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List of New Smartphones in Malaysia 2014

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Get to know which smartphones released in Malaysia. It including every popular brands

Some of the smartphones listed here were announced last year 2013. However, it availability in Malaysia is scarce or nil. It still be listed here due to the popularity and release date. It does not matter when respective brand announced their smartphone. That matter are the release date in Malaysia. As if the smartphone available in Malaysia 2014 then it will be listed here regardless when the announcement being made.

For example, Nokia Lumia 1520 has been announced by Nokia in October 2013. The announcement was made last year but most of Malaysian and other countries were believed acquiring it next year. It was affected by supply and demand. When demand was high in modernized and populated region there will be lesser supply to many other countries that has lesser demand. A new smartphone will be always short in supply due to factory manufactured fixed amount of smartphones exporting them globally and hoping no cost incurred for keeping it on warehouse.

A very clear example, Iphone 5S were being announced last year 2013 but people still rushing to buy them today. It will be in the list. In order to make this list, there were countless hours in a day to check and rewrite by the author. 

This is a potentially full list of smartphones released in Malaysia 2014. The list will be expanded as new smartphone unveils later on. Feel free entering the link to visit latest price on the smartphone and full details of the smartphone


Due to Motorola is belong to Lenovo now, all the new smartphone branded Motorola will be listed here.

RM 0 - RM500

-Xiaomi Redmi 1S 8GB

RM500 - RM1100

-Xiaomi MI-3

- X Redmi Note

RM1100 - RM2000

-Xiaomi Mi 4 ( releasing soon )


Due to Motorola is belong to Lenovo now, all the new smartphone branded Motorola will be listed here.

RM 0 - RM500

- L A316i
Moto E RM369
- L A526 (Dual SIM)
- L A680 White (Dual SIM)

RM500 - RM1100

- Moto G LTE
Moto G 8GB
- Golden Warrior S8
- L S680 Dual SIM , 2GB RAM
- L S660 8GB, 1GB RAM
- L S650 Dual SIM
- L A859 Dual SIM

RM1100 - RM2000

- L Vibe Z K910 16GB, 2GB RAM
Motorola X LTE 16GB


RM500 - RM1100

-B Z3 8GB

RM1100 - RM2000

-B Z30 White 16GB


RM 0 - RM500

- S Ace Style

RM500 - RM1100

-S Galaxy Ace 3 White LTE 8GB

RM1100 - RM2000

-S Galaxy S5 White LTE
-S Galaxy S4 Active Orange 16GB, 2GB RAM
-S Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE
- S Galaxy K Zoom


RM 0 - RM500

- N Lumia 630 (Dual SIM)
- N X Dual SIM

RM500 - RM1100

- N XL Dual SIM
- N Lumia 1320 LTE

RM1100 - RM2000

- N Lumia 930 (32GB) (LTE)
- N Lumia 1020 (32GB) (2GB RAM)
- N Lumia 1520 (32GB) (LTE)


Huawei expanded to Malaysia smartphone market by opening branches in 2014. I am in the top 10 list. Currently holding ranking no 3

RM 0 - RM500
- H Honor 3C
- H Y511 Dual SIM
- H Y320
- H Ascend G525

RM500 - RM1100

- H Ascend G6
- H G730 Dual SIM
- H P6 Black (8GB)
- H Honor 3X G750

RM1100 - RM2000

-H Ascend P7  (LTE)


RM500 - RM1100

LG G2 Mini
LG L70 D320
LG G Pro Lite

RM1100 - RM2000

LG G3 Gold (LTE)
LG G Pro 2 (32GB)
LG G Flex (32GB)
LG Optimus G2 (LTE) (32GB)
LG Nexus 5 White (LTE)


RM 0 - RM500

RM500 - RM1100

RM1100 - RM2000


RM 0 - RM500

RM500 - RM1100

RM1100 - RM2000


-S Xperia Z2 Black


RM 0 - RM500

RM500 - RM1100

RM1100 - RM2000

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Latest Update by author : August 18, 2014

Malaysia vs Japan Thomas Cup Final 2014

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Thomas Cup Final this Sunday 5.30PM . We are in final this time after so many years.

Sunday 5.30 PM is the time most of Malaysian are at home resting. Wait, there is something coming and better than resting, what is so important than resting on Sunday ?? Tune to RTM or your Astro channel for Thomas Cup 2014 Final match Malaysia vs Japan.

Tell your friends, parent and relatives, we are in the middle of getting Thomas Cup back to our own soil. We are not alone hoping the best for our athletes Malaysian wife of the Prime minister, Datin Seri Rosmah has called every Malaysian to give support to the country badminton team.

We cant reduce the chance will we lose the match as both team are shown to have great badminton players in the ground. Winning is nothing compare to greatest match. We week glory, fantastic, once in a lifetime match. Who winning is not important but putting a good show for everyone with all the sweat and tears they have put through. Winning is nothing the important is the process. "Fail is part and parcel of the quest to glory" said wife of Malaysia Prime Minister.

Who do not want to see Japan's Kenichi Tago and Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei match in Thomas Cup 2014 ?? World No.2 badminton player Chen Long lost the badminton match with Kenichi Tago. It is important to know that Lee Chong wei once beaten by Chen Long as for Lee Chong Wei facing Kenichi Tago will be something worth to watch as we have seen Chen Long vs Malaysia this year

Before the match begin, RTM was told broadcasting right for Thomas Cup Final is about RM 4 million and they were unable to buy that right and broadcast it . As soon the news came out, It stirred not satisfy for some group of people. Twitter May 24 trending #ThomasCup4All  , it is part of a online community discussing the said news about RTM and Thomas Cup Final most of people just voiced their dissatisfaction about it. They can only watch the match LIVE by Astro channel.

