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KFC Crispy Prawn and Double Down Maxx

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KFC Newest menu for the month of December of year 2014

KFC Double Down Maxx
Closer look and rear

A wise or not-so-wise choice the newest menu in KFC Malaysia right now is Double Down Maxx simply to say removing two bun and replacing it with chicken meat. When eating, you are required to use the KFC plastic cover and not grabbing it like a burger sometimes the chicken meat is still in hot temperature.

A little bit of spicy herb used in making it I would say it pretty awesome to eat. On your last bite, it better measure how oily the food by touching the warm surface of double down maxx you will be wiser next time do not judge the book by its cover. They better use plant oil or palm oil to cook it much more healthier.

KFC Malaysia burger Double Down Maxx 2014
Aerial view

The size of the Double Down Maxx is just commendable. I have no idea addressing it as burger or else because it does not fulfill one of the requirement to be a burger. It is in satisfying portion one would not feel it not worth in term of size. However, the price is RM14 plus if one choose Double Down Maxx combo which means it come with additional Pepsi soft drink and cheesy wedges (M).

Crispy prawn KFC Malaysia
Seafood crispy prawn

I went to KFC never thought of there would be any crispy prawn simply going there knowing Double Down Maxx. I have ordered Double Down Maxx combo with crispy prawn total 5 pieces it costs RM7.90. The crispy prawn is just taste so good even though for me who does not like to eat seafood. One need not pluck away prawn hardened part just swallow it everything !

Double Down Maxx KFC

The box is amazingly manufactured. Do not hesitate too long find double down maxx by opening the box !!!

Moto G 2nd Generation released in Malaysia

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October 25, 2014 marked the launching of Moto G 2nd generation due to the overwhelmed response on first generation

Found it hard to resist Moto logo and Google powered smartphone. Everyone seem to rushing on this smartphone due to its branding power and affordable price. Despite the popularity, it seem like the only one likely to stand against them will be Huawei Honor 6. However, both smartphone remains one of the best smartphone below RM1000. 

The second generation featuring bigger screen size and newest android software, more camera mega pixel and better processor. This new generation is powered by Snapdragon 400 and other useful upgrades. Those who fancy on Moto G now you have a chance to upgrade it to a better specifications smartphone.

As soon as it is launched in Malaysia today, Expansys is one of the first one to get it and sell it off to consumers. They often do not offer any warranty as they deemed every smartphones has lower percentage of defect by manufacturer. If you are looking for it please do give them a visit at this link >> Moto G 2nd generation RM749

F&N Sarsi is back to Malaysia

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Do you miss the taste of Sarsi ??

F&N Sarsi

  • Product            : F&N Sarsi
  • Calories           : 146 KCAL, 36.7g Carb, 36.7g Sugar
  • Net Weight      : 325ml
  • Status               : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : F&N Beverages Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor              : Sarsi
  • Value               : RM1.50
  • Website           :

F&N is pushing this flavor no doubt try to attract Malaysian reminisce Sarsi flavor. Now, F&N Malaysia is able to produce more flavor. Shockingly, the taste of original Sarsi is preserved. This is still new. It only available to limited store ! Grab one today if you feel like drinking it !

This must be F&N 2014 new products !! 

Rivalry Between Note 4 & Honor 6 in Malaysia

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They are most disccused top-notch smartphones in Malaysia in the month of October, 2014. 

Honor 6 vs Note 4

The biggest smartphone rival might be Apple and Samsung but in Malaysia, it will be Honor 6 vs Note 4. It was shocking that Samsung Malaysia unveiling it latest flagship galaxy note series "note 4" in 17th this month. Yesterday, we have seen Huawei Malaysia announced its flagship too "Honor 6"

I would say both smartphones are popular and really gain some momentum. Why do not stick with the Apple vs Samsung ? It will be unfair because Apple has yet to release it IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus officially in Malaysia. Although some of the retailers started to sell it to Malaysia consumers.

