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10 Things Malaysian prepare for FIFA World Cup 2014

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The sport event that unites all of us but not all of us support the same team though

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It is very true ! and tell everyone we will be watching at home or watching at any where there is a big High -Definition Television and huge crowd of people waving their favorite team banner. What else were important than this event that uniting us all ??

1. Apply for MC or paid leave !

The most crucial part will be watch the LIVE of your favorite team. Nobody want to watch after-game match. 85% peoples want to know the result as soon as it come out. They want to brag and boast about it tomorrow at workplace. It even worse for those who have been doing some seasoned betting. It is wise to just bet one Milo ice or Chicken rice more than that it cant be consider.

I am not encouraging you but when come to Spain vs Brazil or Germany vs England who will sleep soundly during LIVE action? Aim your date for MC and paid leave accurately, pick your date and apply it.

2. Subscribe to Astro channel

RTM did not have full access to every match. They did have FIFA World Cup 2014 broadcast right but they only broadcast half of the LIVE match. If you are a sport channel addicted person subscribe to Astro sport channel and watch it LIVE every single match .

3. Buy Football merchandise

If you have not see the news. Many big companies in Malaysia is organizing contest giving away Football merchandise as a gift for your support to the brand. Such as Maggi, Jack n Jill, Nestle and many more. 

Not everyone can win a contest but when you do have money, you can buy merchandise inspired by Football Fever and World Cup 2014. Sport shops will sell them like hot cakes. Can you resist when your friend all are wearing some kind of support to their favorite team and you just wearing your Kpop shirts?

More details visit at 10 best and popular football merchandise

4. Invite all your friends to Mamak stalls

Yes, you would need to book like going to cinema watching a movie just coming out. I think it will be much more terrible because you only can watch LIVE once. It would be a long sold out seats at every strategic placed mamak stalls at big cities. If you have not booking a round table today . It is better for you to give up the hope and go now buy yourself a HD television. Because, you will not get any chance to sit at popular restaurants cheering your favorite team. For example, Brazil vs Croatia although it not very highly competitive match it still be still in a fully booked condition.

Unless you bring your own table and chair, I assured you there were a desperate situation it really occurred. In order to be at the place you like to eat the most while watching your favorite team playing with the crowd you familiar the most anything can happen. They literally do anything.

Get your hope back purchase LED HD TV or else in less than 2 days from now you will be regretting. If you purchase LED HD TV now you might be discounted price. If you have big LED TV at home invites all your friend to your house for party !! 10 best LED TV under RM 2000

5. Buy Maggi Instant noodle Cup, Junk Snacks

When the last time you watched FIFA World Cup ? It will be last 4 years and you probably not remember
that every moment you cant miss especially your favorite players are playing at the field. Keep your body hungry free because you are going to get hungry at 4 AM. 

You will need those energy. Instant noodle and Junk Snacks are your most preferable choice. What you do when you have full energy ?? Shout at the moment they goal !!

Maggi organized a contest giving out free sport wear try your luck to get one free too at Maggi and Brazil contest

6. Install smartphone apps inspired by FIFA 2014

There are many smartphone game maker out there created addictive football game. Play the game and choose your favorite country soccer team. Strike the goal with your favorite players. Make sure your opponent did not get a chance to enter your penalty area.

Some top smartphone football game is interactive one. You could play with friends !! Install and play

7. Argue with your friends which team will be eliminate and which team is going for semi final

This happened a lot. It had happened in English league and it will surely happen in this grand event. In the past there were in the extend to ending people life. Support your favorite team and it is not necessary telling people to support your favorite team because everyone is not the same.

It is like the title suggests " Uniting us all but not everyone support the same team" If you like Brazil who won 5 times previously then do not anger the group of people who supporting their favorite team England. Control your emotion do no be so stress ! Let it go , let it go cant hold it back anymore !

8. Wake up 4 AM for the LIVE action first match Brazil vs Croatia

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Most of us are sleeping at 4AM. Research study concluded that human are the weakest at the time 4AM-5AM. The only way for you to watch your match will be drink coffee or nescafe. There is no guarantee you will survive till the end of the match. Besides, first match will be on Malaysian time Friday before sunrise at 4AM. I guess in the middle of the game, Muslim will go on praying.

Set your clock now at this coming Friday 3.50AM , 10 minutes earlier for the time being to open up television  !!

9. Sing the FIFA World Cup 2014 anthem by Pitpull or Coca-Cola

It is incomplete without a World Cup anthem. Search the song at Youtube memorize it and sing it throughout the month making it the most popular song in the month of June. Besides, Coca-cola have a different anthem song inspired by World Cup 2014. Visit at The World is Ours by Coca Cola Malaysian version

10. Prepare for the worst

It not like my favorite team England or your favorite team Brazil won the last FIFA World Cup 2010. You have Joyful laugh if your favorite team was either Spain or Netherland , most of us " tearful eyes " because our most unexpected thing become reality.

More about "FIFA World Cup 2014" in Unitedmy

  1. watch-fifa-world-cup-2014-on-rtm-1.html

Piala FA 2014 Final Pahang vs Felda United

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Pahang took home Piala FA with 2 - 1 against Felda United. 

Piala FA final yesterday night ended well estimated on 10.20 PM. Pahang team declared winner at Stadium Shah Alam. The match begin from 8.45PM. Everyone were watching it at RTM 1 cheering their favorite team.