The miracle does happen, after few hours authority said the right to broadcast were taken by private TV station,  RTM regained the right to broadcast Thomas Cup Final for free. It seem like everyone can watch the anticipated match tomorrow either at Astro channel or at RTM. 

This online twitter trending could be an online pleading or an online petition proved successful in contributing RTM regains their right to broadcast tomorrow Thomas Cup final.

Who will win tomorrow match ? Let see the game tomorrow ! Thank Astro for giving out the right to RTM ! 

Malaysia 2 - 3 Japan . Thomas cup belong to Japan 2014. 

Malaysia Electricity Tariff increased 26% from 2008 to 2014

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How much changes in Electricity Bill in Malaysia throughout the years? Especially in 2014.

Malaysia Electricity Bill 2008 and 2012
Electricity Bill in 2010 and 2012 . Source : Seniorsaloud, oongui.

Do you ever ask yourself what was the past electricity tariff ? Have you noticed news about sole power company in Malaysia Tenaga Nasional Berhad or any state power company, is asking people to pay more on your every month electricity bill ??

Surely most of you guy who are news goer must have noticed the electricity tariff increase news. Have you really carefully calculated ?

Recent news from our national power company that in 2014, we will need to bear another increasing in electricity bill. Yeah ! in the name of subsidy rationalization they have rendered the old tariff chart. Check back the news there is a new tariff chart effective in January 2014.

Take a look at the chart above, I have gathered 2008 and 2012 random electricity tariff. Thank to Seniorsaloud and oongui blog ( I took their pic without alerting them) . Let us do some research !

Shortly after the Malaysian 2008 election ended peacefully, our old electricity chart which 500 kWh around 0.28/kWh was RM 140.00 , for the next 100 kWh around 0.37/kWh and become RM37.00

Summary 2008 electricity chart for 600kWh 

500kWh * 0.286/kWh = RM 143.00
100kWh * 0.37/kWh   = RM 37.00

Total : RM 180

Summary 2011 electricity chart for 600kWh 

First 200kWh (1-200 kWh) per month : (200*21.80)/100 = RM 43.60
Next 100kWh (201 - 300 kWh) per month : (100*33.40)/100 = RM 33.40
Next 100kWh (301 - 400 kWh ) per month : (100*40.0)/100 = RM 40.00
Next 100kWh (401 - 500 kWh ) per month : (100*40.2)/100 = RM 40.20
Next 100kWh (501 - 600kWh ) per month : (100*41.6)/100 = RM 41.60

Total : RM 198.80

Summary 2014 Tariff chart for 600 kWh

First 200kWh (1-200 kWh) per month : (200*21.80)/100 = RM 43.60
Next 100kWh (201 - 300 kWh) per month : (100*33.40)/100 = RM 33.40
Next 300kWh (301 - 600 kWh)  per month : (100*51.60)/100 = RM 154.80

Total : RM 231.80

Question & Answers 

How much increase between 2008 and 2011 in 600 kWh ?

RM198.80 - RM180 = RM 18.8 . Approximately 10% increase between 2008 and 2011.

How much increase between 2011 and 2014 in 600 kWh ?

RM 231.80 - RM 198.80 = RM 33.0. Approximately 16% increase between 2008 and 2011.

How much increase 2008 till 2014 ?

26 % increase for 600 kWh within 6 years.

National power company done good work in implementing this chart. The first 200kWh tariff have the lowest charge in Malaysian history compared to 2010 electricity tariff rate at RM 0.28 . At RM 0.218 per kWh, household in Malaysia could save up a lot .

 If your electricity never go up to 90kWh per month you will be entitled governemnt subsidy of RM 20.00. That means household who use lesser than 90kWh no need to pay anything at all !

 In my research, household with air-conditioner and heavy power consumption machinery, their bill is no escaping from 400 kWh - 700 kWh. 

More about "Electricity " topic in this blog

  1. Sabah Electricity is lower than TNB 2014
  2. Malaysia electricity tariff compare to neighboring countries

HTC One M8 Smartphone released in Malaysia on May 8

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HTC Malaysia unveiled their most anticipated flagship HTC One M8.  

HTC released a post on May 7 Malaysian fan have 1 day left before to wait brand new HTC One m8Source : HTC Malaysia Facebook

Malaysian now have extra choices to choose either Samsung S5, Iphone 5S or HTC One M8. These are each company flagship product that mean each of these smartphone are in the same level of values. There will be more coming out throughout the year 2014. Despite that, let cherish every single smartphones out there.

Imagine a world without a company releasing new smartphone every year, imagine technological advancement in this world has been ceased operation ? What could you possibly say about these events? Do you want that to happen ? I would say big NO ! 

The price of every new flagship smartphone ranging from RM1800 - RM2500. Most of the case it is average between the number something like RM2200, RM2199. The price tag for HTC One M8 will be determine but each mobile service providers in Malaysia.

The news passed quickly that Maxis and Umobile are first to offer HTC One M8 on HTC Malaysia behalf. It will be contract tied either 1 or 2 years. Unitedmy is keen to provide correct calculation in future post about how much you will need to spend !

Default market price for new flagship smartphone in Malaysia will be RM2399. However, there will be alternative you could get . Cheaper and no contract bundled. There are market which consumer does not prefer contract tied because you would have dire situation like in the event of financial broke you want to sell your smartphone but you cant. The list will go in and it very much self explanatory !