Please do visit Unofficial Apple IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus in Malaysia

Deep-pocket consumers will choose to be impatient. You will see someone bought IPhone 6 with a whopping RM6000 ++. Now, the price gains a steady pace no longer fluctuate as big retailers set the price at RM2599 more or less. As for Samsung Galaxy note 4, there are some smart retailers selling it too before the release date. Proof Samsung Galaxy note 4 sold unofficially . Samsung make a step ahead launching its flagship compared to Apple which we normally expecting 2 months after the announcement.

Back to the main topic, Huawei Honor 6 and Note 4 will be the biggest smartphone topic in this month October. The legendary Huawei Honor 6 top the list in the ranking made by China website. More info about Huawei Honor 6 ranked second . There is a huge price gap between them. Honor 6 was announced the same year as Note 4, it was June and September respectively.

In first day of Honor 6 sales, consumers swiftly bought every last piece of smartphone they could offered. The sales lasted for merely one hour. If you visit vmall, Huawei Malaysia official website for placing online order, you will see it under "SOLD OUT". The next time you will see "BUY NOW" indicating availability will be on October 21, 2014. 

As for Note 4, it received tremendous response opening ceremony at its Malaysia HQ. There were testing the brilliant and revolutionary camera and S Pen. The most eye-catching moment when they try to fit in for 120 degree selfie. The friendly Samsung Malaysia Facebook page exposed the retail price of Samsung Galaxy note 4 it will be priced at RM2499. 

If you are interested to own Samsung Galaxy note 4. There is one best place you should know only exclusive for Unitedmy readers. You will get "Cash On Delivery" and voucher code and also local warranty. What more, it sells cheaper than the expected retail price. Please visit at >> Samsung Galaxy note 4 32GB Black

Super Yummy KFC Tokyo Black Pepper Mushroom

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New menu KFC Malaysia introduced Tokyo Black Pepper Mushroom sauce with KFC chicken chop

KFC Malaysia Tokyo Black pepper mushroom chicken chop

According to the KFC Malaysia Facebook page, the new menu should have launched on September 28, 2014. There are two selections. The difference are rice and newly launched french fries. Both selection are under same price RM13.90 not included tax.

After taxed it should be around RM14.70. Converted blindly to USD, it should be 5 dollars. As you can see on the image above, there is some sauce poured to the surface of delicious chicken chop. As for the french fries, it does not taste the average McDonald's french fries, it got this rough texture. It crispier though !


If you think one piece of chicken chop is not enough which I was believed too. But, this chicken chop unlike the normal KFC big breast, this chicken chop is full of crunchy KFC chicken juicy meats. It safely to say that it boneless chicken chop.

I would say the Tokyo black pepper mushroom sauce is served with less quantity. I have been trying the last new menu which was Bangkok green sauce ?? they give a large portion of sauce with abundant green peas. As for this new menu, it contains like one or two pieces of  Tokyo mushroom and the sauce not even reach the satisfy quantity. They should have put more mushroom and more sauce

Do not believe Bangkok sauce is served with large quantity ?? Visit to see image Tried Bangkok Green Curry KFC Malaysia

You should try this sometimes at any KFC branches nationwide !! 

Twisties Lime Chili and Chili Cheese

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New Flavor from Twisties Flavored Corn Snacks. 

Twisties Lime Chili and Chili Cheese

Twisties is the best corn snack in Malaysia. No other corn snack brands out there come closer compared to Twisties. Twisties Malaysia made the funniest and meaningful video advertisement. In conjunction releasing Twisties new flavors, they made a successful marketing video to promote it. The newest flavors are Lime Chili and Chili Cheese.

After one have watched the video ads, It was very hard to resist the temptation not to pick new flavors of Twisties into shopping cart. If you spot Twisties in nearest local stores, your mind unconsciously showing familiar images. Both of these Twisties were bought at Petronas convenience store.

No doubt that the original flavor of Twisties was the best ever. No need for new flavor. A new flavor would means sales generating for Twisties company for some reasons. However, one cant really access Malaysia twisties website, whereas it Facebook page which garnered more than one hundred thousand of Follower accessible.

Had not tried Chili Cheese flavor, had tried lime chili flavor I am still convinced that the Twisties original taste good. The lime chili flavor does taste like there was some lime element covered the corn. 

  • Product          : Twisties
  • Calories         :   65G = 312KCAL, 16G Fat, 36G Carbohydrate
  • Net Weight    : 65G
  • Status             : Halal, Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Mondelez Malaysia Sdn Bhd 
  • Flavor                       : Chili Cheese & Lime Chili
  • Value (2014)            : RM 2.20 
  • Website                    :
  • Contact no                : none

One small bite is never enough. To show you guys the way a matured snack guy eating Twisties at home. Be like,  open the hand palm grabbing as much as you can then open the mouth as big as possible and stuff everything inside the mouth. If there would be an event of falling Twisties at the floor, pick it up and eat it !  If the event occurs that means you are not categorized as matured snack eater.

It worth your time watching the new Twisties Malaysia video advertisement because everyone is curious how a animated big T-Rex facial expression after consuming Twisties Lime Chili or Chili Cheese. Hey, I think Twisties get the wrong history lesson that when T-Rex was around lingering the earth there is no possibilities that human too live among them.

I cant believe our ancestors has been eating junk food from the early civilization.

New Ice-cream Magnum Gold Contest

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Eat Magnum Gold and win amazing prizes such as Magnum Gold Coins or luxury BMW 3 Series

Source :  Magnumgoldpursuit dot com

Your destiny is in your hand. Win it or leave it. If you think yesterday dreamed about driving a luxury car or picking up a gold coin at a random street floor then you are better signing up for Magnum Gold contest. That was a hint from higher power that you have a fair chance to win this. Every challenge has a price to pay, what are the price for this ??

The trick in winning something from this contest is go to nearest store and find newly released Magnum Gold ice-cream. If you found it in that store ice-cream section inside the refrigerator that means you are lucky. Magnum Gold was not widely available and some of the contest participants have to seek it at multiple stores for it. Let say you found it more than 3 Magnum Gold in that store refrigerator, you are the luckiest person among the Magnum participants. Fortunately, the store keepers and boss did not know this contest. That were their loss.

This contest started August 1, 2014 till October 31, 2014. The full name of this contest is Magnum Gold Pursuit Contest. It is organized by Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd. Everything stated inside terms and conditions of this contest including everyone above 18 years old, a Malaysian residents are welcome to participate in this contest.

After you bought the Magnum gold from the store, the next following thing is very crucial steps in winning this contest. Firstly, do not throw away the ice-cream stick as it should have containing some digits which you will need to key in Magnum Gold website. Secondly, visit Official Magnum Gold Pursuit Contest website and register your account with your Facebook account attached. 

Follow the instructions thoroughly and you are surely one of the winner in this contest. Everything is inside the website. Crack the vaults and collect points game should be easy to play. The ice-cream stick should not be disposed as it is a proof required when you have been picked as the winner by the judge at the end of the game.

Get more update by liking their official Facebook page at Official Magnum Malaysia Facebook page

Magnum Almond ice-cream
Magnum Gold Ice-cream

  • Product : Magnum Ice-cream
  • Calories : 90ml = 280 KCAL, 19g Carb, 3g Protein, 21g Fat,
  • Net Weight : 90ml / 70g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Indonesia
  • Imported by : Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Chocolate
  • Value (2014) : RM3.99 (Giant)
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 1800-88-1315

First attempt by the author in pursuing this contest. Bought Magnum Almond in hoping there were alphanumerical code. However, it did not turned up the expectation. The expectation is gone, the delicious chocolate ice-cream was cracking inside my mouth. Tasty & Yummy !


Watson Malaysia is selling Vaseline Total Moisture

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Vaseline Total Moisture

  • Product         : Vaseline Total Moisture
  • Net Weight    : 120ml
  • Status            : Made in Thailand
  • Manufacturer : Unilever Thailand Bangkok
  • Imported by   : Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd
  • Value (2014) :  RM6.00 (Watson)
  • Website         :
  • Contact no     : 1800-88-1315

Join the Vaseline Skin dry contest at Vaseline Total Moisture win prizes such as H&M Gift Card RM500 and 5D4N Travel Package for Two to Adaaran Club Rannalhi, Maldives worth RM11,000

Vaseline total moisture nourishing your skin in 24 hours. For soft and smooth skin. Pure oat extract + Stratys for multi-layer moisture.

Direction of use : Apply daily all over the body.

McCountry and Durian McFlurry in McDonald Malaysia

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There are good and bad thing. Good is Durian season and Bad  on McDonald reputation


Despite the ongoing protest aimed on McDonald Malaysia. The atmosphere in Facebook page of McDonald Malaysia was unhappy and sorrow. Placing MH17 and black cover as a sign of mourning and there were notes written by Management of McDonalds Malaysia addressing the issue of boycott.

The boycott issue to the extent that there were states such as Kelantan branch of McDonalds had closed down. It was actually a rumor about the closing down at Kelantan state. But, looking at the McDonald Malaysia Facebook page, they used to promote their newest promotion there. The newest 2 was a note and not a promotion.

They never publish on McDonald Malaysia Facebook page  newest menu McCountry, Cheeseburger McDeluxe and Durian McFlurry. McCountry is selling at RM 6.00 with regular drink and french fries. My first bite on McCountry reminded me of Ramly burger meat. I am guessing it was Ramly burger meat because I always bought Ramly burger cooking it at home !

Do you know Ramly burger ? It a local brand known for manufacturing Malaysian household burger meat. More information at A1 Vs Ramly Burger meat

Durian Mcflurry is no stranger for some part of state such as Johor. Johorian might have tasted this if they have been a trip to Singapore. McDonald in Singapore rolled out the same menu last year. Mc Durian still taste very sweet the only different it added Durian flavor instead of Oreo. This cost around RM5.60 with tax

Bangkok Green Curry Individual Combo is tasty

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It all about green sauce with green peas coupled with KFC trademark chickens.

Newly launched KFC promotion " Bangkok Green Curry Individual Combo " . I think it was launched in the month of August. I am pretty sure KFC Malaysia launched this promotion after Aidilfitri holiday. The green sauce was tasty and there were many green peas submerged under it.

With that green sauce, you will have your mind changed that you should not dip your hot chicken meat into KFC chili sauce or tomato sauce. All your thinking will be dipping into Bangkok green sauce. When your mouth is full of green sauce remember to take the bowl of white rice closer so that it can fall into the rice instead of dropping to the floor or table. What a waste !!

If you feel spicy which some of you guys will get the regular ice cold Pepsi come to rescue. When you done with that you will keep doing the routine until there is no more left to eat. Not to mention that this set is RM14.90 slightly different than the price stated at KFC website

Moto E is available in Malaysia August 13

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Ideal smartphone for those seeking Dual-SIM and RM500 budget.

Get Moto E on Lazada with Cash On Delivery option for only RM369. Delivery in 1- 3 Business Days. No Hassle for owning newest Motorola E. The releasing date is August 13 and 12PM onwards. Refer here for information RM369 Moto E

Spectacular, amazing, innovative and abundant. These words are describing my feeling after watched the Moto E advertisement video. It absolutely fantastic made Moto E. Everything you wanted are all here. Low price, latest software update, water & scratch resistant, all-day battery, customized shell.

Moto E should be titled as a smartphone killer for low-end category. Imagine remaking Nokia 3310, Moto E is an advanced version of Nokia 3310. Nokia 3310 has the protective cover and long-lasting battery but we are talking about advanced version of Nokia 3310. Everything Nokia 3310 can do, Moto E can do it.

It even better with Moto E because there were lesser low-end smartphone actually advertised itself as scratch and water resistant. What more, you should be worry free about latest android update which is rare for both high-end and low-end smartphones out there. It is important to mention it run on latest android version 4.4.2 Kit Kat.

Life just get better with this Moto E as Dual-SIM feature is what drive people owning a low-end smartphone rather than high-end smartphone. You would not know there is a small market segment out there priority is long-lasting battery.

It has everything you need and those need you could only imagine, if you feel like owning one then make sure you prepare RM399 because it going to be selling really fast something like Xiaomi record less than 2 minutes in first day. Xiaomi sales record in Malaysia is nothing new to everyone. As for Moto E, this smartphone is much more lower price but good smartphone specification.

 Summary of the specification are 4GB internal capacity, 1GB RAM, 5MP & no secondary camera, Android 4.4.2 KitKat, WiFi & 3G & Dual-SIM, 4.3" screen size. Check Moto E detailed information and latest price at RM369 Moto E

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Zopo Mobile expanded it business to Malaysia 2014

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Zopo is another good specification with cheap price tag smartphones offering all Malaysian an alternative than popular brands

Zopo Malaysia ZP780

They came in like a wreaking ball. Chinese smartphone business Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, HTC are already reaping large market share in Malaysia. They are doing very well one of the reason is because Malaysian love gadgets so much but they do not manufacture any local smartphone. It time for Zopo to introduce their flagship smartphone it will be an eye-opening for everyone.

There were local smartphone brand such as Ninetology but Malaysian generally love to buy branded smartphone or big smartphones. They are not into the idea of supporting local products. Most of us buy what we wanted to buy when we have the cash. As for bigger smartphone, Malaysian mentality is that bigger is better. Quantity always first priority. 

We do not want something cheap and easily broken. We want affordable and stable.  To be honest, Zopo smartphones is the best choice. For example, Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Zopo ZP998 many would presume that Samsung is over Zopo but experts said they were almost the same. Zopo ZP998 is using Mediatek chipsets and has cheaper price tag compared to Samsung Galaxy S4. Zopo ZP998 has way bigger screen than Galaxy S$ that the advantages.

There is a higher possibility a walk-in customer would pick Zopo ZP998 rather than Samsung Galaxy S4 when they put together. They had almost the same specification but way cheaper and Zopo has larger screen size that really looked amazing. 

There were many choices out there for you to choose your best desired new smartphone. Finding a smartphone with cheap price tag but bigger screen size ?? you know where to find. Zopo will officially launching at Malaysia on July 23, 2014. Many is expecting a huge sales going on for Zopo as an opening ceremony.

Zopo mobile has started to sell it most-selling smartphones in Malaysia even before the launching date. There are 4 Zopo smartphones model each of them have unique attraction. They are Zopo ZP700, ZP780, ZP998 and ZP1000. It is unbelievable to say that all of them are equipped with Dual-SIM.

Zopo Malaysia facebook page
Source: Zopo Malaysia facebook page

There are some heat events ongoing in Zopo Malaysia facebook page. I could not believe they actually supporting Miss World Malaysia 2014. Are Zopo funding them as a marketing plan ?? It worth to find out. As usual, a first step into Malaysian smartphone market always have same pattern. They want to penetrate faster by giving out free Zopo smartphones. Are you excited ?? 

Zopo have started selling online. This is an example of it Zopo ZP1000 costing RM998. Zopo ZP1000 Blue (16GB) . Besides, I personally think Zopo ZP780 is really worth to buy. 5" screen size, 1GB RAM, 8MP camera only for RM598. Check them out at Zopo ZP780 Black

Zopo Malaysia Facebook page :

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Free Nestle Nescafe Cup for every purchase

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Nestle Nescafe wanted all Nescafe drinkers in Malaysia to have this adorable cup

  • Product : Nestle Nescafe 3 in 1 
  • Calories : 81 KCAL, 15.2g Carb, 0.4g Protein, 2.1g Fat
  • Net Weight : 19g, contained 30 sticks.
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Nestle Products.Sdn Bhd. Situated at Selangor
  • Flavor : Original
  • Value (2014) : RM 13
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 1 800 88 3433

Shaheizy Sam is being ambassador for this brand. For those who do not know him you can see his face all over any Nescafe associated websites in Malaysia. He is quite a popular actor and singer. Have you heard his song " Bangun ". That is the best song for the year 2014 according to me. It really raise one spirit up if you hear it on morning. You should hear it sometime if you had a bad day or monday blues.

