Abang Long Fadil Movies Starring Zizan Razak

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Syafiq Yusof Director of "Abang Long Fadil" is brother of the Director KL Gangster. Both of them are great talented movies director

Release date : May 29, 2014

Language : Malay

Genre : Action / Comedy

Director : Syafiq Yusof

Casts : Zizan Razak, Kamal Adli, Tauke Raja Lawak, Soffi Jikan, Syamsul Yusof, Aaron Aziz

The movie trailer is released and I am very tempted to watch. Actor Zizan Razak has a very unique personality that fit to be the cover guy in this movie. He is humorous and in the same time actor personality.

Commenting on the movie trailer, it seem that there are doing very good job in the looking of CGI effect. I cant say it is perfect but certainly it is up to the standard of cinema movies. I cant comment further until I have watch the movies on May 29.

One thing for sure that the movies will not be just fighting scenes and martial arts like in the movie KL Gangsters. I am not stressing and it could prove me wrong on my next statement It is resemblance of Transformer, Kung Fu hustle and matrix movies elements into it. Although there are similarity but to make it look alike and making own storyline and blending three of the those hollywood movies into one, it will challenging. Abang Long Fadil will be a glory achievement that will leave excitement mark to Malaysian movies fans.

Will this movies be top 1 in movies ranking 2014 beating the current crowning love story " The Journey" movie ? It is unfair to compete head to head because both movies are different genres but we can look in term of the earning in the end of the year. Who will the the top earning between "Abang Long Fadil" and "The Journey".

The vote is yours. No matter what is the outcome would be local movies should be fully supported.  

Movies is produced by SKOP production and visual effect is by Viper Studios.


Zizan Razak plays as a Abang Long Fadil. He dreamed to be a gangster instead of samseng. His life turned around when he thought Aaron Aziz escaped from prison.

Abang Long Fadil movies trailer reached 200,000 views in a week. Know more about the movies in this video clips.

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