Let stop everything and look at HTC One M8 specifications !

HTC One M8 Specifications

Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.5GHz quad-core
RAM        : 2GB
Display     : 5" screen size HD (441 ppi pixel density)
Internal capacity : 16GB (expansion microSD up to 64GB)
Camera              : Duos 4 MP & 5MP on the front
Network            : 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 160g
Color                : Gold, Silver, Grey
Features : GoogleDrive 2 years free, video stabilization, video 1080p at 60fps, Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Interesting to purchase HTC One M8 ? Finding other alternative rather than purchase with mobile service providers in Malaysia? Want to have cheaper ? There are always alternative for you !! Do check at  HTC One M8 . Variety of color to choose ! 

Maxis, Digi and Umobile each offered their own contract package. Comparison have been made for your ease of decision making Comparison among HTC One M8 contract

HTC Malaysia Facebook:

Maxis Scholarship for Excellence Awards 2014

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Scholarships for the right Malaysians. Take a glimpse on Maxis scholarship what they are offering to You !

Maxis Scholarships for Excellence Awards was launched in 2005. Maxis has awarded scholarships to 244 Malaysians. It is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to embark upon a journey that will lead them to greatest length.

The scholarships are for right people. Seeking well rounded individuals, who have demonstrated leaderships skills in the classroom, as well as sports, social work or other areas. Recipients of this scholarship will be able to pursue courses at renowned universities. A significant step towards pursuing their life's dreams and ambitions. Some of talented will also absorbed into Maxis talent pipelines at the completion of their courses.

Eligibility to apply

  1. Applicants aged 23 or below Malaysian.
  2. Completed or in final stage of attended foundation courses
  3. Minimum SPM 6As
  4. STPM 3As
  5. Dpiloma CGPA 3.5
  6. A level 3As
  7. Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) 90.0
  8. Recognized Foundation / Pre-university course CGPA 35.0
  9. International Baccalaureate 36.0

Additional requirements are possess a good command of English language, both written and oral. Excellent extra-curricular activities and possess leadership qualities.

Application window is open from April 15, 2014 - May 16, 2014.

Darlie Expert White New Toothpaste in Malaysia 2014

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As soon as you get home, first thing to do You will be brushing your teeth using this new Darlie's expert while toothpaste. It smell so good and whiten your teeth ! 

Darlie Expert White Toothpaste Malaysia
RM7.99, 120 grams  at GIANT

A new toothpaste for everyone. When I first using this to brush my dirty tooth, I felt a familiar taste it was like I have been using this before ! It like those toothpaste taste used by komodo lion toothpaste some sort like that you know those toothpaste so called designed for kids. The color of toothpaste is different it usually be white but the color is diamond green.

I lacked the main point is that they boasted it will protect your tooth 24 hours. I have tried and it really surprised me that after brushing my teeth for 2 minutes, I started to develop a sense of fresh breath in my mouth.

About protecting your teeth for 24 hours, I guess it self explanatory it will be just another marketing project. I don believe it myself . I guess you have to try it by yourself. I am just fine using new product by Darlie.

The things is that they have been promoting heavily on their new Darlie product at Facebook or any advertising platform. They also made a few contests and a promotional video !

In Darlie Facebook, There is a lesson on taught us what is the main cause of bad breath ! Really? You think we do not know? In the end, they made a promising chart showing that Darlie Expert White is the best it keep you away from bad breath at least for 12 hours.

I am surprised to discover another Darlie contest. Be sure to participate if you are really interested to win items such as travel package, Ipad and Guardian vounchers. This time it required you to buy Darlie Expert While at Guardian. Check it out at Darlie Guardian Contest May 1- May 31

10 Topics discussed during US president visiting Malaysia

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Guests who visit our homes must be treated with kindness and respect. The same principle applies whether the guest is a family member, a stranger , regardless religion.

Second president to visit Malaysia in nearly half decade. Touring 4 Asian country including Malaysia. He arrived Malaysia after Japan tour with Air Force One. Minister of Youth and Sports welcomed him. He took a ride with The Beast to meet with Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah and Prime Minister of Malaysia at Parliament Square.

His appearance at local TV on April 26, 2014 about 5.20PM (Malaysian time) was anticipated.

Malaysia crowd waiting air force one april 26
Crowd anticipating Air Force One. Some prefer see Him at the scene rather watching TV.

1. President's automobile "The Beast"

Many amazed the beast abilities to protect US president. News reported that Malaysian prime minister was invited to sit at The Beast with US president.

2.  President Obama addressed at a State Banquet with His majesty King Halim

He told to the crowd about the great hospitality received by first US president visited Malaysia. He eager to see the "Boleh" spirit. He referred Malaysia as "Malaya" in his speech. He expressed gratitude of the generosity shown us today.

3. He expressed thoughts using Malay language 

Boleh, Bekerjasama, Selamat Petang, Terima Kasih Banyak.

4. Encouraging Malaysian to think creative and innovative

Prime minister of Malaysia invited US president to MaGIC. The front oval inside the MaGIC compound is named as Obama oval. MaGIC is a platform and a message to young people in Malaysia to be unity by creating more creative and innovation products and shrinking the world smaller.

5. Bilateral relationship to a Comprehensive Partnership

Prime minister of Malaysia said in a joint press conference that through this partnership, it will mark the new phase in our relationship with greater collaboration on the economy, security, education, science, technology and more.

Besides, Senior officials Dialogue will be key forum for high-level discussion. Malaysia welcomes America's rebalancing towards Asia and its contribution to peace, stability and prosperity in the region.

