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Huawei Honor 3C launched at Malaysia for RM499

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Huawei launched notable Honor 3C 2GB RAM with super affordable price. It is not just affordable.

Honor 3C malaysia RM499

It seem that the Malaysian smartphone market is still in vibrant state. China based company Huawei is launching first ever website named "" as a platform selling groundbreaking Huawei Honor 3C

It is well known that without thinking smartphone company based in China will offer the best affordable price to target large group of society in Malaysia. Assuming that old mindset pay cheap get cheaper quality product but it seem like I will disagree with you what Huawei has to offer to you

Launching on April 29, Huawei announced there are in the state of sold out after hours of selling. I guess they do not release too many smartphones to sell on the first day. Both Grey and White color Huawei Honor 3C with 2GB RAM are fully bought by alerted consumer and patron.

Before the day of launching on, Huawei organized a small contest namely "Guess the price". The basic rule to win is to guess the right price before launching. Who won the contest will be awarded a Huawei 3C Honor as a return. Unitedmy author have tried several times throughout the contest. It was held from April 21 - April 28, 2014   . We can return to guess again after 5 hours. There will be 100 people taking away Huawei Honor 3C for free !!

Huawei Honor 3C
Source : Soyacincau

Speaking about trying the contest by myself, I have tried so many times I can say more than 12 times of trying each day. I am shocked after the end of the contest on April 29, 2014 when they announced the price is RM499. I am completely in the state of joy because I had previously key in RM499.

Despite that, Huawei opened two large outlets in Malaysia further proving that Malaysian are supportive on Huawei especially those who read the Huawei new smartphone specification.

Specification of Huawei Honor 3C

Screen size   : 5" inches
RAM            : 2GB
Camera        : 5 MP for front toward you / 8MP for rear or back
Processor      : Quad-core
Internal.M      : 4GB / 8GB (Varies)

Features        : Dual SIM, 3G,

Color              : White, Grey, Gold, Yellow, Pink, Green

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