi Roslan x2
  • Gopinathan x2
  • Matias Conti x1
  • Zesh Rahman x1

5. Lions XII

  • Sufian Anuar x1
  • Madhu Mohana x1
  • Faris Ramli x3
  • Hafiz Sujad x2

6. Pulau Pinang

  • Luiz Ricardo x2
  • Rafiuddin Roddin x2
  • Lee Gil Hoon x2

7. Kelantan ( Red warriors )

  • Wan Zaharulnizam x1
  • Khairul Izuan Rosli x1
  • Forkey Doe x4
  • Fakri Saarani x2
  • Piya x2

8. ATM ( The Gladiators)

  • Juan Arostegui x1
  • Hairuddin Omar x3

9. Terengganu ( Turtles )

  • Manaf Mamat x1
  • Norfarhan x1
  • Ashaari Samsuddin x3
  • Mario Karlovic x2
  • Zairo Anuar Zailani x1
  • Ismail Faruqi x1
  • Nordin Alias x1

10. Perak ( The Boss)

  • Nasir Basharuddin x2
  • Abdula fees Abdulsalam x1
  • Milan Purovic x1
  • Hafiz Ramdan x1
  • Marco Tulio x1
  • Vincent Bikana -1 ( Scored own goal)

11. Sarawak ( The Crocs )

  • Ryan Griffith x3
  • Chanturu x2
  • Hairol Mokhtar x1

12. Kedah ( The Red Eagles )

  • Farhan x1
  • Billy Mehmet x5
  • Baddrol Bakhtiar x3
  • Namkung Woong x1
  • Syazwan Tajuddin x1

13. PDRM ( The Cops)

  • Bobby Gonzales x4
  • Chad Souza x3
  • Ali Ashfaq x7
  • Alafi Mahmud x1

14. T-TEAM ( The Titans )

  • Patrich Wanggal x1
  • Jimmy Mulisa x4
  • Leandro Dos Santos x1
  • Ramzul Zahini Adnan x1

15. SELANGOR ( The Red Giants )

  • Paulo Rangel x3
  • Hazwan Bakri  x2
  • Andik Vermansyah x2

16. SIME DARBY ( The Giant Killers )

  • Dilshod Sharofeldinov x1
  • Mateo Roskam x3
  • Dzulfahmi x1
  • Fahrul Razi Kamaruddin x1

Top 10 Goal Strikers Malaysia Cup 2014

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Early guess the best goal kickers in Malaysia Cup 2014. 

Who will be the all-time most powerful scorer in Malaysia cup 2014 ? Let see some expected contenders. They are being analysed from August 13 - September 3, 2014. Their performance were top-notch. The goal points they have been collecting untill September 3, 2014. It is true that Luciano Figueroa had scored 3 times for JDT. 

This is an analysis before the quarter final of Malaysia cup 2014. The chart will change in time. The quarter final of Malaysia cup 2014 is set on October. Although some of them did not managed to secure position in quarter final but they are amazing goal kickers that worth to be mentioned.

If you are interested to know all the goal scorers in Malaysia cup 2014. Check it out at All goal scorers in every soccer squad in Malaysia cup 2014

1. Luciano Figueroa

Scored three goals for JDT on Malaysia cup 2014. He is an Argentina International footballer.  

2. Dickson Nwakaeme

Amazing striker with excellent goal points. Staggering 5 goals for Pahang squad in Malaysia cup 2014. He could be the all-time top scorer for Pahang squad as well as the whole Malaysia cup 2014 so far. Pahang earned enough point entering quarter final of Malaysia cup 2014.

3. Francis Forkey Doe

Kelantan top scorer so far at least helped Kelantan scoring 4 goals and they are good to go for quarter final of Malaysia cup 2014. 

4. Billy Mehmet

Scored 5 goals the one who can compete with Pahang striker Dickson. Playing as a striker for Kedah. Kedah could be the chosen one in Malaysia cup 2014. Will Kedah successfully entering semi final ??