6. Strengthen cooperation in peacekeeping training

On global security, Malaysia endorsed the "statement of Interdiction Principles" of the Proliferation Security Initiative.

7. Prime minister of Malaysia Najib remarks on Joint press conference

Expression appreciation to the President on U.S strong support for ASEAN and the East Asia Summit. Malaysia chairmanship of ASEAN next year. Malaysia is bidding non permanent seat of the U.N. Security Council.

Malaysia helped secured a comprehensive agreement in the Southern Philippine. Ending a conflict and denying al-Qaeda and it affiliates a possible foothold in that region. Rejection on religious extremism by establishing a Global Movement of Moderate.

Importance of upholding universally recognized principles of international law, including United Nations Convention on the Law of Sea. Besides that, endorsing Full Bright Program, asked to consider Visa Waiver Program. 

Welcome the progress of TPP agreement, but there were some matters needed to be resolved first.

8. Obama did not meet with Malaysian opposition leader but sent Susan rice

National Security Advisor Susan E.Rice met with three top leaders of the Malaysian political opposition to hear their views. PKR, DAP and PAS are present at that time. US will continue to raise concerns about the issues of political freedom, the basic universal rights of freedom of expression, freedom of association and religious liberty.

Ambassador expressed condolences on the passing of democracy and civil rights activist Mr. Karpal Singh

9. US President addressing Young Southeast Asian leaders Initiative 

Question and answer session. Among the questions are "What are you dream when you were in 20s and did you achieve it". The session is 2 hours long.

10. Signing of three business deals in Malaysia witnessed by prime minister of Malaysia and US president

The agreement worth 2 billion was inked. The deals were between General Electric Co and Airasia X, Verdezyne and Sime Darby, and MetLife and Ambank Group.

Video US president addressing at Young Southeast Asian leaders Initiative

Joint press conference 

Addressing Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre. A startup in Malaysia. Encouraging inspiring Malaysian.

10 Sad News in Malaysia April 2014

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A compilation of news stories emitting expression of sadness. 

What are the saddest news stories Malaysian felt in the month of April ? What are thing you have missed ? All of these are merely expression of individual opinion. Information are gathered by Malaysian media. Viewer discretion is advised 

1. Sea Turtles and A Dugong Carcass floating on the water

Discovery of decomposing carcass at Pulau Mantanani, Sabah. The island is often named as "mermaid island in Chinese translation or "Mei Ren Yu Dao" in Chinese. Most of the Chinese tourists always refer the island as mermaid island.

A month ago, state wildlife authorities went to an investigation at Pulau Tiga found that there were mass turtle carcass. On the research by University Malaysia Sabah, there is lucrative market for turtle meat it can be priced as high as RM300 per kilogram fresh meat while dried meat will slightly priced at lower price.

Will it jeopardize the marine life at the island? What are the impression to the tourist visiting Sabah ? Did they caught the culprits behind all that and stopped them completely ?

2. Traffic Accident took the life of ADUN Paloh wife

ADUN Paloh Datuk Nozula Mat Diah involved in a traffic accident at Cameron Highland at Pulai crossroad. Traffic accident in the month of April could the worst as a result Traffic ministry is enforcing and strengthening the law on the road and public road safety.

As a respected leader, public mourned the loss of his family. Prime minister of Malaysia tweeted hoping his health is recovering in fast pace.

3. MH370 Black Box battery is running out

Malaysia Airliner MH370 has gone for a month. The black box is still yet to be discovered. Mystery of the missing aircraft will be unearthed if black box is retrieved

The time waits for no one they are against the time to locate Black box transmission. It indicated that when black box run out of battery, the hope discovering the black box will be much more difficult and diminished.

What really happened to the aircraft is still a mystery? one of the passenger next of kin said to the media hope that there will be a good ending closure to the MH370 incident.

4. Karpal Singh involved in an accident

A series of bus accident at the highways causing panicked atmosphere to the news readers. It rendered transport ministry an explanation to the public how safe is our road ?

Karpal Singh 's automobile Toyota Alphard travelling on the highways with his long-serving driver rammed by a lorry with his family inside. The accident caused left seat of Toyota Alphard completely destroyed. Passenger on the left seat suffered tremendous damage died on the spot.

Passenger of the lorry remained unhurt. Hospital diagnosed lorry driver and found out that he had a history of drug consumption

5. Road and Air traffic accident

There were 3 cases of aircraft failure in the month of April. Several cases of bus accident that involving a British traveler. Authorities are raging on the bus companies. Stripping licenses for those who were not comply with terms and conditions

Bus drivers are not fully trained due to high staff turnover in few business premises. Most of the accident occurred by newly employed bus drivers. In order to get business running, bus companies resorted to using bus drivers with fewer experiences as a captain of bus express driver.

6. Policemen shot at the stomach

Incident happened at Taman Lembah Maju, Ampang. Policemen believed a tiger tattoo bearer involved in an incident shooting of a policeman.

Special police team from Crime Investigation Unit of Ampang Jaya police district office formed to investigate the case and led to a raid at a house in Taman Gunung Rapat, Ipoh, Perak. A chinese women who attended the house was found with the suspect

In the same month, two believed to be Nigerian nationality fired gunshot aiming at policemen after refused to be identified. They flee the scene resorting to use of gun.

7. Veteran Artist Passed Away

Sidek Hussain a well known actor among Malaysian passed away. He suffered 30 years of facial disfigure due to cancer. He is diagnosed with the fourth stage in cancer development.

