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8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Interstellar Movie

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Boring science made interesting in this movie. 

I do not study advanced science nor a scientist. I wanted to watch again this movie because there were many things I could not grasp it. It a wonderful science-fiction movie. If it was a documentary and made not by Christoper Nolan and his brilliant team it would be another sleepy class. I have watched it and they were talking about Murphy law, Einstein research that I barely could understand. Yet, it still very comfortable movie experience.

1) The technology to cross worm hole

We may have touched this worm hole subject in few Hollywood movie previously. A science-fiction and myth. Worm hole and Star gate are the same . Entering the worm hole means one could traverse to another side that beyond the reach of human technology.

Although we may have bullet train or supersonic aircraft it shorten significantly to move from location to new location. However, it takes time to reach another galaxy. We need something as fast as the speed of light which is impossible to be materialize. The outer space is simply too big even the light could not reach to the far edge.

2) 5 Dimension

This is something new in Hollywood movie. Manipulating the gravity and time. Cooper stumbled upon the 5 dimension box showing a set of memory of his daughter bed room. He discovered the knowledge to send Morse code via moving the clock.

The artificial intelligent robot decipher the code to save the world. Cooper daughter is the one receiving it on Earth and save humanity from nature disaster. Cooper thought he was selected by "them" to save the world that is the sole reason backed to left his family behind. 

3) Earth is dying

We are born here not to meant to died at here. Food is scarce. Every educated man possessing highly skilled talent were distributed to agricultural industry. The army was disband. The NASA was remove from government funding due to the people wants more money on better thing than research on outer space.

The sand was covering the Earth so strong wheat is no longer viable to be planted. It is doable to plant corn only. In the research lab, Cooper was exposed to the fact that in few years ahead corn will be an extincted food supply.

Cooper a former astronaut not that he wanted to quit it just NASA was disbanded uttered something like "We are pioneer,we are explorer. We always thought our position on the star but, we just look down worrying thing below the Earth."

He get his daughter suspended in school because disagree that someone thought the landing on the moon by great Armstrong was a story to bankrupt Soviet.

4. Love transcends space and time

Although Dr Brand and Anna have not seen Edmund for years. She wanted to see him badly. In a discussion whether or not to visit Edmund planet or Dr Mudd planet Dr Brand admitted her love towards Edmund. She is following her feeling rather than idealistic conscience.

Cooper made a decision not to follow Dr Brand's decision. They flew to Dr Mann planet.

5. Time Relativity

This is something new in Hollywood movie and provoking thought. The first planet they were travelling was covered by water and giant tidal waves. I think it due to strong gravitational pull by black hole that eats anything without spill something out. It so strong that water a miracle element could crush anything. One hour in that planet which is nearby black hole named as "Gargantua" is equivalent 7 years.

Cooper and Dr Brand spent almost 3 hours and half in that planet trying to obtain data and rescue the scientist. Returning to the "Endurance" one of the scientist with beard telling the truth about the time pass on Earth so fast that 24 years long gone. Cooper daughter and son are already became an adult.


6. Dr Mann's Survival Instinct

"Coward" labeled by Cooper. Dr Mann admitted it three times. He faked the data and destroy his robot so that somebody could travel to his god-forsaken ice-covered planet. Awakened by Cooper in a hyper sleep chamber, Dr Mann lies to everyone face that there is a surface. He tried to murder Cooper unsuccessfully. But, Dr Mann killed another scientist making the second casualty in this expedition.

Dr Mann repeatedly saying about the lesson of "Survival Instinct". He was trying to save humanity and he seem to think that only him could save the Earth while other person life were not important. He is smart but very desperate to save humanity that costs him his life after opening the hatch without properly attached it.

7. Docking on a High-Speed Spinning Ship 

This is one of the breath-taking action this movie. The explosion was so strong the ship was spinning in a uncontrollable speed. In order to stabilize the ship, they will have to dock first and steer in an opposite side.

You may think it fairy easy but one tiny mistake is a big problem. If rocket science is about "how to safely docking a "calm" ship in an outer space" then, it will be much more impossible to dock on a ship that spinning.

It suppose to be an impossible mission because the pilot needed to do an accurate docking technique which he must spin his ship first and do the docking later. After successfully docking, he will then stabilize the ship by steering in the opposite direction.

8. Funny, Trust-issue, swift, cheating Robot

This is one of the robot we must own in the future. He could save Dr brand by running back to the ship with a human running speed. That really incredible. What's more, he could tell joke, lies and have a trust issue with Dr Mann action too.

This is some exaggerated robot ever. It far more advanced then the Star War robots that behave like a robot.

Movie Review Interstellar Best Space Movie in 2014

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Interstellar is a movie you will glue to the seat and eye stick on the big screen. Do you believe there is higher power put the black hole there ??

Interstellar movie poster

An incredible science fiction, apocalyptic, rocket science, funny and trust issue new designed robot, black hole, new galaxy, love, girl instinct, crying, happy and many more. A black hole was formed at close distance to the earth. Scientist believes that black hole is rarely making appearance and it did not show up at a random place just like that.

It is a daring science fiction movie by director Christopher Nolan with many new science elements in it. It will explode your mind with too many unknown exciting, intriguing science terms. Those who always skip science classes should have not understand some parts of the movie I admit that. Copper the well-educated and an engineer believing the moon landing is a true and he was working for NASA at that time till no funding by the government forced to close down due to pressure from the people that NASA or outer space research were not the real concern anymore. Meanwhile, the school teacher disagreed with him saying that the moon landing was a fake news meant to bankrupt the Soviet, when they received news about US successfully landed on moon, they will move all the country resources to build a spaceship that can fly to the moon.

Imagine one day the world is facing food crisis and educated persons were submitted to the agricultural industry instead of other field because job was scarce. In order to keep pace with food demand, Copper becomes an overqualified farmer. His talent seem to have inspired his daughter and his work inspired his son.

Copper's belief human are pioneer and explorer and earth is rejecting human. That human has all the resources and power to find another galaxy for a better living. The nature is not cruel or too good to human species. One day, earth will be burned out too. Although we may seem animal break wide open its prey, it all a normal cycle of nature.

The dying earth but not human faith. Copper's daughter, Murphy. She did not like her name very much. She soon discovered something wrong in her room. Refusing to let her father to take a risky mission. The time relativity in this movie is pretty awesome. Copper's age is very much same with Murphy because Copper went to a different galaxy where timeline is slower than the earth. Murphy eventually became same age as her father.

Cooper expedition was a unbelievable journey. Imagine there is a technology where ship could withstand the force of black hole. I though no one ever escape from black hole gravity pull ?? Christopher Nolan borrowed the theory of another movie that black hole is a portal that can be pass through for a far galaxy ahead of us which we cant reach in a very short time. His mission is to retrieve data from 3 scientists who sent out to a far galaxy. First, he will need to pilot the spacecraft heading to the black hole.

In a first attempt rescuing the first scientist after crossing the black hole, Cooper challenge is landing safely in one piece the new planet covered with vast water and there seem to be no land. Unprepared and unexpectedly, a big wave is sweeping on its way to them described as tall as the tallest building of the world. The cost of this expedition is one of the scientist sacrificed.

They did not managed to rescue the scientist nor the important scientific data that cost them a decade of research. Without further delay, they continues the expedition. When Copper and Dr Brand arrived to Endurance. This is where a new science term "Time relativity" strongly explained. One hour spent is 7 years at earth time. By the time they arrived Endurance, they spent 3and half hours which translated as 24 years in earth time. This is when Cooper's age is in the same as his daughter and son. Physical appearance of his daughter and son changed tremendously after Cooper opened the replay clips stored for 24 years.

Dr Mann is the second scientist Cooper visited. He made a big mistake waking up Dr Mann because he is a real bad guy talking about saving humanity but all his action was a selfish trying to rescue himself so much for a brightest and brilliant no 1 NASA scientist. Dr Mann received his ultimate defeat by not listening to Cooper that costs his life opening Endurance hatch without properly attached. 

Cooper is an amazing space pilot he successfully maneuver the spaceship docking at an on-going high-speed spinning's ship called "Endurance". There is some incredible and strong scenes in it. 

There were many cry-making scenes in this movie. Firstly, Cooper left his daughter, Second, Cooper watching the replay stored for 24 years. Third, Professor Brand's lie and dying scenes. Fourth, Cooper pulled away the ship in order to make way for Dr Brand or Amelia to the Edmund planet. Lastly, I think it pretty emotional when Cooper is able to watch his grown old daughter in hospital.

The most exaggerated plot in this movie when Cooper arrived the fifth dimension where Cooper is allowed to communicate with his daughter. Besides, will we ever transformed living in fouth dimension I am not so sure whether or not it was fourth dimension at station cooper. In fact, no one come out after entering black hole. Moreover, if you want to live longer and still look like the same just go for a space travelling, Cooper is 124 years old still look the same like in his late 30.

My rating will be 5/5 although it a little bit longer than normal movie. The early part of the movie is kinda boring wait till you watch the middle and last part of the movie. A complete and commendable movie.



Watching Dracula Untold in Malaysia cinema

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The wild bed scenes has been filtered. Dracula drinks the blood using a cup in movie trailer, whereas in the movie, it was a crushed head skeleton that filled the vampire blood.

Dracula Untold meme

Watched it on Sunday during Hari Raya Haji. The cinema packed with people wearing shiny satin dress. Usually jean and t-shirt are ideal choice for casual wear but today is a celebration.

The movie "Dracula Untold" is one of the most favorite no-miss movie in October, 2014. Rumor spread like fire that Dracula was once human, Dracula has a different name which is Vlad the Impaler, Vlad was a mass murderer, Vlad is son of devil. Do not expect the synopsis to be like Dracula in wikipedia because everything you see in the cinema is made in Hollywood.

After the magnificent description scenes, Luke Evans (Dracula) brings the audience to the moments of mystery and thrill what is awaiting next. Audiences will instantly notice the main cast of the movie rather than a long description. They called him Vlad inspecting the slain Turk's symbolic helm. His most profound lines was "whatever they scout, they conquer".

Vlad was curious why there was a fallen Turk scout then, he tracked the path to a brokeback moutain sorry it was broken tooth mountain where Vlad sees for his first time the vampire. Unexpectedly, Vlad did not died in the hand of vampire which was unbelievable fact everyone walked in the dungeon have no chance going out alive but he managed to cut wounded. I think because the vampire is being merciful or gay whichever suits you.  The Tywin Lannister, which I recognized him who died in Game of Thrones drama series killed by his own son so that he got the time to focus on high-paying job in Hollywood movie.

The guy Dominic Cooper who acted bad guy in the movie "Need for Speed". This time, he acted as a Sultan who forsaken his biological brother Vlad and demanding Vlad's son and his people's son as many as 1,000 to serve under Turk's army. Well, if Vlad agreed on the terms the movie will end like 20 minutes. Certainly, it was the case Vlad chose to be defiant against Sultan's will. What a genius decision, Vlad was indeed a tyrant he never listened to his people before making a decision. He just make a decision that would bring destruction upon himself and the people under his rule.

Not a wise decision though and yet he made another big mistake in his life visiting for the second time for the "monster" in the cave. the vampire seem to be impressed with Vlad courage despite did not kill Vlad, he granted Vlad the power of great "forever alone". Then, the vampire told Vlad how lonely he was in the cave being cursed and waited for the right guy. Vlad, set him free by drinking his blood which does not taste good you will see he died right on the spot.

Vlad convinced the vampire (Read it slowly and speak like the actor) "Men does not fear sword, they fear monster", "I impaled the enemy to save 10 more peoples". That are some great lines spilled out if you must ask me. Wait, did the vampire knew everything about Vlad ? I think the vampire is being a stalker for Vlad for some times. I vividly remembered the vampire said "Do not lie to me or I will crush you down". I think it all about bromance if you think it for a second.

The power of "forever alone" is just so badass. He is able to see everything to a great distances, transform to a bat when running too fast. I was impressed but not too long. You know what make people and vampire the same ? Its Vampire does get hungry !

Dracula Untold is a totally good movie because it successfully impressed the cinema goers and drag them believing emotionally that Dracula was a human and a monster in the same time. He killed men in order to get rid of the threats. He loved his city, people and family. He could not stand to see his own people succumbed to the pressure of war and vicious demand. When he becomes Dracula, a monster, he single-handedly attacked 1,000 Turk army without sacrificing any of his followers. His son thought his father was sick, the son asked father "You are sick because protect family ?" , he replied, "I would do it all again"  

One of the unforgettable scene when Dracula's own people tried to get rid of him when they knew about Dracula is a monster. The priest exposed Vlad's identity, they acted against Vlad and burned the tent with Dracula inside. Then another emerging movie lines uttered "This is how you show your loyalty and gratitude to your prince ?"

10 Not Moral stories learnt in this movie

  1. Sacrifice and burden of the prince for the family and his people
  2. Do not mess with vampire
  3. Prayer could not help defend the city wall. It helps when God intervene but what makes you think God wanted Dracula to win the battle ?
  4. Two biggest religion in the world happened to be in a collision
  5. First Vlad wear red cape, second Vlad did not wear red cape which totally noticeble
  6. The Dracula bat storm sweeping the Turk army remind me of the movie bald head mummy's sand storm
  7. The recruitment of teenage for war existed in the past
  8. Never go war with Dracula during night time
  9. Vlad broke his promise drinking his dying wife's blood. That torturing scenes
  10. Dracula 's predecessor or master followed closely in the end of the movie implying a hardcore stalker

Proof Maze Runner is Hollywood version of Running Man

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Picture does not lie. 6 Boys and 1 girl. No joking around !

The Maze Runner cinema poster from the left to the right. Teresa, Thomas, Newt, Alby, MinHo, Gally and Chuck 

  • Yong Jae-suk was replaced in the Maze Runner Newt

  • Giraffe or Lee Kwang Soo is substituted with Minho

  • Gary is Thomas

  • Haha is Chuck

  • Ji Suk-Jin is the Alby

  • Son Ji Hyo was replaced by the name of Teresa

  • Kim Jong-Kook is Maze runner's Gally

What do you think about it ??

Full review of Maze Runner at Maze runner complete view

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Maze Runner is Hollywood version of Running Man

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Maze Runner review deciphering the inner meaning of this movie

The biggest Hollywood movie in September, Maze Runner. It is rather a thrill movie. You will find minimal of laughable, sad, happy and action content. It more like a mix of everything. I personally think this movie more leaning on thrill side. If we talk about the new Transformers movie it more on action side . Besides, you may have seen Divergent and Lucy movies the main protagonist were all female. As for Maze runner, this is definitely a guy movie. Why ? because there were ton of guys and a Thomas girlfriend, Teresa.

