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HTC One M8 with contract comparison in Malaysia

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HTC One M8 with contracts offered by Digi, Maxis and Umobile. 

HTC One M8 is the new flagship smartphone for HTC. It has very good specification to compete with ever changing smartphone market globally. The announcement of HTC One M8 amazed HTC fans.

HTC One M8 is set to compete with newly released Samsung galaxy S5 that had been announced previously on April 2014. That is just an opinion. To actually compare both smartphones it is mostly self-explanatory. You will have to come out and guess for yourself which one is good and which one is good to buy

Mobile service provider in Malaysia such as Maxis, Digi and Umobile have taken initiative to provide Malaysian the platform to purchase HTC One M8 with contract. The chart below is taken by 3 mobile service operator website. Take a closer look !!

Prior to that, are you finding contract free HTC One M8? Some buyers are seeking HTC One M8 without contract due to many reasons. Last time I checked it is not over RM2200. Please visit at HTC One M8 16GB

Maxis's  Internet per monthCall per min Text SMS Monthly fee HTC ONE M8 price 12 months HTC ONE M8 price 24 months
Surfmore 30 1GB 15sen / 20sen 10sen / 15sen  RM 30  RM2099  RM1899
Surfmore 50 2GB 12sen / 20sen 5sen / 15sen  RM 50  RM1999  RM1799
TalkMore 28  200MB  F. 200 minutes to all networks
12sen / 15sen
100 SMS to all networks
12sen / 15sen
 RM 56 RM1999 RM1799
TalkMore 48  1GB F. 400 minutes to all N.
10sen / 15sen
F. 200 SMS to all N.
10sen / 15sen
 RM 96 RM 1899 RM 1599
TalkMore 78  3GB  F. 600 minutes to all N.
8sen / 15sen
F. 500 SMS to all N.
8sen / 15sen
RM 146 RM 1799 RM 1399
Digi 's 

SmartPlan 78  3GB F. 100 minutes to all N.
F. 100 SMS to all N.
 RM 78   none RM 1739
SmartPlan 108  5GB F. 300 minutes to all N.
F. 300 SMS to all N.
 RM108   none RM 1499
SmartPlan 148  6GB F. 600 minutes to all N.
F. IDD calls for 30 minutes
F. 600 SMS to all N.

RM 148  none RM 1299


U58  2 GB F. 100mins to U, 200mins to all
18sen to U
20sen to all
No Free
5sen to U
12sen to all

 RM58    none RM 1799
U88  3 GB F. 100mins to U,
200mins to all
18sen to U
20sen to all
F. 100 SMS to U , 200SMS to all
5sen to U
12sen to all
 RM88    none RM 1599
U PLUS  5 GB F. 350mins to Umobile and all .
18sen to U and All
F. 250SMS to U and all .
5sen to U
12sen to all

 RM138    none RM 999

Simple research have concluded that Digi and Maxis charts showed that it did not have a big changes in both Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. If you have been watching Samsung Galaxy S5 contract chart previously on April 2014, you would have noticed that they took it down and replaced it with HTC One M8

The only thing has changed will be Celcom no longer offering HTC One M8. Umobile is taken the lead to offering HTC One M8 with contract. I guess there are limited space in offering new smartphones to Malaysian and that would be just 3 Malaysian mobile service providers. If Celcom to take the offering of HTC One M8, there would be no Umobile involvement !

You could see that in the chart, U PLUS would be offering lowest phone price RM999 with 24 months contract. How about total cost of owning them in the period of 1 and 2 years?

Cost of owning HTC One M8 in 1 year

How to calculate ? Phone price x monthly fee(12months) =

Surf more 30 - RM 2459
Surf more 50 - RM 2599
Talkmore 28  - RM 2671
Talkmore 48  - RM 3051
Talkmore 78  - RM 3551

Cost of owning HTC One M8 in 2 years

Surf more 30 - RM 2610
Surf more 50 - RM 2999
Talkmore 28  - RM 3143
Talkmore 48  - RM 3903
Talkmore 78  - RM 4903

Digi's Smartplan 78 - RM 3611
Smartplan 108        - RM 4091
Smartplan 148        - RM 4851

U58                 - RM 3191
U88                 - RM 3711
U PLUS           - RM 4311

Do visit here if you would like to know full specification of HTC One M8 at HTC One M8 released on May 8

I hope these will help you in your decision making on purchasing HTC One M8. Feel free to drop a comment if you want to see any improvement ! If you like to see more ? Like our facebook page or twitter ! Do not forget to share this page for your concerned friends