He had been hospitalization since March 2014. The tumor-like cancer grow at his face weighted 2 KG. He is the main actor in the film "Toyol" in the year 1982. Rose to fame quickly, he made second acting at the film "Potret Maria".

8. No cure for chronic disease at Middle East

Deadly virus named as Mers-Cov is the main cause of the death Malaysian after pilgrim travel. He was diagnosed positively at a hospital. In a report, he had taken camel milk in a camel farm at Saudi Arabia. He died on April 13 after become ill on April 4.

It is the first case happened in Malaysia. Although the group of pilgrim travel consist of him and few peoples they were not contacted with the deadly virus. WHO stressed that individual with Mers-Cov should be highly taken care of. There is no cure on this virus. This news sparked nationwide worry and sadness afraid there will be an epidemic outbreak.

It seem that the virus is contained by Malaysian health practitioners from widely spreading.

9. Newborn found in the toilet bowl

Newborn baby found dead in a toilet bowl at a flat rented by college students in Pahang Hiliran. Student contacted Terengganu police after discovered flatmate fell unconscious at toilet.

10. GSC cinema is not hygiene enough

Although it is a big case but there are many people is visiting cinema everyday. A young girl was bitten by alleged rat while watching a 2 hour movie. Chrisanne Chin was interrupted watching her favorite movies at Golden Screen Cinema.

Her feet is stained with blood after finish watched movie at GSC Mid valley. GSC operator soon alerted by the incident and apologized with her at a news release. Her facebook post regarding this incident quickly caught attention and were publicly shared 300 times with many of her Facebook friends

He also said that treatment at hospital took her 2 hours away involving injection and prescription medicine to prevent diseases.

DLSR Camera Sales May 2014 in Malaysia

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Up to 50% Discounted DLSR Camera to grab. Look for your favorite high quality Camera with cheaper price tag 

Sales until end of May

A very lucky to found out there are great sales going on for DLSR cameras in Malaysia in the month of May. This entire month you can buy cheaper and affordable DSLR cameras, new lenses and accessories

What I have found out were that they are selling DLSR cameras import from other countries. I will just list few DSLR cameras, Lenses and accesories in this May sales with crazy discounted price tag. Bare in mind that they are selling it online

Good thing purchasing online it "Free delivery" and Cash On Delivery Method. For example, you are purchasing many items and in total exceeds certain price you will entitle free delivery. For COD method, it actually mean that your ordered item will be sent to your doorstep. You are required to engage with the delivery guy at your doorstep and pay them with cash. 

Interested to look what are they selling ? Visit at DSLR up to 78% Sales May

List of discounted items on this Sales

  1. Nikon D5200  -55%
  2. Nikon D3100  -30%
  3. Canon EOS 700D  -55%
  4. Nikon D7100  -30%
  5. Nikon AF 70 300mm  -50%
  6. Canon EF-S Lens 55-250mm  -62%
  7. Tamron AF 18-270mm  -50%
  8. Sigma 70-300mm  -30%
  9. Sandisk Micro 32GB  -78%
  10. Johoyo Tripod  -50%

Oppo Malaysia is launching something in May 2014

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OPPO is bringing good stuff to Malaysian on May 7. What are the good stuff? 

Oppo is so secretive on the products they will launch in Malaysia on May 7. As you may not know, Oppo is China based company and they have been heavily advertised the brand on popular China's TV show.

May seem like a good month for launching ? Previously in last month we have seen Huawei set foot in Malaysia it is one of the China smartphone company with third ranked in list of global smartphone manufacturer . They have opened up Huawei stores and introduced Huawei Honor 3C for Malaysian. It was a coincident that they have the same "Guess The price" contest ? Huawei' s contest had ended and they have promised to 100 users who joined the contest and won the guess the right price would get Huawei Honor 3C for free

Prior to May 7, 2014, Oppo Facebook introduced a "Guess the price" game on Oppo Find 7a. A very similar contest held by Huawei last month. However, Oppo Find 7a is much more sophisticated than Honor 3C. It could be the Oppo company flagship smartphone competing with giant smartphone brand such as Samsung, Apple, Lenovo and Huawei.

In the contest held by Oppo, there will be only 1 winner. The contest has started since yesterday on May 3 till May 7, 2014. 

Guess it now by following the rules at Oppo Facebook. Take your chance to get free Oppo Find 7a today !!

10 Good News in Malaysia April 2014

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News stories focusing on the good side of Malaysia. All of these are published in press.

Seeking good news stories about Malaysia ? Seek no further ! . This is just my personal opinions. Be moderate and be democracy !

One of the kidnapped Sabah resort tourist

1. Ops Gasak 6 on Sabah immigrants

Some 500 immigrants have been rounded up after the incident of tourist abduction. ESSCOM respond with this strategy to find out the culprits behind and to further curbing tension on the matter and restore trust and faith of local people and tourism industry.

They have been taken to a place and being screened by various agencies. Some of them tested positive for drugs. Esscom is adding their assets in a bid to strengthen defenses in the territory. They are not alone, Philippine security forces are helping Esscom.

Esscom called upon resorts to sack illegal immigrants employees. Enforcement of sacking illegal immigrants on 10 resorts within 24 hours. Besides, Esscom enforcing seven guidelines to be followed by each resort operators.

2. Second U.S president to visit Malaysia

Almost a half decade, U.S president Mr Barrack Obama visited Malaysia marked the second visit of U.S president. His secret service agents arrived 2 weeks ahead of the schedule of U.S president to arrive Malaysia. Brought the president car "The Beast" and flying with Air Force 1 aircraft.

