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McDonald's Happy Meal for Free Minion Toys

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Expect a minion toy and small-cup Coca-Cola. Signs of Minions 2015 movie is coming out to humor you again

McDonalds Happy Meal with Minion Toy

Pride itself to be first in the world introducing a distribution minion toys for each customer purchasing happy meal. Never had a happy meal set at any McDonald's restaurant in my entire childhood. Adult now, the happy meal is not for me anymore.

Perhaps, minion toy convinced me. Still does not make any sense ordering happy meal just for a toy. Luckily, the order taker did not ask for my identification card because only a kids could order a happy meal.

 In order to keep my cool, I ordered a banana toffee Mcflurry. I guess it will act as a disguise / awkward proof vest from just ordering a one happy meal.

When the small cup Coca-cola appeared, I was like this is not happening. I was like you give an adult a small-cup Coca-cola. The people lining at the back of me like "what a weirdo". It tasted like Coca-cola Zero though It good to know that McDonalds Malaysia is adopting a much more healthier carbonated drink for the young. I know one if it was the Red Coca-cola with lots of sugar.

Do you know It happened to me that they actually missed out the minion toy until I started to question them where they hide my minion toy ? Are they trying to take my minion toy away quietly to add in their minion collection or they just naturally think that I am not interested because I am a kids anymore.

Minion Toy 2015 McDonalds Malaysia
One of the 10 Minion toy

At the back of the minion written something like, " Universal studio, for McDonalds, made from China " . Consider this as a free gift for a RM6 ++ happy meal.

There are 9 different more out there. If you ask me will I collect all of them, I need to told you this I have no more  intention ordering another happy meal.

Minion 2015 movie will be on silver screen July 12. Oh man, this movie could humor every walk of life. Still remember a middle-age guys made a epic laughing so hard in front of my seat could barely out of my memory. This time minions is finding a new master before Mr Gru is minion master. I think something is not right, oh yes, the movie is " Despicable Me " instead of Minion.

Maze Runner is Hollywood version of Running Man

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Maze Runner review deciphering the inner meaning of this movie

The biggest Hollywood movie in September, Maze Runner. It is rather a thrill movie. You will find minimal of laughable, sad, happy and action content. It more like a mix of everything. I personally think this movie more leaning on thrill side. If we talk about the new Transformers movie it more on action side . Besides, you may have seen Divergent and Lucy movies the main protagonist were all female. As for Maze runner, this is definitely a guy movie. Why ? because there were ton of guys and a Thomas girlfriend, Teresa.

Everyone were at the cinema expecting there is a alien-built maze that human must survive in it and running away from it. The joke is that there is one Korean guy in the movie named Min Ho the only Korean and he is the leader of the maze runner. If you think about for a secondt. I think the movie wanted to tell us that it is relating to the Korean top show "Running Man". I am not bluffing. This is not a coincidence !

It maybe too smart to think that way. Seriously, I think this is more like a teen movies similar to Hunger Games the only difference is that Hunger Games's main lead is Katniss and she is a girl. There was a group of people have been staying there for 3 years,  all of them are male they all are lacking of curiosity to find out what behind the maze. Everyone seem happy because they get food and water supplies every month with an additional memory-erased stranger. They are seriously happy. 

If you have seen the cube trilogy movies ?? I think it has an identical plots. The only difference is that the cube trilogy has lesser survivors or no survivor at all. In the Maze Runner, oppose to popular belief that they never will make it out the maze, they solved the maze and could kill some big mechanical scorpion-like monster. That something new ! no hollywood movies has ever created a bad ass mechanical scorpion with monster face before. 

Do you remember that white uniform female director ? She said there were a lot of survivors and never expecting that numbers of survivors. It reminds of she is like the hunger games white beard guy who addressed the crowd in the 74th hunger game. This movies lied the crowd of audiences in the cinema at the end of the movies by cheating dead. We were like relieved and finally the maze creator killed herself for good. I think she should just stay dead because all of us do not like her motto " Wicked is good". 

The movie itself should not be complained or altered to our self interest but we must look deeply on the content and moral of the stories the movie portraying. The sensible moral of the story is the fairness judgement upon Thomas on his breaking of the rules no. 3. Besides, another strong moral of the movie we should finish what we started and not giving up.