Everyone were at the cinema expecting there is a alien-built maze that human must survive in it and running away from it. The joke is that there is one Korean guy in the movie named Min Ho the only Korean and he is the leader of the maze runner. If you think about for a secondt. I think the movie wanted to tell us that it is relating to the Korean top show "Running Man". I am not bluffing. This is not a coincidence !

It maybe too smart to think that way. Seriously, I think this is more like a teen movies similar to Hunger Games the only difference is that Hunger Games's main lead is Katniss and she is a girl. There was a group of people have been staying there for 3 years,  all of them are male they all are lacking of curiosity to find out what behind the maze. Everyone seem happy because they get food and water supplies every month with an additional memory-erased stranger. They are seriously happy. 

If you have seen the cube trilogy movies ?? I think it has an identical plots. The only difference is that the cube trilogy has lesser survivors or no survivor at all. In the Maze Runner, oppose to popular belief that they never will make it out the maze, they solved the maze and could kill some big mechanical scorpion-like monster. That something new ! no hollywood movies has ever created a bad ass mechanical scorpion with monster face before. 

Do you remember that white uniform female director ? She said there were a lot of survivors and never expecting that numbers of survivors. It reminds of she is like the hunger games white beard guy who addressed the crowd in the 74th hunger game. This movies lied the crowd of audiences in the cinema at the end of the movies by cheating dead. We were like relieved and finally the maze creator killed herself for good. I think she should just stay dead because all of us do not like her motto " Wicked is good". 

The movie itself should not be complained or altered to our self interest but we must look deeply on the content and moral of the stories the movie portraying. The sensible moral of the story is the fairness judgement upon Thomas on his breaking of the rules no. 3. Besides, another strong moral of the movie we should finish what we started and not giving up.


The ultimate villain in the show shockingly was not the maze or the griever or the angry guy who wants to make sacrifice offering, it was the director who brainwashed the kids about " The wicked is good" . All the apocalyptic disease was a lie. The convincing director done her job surprisingly confused the cinema audiences. That female director is the biggest antagonist in the show.

A complete review should have some critics, I must say that the running away from trapping at the maze section 7 when Thomas and Minho activated a new area using the key was done by a low budge CGI. More work should be done !! Furthermore, I do not think chuck is a terrible actor. The kids failed his acting by not directly died on the spot while the Gally died instantly got stabbed by a wooden pole.

One of the unbelievable and emotional breakdown question was "How did Gally managed to enter the room even though the exit has been sealed off ward off those maze grievers" ? Moreover, how could the cure restored Alby and Thomas health and memory ?

 Ending this with a realistic question and joke how come they can survive 3 years without a single girl ? and how come they do not feel happy when Teresa show up ? In fact, They hate Teresa, Thomas and maze creator. The reason is they did not send any single female for 3 years and they send Teresa who kept calling Thomas. Everyone was hoping Teresa is their next girlfriend till she kept screaming the Thomas.

Watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie

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April O Neil : They are Turtles, Mutant, Ninja. I save them escaping from the fire of the lab. They taught by a rat. 

I was shocked twice by this movie. First when April O Neil (Megan Fox) sneaking at subway station trying to see for herself Foot Clan activity. Suddenly, there is a member of Foot Clan captured her at the back. The scene turned unusually quiet and calm. then out of nowhere she was captured I was like where that guy coming from ?

Second, the scene when Leonardo suddenly came out of nowhere and started screaming to the driver who is a cameraman for channel six. I was like You scared the sh!t out of me. Vernon was having a conversation with April at that van kind of like a seducing and awkward conversation then it was cut short by a talking turtle. Well, some of the audience were jump scare immune so, I do not expect everyone got jump out of the seat for these two scenes.

I not a fan of turtle movie mainly because watching too much CGI movies this year pretty much the new Apes movie was a made up by CGI, Godzilla, Transformers, newly released movie with Groot and Rocket However, I have no doubt Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got some wow action scene. I bet you remember the last scene Mickey mistakenly pressed a button sending a rocket blow up Vernon new company-sponsored car right ?

I think it implying that Michael Bay tried to say that I wanted to prove that I am the producer of the movie and  it mean there will be another car got blow up scene in this movie. Besides, one thing you can rest assured that Michael Bay always have pretty and talented actress on his movie for example in this year movie we have seen in Transformers 4 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Speaking about the action scenes, there were not much in the starter of the movie. The fight between Shredder and Sensei Rat was one of the best ever. Besides, everyone must love the skating lorry in a uneven snow-capped edge where four ninja turtles showing their teamwork battling Foot Clan meanwhile they were rushing to stop Shredder and from releasing toxic substances to the air harming New York city and it people. Moreover, the final battle with Shredder with the buck-buck tactic.