He is touring four asian country including Malaysia. The first country to visit is South Korea, then, Japan, Malaysia and Philippine.

In Malaysia, He went to National mosque, dinner with king, officiating Malaysian Global Innovation and Creative Centre (MaGIC), attended UM's South East Asian Leaders.

Before serious talk, let us take a selfie

3. Selangor water crisis is over

Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid cancelled all the water rationing will be effective on May 1. A sign of water problem for Selangor residents is resolved.

4. Airasia new huge airport KLIA 2

After 3 years of delay, KLIA 2 finally opened. Transport minister reassured that safety measures are in place and well secured. Estimated 24 million tourists will use KLIA 2 in full year. Airasia X is scheduled to operation at new airport on May 8.

Opening of KLIA 2 received overwhelming response by local residents. They are surprised with the tall aviation communication center and all of the facility and amenities.

Express Rail Link connecting KLIA and KLIA 2 will be built for many convenience.

5. Stern action against compromising road safety

There are a series of bus overturned, plunging to drain, crashing. We should say the road accident and traffic safety are getting public and authority attention. It is sad to remind that decreased Karpal Singh involving in a road accident rammed by lorry.

One British nationality is dead involved in a road accident. Since then, Heavy punishment enforced for reckless bus drivers. It applied heavily on express bus type drivers. 9 Measures is rolled out by transport ministry for express bus companies in Malaysia.

Failed to adhere will resulting stern action on bus operators. This course of action by authorities wish to restore public trust on public transportation and growing tourism industry.

6. First ever Autism hub fully funded by government

The first national centre of excellence for Austism, scheduled to be fully operational in Kuala Lumpur by May next year. It will change the landscape of special education in Malaysia. Also known as Permata Kurnia project, a first ever project fully funded by government it will provide early childhood special education to 300 children

Profound impact of the developmental disorder on families and nations was great as the number of autism cases had been rising at an alarming rate.

It would be more severe when Malaysia become a developed nation in 2020. three to 4 cases in 10,000 births in developing nations while developed nation will have autism case in 68 births. One of the objective being developed nation is to have inclusive education. Whereby, children with disabilities shall receive formal education in the same manner as their typically developing peers

7. MyHome Scheme RM30,000 for each affordable home

Application will be able to apply by interested starting on April 1, 2014. It is announced by Prime minister Datuk Seri Najib last year. Consisting RM300 million incentive allocation offering 10,000 units of affordable homes nationawide.

There are Myhome1 and Myhome2 aiming for two income bracket. It is RM 3,000 - RM 4,000, Myhome2 is between RM 4,000 - RM 6,000.

Housing Myhome 1 would cover minimum 800 square foot of space with market price between RM 80,000 and RM 120,000 in peninsular and would be higher in East Malaysia. Myhome 2 will have three bedrooms and two washrooms. Myhome 2 would be in price range of between RM 120,000 and RM 200,000 in peninsular while in East Malaysia, RM 120,000 - RM 250,000.

8. Mini Silicon valley in Malaysia and other job creation investment

Source : New Straits Time

Global Entrepreneur Summit mooted by U.S president Barrack Obama first time in Washington in conjunction U.S president visited Malaysia on April, Malaysia prime minister and U.S president visited the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre.

Allocation of RM 50 million to help Malaysian create innovative product or start their own company.

Besides that, while Mr.Barrack Obama still around, witnessed signing of MoU between Sime Darby and Verdezyne a San-Diego based biotech company. Sime Darby would have 30% stake on the company. Moreover, Airasia X and GE aviation for 80E1 engines to power Airasia X's 25 new Airbus A330-300 aircraft.

The third investment would be partnership between Ambank and Metlife international Holdings. investment nearly US 250 million to buy share in AmBank's insurance unit AmLife and AmTakaful.

9. 10,000 PPA1M for KL civil servants

1 Malaysia Civil Servants Housing programme to cater specifically to this group of house owners. They planned 10,000 houses and scheduled to be completed within 5 years time.

10,000 units in Kuala Lumpur is part of the 50,000 afforadble home under PPA1M. There would be another PPA1M development in Labuan estimated 1,600 units will be built.

BB1M guidelines

10 Lee Chong Wei won Chen Long for Indian Open Title

Beating Chen long in two set of game. Lee Chong Wei did not disappointed himself. His winning streak in Indian Open Title is remarkable achievement.

Chen Long once beaten Lee Chong Wei but it seem like Lee Chong Wei performance is better in this match. In just barely two games and 55 minutes time, Lee Chong Wei stopped Chen long advanced to third match.

Astro On The Go Fan Choice Awards 2014

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Vote the best TV series, Actor, Actress, Movies that you like ! You only have 6 entries

Astro Fan Choice Awards
Astro's Fan Choice Awards

You will count as one vote per Facebook account for your favorite one. There are 6 category. "Gempak", "Vaanavil", "Hen Hao" , "International ", "Sports". 

Each category is different. Gempak category is more focusing on Malay actor/actress, Malay movies and TV series. Besides, Vaanavil category is more focusing on Indian TV. Moreover, Hen Hao category will be focusing on what Chinese like to watch in Astro. International category will be focusing on international movies and celebrity. For sports, it mainly about Malaysian favourite sport channels

On April 30, the highest voting for Gempak category is Maharaja Lawak Mega 2013. For Vaanavil, it is Gala Gala Vaanavil. For Hen Hao category, the highest will be the movie The Journey 2014. As for International category will be Korean variety show Running Man.   Last category in Sport, the highest vote given to Cristiano Ronaldo

Beside voting, there are attractive prizes to be won. Iphone 5S, Ipad mini, Free access to Astro-on-the-go, Logitech headset, Powerbank

Visit main official contest page : Astro Fan Choice Awards

Top 10 Weird News in Malaysia April 2014

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Anything that very weird, novelty, strange, bizarre supernatural, abnormal, unusual, odd, mysterious.