It is a very gruesome match from professional soccer players at both team performed extremely excellent. It was reported that Stadium Shah Alam entry tickets to the final match Piala FA was fully booked. There were so many Pahang fans wearing yellow shirts seated all the corner at the stadium.

There were 70,000 peoples at the stadium watching LIVE performance. The environment is just packed with voices and anxious feeling. Each fan at the stadium hoping their team will perform an outstanding match. The match begin with Pahang pushes Felda United hardly at the first 10 minutes.

After the first goal by Felda United, Pahang team played very hard on their opponent. Azrul from FU was being hurt when try to catch air ball. At the 38 minutes, Azidan from Pahang entered Felda United goal territory and used diving head but failed to secure a goal for Pahang. At 43 minutes, Junior Wilson again tried to score a goal for Felda united but failed.

The first goal was striked by Junior Wilson from Felda United team at 23 minutes. Throughout the match, Junior Wilson performed incredible soccer skill as a fast, accurate striker for Felda United team. The game ended first half match with the score of Pahang 0 - 1 Felda United.

Second match begin, Khairul ismail and Azamuddin have been issued yellow card by referee on the field due to mistake and pushing opponent. The match begin intensely when Pahang team lack of striker at the field. Yaroslav the defender from Felda United being issued of yellow card. He is one of the best defender for Felda United. Defense force from Felda United remained strong. There were many attempt from Pahang to bring out their best striker.

Pahang couch decided to bring out Faizol and Fauzi to the field. Shortly, Stewart from Pahang stumbled by Yarov causing penalty goal given to Pahang. However, Pahang still unable to secure first goal at this moment. Numerous changing players occured at this point. There were 15 minutes left. 

At a very critical moment, Faizol Hussain from Pahang tricked highly defensive team from Felda United entering the box and secured the first goal for Pahang team at the 82 minutes. Pahang team morale and spirit soared  high with their sizable number of fans cheering for them at the audience platform. The score is 1 - 1 at the last few minutes left.

 As the match approaching to the end, Pahang team was favored by referee for a penalty kick due to the mistake from Felda United. At this very moment, Pahang kicked the ball straight to secure goal but failed hit the pole. As soon as the ball is out, Dickson from Pahang took the moment of opportunity as he stand near to the goal keeper secured a goal by kicking in ball hit by the pole previously. 

The winner of Piala FA belongs to Pahang after Felda United failed their attempt to secure another goal. In fact, Felda united players seem to have much more goal opportunities rather than Pahang. In term of ball controlling, Felda United have absolute powerful ball controlling in mid field.

Sport sponsorship for final match Piala LA can be seen by the t-shirt wearing by soccer players and the soccer field billboards. There were 100 plus, Era FM, Resort Genting, and Fruit 10.

Video : All goals by Felda United and Pahang

Sukma Final Soccer Perak vs Johor 2014

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17th Malaysia Games (Sukma) Who will win the title Soccer champion this year ?

If you love soccer sport definitely you need to know who will be the soccer champion in 17th Sukma. Intense battle between Perak and Johor at our TV screen yesterday night. They have come so far battling other state team only one team will be glorify as champion of this year 17th Sukma game

As I watch the game LIVE yesterday night, I definitely have a feeling Perak would win the game. They have good maneuver skill. They are controlling the ball all the time and their position is very successful to goal. They scored first and second goals easily. Breaking Johor defense with 3 strikers. Perak team did not hunger for goal they waiting for the best opportunity. They utilize passing skill at the right end soccer field to ensure strike get the best open opportunity for goal kick.

As for Johor team, they eager to strike a goal at the goal gate of Perak. Numerous attempts free kick and penalty kick straight to earn goal points but failed. Although they broke through Perak defense, they lacked strikers get the best open opportunity for goal strike.

The end result Perak vs Johor would be 3-1 battling at stadium Tuanku Syed Putra on June 3, 2014.

First goal for Perak were by Muhammad Shahrel Fikri Md Fauzi, Second goal at 17 minutes by Perak team Khairul Asyraf Sahizah. Third goal performed by Muhammad Shahrel.

Johor scored 1 goal were by Shafiq Shahruddin. They played well in the match.

Best Tengok Bola Party 2014 Cheer for Cardiff City

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A place where fans of Cardiff City FC gather together cheering for their favorite team. 

Tengok Bola party Malaysia 2014 Cardiff City
Source: Facebook Umobile
Get a free pass to enter "Tengok Bola" party with all of the Cardiff FC fans in Malaysia. It will held at Berjaya Times Square Boulevard.

Don miss this exclusive opportunity to witness this grand action at there on March 22, 2014 and at around time 8PM - 1AM . Besides that, you are entitled a free meal . Somethings is not right with you if you did not show your face at this place because everybody is gathering for this moment.

How to get the invite?

1. Follow @myumobile at Instagram now ! 
2. Post a picture of yourself with something orange on Instgram. Tag @myumobile, 2 of your friends, and don forget to tag #TheBestFree, #TheBestUnlimited #TheBestSurprises.
3. Lastly, Show the picture at the entrance to gain entry to enjoy a FREE MEAL at the best free "Tengok Bola" Party.

In simple, You will get a entry as long as you have snap a picture of you and follow guidelines above to post or visit the link below for more information. When asked, just open your Instagram app on smartphone and enter.

This event is organized by Umobile check here for more information > Umobile Tengok Bola Party