There were a lot of laughable scenes in this movie, first of all, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles felt enormous awkward when April O Neil found out they are celebrating at the top of the tower after the train battle with Foot Clan. Four ninja turtles pretended did not went above the sewer in front of their master. Furthermore, Rat tried to attract mickey with Italy Pizza while they were performing punishment. The funniest scene belongs to the elevator to the 56 floors where they seem to amuse themselves by performing a random combination of music.

There were numbered sad scenes in this movie. One of the profound one had to be that rat Sensei repeatedly beaten up by Shredder and told his son stay away from fighting with Shredder by closing the gates. On top of that, the falling of the structure the scene featuring Raphael confessed his friendship.

Critic of the movie is that some of us grown man were watching this movie with those kids beside or surrounding. It like this movie is meant to be a kids movie rather a grown up one. The kids were like facing us with the expression " Are you still watching this " ? The story about the rat found a ninja book and taught to four turtles was absurd. It even ridiculous that four mutant ninja turtles love pop songs except the rat sensei. It was unacceptable that turtle shell could reflect or deflect bullets although round and rough seem to be possible. With that kind of shell, I thought turtle supposed to be a slow creature but we are watching a pretty strong turtle that could stand up with both leg and just two toes.

Watching Guardians of The Galaxy in Malaysia

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It Drax, Groot, Star-Lord, Rocket and Gamora. The fact is who is the truly the leader of this team ? 

First of all, I never read any marvel comic books specifically on the Guardians of The Galaxy chapter. I am straight forward saying that this movie pretty much depicting Peter Quill or Star-Lord a decent dancer. In entire movie, you are about to see a lonely, teary eyes, adventurous, old-school music lover main cast acted by Chris Pratt. Well talking about lonely and teary eyes, he certainly do not seem to have much loneliness bragging about alien girls he met and shared with Drax. Star Lord character did not seem laugh a lot and give audience a feeling of he had been kept himself busy thinking " Who is my dad ? " , " Why alien abducted me the second after my mom passed away ".

Yondu who possessing a mass-destruction and dangerous red stick was the one who abducted little Peter Quill. It was unknown reason that there were 9 billion peoples walking on the surface of the earth he chose to kidnap a young, innocence, powerless boy. His intention is not uncovered but I think Yondu was happy to see Peter Quill are able to withstand the power of the orb.

I am still a little bit confused why on galaxy he wanted to steal that purple-emitting orb. Furthermore, it explainable he must show some dance moves before heading to the orb chamber. It is because Peter Quill is a Sony MP3 lover. Everyone love Sony made music product including a half man half alien. Later, he seem to be actively protecting his Sony MP3 for many occasions. First, he scold the prison guy from using his MP3. Second, he risked his and friend life going back to the jail to find his MP3 which is being taken by the same alien who he had scold earlier.

Gamora rejected Star Lord kiss when he talked about his past and why he is overly protecting the MP3. Everyone would agree to his action but Drax said otherwise. Gamora is the green lady who then being called by Drax as a green whore. Drax never meant that way it was his way to express to his friend and he even called Groot as " Dumb tree ". Drax is pretty awesome character as well as Gamora.

The amazing things about " Guardians of the Galaxy " is not the action scenes but a very annoying, talkative, smart raccoon. The cinema audiences thought it was another chipmunk movie but this one does not sing. That is a pretty fast friendship development because rocket is supposedly capturing Peter Quill because of $$$ with Groot. The fight at city of Xander is truly amazing in this movie. 

Sad and tear part of the movie were at the moment the giant tree said " We are Groot ". Can you imagine a tree grows all his branches sacrificing for his friends ?? In reality, everyone want to cut down a tree for a piece of paper. Wait a minute ! Groot friends were not human. They are half human half alien this explained well. Besides, it quite sad to hear Peter Quill story. Addition, do not forget Drax, Gamora, rocket of them were tried to save Peter Quill from vanish into thin air due to the power of the orb. The most teary and saddest part of the movie belongs to Peter Quill saves Gamora by throwing himself out to the vast outer space and gave her the mask.

Happiest moments were Groot still alive but not in a good shape obviously. Besides, Drax the destroyer was seem happy and laughing to met Ronan the Accuser. The happiest moment belongs to the Nova army able to form a shield-like barrier warding away Ronan spaceship from fully entering Xandar.

There were ton of funny moments. There were Groot catch Gamora instead of the right guy Peter Quill and could not differentiate gender according to rocket. Groot made the earliest move in the escaping plan at Nova prison despite the plan was just second to finish by rocket. Drax misunderstood Peter Quill about the gesture " finger touching on the neck".

