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Maze Runner is Hollywood version of Running Man

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Maze Runner review deciphering the inner meaning of this movie

The biggest Hollywood movie in September, Maze Runner. It is rather a thrill movie. You will find minimal of laughable, sad, happy and action content. It more like a mix of everything. I personally think this movie more leaning on thrill side. If we talk about the new Transformers movie it more on action side . Besides, you may have seen Divergent and Lucy movies the main protagonist were all female. As for Maze runner, this is definitely a guy movie. Why ? because there were ton of guys and a Thomas girlfriend, Teresa.

Everyone were at the cinema expecting there is a alien-built maze that human must survive in it and running away from it. The joke is that there is one Korean guy in the movie named Min Ho the only Korean and he is the leader of the maze runner. If you think about for a secondt. I think the movie wanted to tell us that it is relating to the Korean top show "Running Man". I am not bluffing. This is not a coincidence !

It maybe too smart to think that way. Seriously, I think this is more like a teen movies similar to Hunger Games the only difference is that Hunger Games's main lead is Katniss and she is a girl. There was a group of people have been staying there for 3 years,  all of them are male they all are lacking of curiosity to find out what behind the maze. Everyone seem happy because they get food and water supplies every month with an additional memory-erased stranger. They are seriously happy. 

If you have seen the cube trilogy movies ?? I think it has an identical plots. The only difference is that the cube trilogy has lesser survivors or no survivor at all. In the Maze Runner, oppose to popular belief that they never will make it out the maze, they solved the maze and could kill some big mechanical scorpion-like monster. That something new ! no hollywood movies has ever created a bad ass mechanical scorpion with monster face before. 

Do you remember that white uniform female director ? She said there were a lot of survivors and never expecting that numbers of survivors. It reminds of she is like the hunger games white beard guy who addressed the crowd in the 74th hunger game. This movies lied the crowd of audiences in the cinema at the end of the movies by cheating dead. We were like relieved and finally the maze creator killed herself for good. I think she should just stay dead because all of us do not like her motto " Wicked is good". 

The movie itself should not be complained or altered to our self interest but we must look deeply on the content and moral of the stories the movie portraying. The sensible moral of the story is the fairness judgement upon Thomas on his breaking of the rules no. 3. Besides, another strong moral of the movie we should finish what we started and not giving up.


The ultimate villain in the show shockingly was not the maze or the griever or the angry guy who wants to make sacrifice offering, it was the director who brainwashed the kids about " The wicked is good" . All the apocalyptic disease was a lie. The convincing director done her job surprisingly confused the cinema audiences. That female director is the biggest antagonist in the show.

A complete review should have some critics, I must say that the running away from trapping at the maze section 7 when Thomas and Minho activated a new area using the key was done by a low budge CGI. More work should be done !! Furthermore, I do not think chuck is a terrible actor. The kids failed his acting by not directly died on the spot while the Gally died instantly got stabbed by a wooden pole.

One of the unbelievable and emotional breakdown question was "How did Gally managed to enter the room even though the exit has been sealed off ward off those maze grievers" ? Moreover, how could the cure restored Alby and Thomas health and memory ?

 Ending this with a realistic question and joke how come they can survive 3 years without a single girl ? and how come they do not feel happy when Teresa show up ? In fact, They hate Teresa, Thomas and maze creator. The reason is they did not send any single female for 3 years and they send Teresa who kept calling Thomas. Everyone was hoping Teresa is their next girlfriend till she kept screaming the Thomas.