This is the best time for you to replenish Nestle Nescafe in your home because Nestle is being nice and generous giving out a small red cup with country in line with the ongoing football fever. I like England soccer squad despite that they had not qualified for quarter finals in FIFA World Cup 2014. Since the world cup have been won by Germany, I believe many would choose Germany imprinted Nescafe cup. You might need to find harder because you are not the only person finding it.

Coffee is your buddy in the morning that is a very true. It is not only cure sleepiness but it contains anti-oxidant. Yes, the substances in coffee contained anti-oxidant. You could see for yourself at the back of the package. At the back, it written that every cup you drink contained anti-oxidant. I believe most of you do not notice them.

It seem like RM13.00 for 30 sticks Nestle Nescafe is pretty reasonable. Just for your information, they had not raised the price tag due to giving out a free cup which we know some product they said it was free but price has been marked up. 

Nescafe Malaysia never said whether this is limited edition but I assumed the stock is scarce. Do not waste any of your time now as soon as you finish reading this go and grab one. Do not be selfish share this out to your friends as well !!

A honest review on them the only thing need to be concern when drinking a cup of Nescafe will be the carbohydrate inside them. It has 15.2g carbohydrate higher than a raw burger. Well, it seem to have more advantages enough to cover the bad things away. It certainly light up your day with wide smile on your face. It a mood booster !! 

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List of New Smartphones in Malaysia 2014

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Get to know which smartphones released in Malaysia. It including every popular brands

Some of the smartphones listed here were announced last year 2013. However, it availability in Malaysia is scarce or nil. It still be listed here due to the popularity and release date. It does not matter when respective brand announced their smartphone. That matter are the release date in Malaysia. As if the smartphone available in Malaysia 2014 then it will be listed here regardless when the announcement being made.

For example, Nokia Lumia 1520 has been announced by Nokia in October 2013. The announcement was made last year but most of Malaysian and other countries were believed acquiring it next year. It was affected by supply and demand. When demand was high in modernized and populated region there will be lesser supply to many other countries that has lesser demand. A new smartphone will be always short in supply due to factory manufactured fixed amount of smartphones exporting them globally and hoping no cost incurred for keeping it on warehouse.

A very clear example, Iphone 5S were being announced last year 2013 but people still rushing to buy them today. It will be in the list. In order to make this list, there were countless hours in a day to check and rewrite by the author. 

This is a potentially full list of smartphones released in Malaysia 2014. The list will be expanded as new smartphone unveils later on. Feel free entering the link to visit latest price on the smartphone and full details of the smartphone


Due to Motorola is belong to Lenovo now, all the new smartphone branded Motorola will be listed here.

RM 0 - RM500

-Xiaomi Redmi 1S 8GB

RM500 - RM1100

-Xiaomi MI-3

- X Redmi Note

RM1100 - RM2000

-Xiaomi Mi 4 ( releasing soon )


Due to Motorola is belong to Lenovo now, all the new smartphone branded Motorola will be listed here.

RM 0 - RM500

- L A316i
Moto E RM369
- L A526 (Dual SIM)
- L A680 White (Dual SIM)

RM500 - RM1100

- Moto G LTE
Moto G 8GB
- Golden Warrior S8
- L S680 Dual SIM , 2GB RAM
- L S660 8GB, 1GB RAM
- L S650 Dual SIM
- L A859 Dual SIM

RM1100 - RM2000

- L Vibe Z K910 16GB, 2GB RAM
Motorola X LTE 16GB


RM500 - RM1100

-B Z3 8GB

RM1100 - RM2000

-B Z30 White 16GB


RM 0 - RM500

- S Ace Style

RM500 - RM1100

-S Galaxy Ace 3 White LTE 8GB

RM1100 - RM2000

-S Galaxy S5 White LTE
-S Galaxy S4 Active Orange 16GB, 2GB RAM
-S Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE
- S Galaxy K Zoom


RM 0 - RM500

- N Lumia 630 (Dual SIM)
- N X Dual SIM

RM500 - RM1100

- N XL Dual SIM
- N Lumia 1320 LTE

RM1100 - RM2000

- N Lumia 930 (32GB) (LTE)
- N Lumia 1020 (32GB) (2GB RAM)
- N Lumia 1520 (32GB) (LTE)