5. Ali Ashfaq

Carrying the jersey title "PDRM". He originated from capital of Maldives. Now getting fame by playing in Malaysia cup 2014. He scored 7 goals for PDRM. Amazing performance by Ali Ashfaq

6. Faris Ramli

He joined the team Lions XII and competing for Malaysia cup 2014. He is just 22 years old this year. A young talented footballer born in Singapore scored 3 goals. Meantime, he is a handsome footballer in the field.

7. Hairuddin Omar

He is a veteran in Malaysian soccer field. Throughout his career, he experienced the taste of winning in Malaysia cup. Captain of the team in ATM squad.

8. Ryan Griffiths

Hail from Australia now playing as a striker for Sarawak squad. The top scorer in the Sarawak squad. 

9. Edward Junior Wilson

A shinning star in Felda united. The top scorer for Felda United. They obtained the chance entering to quarter final for Malaysia cup 2014.

10. Paulo Rangel

Last but not least, Paulo the golden boot for Malaysia league 2014. A striker for Selangor squad. Scored 3 times subsequently successfully earned the pass to go quarter final of Malaysia cup 2014. Just for your information, he is a Brazilian.

Vote your best striker free polls

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Full Result Piala Malaysia 2014

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Last season Malaysia cup champion was Pahang. Who will win against defending champion Pahang ? 

Locally known as yellow elephant referring to Pahang mighty soccer squad. They are the defending champion and one of the Team A soccer squad against JDT II, Felda United and Lions XII. Will Pahang soccer squad once again stormed the field and become champion for the second time ?

Analysis on the great performance between Pahang vs United Felda, Pahang lost to United Felda with the score 2 - 3. It seem that Pahang lost it first match in Malaysia cup 2014. In the second match between them, Pahang giving them a taste of defeat with the score 2 - 0.

The FIFA World Cup at Brazil started on June 13, 2014 and closing ceremony on July 13, 2014 exactly one month duration. The Malaysia cup started exactly one month after the final match between Germany vs Argentina. 

It is the 88 edition of Malaysia cup this year. The final match is scheduled on November 8, 2014. A total of 16 teams comprising 11 teams from Liga Super and 5 teams from Liga Perdana.

The quarter-final will be announced after the match on September 3, 2014 is finished. In a blind guess, Pahang, JDT and Felda United are the soccer squad teams will  be performing on quarter-final according to the scoreboard.

Winners and losers

Team A

Pahang vs JDT II          4 - 0
Pahang vs Lions XII      2 - 1
Felda United vs JDT II  3 - 2
Felda United vs Pahang 3 - 2
JDT II vs Lions XII       2 - 1
Pahang vs Felda United 2 - 0
Felda United vs JDT II  3 - 1
Lions XII vs Pahang      2 - 1
Felda United vs Lions XII 3 - 1

Team B

Sarawak vs Terengganu 3 - 2
Perak vs Kedah             2 - 1
Terengganu vs Kedah    3 - 2
Perak vs Sarawak          2 - 0
Terengganu vs Perak      2 - 1
Kedah vs Sarawak         2 - 1
Kedah vs Sarawak        2 - 1

Team C

JDT vs Kelantan              1 - 0
Kelantan vs Pulau Pinang  3 - 1
JDT vs Pulau Pinang         3 - 1
Kelantan vs ATM             3 - 0
ATM vs Kelantan             2 - 1
JDT vs Pulau Pinang         5 - 0
Kelantan vs Pulau Pinang  3 - 1
JDT vs ATM                    1 - 0
JDT vs Kelantan               3 - 0
Pulau Pinang vs ATM       2 - 1

Team D

PDRM vs Sime Darby  3 - 0
Selangor vs T-Team      2 - 1
PDRM vs Selangor       2 - 0
T-Team vs Sime Darby 2 - 1
PDRM vs T-Team        4 - 1
Selangor vs Sime Darby 2 - 0
Sime Darby vs Selangor 2 - 0
PDRM vs T- Team        2 - 1
Sime Darby vs T-Team  2 - 1