The ultimate villain in the show shockingly was not the maze or the griever or the angry guy who wants to make sacrifice offering, it was the director who brainwashed the kids about " The wicked is good" . All the apocalyptic disease was a lie. The convincing director done her job surprisingly confused the cinema audiences. That female director is the biggest antagonist in the show.

A complete review should have some critics, I must say that the running away from trapping at the maze section 7 when Thomas and Minho activated a new area using the key was done by a low budge CGI. More work should be done !! Furthermore, I do not think chuck is a terrible actor. The kids failed his acting by not directly died on the spot while the Gally died instantly got stabbed by a wooden pole.

One of the unbelievable and emotional breakdown question was "How did Gally managed to enter the room even though the exit has been sealed off ward off those maze grievers" ? Moreover, how could the cure restored Alby and Thomas health and memory ?

 Ending this with a realistic question and joke how come they can survive 3 years without a single girl ? and how come they do not feel happy when Teresa show up ? In fact, They hate Teresa, Thomas and maze creator. The reason is they did not send any single female for 3 years and they send Teresa who kept calling Thomas. Everyone was hoping Teresa is their next girlfriend till she kept screaming the Thomas.

Malaysian votes your local movies in May 2014

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Find out and votes for your best local movies in May 2014. 

This a research or study to find out which Malaysian movies you like to watch in May 2014. What are your favorite local movies in this month of May. There is a ranking and a voting system available. The default ranking will be Abang Long Fadil, Ia wujud, Awak Nak Kahwin Saya and Superstone.

This is organized by Malaysian local movie fans. It is not affiliating to any local movie production.


  1. Abang long Fadil
  2. Ia wujud
  3. Awak nak kahwin saya
  4. Superstone

This ranking system affected by some of the biggest Malaysian online forum such as

1. Lowyat


Director : Eyra Rahman

Cast : Fezrul Khan, Erin Malek

Production : Metrowealth

Social Media : MiG Facebook

Language : Malay

Genre : Comedy, Romance

Love and hate between Andika and Puteri.

Synopsis : IA WUJUD 

Director : Dharma Aizat

Cast : Your, Annam, Arif Adam, Tommy, Amad

Production : Metrowealth

Social Media : MiG Facebook

Language : Malay

Genre : Horror, Thrill, Scary

Using filming technology as a "Found Footage" style  identical to Paranormal Activity horrow movie or Clover Field Alien invasion movie. This new trendy filming technology in horror movie was tested to add fear and terror sensors to every cinema audiences. The audience subconsciously thinking this is a real situation where the filming guys were with the movie casts in this haunted environment.

Malaysian director Dharma Aizat is able to utilize this new horror filming technology to make Malaysian version of horror movie. We all know paranormal activity movies is a successful Hollywood movie domestically as well as international audiences. Will "Ia wujud " movie based in highland tower incident haunted can be successful in own soil ??


Director : Syafiq Yusof

Cast : Zizan Razak, Kamal Adli, Tauke Raja Lawak, Soffi Jikan, Syamsul Yusof, Aaron Aziz

Production : Skop Production

Social Media : Skopfanpage

Language : Malay

First 4 days of premiere, Skop production announced that the movie collected RM 2.1 million indicating successful summer Malay film. Will this movie become more successful than KL Gangsters 2 and current movie crown love story "The Journey" which collected total RM 17 million exceeded KL Gangster 2?

Synopsis : SUPERSTONE 超级神仙石 

Director : Lai Kim Koon

Cast : William Sun, Tung Yew Ngai, Wilson Tin, Brendan Yuen, Candy Lim

Production : Cao Min Pictures Sdn Bhd

Social Media : Cao Min Pictures

Language : Mandarin, Hakka, Cantonese, English,

Ah Hua is a young man born in a village with little knowledge about the outside world. Living in a poor living condition with his gravely ill mother. He works hard to earn money sustaining his family. Financial condition never improved He decided to jump for greener grass at big city hoping to get a decent salary. His life changed tremendously encountered peoples living in the big city.