Save the last for critic on this movie, it apparent that that villain of the show was incredibly weak. Talking about invasion for a vengeance but not in a minute convincing audience that he was able to do that. The orb is not so powerful with Ronan. As if it was really powerful orb how could Ronan were not able to unleash his wrath on Xandar ?? If the orb truly able to wipe out an entire planet as it showed, Ronan absorbs the power of the orb will be like a god he had been saying all the time. Unfortunately, Rocket's customized weapon could make a deadly blow to him or make the orb came out from weapon. Ironic to say that the Ronan might have not absorb the orb but infused it to a hammer instead. But, it looked like the orb was in Ronan body all the time.

Watching Hercules Movie in Malaysia 2014

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Hercules turned out to be mercenary and working as a team despite what we knew about Hercules in the first movie in this year

Killing Lion, Boar, Wolf and water creature were one of my 12 labors. This is the best because it has thick skin like steel and my arrow is not able to penetrate the flesh.  

I think we can say this safely " another Hercules movie really ? " There were two Hercules movies in less than one year. Surprisingly, both movies have very identical synopsis. Dwayne Johnson acted as Hercules or his stage name " The Rock ", He is really good in this role. It a smart move by Hollywood dramatize the movie portraying Hercules as human as possible to fool audience that he actually can be defeated in this movie. This movie is about Betray, war, superhuman strength and muscles.

I could remembered how much Hercules wanted to know the result of the battle he wanted to know whether it holds any chance of victory. He repeatedly asked that prophet who could foresee his own death and future. I think Hercules is being not honest to himself all this time. Liken to many Hercules movie, Dwayne Johnson pretended half of the movie he was just an ordinary man, bleed like a mortal, wanted to have family and peace especially the human nature of greed. He likes gold that why he formed mercenary right ?

What is the point of watching this movie if the audience knew Hercules is going to kick every bad guy butt ? There were never a single moment I thought Hercules were going to win the war because how the writer and director wanted the audience to badly believe Hercules is going to lose every single battle in the movie. First match was the battle with this possessed dead man. Hercules was leading former business men and farmers to a war they largely do not have any experience and training. In the other hands, the bad guy were totally devastated when the chariot strategy killed every single bad guy who tried to penerate the defense. I thought the good guy is going to lose. Did you see the tattoos they all got on their body ?? It really scary ! 

It all about lies, propaganda and magnifying the strength of the army. The second battle disappointed me ( Not really ) I thought it would have been another bloody The Lord of the Ring fight scenes. But, It turned out was a easy one to fight because the centaur and magician were just simply not existence and only exist in fairy tale story. No one seem to get hurt badly because Hercules and his gang trained an army of true warrior.

There were few amazing scenes worth to be mentioned and few good part of the movie. First one will be the introduction of Hercules team. I believe there were 5 of them. One who could predict his death and future. His life must be very miserable to know his death is on it way. Second one who wield double sword and does not talk much the whole movie he only managed to speak " Hercules " then he died. Third one was the knife thrower who abandoned Hercules and his friends for golds. Fourth is Amazon sharpshooter who apparently too hot for that role I am expecting a little bit darker skin but anyways the movie needed sexy girl. Last one is the talkative storyteller who amplifies Hercules story.

The best part of the movie would be Hercules was chained under a dungeon. He was forced to witness the killing of innocent by wicked conqueror . Besides, Hercules get to know the truth about his family death. Betrayal by his own king who he had been very loyal to. Hercules fought the three dark-skinned wolf not from Harry Potter or Hell, it just normal, hungry, fierce wolves. The moment he shouted " I'm Hercules " thanked to the prophet effort stimulating him, he broke chains with his superhuman strength preventing the dead of a mother.

The deceiving part of the movie I must stressed that the trailer we have seen when Hercules fought Hydra, Lion and boar it were not worth to mention at all. The movie never elaborate much about those fights because it might be due to tight burden. CGI is a very expensive work. We went to the cinema and sit down thought it going to be the movie about Dwayne Johnson fought these three creatures. 

The story is so exaggerated this is my first time seeing Hercules was using a big wooden tree or branch as a weapon of choice. Although he had been showing to us he was good in archery or swordplay but he prefer holding a big tree on his hand like an uncivilized man. He did said something like dislike civilization !

Is just me thinking or that this ending is very familiar ?? The Rock movie " The Scorpian King " has this ending too. He is the good guy and be praised by masses. 

Watching 22 Jump Street Movie in Malaysia Review

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We Jump Street and we are about to jump in your ass, right in the crack. Yo !

22 Jump Street
The coolest poster in cinema July 2014

Channing Tatum is the only reason I went to cinema and watch this movie. I have watched a lot of funny and hilarious movie but, Jump Street 22 jokes are seriously not funny at all. It heavily promoted by Sony because it was captured by Sony camera. That the only reason I am against this. I do not like Sony made movies. Particularly, the Amazing Spider man 2. 

As If 22 Jump Street movie were not filmed by Sony camera, I would not say anything about it. Sony made movies is simply destroying my movie experience and movie mood. I am not saying Sony camera in not clear and good but it just not meant to film a complete movie. Good and cutting-edge camera cant make a comedy movie become more funnier.