Huawei expanded to Malaysia smartphone market by opening branches in 2014. I am in the top 10 list. Currently holding ranking no 3

RM 0 - RM500
- H Honor 3C
- H Y511 Dual SIM
- H Y320
- H Ascend G525

RM500 - RM1100

- H Ascend G6
- H G730 Dual SIM
- H P6 Black (8GB)
- H Honor 3X G750

RM1100 - RM2000

-H Ascend P7  (LTE)


RM500 - RM1100

LG G2 Mini
LG L70 D320
LG G Pro Lite

RM1100 - RM2000

LG G3 Gold (LTE)
LG G Pro 2 (32GB)
LG G Flex (32GB)
LG Optimus G2 (LTE) (32GB)
LG Nexus 5 White (LTE)


RM 0 - RM500

RM500 - RM1100

RM1100 - RM2000


RM 0 - RM500

RM500 - RM1100

RM1100 - RM2000


-S Xperia Z2 Black


RM 0 - RM500

RM500 - RM1100

RM1100 - RM2000

Do share this out if you find helpful !!

Latest Update by author : August 18, 2014

BlackBerry Z3 is available in Malaysia 2014

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New BlackBerry smartphone with the title "Z3". It was announced on February 2014 to worldwide.

It came 5 months after the announcement being made by Blackberry to Malaysia. July 7 marks the introduction of new BlackBerry smartphone to Malaysian market. All of the features favored by BlackBerry is upgraded. 

It is categorized as a smartphone below RM1000. An entry level version of Blackberry Z30. Both have difference in price tag and some features such as camera and battery life. Blackberry was designed with a codename "Jakarta". By that, it is a strong evidence this smartphone was meant for South East Asian.

There were no large differences as we speak almost the same language. Indonesia and Malaysia are very similar to each other. If it was meant for Jakarta, the demand in Malaysia for BlackBerry should be no large difference. BlackBerry used to be a significant brand when Malaysian considering to own a smartphone.

Of course mentioning about BlackBerry, our brain would associate them with mini PC physical keyboard. However, in this model there were no that physical feature. It is a smart step for Blackberry making a low-end smartphone without having the physical feature to attract consumers.

I believe there are many Malaysian out there supporting BlackBerry due to their unique features. Get yourself some information about the price at Blackberry Z3 RM699

BlackBerry Z3 Specification 

Processor : Qualcomm MSM8230 Snapdragon 400
RAM        : 1.5 GB Dual-Core
Display     : 5 " IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 8GB (expansion microSD up to 32GB)
Camera              : 5 MP at back, 1.1MP at selfie
Network            : 3G, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 164g
Color                : Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Black, White

Battery              : 2500 mAh
Features : Blackberry 10.2.1 OS, BBM, BBHub, BBWorld

10 Best Transformers merchandises available in Malaysia

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Buy yourself Transformers inspired items if you don, you are not their fan yet

Do not tell me you have not watch the latest Transformers movie ! Age of Extinction is simply the greatest of all 3 others previous Transformers movie. New casts but not new director we will see our favorite Bumblebee again with Optimus Prime. I guess because his color ? or because he is not much a talker and a cool person ?? 

The new movie is not about Bumblebee and his human partner saving the world from destruction. The new human cast is firstly introduced to Optimus Prime. So, it is not actually a sequel ! Despite that, Bumblebee was awesome he was fighting at Guangzhou there were so many bad robot attack him yet he successfully dodge every attack towards him. Besides, Bumblebee saves Optimus Prime from getting fully destroyed by Lockdown. He is the true savior at every critical time not to mention he saved Cade Yeager and his daughter from falling at bridge on the top of tower trying to escape from the alien ship.

