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McDonald Malaysia Coca-cola Glasses Ramadan 2014

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Limited Edition Coca-Cola Glass. Only at every McDonald outlets in Malaysia. Drink ice cold lemon tea with this

McDonald Malaysia Ramadan Coca-cola glasses 2014 and Olympic 2012

To be honest the free glass from McDonald Malaysia looked familiar. If memory serves me right, They have been given out this identical glass when on the London Summer Olympic on 2012. I got the London Summer Olympic glass and this Sinar Ramadan limited edition Coca-cola glass from McDonald Malaysia that is why I know it really looked like the one I got last time. 

To get one of these limited edition Coca-cola glass, there is a readily available McDonald menu with revised price. The menu contained almost every delicious McDonald burgers with the right price tag inclusive one limited edition Coca-cola glass. All you need to do is fairy easy, choose the menu on the table counter rather than choosing the hanging menu.

Should you choose the hanging menu but insisted in front of the staff you wanted to buy separately limited edition Coca-cola glasses, you would be charge rip-off price something RM 10 for one. Besides, the term and condition you must fulfill in order to get this limited edition coca-cola glass is to purchase McDonald large pack and the time is between 11AM-6AM. 

Coca-cola glass 2014-Ramadan-McDonald Malaysia

Product name : Limited edition McDonald Coca-cola glass
Manufactured : China
Do not use     : Hot Tea / beverage, Knocking
Use                : Cold/Ice beverage

I do not think this is meant for hot beverage as there was a reminder at the back said " do not use heat" . The only way use it safely will be on ice/cold beverage. Maybe not, maybe it just a fragile glass designed to put at display glass cases for showcase to your relative and friends visiting your house.