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10 Best LED TV in Malaysia under RM2000

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What are the most important factors when choosing a right a LED TV?

There are several factors to ponder and it is easily to guess by everyone that would be screen size. Most people are willing to spend more to get bigger LED TV inch. I would like to suggest to buy at a 42 inch LED TV and above although the store were selling 32 inch LED TV onward.

The biggest problem facing by consumers purchasing a right LED TV would be dissatisfaction on the screen size of the TV they bought. Most of the physical stores do not allow consumers return back goods sold. The best solution would be avoid purchasing 32 inch LED TV.

However, the existence of LED TV in 32" screen size are significant. Most of the stores are selling them in rock-bottom price somewhat below RM1,000. They are few reasons consumer would pick this rather than bigger screen. Some reasons would be it fit right in the space of furniture, it cost-saving, less electricity consumption. Besides, rich folk wanted to have their kids room and guest room to have a LED TV while they already have a 60" LED TV at the living room.

It varies how consumer perceived on purchasing right LED TVs. Rest assured that most people would argue TV screne size is rather small or big the best solution would be 42 inch LED TV. Research showed that more and more consumers picking up 42 inch LED TV than other screen size LED TV.

It is best to buy between 40" screen size to 50" screen size. The price tag would be varies between RM1,300 - RM2,000. Some of the important factors are wattage, resolution, hertz

Generally, in my own opinion and research, there are categories of TV. It will be like this LCD > Plasma/Curved  > LED > OLED . LED is leaning towards nature friendly and electricity reduced. LED are highly regard as the best of the best in any categories. However, Plasma, Curved and LCD potentially emitting more color, brighter, clear cut image than LED. If you like perfect image and color go for Plasma/Curved/LCD. If you are more on saving electricity bill, nature friendly and better longevity go for LED type TV.

Do note that most of the TV below are not smart TV. The last 2 are Smart TV.


Model : KLV-46R452

Resolution : 1920 x 1080, 46 inch

Wattage : 77

Hertz : 50/60

Features : 2 HDMI ports, Motionflow XR 100, Connect with Xperia smartphone, 24p true cinema, 3D comb filter.

Sony always get to cake when mentioning which TV brands has the best longevity. No doubt, people are satified Sony TV products. The old generation believing in Japan based company Sony in purchasing a TV. What about now ? Is Sony still viable choice ? Well, it is up to you to decide and self-explanatory. I would say that now every big companies out there are making decent LED TV. Interested ? Check full information at Sony 46 FULL HD LED BRAVIA


Model : 42LA6130

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 42 inch

Wattage : 95

Hertz : 100 (50hz)

Features : Smart Energy Saving, IPS panel. 3D

It is not a bad option for LG LED TV with 3D. In order to help your decision making you are required to witness it by yourself. Last time I checked it is below the price of RM2,000. You could check here for more information LG 42 FULL HD 3D


Model : UA46F5000

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 46 inch

Wattage : 59

Hertz : 100hz

Features : ConnectShare, HDMI 2/USB 1, Eco Class A+.

For 46 inch screen size with that low wattage is worth to know. That low electricity consumption but do not compromise quality is what everyone looking for. Plus, it is with 100 Hertz that mean you can watch fast movement movies or sport with precisely and accurate that most of the TV cannot offer. Hertz is the main determinant for clearer image on fast object movement on TV screen.  It is currently so cheap check it out at Samsung 46 LED FULL HD


Model : 42PFL2908

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 42 inch

Wattage : 98

Hertz : 100 Perfect Motion rate

Features : Tv to monitor, USB.

Not a bad choice indeed. It is a considerable option as it really cheaper than most of the 42 inch screen size LED TV. You can buy this at price RM1500 and below. Check here for more information at Philips 42 LED TV


Model : HMLED50K360

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 50 inch

Wattage : unknown estimated 80-110

Hertz : 100 Vivid motion

Features : Tv to monitor, USB, 3 HDMI ports

Most of you do not know that Hisense is a china based company. They are gradually expanding to various countries. Particularly, developing countries such Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine and South Africa.. It really cheap 50 inch screen size LED TV. Check current price at Hisense 50 LED TV


Model : 50L2300

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 50 inch

Wattage : 135

Hertz : 120 Clear scan

Features : viewing angle 178, Power bass booster, Comb filter 3D, REGZA engine, Game mode.

Incredible 120 refresh rate with 50 inch screen size. Nothing can describe further the highest rating for normal flat TV . Unless you want to buy a smart TV, this is the best ! Are you willing to purchase Toshiba TV, Toshiba does not have failure historical record just to be honest. Check out here  Toshiba 50 inch Full HD LED. You can buy this to play your PS4 or Xbox ! Big screen !


Model : TH-L39EM6K

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 39 inch

Wattage : 57

Hertz : 100 Backlight Blinking

Features : HDMI 2, MKV & RMVB format supported, AV In x2, Energy Saving.

Panasonic's 39" inch full high-definition LED TV. Due to the lesser electricity consumption, it has been awarded energy saving award. Although it has smaller screen size at 39 inch but it has exclusive clearer image at 100 refresh rate. Most of the global news use either 50/60 hz. If you prefer gaming, you could use this TV up to it maximum potential ! Check more information at Panasonic FULL HD LED 39 inch


Model : PS51F4000

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 51 inch

Wattage : 170

Hertz : 600 Subfield Motion Rate

Features : HDMI 2, 1 USB port, HyperReal Picture Engine.

Plasma TV is well known for it cutting-edge and eye-catching image and video quality. A plasma TV with 51 inch screen size but relatively cheap below RM2,000. It produces clear image and video movement up to 600 refresh rate. This TV is very good for thrilling and awesome action movies. Do note that Plasma TV is good for home with close environment and the time to watch should be around 6 hours. Plasma TV emitted relatively high heat on the screen for better quality of image .

 I don think everyone watch TV for more than 6 hours unless you are playing games. Most people do not recommend playing game on Plasma TV. Check current price and full information at Samsung Plasma 4 series

They are few reasons why Plasma TV is selling lower price in the market. It is due to the tech news that OLED and 4K television are taking over Plasma type TV. Plasma TV is always dubbed as the brilliant era of TV screen before the coming in of OLED and 4k resolution TV.


Model : LC40LE835

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 40 inch LCD panel

Wattage : 109

Hertz : Up to 240hz

Features :Aquomotion 240, AQUOS Quattron 3D TV.

It is sharp with sharp prominent TV technologies. Basically, it has 3D-2D conversion so that viewer have a choice to wear 3D glass or not for a 3D movies. A really good LED TV with Aquomotion 240 which mean it can support up to 240 refresh rate. This TV has dynamic contrast ratio of 8,000,000:1 and picture quality that is second to none. It is not just that you will be impressed when you see the price tag of this TV. Check the current price at Sharp 40 3D smart LED TV


Model : UA40F5500

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 40 inch

Wattage : 117

Hertz : 100

Features : 3 HDMI ports, WiFi, USB movie, HyperReal Engine, Wireless LAN, Game mode, Smartshare

Definitely balanced Samsung Smart LED TV. if you are looking for entry-level, cheap, good brand and normal resolution, you are looking at the best option available. You can play any movies from your USB, smartphone tablets or computer. Thank to smart allshare you are allowed to share seamlessly and almost anything with your 40 inch screen Samsung TV. Check at here for more information and current price  Samsung Smart TV HD