Above are synonym of "Weird" . It is so weird that so many words means weird. Why the dictionary do not reduce so many words that translated as weird and only use the word weird. It will make the world simpler.

I do not think there are only 10 weird news in April, 2014 in Malaysia. If you do have weird news please do not hesitate leaving comments below.

1. Treasure hunt for Melaka hidden treasure

Mystery behind this treasure hunt is a true historical event that the Portugal army lead by Alfonso De Albuquerque in 1511 conquered Melaka and plundered Melaka Sultan wealth. Finding of the Melaka treasure is important and has to be continued because it is Melaka historical symbolic relics.The price of the relic is so high due to it connected with popular Melaka historical event.

Study made believed that the ship carrying Melaka treasure wrecked nearby Aceh. Melaka authorities have set up a company given the license to dig up the treasure from ocean floor. Smart Partnership International will discontinued it searching on April 30, 2014 after have been searching over the years.

It is reported that the treasure worth Billions or trillions( trillions? you must be overstated) . Anyways, It contained treasure box with golds and silvers and gold monkey and ancient manuscript.

2. Lee Chong Wei lost match with Indonesian Simon Santoso

The first question will be who the  F  heck is Simon Santoso ?? There were many Simon Santoso fans at Singapore badminton stadium at that time. Lee Chong Wei fans shouting still triumph loudest. However, in this match, Simon beat World No 1 Lee Chong Wei in less than a hour.

Lee Chong Wei does not lack of winning he lacks of losing. Although our memory still serve him best the glorious moments when Lee Chong Wei beat every single one in badminton arena before the year 2008. That was so cool you are always placed on top platform in every badminton match when receiving the winning trophy.

It is not the point to reflect Lee Chong Wei. The main point is who is Simon Santoso?

3. Internal Security Act activated for a guy editing skill

I bet he was captured by polices and asked by polices questions be like " Who teach you how to edit" ? "Who told you to edit her", "What are your motives" .  This man carrying Facebook name "Syed Saifullah" posted a fine edited corpse with Malaysian first lady head. Spreading lies across the internet. I must repeated do not attempt because they will catch you ! This joke is beyond limitation !

Police actually caught him while everyone is sleeping on 12.05AM as reported by news. This guy is working at a Dobi company. The main point are cant police catch him when everyone is sober at least the owner of the Facebook is sober at that time. I bet the accused still figuring out why Police knocking his door on late night. This is so weird that a guy working a Dobi really have this kind of editing skill ?

I want to ask too who you learn the editing skill? But I will make good thing of this talent

I hope the owner of the Facebook get good lesson for doing this. I repeated this is fake and edited image 

4. No longer safe traveling by air

3 cases of aircraft failure in a month of April. So much weird to the point that Acting transport minister, investigation for deliberate on failure of the aircraft have to be put into consideration.

The title is misleading because merely 3 aircraft failure does not represent not safe status there were thousand flights in a month.

One is electrical or power failure of an aircraft. This is serious because lost of power will cancel any communication between aircraft and tower. However, big aircraft have provided many alternative in an event of power failure like battery and power generator built-in the aircraft like Boeing 777. MH066 forced to land at Hong Kong delayed on the route to South Korea.

Second is Firefly Airlines FY1002, a codeshare with Malaysia Airlines MH9948. Plane was forced to turn back Penang International Airport after encounter landing gear problems.

Third is APFT flying academy incident. Aircraft crashed landed on Taman Kurnia Jaya. No death toll is reported.

5. Anti GST rally

Theme of the rally "Protest till it is dropped". It will be held on May 1, 2014. The rally was organized by a coalition of 89 non-governmental organisations such as Solidarity Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) and supported by opposition Pakatan Rakyat.

The rally coincides with International workers' day was held in response to Malaysian government plan to introduce a good and service tax on April 1, 2015. Precisely 11 months from the date of protest.

Police have been receiving the application but rejected as it failed to meet conditions under Section 9(1) of the Peaceful Assembly Act. It is said that location owner did not approve the rally.


When U.S president visiting UM for a speech at a Young South East Asian Leaders Initiative Town Hall Session at Dewan Tunku Canselor (DTC) several students raised banners opposing signing agreement of TPPA. 

Besides that, 6,000 peoples have liked the page "Bantah TPPA" facebook page at . 

TPPA is still remain undisclosed to the public what are the essential information discussed on agreement. Several countries is expected to join TPPA including Malaysia. There are several information circulated on Internet that it will benefit interest of specific companies. Local news said it will bankrupt some Malaysian company will agreement is signed.

7. Malaysian NGO voiced out about the visit of U.S president to Mosque

The main focus of voicing out is preventing U.S president visiting mosque which is included in the schedule. Islamic NGO Hizbut Tahrir said sent out memorandum that U.S president is an imperialistic country and Obama is head of it. 

They expressed disappointed on State council decision approval of the visiting of mosque by U.S president. 

8. Disrespectful Attitude to U.S president motorcade 

Myvi middle finger motorcade president
Myvi-middle finger-motorcade

Seriously I do not own this image and found this on Facebook. Due to Facebok image url I am unable to put it at blogger. You should know who was coming right on April 26, Saturday right ?? Traffic congestion happened. But this act is really offensive made by this Myvi driver. What if He really saw that on his "The beast window" 

If you look deeper you actually can spell it plate number. You are about to be famous !