Vote your best local movies May 2014 free polls 

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Watch Edge of Tomorrow Movie in Malaysia May 29

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Tom Cruise new movie in 2014. Action-packed, fire, explosion, future, mechanical body armour, alien invasion

Directed by : Doug Liman
Starring : Bill Paxton, Emily Blunt, Tom Cruise
Running time : Approximately 2 hours
Distributor/Producer : Warner Bros

4 largest movies will be released in Malaysia in May 2014. Amazing spiderman 2, Godzilla, X-men Days of future past and Edge of Tomorrow. 

As the title suggested, Edge of Tomorrow movie will be on Malaysia cinema silver screen on May 29, 2014. Don get confused by international releasing date on June 2014 at United States. We might have a chance to watch it a day earlier than May 29, 2014 (Thursday) due to early sneak show on May 28, 2014 (Wednesday)

Like every new movies by Hollywood, you will get a chance to watch it on 2D, 2D or IMAX 3D screen. In the trailer, it seem like Tom Cruise is wearing a mechanical body armor fighting off alien race that had violence intention on the Earth. His most epic quote " It seem like I am in this fight for eternity". It further means that the fighting with Alien race is difficult.

Tom Cruise seem to have time travelling ability to the past to set the human race future better. For example, liken to the movie "X-men Days of the future past", wolverine back to the past to set thing right thus set mutant future better.

However, Edge of Tomorrow Tom Cruise seem to travelling forth and back for many times that He could hardly remember how many times was it. Every time He face the pain of being dead and the pain of watching his world torn apart by violence intended forces.

Will Tom Cruise in the movie Edge of Tomorrow eventually win the formidable alien race. Will Tom cruise a secret weapon his determination and consistent will set a better human future ?

We have seen Tom Cruise have been involved himself for numerous movies that set the time on the future. I guess he really like acting in a futuristic and science fiction movies.


Abang Long Fadil Movies Starring Zizan Razak

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Syafiq Yusof Director of "Abang Long Fadil" is brother of the Director KL Gangster. Both of them are great talented movies director

Release date : May 29, 2014

Language : Malay

Genre : Action / Comedy

Director : Syafiq Yusof

Casts : Zizan Razak, Kamal Adli, Tauke Raja Lawak, Soffi Jikan, Syamsul Yusof, Aaron Aziz

The movie trailer is released and I am very tempted to watch. Actor Zizan Razak has a very unique personality that fit to be the cover guy in this movie. He is humorous and in the same time actor personality.

Commenting on the movie trailer, it seem that there are doing very good job in the looking of CGI effect. I cant say it is perfect but certainly it is up to the standard of cinema movies. I cant comment further until I have watch the movies on May 29.

One thing for sure that the movies will not be just fighting scenes and martial arts like in the movie KL Gangsters. I am not stressing and it could prove me wrong on my next statement It is resemblance of Transformer, Kung Fu hustle and matrix movies elements into it. Although there are similarity but to make it look alike and making own storyline and blending three of the those hollywood movies into one, it will challenging. Abang Long Fadil will be a glory achievement that will leave excitement mark to Malaysian movies fans.

Will this movies be top 1 in movies ranking 2014 beating the current crowning love story " The Journey" movie ? It is unfair to compete head to head because both movies are different genres but we can look in term of the earning in the end of the year. Who will the the top earning between "Abang Long Fadil" and "The Journey".

The vote is yours. No matter what is the outcome would be local movies should be fully supported.  

Movies is produced by SKOP production and visual effect is by Viper Studios.


Zizan Razak plays as a Abang Long Fadil. He dreamed to be a gangster instead of samseng. His life turned around when he thought Aaron Aziz escaped from prison.

Abang Long Fadil movies trailer reached 200,000 views in a week. Know more about the movies in this video clips.

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Astro's Game App based on Apokalips X Movies

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Astro Shaw made a game app inspired by the movie Apokalips X aired on local cinema on April, 2014

Login with your facebook account to save your game scores and unlock the feature to compete score with your friends

Speaking about local game app we are not aware we actually can make a good game or either we have such a talent to develop a good smartphone game app?

No such things that Malaysian does not have the talents. We have plentiful talented young smartphone app developers. 

