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HTC One M8 Smartphone released in Malaysia on May 8

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HTC Malaysia unveiled their most anticipated flagship HTC One M8.  

HTC released a post on May 7 Malaysian fan have 1 day left before to wait brand new HTC One m8Source : HTC Malaysia Facebook

Malaysian now have extra choices to choose either Samsung S5, Iphone 5S or HTC One M8. These are each company flagship product that mean each of these smartphone are in the same level of values. There will be more coming out throughout the year 2014. Despite that, let cherish every single smartphones out there.

Imagine a world without a company releasing new smartphone every year, imagine technological advancement in this world has been ceased operation ? What could you possibly say about these events? Do you want that to happen ? I would say big NO ! 

The price of every new flagship smartphone ranging from RM1800 - RM2500. Most of the case it is average between the number something like RM2200, RM2199. The price tag for HTC One M8 will be determine but each mobile service providers in Malaysia.

The news passed quickly that Maxis and Umobile are first to offer HTC One M8 on HTC Malaysia behalf. It will be contract tied either 1 or 2 years. Unitedmy is keen to provide correct calculation in future post about how much you will need to spend !

Default market price for new flagship smartphone in Malaysia will be RM2399. However, there will be alternative you could get . Cheaper and no contract bundled. There are market which consumer does not prefer contract tied because you would have dire situation like in the event of financial broke you want to sell your smartphone but you cant. The list will go in and it very much self explanatory !

Let stop everything and look at HTC One M8 specifications !

HTC One M8 Specifications

Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.5GHz quad-core
RAM        : 2GB
Display     : 5" screen size HD (441 ppi pixel density)
Internal capacity : 16GB (expansion microSD up to 64GB)
Camera              : Duos 4 MP & 5MP on the front
Network            : 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 160g
Color                : Gold, Silver, Grey
Features : GoogleDrive 2 years free, video stabilization, video 1080p at 60fps, Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Interesting to purchase HTC One M8 ? Finding other alternative rather than purchase with mobile service providers in Malaysia? Want to have cheaper ? There are always alternative for you !! Do check at  HTC One M8 . Variety of color to choose ! 

Maxis, Digi and Umobile each offered their own contract package. Comparison have been made for your ease of decision making Comparison among HTC One M8 contract

HTC Malaysia Facebook: