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OldTown White Coffee Raya 2015 Menu

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MyDulang Set Special menu for Ramadhan featuring Nasi Rendang

OldTown White Coffee MyDulang

"Sungkai" or in English "break their fast together" for Muslim. Let Sungkai at OldTown White Coffee Restaurant with more than 200 outlets across Malaysia. The new menu is aimed to attract customer to come eat in line with Raya festive season in June and July 2015.

Definitely make it much more attractive rather than just the average OldTown White Coffee Menu. For instance, KFC Malaysia made a wise decision rolling out " Ayam Kicap Meletup" in conjunction of the incoming Hari Raya 2015.

With "Ayam Kicap Meletup" or in English as Dark Soy Sauce Chicken Explode and OldTown White Coffee's MyDulang Set, everyone could enjoy more choices of meals while increasing their mood in this coming festival.

OldTown White Coffee

Not really went there for OldTown White Coffee. Was really amazed by OldTown effort in promoting MyDulang Set. There is a big signboard outside the restaurant with a really huge promotional illustration.

Nasi Rendang

Get a bite of lekor, fried chicken, boiled egg, cucumber, some vegetable and crunchy keropok. This set cost something like RM21.00nett

Coca-cola Float

Coca-Cola Float for the hot sun in lunch time coupled with spicy and oily meal. 

12 Best Ramadan Bazaar Foods 2014

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Every year there is a Ramadan Bazaar that never failed attracting us to go there for a tour

End of Ramadan month is approaching. It estimated in July 28, 2014, there will be an nationwide announcement of Hari Raya Aidilfitri. We will surely miss this Ramadan Bazaar very much. This is so much like McDonald Prosperity burger. You can eat it any amounts within a month but you will need to wait another 12 months for another feast on it.

But, Ain't no foods can compare to Ramadan Bazaar Food. They are delicious the way they are. Although Puasa is over no Ramadan bazaar, the truth is it even happier and merrier in the month of Syawal.

Kentang putar
1. Kentang Putar

Direct translation is Potato twist or to make it more awesome call it potato tornado. Crispy with chili sauce and mayonnaise sauce. A stick cost is RM3.00.  

Pisang Goreng Cheese
2. Pisang Goreng Cheese

Fried Banana with Cheese. I think there are 10 pieces of fried banana with abundant cheese !! A box of fried banana with cheest costs RM4.00

Nasi Bryani
3. Nasi Bryani

Beside Nasi Kuning/Lemak, this is definitely worth to try. The taste of the special ingredient rice is just make life perfect. A big mouth-watering chicken with a whole boiled egg. It costs RM6.00

Martabak Jawa
4. Martabak Jawa
Everyone is lining to buy this. It really delicious crunchy outer layer with vegetable plus egg inside. For those friend who do not like to eat vegetable, I bet you cant resist this one. Made of vegetable and flour. Cost around RM2.00 for a square. This plate contains 2 Martabak Jawa.  

Terang Bulan
5. Terang Bulan

Direct translation is shine moon or shiny moon. It looked like a pancake with peanuts inside. Is this Malaysia version of pancake ?? . It costs around RM2.50 for a really big piece

6. Air Tebu

Do you guy feel thirsty ?? It Sugarcane juice. This is 1.5L sugarcane juice inside a bottle as large as any large 100 Plus bottle. Choose those stalls preparing it on the spot and wide open. It need to be a freshly made one and cold. Sugarcane juice is not meant to kept for long unless it always inside a refrigerator.

Ramadan cendol
7. Juice or Cendol

One of the drink you must not miss to try. Instant cure thirst and spicy food that you have consumed. They usually sell it in a big package like this. It should be around 500 ML costs around RM2.00

Mee Laksa
8. Mee Laksa

Spicy laksa soup with special mee. Costs around RM3.00 

Ramadan Kuih
9. Kuih

Mix kuih and Dodol. No word can describe how delicious it can be. 

Nasi Lemak
10. Nasi Lemak

Oily rice or fatty rice ?  That are funny direct translation. This is nationwide recognized dish. Do not try to ask the vendor what is this because you will expose yourself as a foreigner. Cant expose identity try to blend in as much as possible. 

Buntut Ayam
11. Buntut Ayam

Fried Chicken butt. Delicious and yummy. 

Kebab Ayam Ramadan Malaysia
12. Kebab

Grilled Chicken in the wide-open crack of bread with super tasty sauces. It costs RM2.50 .

10 Things Malaysian buy online for Hari Raya 2014

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From the sales volume of a local e-commerce website, this is top 10 things people have purchased in the month of July

As Hari Raya Aidilfitri is approaching scheduled to be on July 25, 2014. People are rushing to buy essential goods but sometimes it really hard to make a decision for them. They would ask what to buy and what kind of trending things Malaysian like to buy during this month.

This could help you in your decision-making. Anyone who like to know any discounted goods this too a right place for you. One of the advice is that you really need to get yourself ready in prior to Hari Raya celebration because there will be lesser people are working during that time. If you want to buy anything just buy it right now before it too late. Your delivery is going to be delayed !

1. 5-1 stainless Steel Food Container

Who do not like food put into stainless steel container ? It look so elegant and clean. Those clashing sound when you knock the side by spoon or fork that really tempting to have. No plastic container anymore. Everything must have clean, white surface like Iphone. Besides, you can put a lot of bakery and give to relatives. This is so cheap everyone can afford it. More information at 5-1 Stainless steel RM18 

2. Shake n Take Blender 2 Bottles

Blend all the good fruits everything together. Or you want to blend ice to make ABC? . After you completed blending everything, you can take the bottle away and drink it at TV. A very convenience design. This is so cheap get them now more information at Shake n Take Blender RM60 or lesser

3. Happy Call Double Sided Pan

This so convenient with a 30CM size you can cook fishes or meats inside it. Either for you or for perfect wedding gift. Those who like to cook must be crazy about this. More information at RM75 only for 32CM

4. ASOTV Baby bullet blender

A perfect gift for relative just having baby. A tool to make healthy organic foods for babies. For those who want to learn how to use see it at baby bullet RM100 or less

5. Huawei Honor 3C

Huawei the third largest smartphone brands in the world is officially in Malaysia. Prime minister of Malaysia have visited Huawei company and awarded them AEO status. It so success everyone choose to buy them. The specification of it is relatively important to know, 5" screen size, 16GB internal storage, 2GB RAM and 8MP camera. The price is cheap and budget check it out at Honor 3C Dual SIM

6. Asus Zenfone 4

There is a free gift casing for you if buy it now. The specs for this smartphone are 4" screen size, 5MP camera, 8GB internal & 1GB RAM, bluetooth 4.0.  It will shock you when you know the actual price how much they are selling this. Everyone know that Asus is top laptops brand. How do you think their smartphone ?? RM 350 or lower for Asus Zenfone 4

7. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE

Have you thought owning a really big smartphone with the brand is currently top 1. Everyone know and trust Samsung products worldwide. It can compete with Apple which we know it really luxury to own an Apple product but Apple product does not have a big smartphone screen right ?? . Specification are LTE/4G, 5.7" screen size, 32GB internal & 3GB RAM, 13MP camera. It really much a portable moving laptop and a digital camera. More info at Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE RM1900 and below

8. Sokano H2O Steamer Cleaner Green

I do not know how to use this but this is next generation cleaner. It has this 5 in 1 multipurpose functions for your ease in your daily household chores. Imagine you have a combined in one piece of floor mop, Carpet cleaner, Garment steamer, window cleaner, Glass stain remover. This is the result. See the introduction video by a professional guy and know the price at Sokano H2O videos and price

9. Salav Garment Steamer Purple

Steam your beautiful dress or garment. No traditional shirt iron anymore. This is what those luxury garment or dress shop using. This is everyone dream to make a beautiful dress or garment even more shine. Everyone should have this in home now. Video how to use Salav Steamer and prices