Lions XII vs Felda United   0 - 0
Lions XII vs JDT II             2 - 2
JDT II vs Pahang                1 - 1
Perak vs Terengganu           1 - 1
Sarawak vs Perak               1 - 1
Terengganu vs Kedah          2 - 2
ATM vs Pulau Pinang          1 - 1
JDT vs ATM                       0 - 0
PDRM vs Selangor              1 - 1


Video JDT vs Kelantan 3-0 Piala Malaysia 2014

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Kelantan Coach was not accepting the fact defeated by JDT with 0 - 3 scores. 

Source : Stadiumastro dot com

The match successfully held at Stadium Sultan Muhammad ke-IV, Kota Bharu. The winner of the match is JDT with the score of 3 against 0 Kelantan. The fate is sealed Kelantan did not score for their audiences at the stadium against JDT.

Kelantan coach George Boateng run to the field trying to attack the on-duty referee as he believed there was many involvement of referee contributed to the scoring of JDT. In fact, Kelantan played harsh when JDT strikers approaching their goal.

Look carefully the referee has no choice but take out some yellow cards in his pant for Kelantan red colored jersey. Kelantan defender stopped the march of JDT strikers seemingly using faulty tactic. Besides, JDT defender does the same mistake stopping Kelantan strikers by faulty tactic leading to a yellow card.

Both team played well although Kelantan may have lost the match they are still going to play in the quarter-final Piala Malaysia 2014. JDT and Kelantan soccer squad are on the top of the ranking would not have any problem enter quarter-final Piala Malaysia 2014.

RTM broadcast Semi-Finals FIFA World Cup 2014

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Witness the battle of the strongest team. They have worked hard to reach semi-finals world cup 2014 

Clash of titans match Brazil and Germany is anticipated by worldwide soccer fans. Who are you supporting ?? There were tons of supporters Brazil and Germany in Malaysia. Listening to them about who will win is fascinating. It was like who are the handsome and cute between " Edward and Jacob " in series of Twilight Hollywood movie.

Vote to Germany instead of Brazil. The strongest reason why Brazil have disadvantages in this match because of Neymar. He is going through hospitalization due to pain at his back. The injury was caused during the match with Colombia. Zuniga stopped the march of Neymar with a knee kick on his lower back. Add salt to the injury for the Brazil fans, there were no red card given to that guy

A very identical incident to the Uruguay forward Luiz Suarez. The fate of Uruguay turned ugly when Luiz Suarez decided to bite one of the defender on the field leaving him being kicked out of the game. The expose to the Uruguay is too big the next game Uruguay lost.

Will the same fate happened to Brazil ? Certainly all of the Brazilian and Brazil fans wanted to see their local soccer team won and holding the champion trophy at home. In the other hands, we have Germany who have a excellent record and amazing soccer squad.

Despite that, the match between Brazil and Colombia was amazing and all of the goals were contributed by David Luiz and Thiago Silva. Both of them are really good forward and getting goal for world cup is a difficult task yet they made it to secure goal against mighty Colombia team.

Tough match for Germany as well. Germany ousted Portugal, United State and France national team but it does not mean when up against Brazil, they are going to win. Taking into consideration Brazil won Colombia and Croatia too. Result of both team were not easily achieved. 

There are less than 4 hours from now till the match. You can watch it at your home at RTM's TV2. Who do you think will win ?? 

July 10 (Update) - As expected result, Brazil the host for 2014 FIFA World Cup defeated by Germany in a staggering score of 1 - 7. The match begin with no Brazil captain and talented Neymar on the field are believed to be main contributor for the end result. Besides, Germany forward Miroslav Klose broke the record for All-time World cup leading scorer with 16 goals.

Reminder to everyone there is a LIVE match between Argentina vs Netherlands 4AM later on RTM channel TV2

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