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8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Interstellar Movie

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Boring science made interesting in this movie. 

I do not study advanced science nor a scientist. I wanted to watch again this movie because there were many things I could not grasp it. It a wonderful science-fiction movie. If it was a documentary and made not by Christoper Nolan and his brilliant team it would be another sleepy class. I have watched it and they were talking about Murphy law, Einstein research that I barely could understand. Yet, it still very comfortable movie experience.

1) The technology to cross worm hole

We may have touched this worm hole subject in few Hollywood movie previously. A science-fiction and myth. Worm hole and Star gate are the same . Entering the worm hole means one could traverse to another side that beyond the reach of human technology.

Although we may have bullet train or supersonic aircraft it shorten significantly to move from location to new location. However, it takes time to reach another galaxy. We need something as fast as the speed of light which is impossible to be materialize. The outer space is simply too big even the light could not reach to the far edge.

2) 5 Dimension

This is something new in Hollywood movie. Manipulating the gravity and time. Cooper stumbled upon the 5 dimension box showing a set of memory of his daughter bed room. He discovered the knowledge to send Morse code via moving the clock.

The artificial intelligent robot decipher the code to save the world. Cooper daughter is the one receiving it on Earth and save humanity from nature disaster. Cooper thought he was selected by "them" to save the world that is the sole reason backed to left his family behind. 

3) Earth is dying

We are born here not to meant to died at here. Food is scarce. Every educated man possessing highly skilled talent were distributed to agricultural industry. The army was disband. The NASA was remove from government funding due to the people wants more money on better thing than research on outer space.

The sand was covering the Earth so strong wheat is no longer viable to be planted. It is doable to plant corn only. In the research lab, Cooper was exposed to the fact that in few years ahead corn will be an extincted food supply.

Cooper a former astronaut not that he wanted to quit it just NASA was disbanded uttered something like "We are pioneer,we are explorer. We always thought our position on the star but, we just look down worrying thing below the Earth."

He get his daughter suspended in school because disagree that someone thought the landing on the moon by great Armstrong was a story to bankrupt Soviet.

4. Love transcends space and time

Although Dr Brand and Anna have not seen Edmund for years. She wanted to see him badly. In a discussion whether or not to visit Edmund planet or Dr Mudd planet Dr Brand admitted her love towards Edmund. She is following her feeling rather than idealistic conscience.

Cooper made a decision not to follow Dr Brand's decision. They flew to Dr Mann planet.

5. Time Relativity

This is something new in Hollywood movie and provoking thought. The first planet they were travelling was covered by water and giant tidal waves. I think it due to strong gravitational pull by black hole that eats anything without spill something out. It so strong that water a miracle element could crush anything. One hour in that planet which is nearby black hole named as "Gargantua" is equivalent 7 years.

Cooper and Dr Brand spent almost 3 hours and half in that planet trying to obtain data and rescue the scientist. Returning to the "Endurance" one of the scientist with beard telling the truth about the time pass on Earth so fast that 24 years long gone. Cooper daughter and son are already became an adult.


6. Dr Mann's Survival Instinct

"Coward" labeled by Cooper. Dr Mann admitted it three times. He faked the data and destroy his robot so that somebody could travel to his god-forsaken ice-covered planet. Awakened by Cooper in a hyper sleep chamber, Dr Mann lies to everyone face that there is a surface. He tried to murder Cooper unsuccessfully. But, Dr Mann killed another scientist making the second casualty in this expedition.

Dr Mann repeatedly saying about the lesson of "Survival Instinct". He was trying to save humanity and he seem to think that only him could save the Earth while other person life were not important. He is smart but very desperate to save humanity that costs him his life after opening the hatch without properly attached it.

7. Docking on a High-Speed Spinning Ship 

This is one of the breath-taking action this movie. The explosion was so strong the ship was spinning in a uncontrollable speed. In order to stabilize the ship, they will have to dock first and steer in an opposite side.

You may think it fairy easy but one tiny mistake is a big problem. If rocket science is about "how to safely docking a "calm" ship in an outer space" then, it will be much more impossible to dock on a ship that spinning.

It suppose to be an impossible mission because the pilot needed to do an accurate docking technique which he must spin his ship first and do the docking later. After successfully docking, he will then stabilize the ship by steering in the opposite direction.

8. Funny, Trust-issue, swift, cheating Robot

This is one of the robot we must own in the future. He could save Dr brand by running back to the ship with a human running speed. That really incredible. What's more, he could tell joke, lies and have a trust issue with Dr Mann action too.

This is some exaggerated robot ever. It far more advanced then the Star War robots that behave like a robot.