Bring Bumblebee to your home.  It only for RM89. More information at Bumblebee Transformers character

Bumblebee age of extinction figure

This is slightly shorter but compact than the first one. But it is still awesome. Better own 1 rather than none. Cheaper than the first one in half price. Can put into your consideration as well. More picture and price at Bumblebee Age of Extinction version

Transformers giant figure 30cm

This is the biggest figure than those two figures above. More than 30CM height according to the source. This is everything you need to decorate your room. If you friend walking in your room, the first thing he will notice that would be this giant Optimus Prime. More information how big it is Giant Optimus Prime

Transformers mini figure

Some people like to collect LEGO inspired Transformers. If you one of them you need to check this out because it is really awesome !!. Imagine you have one transformers lego placed in your display glass case at living room or your room. That is a dream fulfill !!  Check this out at Transformers mini figure

It is all about item inspired by Transformers. I believe you have been seeing this already. This is Pineng brand powerbank with Transformers logo on top. This powerbank is sold at rock-bottom price and it received wide popularity among Transformers fans in Malaysia.  10000 MAH powerbank inspired by Transformers

Hasbro is the Transformers right holder. Who are going to create something with the Transformers must ask Hasbro first. This is an approved merchandise. BPA free with shatter resistant. This is sold not exceed RM20. That is really a cheap. This is way better than those Tupperware or Amway bottle for your kids. This is 350ML bottle which is good for those 10 years old below kids. Don buy if you are an adult, but it was not wrong buy it for your future boy or maybe collection ?? Besides, no one is going to stop you become a big baby boy right ?  Hasbro Transformers bottle 350ML

If your kids is a Transformers fan and really really like them this is what you need to present them during their birthday. As for kids who are looking at this, beg your parents to buy this one because your school friends is going to have them and not you !! Besides, it time to change a new trolley bag if it was broken. You can bring this to travelling on holiday like an adult. Transformers trolley bag for kids

Check this out a Transformers inspired smartwatch. Although it was a simple smartwatch compared to a sophisticated smartwatch made by Samsung or Sony. However, This can be a watch that does a lot of fun things. This is a first few version of Smartwatch in this era. This smartwatch era is still at a very early stage and worth to be a collection until people started get crazy on smartwatch in few more years. Transformers Smartwatch Black

MP-13 soundwave masterpiece manufactured by Takara Tomy and brough from Japan to Malaysia. Don be fool by the first picture. It can be turned into a giant Transformers figure. It quite expensive  though because it made by legend figure maker. More details and price at Microwave Transformers

The last and not least, there were some good Transformers game that worth to play. Activision made some popular game included this one. Besides can be play on PS4, there are PS3 and Xbox version as well. Check them out at PS4 Transformers game

McDonald Malaysia Coca-cola Glasses Ramadan 2014

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Limited Edition Coca-Cola Glass. Only at every McDonald outlets in Malaysia. Drink ice cold lemon tea with this

McDonald Malaysia Ramadan Coca-cola glasses 2014 and Olympic 2012

To be honest the free glass from McDonald Malaysia looked familiar. If memory serves me right, They have been given out this identical glass when on the London Summer Olympic on 2012. I got the London Summer Olympic glass and this Sinar Ramadan limited edition Coca-cola glass from McDonald Malaysia that is why I know it really looked like the one I got last time. 

To get one of these limited edition Coca-cola glass, there is a readily available McDonald menu with revised price. The menu contained almost every delicious McDonald burgers with the right price tag inclusive one limited edition Coca-cola glass. All you need to do is fairy easy, choose the menu on the table counter rather than choosing the hanging menu.

Should you choose the hanging menu but insisted in front of the staff you wanted to buy separately limited edition Coca-cola glasses, you would be charge rip-off price something RM 10 for one. Besides, the term and condition you must fulfill in order to get this limited edition coca-cola glass is to purchase McDonald large pack and the time is between 11AM-6AM. 

Coca-cola glass 2014-Ramadan-McDonald Malaysia

Product name : Limited edition McDonald Coca-cola glass
Manufactured : China
Do not use     : Hot Tea / beverage, Knocking
Use                : Cold/Ice beverage

I do not think this is meant for hot beverage as there was a reminder at the back said " do not use heat" . The only way use it safely will be on ice/cold beverage. Maybe not, maybe it just a fragile glass designed to put at display glass cases for showcase to your relative and friends visiting your house.