The game app is named as "Larian Maut" Have you figure out how is the overall game content ? It actually like pyramid escape but more excitement. I called it as escape & slashing game category. It is not just escaping and jumping obstacles. It actually slashing bad guys off the screen as the bad guys will slow you down and big bad guys from behind is rushing to caught you.

Most of the time you are running in the game but you actually have extra fun. Let say riding a motorbike and utilizing super slashing move. Besides, the game mechanic is top notch. Do not expect you can buy new weapons or upgrading your gears but you actually can unlock new character to play.

I will give score of 4/5 because it game graphic is eye-catching and plentiful of wow factors. Definitely worth you to download it is only 40 MB. Moreover, I do not seen any heavy ads built-in the game.  

So much to catch up if want to enter top 5 in leaderboard

10 Best Malay Movies in Malaysia 2014

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An incomplete list of Malay movies in 2014 that author come across. Check them out ! 

It is not a secret that most of Malaysian are supporting local production movies but most of us are hardcore movies downloader. That will surely jeopardize the entire idea of moving and rising movie industry in Malaysia.

If you feel it really an interesting movie instead of sitting at home download and watch better move your seat to nearest cinema with your friends.

Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves cetak rompak CD and torrent download are everywhere and uncontrollable. It really depend on ourselves. We all know that it really rampant in our country but artist and singer are still getting much support from their fans.

True fans bought original CD and original content as a sign to support him/her. I am not against anyone but it is a fact that I will purchase any merchandise from the superstar I like.  

Few suggestions on the best Malay movies from January 2014 - April 2014. If you wish to know what is the next best Malay movies bookmark this page  

Jangan Pandang Belakang  Movie 2014
Jangan Pandan Belakang
Starring : Zalif Sidek, Adiba Yunus, Shima Anuar, Ruminah Sidek, Epy Kodiang

Director : Ismail (Bob) Hassim

Genre :  Horror and Comedy

Production Company : MiG, Primeworks

Dharma's girlfriend, Rose died suddenly and later found out there was no murderer she might be killed herself. Dharma and Rose's twin, Seri set off a journeyto find out the truth behind the death of Rose. Dharma and Seri later companied by Indra. In the middle of investigation, Dharma is experiencing paranormal moment. He was accused by Seri that Rose killed herself because of Dharma. Will they eventually solve the mysteries behind death of Rose?

Balistik malay movies 2014

Starring : Rosyam Nor, Jack Lim, Adi Putra, Rita Rudaini

Director : Silver

Genre :  Action and Dramatic

Production Company : SKOP Production

Saga the main actor in this film is a hired killer. He is a mafia member. His job leads him to loneliness in life due to high risk of having companion and proper family. His son and wife is forced to leave him. For more than 6 years, Saga never know he will bumped with his wife Salina but she is no longer her wife she is a police wife named Nizam. Nizam and Saga are both living in orphanage when they were young. They knew each other. Saga received an order to kill every law enforcement and Nizam is standing on decision whether to pursue his old buddy Saga.

Zombi Kilang Biskut Malay movies 2014
Zombi Kilang Biskut

Starring : Awie, Usop Wilcha, Soffi, Jikan, Eina Azman, Adam Af, Dayana Roza

Director : Mamat Khalid

Genre :  Comedy

Production Company : Enjit Semut Sdn Bhd

Release Date : March 20, 2014

A film took RM1.7 Million according to source, Usin have been invited to work at a biscuit factory He accepted the offer and become technician there. A strange day for Usin working at the factory , many factory employees fell unconscious. They encountered a Kamariah ghost. In the same time, they are dealing with zombi.

Apokalips X Malay movies 2014
Apokalips X

Starring : Farid Kamil, Jehan miskin, Peter Davis, Zoee Tan, Vassan, Adam AF, Zappa Khalid

Director : Mamat Khalid

Genre :  Action / Science Fiction

Production Company : Astro Shaw

Release Date : April 3, 2014

Same director as Zombi kilang biskut. A big budget movie supported by Astro Shaw company. This movie recruited many veteran and good-looking actor/actress. It is an unprecedented move by director to make an apocalypse movie. I think it is the first Malaysian movie actually with this extremely bold title and storyline. The movie is depicting about futuristic human civilization after the Nuclear War in the year 2047. Men who survived the war living in chaos. Several tribes does not tolerate each other and violence begin !