Jump Street 22 is a sequel but not much different from previous one. Firstly, they went to college as a police undercover to investigate a drug called "WhyPhy" which is sound like Wi-Fi in some sense. Beside Jonah hill and Channing Tatum, here come another funny actor Ice Cube. Who is a police chief. I cant believe he assigned Jenko ( Channing Tatum ) and Schmidt ( Jonah Hill ) a secretive mission to infiltrate drug business in a college.

Before they got the mission, Jenko and Schmidt were sent off being a Mexican trying to catch some bad guys. The funny part is that one of the bad guy really looked like Mexican version of wolverine and Jenko sound like a retarded one. If I got this movie in my computer, I would replay this hundred times. No, the octopus part is not funny at all. Schmidt is almost chocked to death by those dark liquid.

A series of action scenes emerged however they did not catch the smugglers. A failed mission rendered them another mission to infiltrate a school drug business. The existence of the mission were due to a death of a college student. 

It was not an easy mission for them. They had suffered high and low in their friendship throughout the mission. At the lowest point of their friendship, Schmidt and Jenko embraced a theory that the drug dealer is still out there causing harm to the public. They begin to working together and their determination yields fruitful result that the fat girl who scolded them " Oldest man in the college " and " Shut the F up everyone is studying ". The girl who had watch Schmidt sleeping with his girlfriend were the wanted drug dealer.

Jenko and Schmidt proved their theory right by catching Mercedes ( Drug dealer) alive with his boss around. Well that the most funniest scenes ever in the movie was when Schmidt were trying to catch Mercedes. 

There were not much funny moves or funny scene around but this movie is more leaning on funny jokes. If you understand their joke you might want to see them on cinema. There were really lot of F words around. If you want to see Channing Tatum first F word this is it. 

Attraction : Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, first comedy movie in 2014

Weakness : Film in Sony, Cant cope with their jokes, no crazy and funny move, college is boring, no explicit scenes probably censored or cut.

Watching Dawn of the Planet Ape in Malaysia

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Everyone thought I am the villain of the show after watching trailer. You are wrong !! .  - Caesar

I never really understand why Apes were the bad guys and the humans are the good guys. It is very cruel and bias. Do not want to use the word apartheid because it does not make sense to refer Apes as a race. Those guys in the movie clearly expressed hateful and frighten towards Apes in the movie because they killed half of the human population by Simian Flu. Yes, we accused the bird for bird flu or Influenza A.

In fact, the actress as a scientist explained to that aggressive towards ape guy the flu was not came from Apes. It was a mistake at the lab by some genius scientists. They are genius to create a flu that kill everyone and left those who are immune to the deadly flu at one of the San Francisco tall tower. I guess we can use the word apartheid when they bumped to a group of organized apes who knows how to speak English rather than South African language.

It is Caesar the leader with his gang living a peaceful life. They seem to have multiply thousand clearly outpaced the human. The peace were broken when unexpected thing happened. Apes were on the trees and some were riding horses confronted the Malcolm expedition when Carver shot an ape and died on the spot. A traumatic experience emerged on both side. Cute Caesar is fully grown up ape now well you can tell when he shouted "Go" or "Leave" which I do not quite remember though.

My point of view is that the first Dawn of the Planet movie is much more real as oppose to this new movie. Maybe because they show the apes in morning which will heavily affect the realness of the CGI especially when they were hunting deer and fighting bear. The first movie were mostly happening at night rather then at morning. One of the factor this movie worth to watch they could make audience cry.

Emotional attachment is put in many scenes was felt deeply by audience. The casts were outstanding. It really looked like human were facing desperate situation and apocalypse hit them hard. For instance, the human leader Dreyfus cried watching his family photo. Dreyfus told to survivors about how critical to go war with the Apes and fixing the water Dam. Besides, Caesar's dying wife scene. Moreover, Apes put down their ego and hatred a side helped them when they were trapped at the water Dam. Dying Caesar breathing heavily and seem to have few minute life, asked Malcolm drive him to the abandoned house as he missed the childhood moments with his human friend who raised him up to become a respectful leader in evolved ape community.

The only thing that explicit about Dawn of the Planet Ape was the mother ape boob ..Seriously !!

The last scene is pretty impressive. Malcolm and Caesar talking about when they will meet again and Caesar said war is coming upon them and asked Malcolm to leave now.

There were one cute scene worth mentioning. The cute baby ape running away from mom and jump down from horse moving towards Malcolm and his girlfriend. Everyone was so happy including the audiences. That was cutest of all scene ! 

The happiest moment would be when the Dam finally worked electricity is channeled to the town. At a middle of no where the music store 76, the happiness cant be kept the bright light and amusing music are coming back.

The cruelest scene I would vote for when Koba decided to use guns killing both drunk dude at the armory. They were just drunk and holding big gun does not mean they deserve to be killed in any good reason. It totally understandable the hatred Koba felt towards human. He had unleashed his anger and hatred to the extent beyond any reasonable explanation. He was being labelled by Caesar as  "You are not ape" !!

