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Top 10 Weird News in Malaysia April 2014

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Anything that very weird, novelty, strange, bizarre supernatural, abnormal, unusual, odd, mysterious.

Above are synonym of "Weird" . It is so weird that so many words means weird. Why the dictionary do not reduce so many words that translated as weird and only use the word weird. It will make the world simpler.

I do not think there are only 10 weird news in April, 2014 in Malaysia. If you do have weird news please do not hesitate leaving comments below.

1. Treasure hunt for Melaka hidden treasure

Mystery behind this treasure hunt is a true historical event that the Portugal army lead by Alfonso De Albuquerque in 1511 conquered Melaka and plundered Melaka Sultan wealth. Finding of the Melaka treasure is important and has to be continued because it is Melaka historical symbolic relics.The price of the relic is so high due to it connected with popular Melaka historical event.

Study made believed that the ship carrying Melaka treasure wrecked nearby Aceh. Melaka authorities have set up a company given the license to dig up the treasure from ocean floor. Smart Partnership International will discontinued it searching on April 30, 2014 after have been searching over the years.

It is reported that the treasure worth Billions or trillions( trillions? you must be overstated) . Anyways, It contained treasure box with golds and silvers and gold monkey and ancient manuscript.

2. Lee Chong Wei lost match with Indonesian Simon Santoso

The first question will be who the  F  heck is Simon Santoso ?? There were many Simon Santoso fans at Singapore badminton stadium at that time. Lee Chong Wei fans shouting still triumph loudest. However, in this match, Simon beat World No 1 Lee Chong Wei in less than a hour.

Lee Chong Wei does not lack of winning he lacks of losing. Although our memory still serve him best the glorious moments when Lee Chong Wei beat every single one in badminton arena before the year 2008. That was so cool you are always placed on top platform in every badminton match when receiving the winning trophy.

It is not the point to reflect Lee Chong Wei. The main point is who is Simon Santoso?

3. Internal Security Act activated for a guy editing skill

I bet he was captured by polices and asked by polices questions be like " Who teach you how to edit" ? "Who told you to edit her", "What are your motives" .  This man carrying Facebook name "Syed Saifullah" posted a fine edited corpse with Malaysian first lady head. Spreading lies across the internet. I must repeated do not attempt because they will catch you ! This joke is beyond limitation !

Police actually caught him while everyone is sleeping on 12.05AM as reported by news. This guy is working at a Dobi company. The main point are cant police catch him when everyone is sober at least the owner of the Facebook is sober at that time. I bet the accused still figuring out why Police knocking his door on late night. This is so weird that a guy working a Dobi really have this kind of editing skill ?

I want to ask too who you learn the editing skill? But I will make good thing of this talent

I hope the owner of the Facebook get good lesson for doing this. I repeated this is fake and edited image 

4. No longer safe traveling by air

3 cases of aircraft failure in a month of April. So much weird to the point that Acting transport minister, investigation for deliberate on failure of the aircraft have to be put into consideration.

The title is misleading because merely 3 aircraft failure does not represent not safe status there were thousand flights in a month.

One is electrical or power failure of an aircraft. This is serious because lost of power will cancel any communication between aircraft and tower. However, big aircraft have provided many alternative in an event of power failure like battery and power generator built-in the aircraft like Boeing 777. MH066 forced to land at Hong Kong delayed on the route to South Korea.

Second is Firefly Airlines FY1002, a codeshare with Malaysia Airlines MH9948. Plane was forced to turn back Penang International Airport after encounter landing gear problems.

Third is APFT flying academy incident. Aircraft crashed landed on Taman Kurnia Jaya. No death toll is reported.

5. Anti GST rally

Theme of the rally "Protest till it is dropped". It will be held on May 1, 2014. The rally was organized by a coalition of 89 non-governmental organisations such as Solidarity Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) and supported by opposition Pakatan Rakyat.

The rally coincides with International workers' day was held in response to Malaysian government plan to introduce a good and service tax on April 1, 2015. Precisely 11 months from the date of protest.

Police have been receiving the application but rejected as it failed to meet conditions under Section 9(1) of the Peaceful Assembly Act. It is said that location owner did not approve the rally.


When U.S president visiting UM for a speech at a Young South East Asian Leaders Initiative Town Hall Session at Dewan Tunku Canselor (DTC) several students raised banners opposing signing agreement of TPPA. 

Besides that, 6,000 peoples have liked the page "Bantah TPPA" facebook page at . 

TPPA is still remain undisclosed to the public what are the essential information discussed on agreement. Several countries is expected to join TPPA including Malaysia. There are several information circulated on Internet that it will benefit interest of specific companies. Local news said it will bankrupt some Malaysian company will agreement is signed.

7. Malaysian NGO voiced out about the visit of U.S president to Mosque

The main focus of voicing out is preventing U.S president visiting mosque which is included in the schedule. Islamic NGO Hizbut Tahrir said sent out memorandum that U.S president is an imperialistic country and Obama is head of it. 

They expressed disappointed on State council decision approval of the visiting of mosque by U.S president. 

8. Disrespectful Attitude to U.S president motorcade 

Myvi middle finger motorcade president
Myvi-middle finger-motorcade

Seriously I do not own this image and found this on Facebook. Due to Facebok image url I am unable to put it at blogger. You should know who was coming right on April 26, Saturday right ?? Traffic congestion happened. But this act is really offensive made by this Myvi driver. What if He really saw that on his "The beast window" 

If you look deeper you actually can spell it plate number. You are about to be famous !

9. ESSCOM Sabah too late to act ?

Kidnapping and asking for ransom in Sabah worsen due to 2 cases in less than 6 months. The last biggest case of kidnapping suspected by Abu Sayyaf was the year 2000. His gunmen raid the Malaysian diving resort of Sipadan. About 10 western tourists and 11 resort workers kidnapped to nearest Jolo island. Same year, they launched another attack capturing three Malaysians.

After the incident happened, 13 years have passed. Another abduction case surfaced Taiwan tourists have been captured. This case sparked controversy the setting up of ESSCOM is being proposed and successful after allocation of 300 million is approved.

However, the establishment of Eastern Sabah Security Command did not ward off or prevent another abduction incident which had been happened on early of the month. One chinese women tourist and resort worker are confirmed to be taken away.

10  Water is clean or contaminated ?

Still the topic of water rationing in state of Selangor. Mine pool water is tested safe by several water experts in various department. 10 Pipes to be bought at China to channel this water into the water treatment area.

 After few days later, UM study reported that the mine pool is not comply to standard set by water department. Report showed that the water is contaminated by heavy metals.

Authorities urged to stop water rationing activity started from May 1. Selangor residents water crisis resolved ? Some people still claimed that water rationing should continue because the water reserve in the dam is not hitting 55%.