Sejoli Misi Cantas Cinta Malay movies 2014
Sejoli Misi cantas Cinta

Starring : Remy Ishak, Maya Karin, Bront Palarae, Izara Aishah

Director : Osman Ali

Genre :  Drama / Romance

Production Company : Primeworks Studio

Release Date : February, 2014

Most of the film are shot at Thailand. The story follows Gina (Maya Karin) and Joe (Bront Palarae) embark on a trip for personal self reflection and peaceful holiday at Phuket. They were strangers to one another. Both of them let down by their respective partners. In a moment of fate, they started talking to each other about their past relationship and it actually felt solace for both of them.

Kami Histeria Malay movies 2014
Kami Histeria

Starring : Diana Danielle, Mila, Nad Zainal, Sara Ali, Umie Omar, Izzue Islam

Director : Shamil Othman

Genre :  Comedy Horror

Production Company : Astro Shaw

Release Date : February, 2014

Five college friends who part of a band called "Kami Histeria" . The story begin when they moved into a secluded flat near a jungle in order for them to fulfill jamming and practice session. Since moving into the flat, the five of them often awakened by screeching in the middle of night. They ignored completely and focused on recording their new singles. The temptation to find out break the silence of the forest will they have the strong faith ?

Lu Gua Bro Malay movies 2014
Lu Gua Bro

Starring : Zalif Sidek, Epy Raja Lawak, Nina Iskandar, Rahim

Director : Ismail Bob Hashim

Genre :  Comedy Drama

Production Company : MiG Picture

Release Date : March 2014

Story about two best friend Yu and Mi from typical Malaysian rural village. They are always together no matter what happened. They have been together since young age. Yu and Mi get into conflict when one of them trying to report police about factory producing illegal drug. Business owner does not want them to leave the building alive to tell what they have seen in the factory.

Sniper Malay movies 2014

Starring : Pablo Amirul, Fadlan Hazim, Nina Iskandar, Mikail Andre

Director : Pierre Andrew

Genre :  Action

Production Company : Metrowealth

Release Date : April 24, 2014

Ahmad former army officer discharged from duty due to discipline problem. Rafi and Ahmad are good in sniper weapon. They were tested in a killing game created by unknown host. The game rule is fairy easy to grasp. Kill everyone and get yourself out ! Rafi managed to find out who is behind this whole game idea. He suspected Ahmad the one who invented the game. Ahmad does not only have self-discipline issue but also mental illness.

Aku akan Muncul Malay movies 2014
Aku Akan Muncul

Starring : Julia Zigler, Musly Ramli, Datuk Jalaludin, Liza Abdullah, Emma Akma, Zulkifli Ismal.

Director : Krishnan Roy

Genre :  Horror / Thriller

Production Company : RM Vision Film

Release Date : February 2014

Mystery curse that triggered that can never meet end. Kesuma lost her beauty in an accident. She requested help from Mak Yam a dukun. She said to Kesuma a list of thing needed to do involving to kill someone. Kesuma vowed to deliver the promises to Mak Yam. A successful attempt to kill everyone unless the daughter of Ramlee. All the killing happened at legendary Malay story "Gunung Ledang". Kesuma captured by the Ramlee and other friends of his. They burned Kesuma but her heart never stopped. In an attempt to finish it, they stabbed using a keris. This is just a beginning of a story. 40 years later after the incident, a college expedition visited Gunung Ledang and gone very wrong.

Laga Malay movies 2014

Starring : Wan Hanafi Su, Marsha, Milan Londoh, Syazwan Zulkifli, Tyas Mirasih, Nasir Bilal Khan, Eman Manan, Ruminah Sidek.

Director : Ismail Yaacop

Genre :  Action

Production Company : Business Leader Film

Release Date : January 2014

Cock competition that is so fond they can putting a bet of a wife and property. Gambling is very prevalence in this area. Hasan Laga being called upon a challenge set up by Daisuki putting his wife Ayu as betting money. Will he accepted the challenge ? will he risk losing her pretty wife Ayu?. That is a series of case murdering and trading of wife due to losing the match.

Your favourite Malay movies 2014 free polls 

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