If you insist to know the mine personal rating score . There you go !


Action    : 5/10
-Epic battle between apes and fortified human last stronghold. Tank and nuclear launcher. Fighting on top of the tower seem to really good ending.

Emotion : 10/10
Casts     : 10/10

Picture   : 6/10

- The city looked real and when apes climbed high on the bridge. It really nice to watch !! Very less scene on the water dam. Besides, the tower seem to have been heavily CGI, Apes don seem real but cooler.

Mountain Dew X Men Days of Future Past Contest

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X Men Days of Future Past The Best Hollywood Movie in May 2014

  • Product : Mountain Dew
  • Calories : 230 Kcal for 500ml 
  • Net Weight : 500ml
  • Status         : Halal
  • Manufacturer : Permanis Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Original (Lemon flavored carbonated drink)
  • Value : RM2.60 (7-Eleven) , RM 1.90 (Giant)

As soon as it came out that day for Malaysiam cinema, 3D tickets were bought for two. If you watch at Golden Screen Cinema GSC you would need to watch it at the exact date. But, I watch at cinema other than GSC it had this show peek which allowed cinema to show new movie one day earlier than the date of launching which most cinema in Malaysia such as GSC will be showing the new movie at the next day.

It happened for the movie Amazing spiderman 2. It supposed to be showing on Malaysian cinema at May 1, 2014 but I was able to watch it on April 30, 2014. So the same thing happened to the movie X men Days of Future Past as well. This movie so great. It emotional attachment is perfect and so many good actor and actress.

There were some really emotional scenes which will bring teary eyes to the audiences especially when Wolverine tried to convinced young professor X to look into his mind for the future incidents. I would rate this movie 10/10. However, it is not really favorite for some people. Some said, there were little fighting scenes. I must say introducing Flash into the movie is kind of funny and amazing. He is so fast !!

Back to Mountain Dew and X Men Days of Future Past, Mountain Dew Malaysia is giving out merchandise inspired by the movie. The only condition you need to meet is participate in the contest. If you like to earn your chance to win some X Men Days of Future Past merchandise, do not hesitate to join ! all you will need to buy Mountain Dew 500ML with selected flavor and follow the instruction !!

The contest will end on June 22, 2014. Grab your fair chance to win X men merchandise ! More information visit MountainDewMalaysia

Watch Transformers 4 Movie in Malaysia June 26

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Main actor is Mark Wahlberg and director will be Michael Bay known for making movie with all kinds of explosion and explosive stunts

There is a common practice by Hollywood that every three movies, audiences will see the same title movie without the same main actor. Take for example, Spiderman 1, 2 and 3 was same guy but at the fourth spiderman, they revised a little bit the movie title to "Amazing spider-man" and changing main actor.

I deeply and desperately hoping they will bring back the main actress Megan Fox. Maybe not, we just see her in other movie because it just impossible even for main actress. In this Transformers 4, Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) found a transformer masked as a broken truck. He does not know it was boss of good transformers the Optimus Prime who always want to wear blue metal outfit.

I am happy to know that after the gruesome fighting scenes in Transformer 3 it seem that Optimus Prime got his blue metal body back attached in one piece. Wait ? so it is a sequel of transformer 3 or just another new transformer movie. If it will be a new transformer movie, why they don revise the transformer movie title ? Take for example the batman series, they are using "The Dark Knight " instead of using "Batman" . Director might be thinking movie title "Transformer" is too awesome to be revised.

Assuming Transformers 4 movie is a new one which is highly favorable. But, why there is no changing of director of the film ? It is still Michael Bay as the director. Despite that, in the trailer above you will see transformers is still acting as the protector of earth from any threats from his kinds. Transformer is once again need to regain trust from human kind as you can see some secret agency is finding Optimus Prime at Cade Yeager house. On the other side, new transformer villains with his big alien ship confronted Optimus Prime by firing towards him.

Do not miss the best part Optimus Prime awesome rider a dinosaur-like transformers attacking side by side with the villains. The fighting scene is just so cool. The not so cool part is that knowing human kind cant defend themselves against invasion of transformers. If you must ask who is the greatest threats to the human kind choosing between Aliens and Transformers, It is hard decision to choose but I will choose Transformers because all the Aliens have been killed by Cage in Edge of Tomorrow movie. Time possessed Tom Cruise kills the Alpha. I think it related because both Edge of Tomorrow and Transformer originated from Japan right ??

Hey why don we make it a triple threats to the human kind. Godzilla, Edge of Tomorrow "Aliens" and Transformers villain conquerors . If they start invasion on earth in a same time. Will they destroy us all ? I believe not because Amazing spider-man 2 and captain america the winter soldier would not allow that happen

Darlie is giving out Transformers 4 cup to those who bought their Darlie toothpaste

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