9. ESSCOM Sabah too late to act ?

Kidnapping and asking for ransom in Sabah worsen due to 2 cases in less than 6 months. The last biggest case of kidnapping suspected by Abu Sayyaf was the year 2000. His gunmen raid the Malaysian diving resort of Sipadan. About 10 western tourists and 11 resort workers kidnapped to nearest Jolo island. Same year, they launched another attack capturing three Malaysians.

After the incident happened, 13 years have passed. Another abduction case surfaced Taiwan tourists have been captured. This case sparked controversy the setting up of ESSCOM is being proposed and successful after allocation of 300 million is approved.

However, the establishment of Eastern Sabah Security Command did not ward off or prevent another abduction incident which had been happened on early of the month. One chinese women tourist and resort worker are confirmed to be taken away.

10  Water is clean or contaminated ?

Still the topic of water rationing in state of Selangor. Mine pool water is tested safe by several water experts in various department. 10 Pipes to be bought at China to channel this water into the water treatment area.

 After few days later, UM study reported that the mine pool is not comply to standard set by water department. Report showed that the water is contaminated by heavy metals.

Authorities urged to stop water rationing activity started from May 1. Selangor residents water crisis resolved ? Some people still claimed that water rationing should continue because the water reserve in the dam is not hitting 55%.

Huawei Honor 3C launched at Malaysia for RM499

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Huawei launched notable Honor 3C 2GB RAM with super affordable price. It is not just affordable.

Honor 3C malaysia RM499

It seem that the Malaysian smartphone market is still in vibrant state. China based company Huawei is launching first ever website named "" as a platform selling groundbreaking Huawei Honor 3C

It is well known that without thinking smartphone company based in China will offer the best affordable price to target large group of society in Malaysia. Assuming that old mindset pay cheap get cheaper quality product but it seem like I will disagree with you what Huawei has to offer to you

Launching on April 29, Huawei announced there are in the state of sold out after hours of selling. I guess they do not release too many smartphones to sell on the first day. Both Grey and White color Huawei Honor 3C with 2GB RAM are fully bought by alerted consumer and patron.

Before the day of launching on, Huawei organized a small contest namely "Guess the price". The basic rule to win is to guess the right price before launching. Who won the contest will be awarded a Huawei 3C Honor as a return. Unitedmy author have tried several times throughout the contest. It was held from April 21 - April 28, 2014   . We can return to guess again after 5 hours. There will be 100 people taking away Huawei Honor 3C for free !!

Huawei Honor 3C
Source : Soyacincau

Speaking about trying the contest by myself, I have tried so many times I can say more than 12 times of trying each day. I am shocked after the end of the contest on April 29, 2014 when they announced the price is RM499. I am completely in the state of joy because I had previously key in RM499.

Despite that, Huawei opened two large outlets in Malaysia further proving that Malaysian are supportive on Huawei especially those who read the Huawei new smartphone specification.

Specification of Huawei Honor 3C

Screen size   : 5" inches
RAM            : 2GB
Camera        : 5 MP for front toward you / 8MP for rear or back
Processor      : Quad-core
Internal.M      : 4GB / 8GB (Varies)

Features        : Dual SIM, 3G,

Color              : White, Grey, Gold, Yellow, Pink, Green

Visiting for more information at

Huawei Facebook :

National Achievers Congress 2014 in Malaysia

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Event about Aspiration, Inspiration, Determination and Motivation with Nick Vujicic.

National Achiever Congress 2014 Malaysia

The earth have no less person with healthy, bright, successful man, The world have less person with disability, encouraging, bright, happy. When the last time you have seen a person no arms and leg be a motivator?

He is the happiest person in the world and inspiring millions. In this congress, you will learn something meaningful in your lifetime that even your school teachers and parents wanted. The true hard fact today is that there are many people living today are not exposed to higher knowledge and lifetime experience

You will learn financial education, systems for success, investment opportunities and lastly most important factor you will learn at there is to be inspired live beyond.

There will be a line of panel speakers joining NAC 2014 at Malaysia. You will be amassed hearing their names and their voice of motivation at there. Most of them are successful entrepreneur they will tell you their personal experience with participants. What's more do you want ?

There are Nick Vujicic, Tom Hopkins, Brendon Burchard, Andrew Mathhews, Shiv Khera, Caroline Claydon, John Burley, Sean and Cayden, Gerry Robert, J.T Foxx, Peng Joon and Adam Ginsberg.

Among so many speakers, author of unitedmy only know 2 persons. Peng Joon and Nick Vujicic. Who have not seen Nick Vujicic right? Peng Joon is successful affiliate marketer on Internet. He is a Singaporean. I am very familiar with Peng Joon. He is one of the affiliate marketer of biggest affiliate company in U.S. Selling virtual books. He earned recurring while sleeping and travelling.

NAC 2014 requires participants to pay a entry fee. There are 3 categories. VIP RM1997.00, Gold RM297.00 , General RM197.00 .

The date of the event are May 23, 24 and 25, 2014. It will be held at MIECC- The Mines.

The event are brought to you by sponsors Flexiroam, Groupon, Popular, Affin bank many many more.

Get your free ticket to National Achievers Congress 2014 in Malaysia by Groupon Malaysia at Groupon Free ticket to NAC. You are required to do specific tasks in order to win the free ticket. The Groupon contest will be ended on May 5, 2014