10. ASOTV Slap Dice Mince Chop

I think this is everyone dream product at kitchen. Chop and mince everything so easily done. This is an innovative chopping machine designed for you. No more chopping and get risked hand bleeding. All so easy with this. Either fruits, onion, potato, tomato, carrot. It chops it all !! Stainless steel chop and mince only RM15 or below

11 Things to do during Ramadan in Malaysia

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Ramadan month started June 29 in Malaysia. Subsequently announced by Keeper of the Ruler's Seal

Ramadan month
Source : Awani Kosong Kosong

Fasting is obligatory to adult Muslim. One of the five pillars of Islam. It lasts for 29 or 30 days based on visual sightings of the crescent moon. Spiritual rewards thawab multiply during the month of Ramadan. In this month, there will be increased offering and recitation of Quran. Those who are able to fast is compulsory to them. Except for sick, traveler, pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic or going through menstrual bleeding.

1. Zakat Al-Fitri

Every male and female muslim who are qualified to the terms and conditions must contribute fixed amount Zakat.

2. Visit Bazaar Ramadan

Visiting Bazaar is not necessary for Muslim. The joyful and unity environment are felt presence should not be missed. There will be increase number of street vendors selling all kind of delicious food and beverage catering everyone. It usually started on 4PM and seen closing on 8PM. Everyone like to go there to buy food and beverage prior sunset.

After sunset, this is a moment allowing them to eat the food and beverage purchased during visiting Bazaar Ramadan.

3. Tarawih Prayer

A special night prayer throughout 30days. Recite entire Quran or longer than usually did.

4. Suhoor/Sahur 

It is necessary to consume food and beverage as a pre-dawn meal rather than no meal at all. After this meal, there were no breakfast and lunch till the sunset.

5. Breaking fast rules

First drink water or eat Kumar/Tamar fruit. Breaking fast is important to do as fast as announced. The next thing will be Maghrib prayer.

6. Strain from prohibited to you by Allah

It usually mean avoid intimacy with spouse, say harsh words, deliberately produce semen.

7. Quit Smoking 

It bad for your health, people surrounding and your wealth.

8. Medicine tips

Liquid and pill are restricted to eat. Besides that, Inhaler for Asthma patient, Eye ear and nose drop as well. However, there were some medicine allowed. cream & lotion for external use and those injected to the body.

More tips at this site Awani guides to medicine consume during Ramadan

9. Clothes for coming Hari Raya

Rather than purchase after Ramadan ended, it is better to make early preparation. Avoid traffic congestion !

10. Government handout for coming Raya Aidilfitri

Take note for government bonus handout during this month. Penang government announced half-month bonus or minimum payment of RM600 for civil servants. Besides, Prime minister of Malaysia announced special aid for Government pensioners and civil servants from Grade 1 to Grade 54. They will get RM500.

In Shah Alam, Civil servants in Selangor will receive one month bonus for Hari Raya.

11 Hari Raya Aidilfitri cookies and cake

Cook or go nearest shopping mall for fresh and delicious Hari Raya cookies and cake.

McDonald Malaysia Coca-cola Glasses Ramadan 2014

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Limited Edition Coca-Cola Glass. Only at every McDonald outlets in Malaysia. Drink ice cold lemon tea with this

McDonald Malaysia Ramadan Coca-cola glasses 2014 and Olympic 2012

To be honest the free glass from McDonald Malaysia looked familiar. If memory serves me right, They have been given out this identical glass when on the London Summer Olympic on 2012. I got the London Summer Olympic glass and this Sinar Ramadan limited edition Coca-cola glass from McDonald Malaysia that is why I know it really looked like the one I got last time. 

To get one of these limited edition Coca-cola glass, there is a readily available McDonald menu with revised price. The menu contained almost every delicious McDonald burgers with the right price tag inclusive one limited edition Coca-cola glass. All you need to do is fairy easy, choose the menu on the table counter rather than choosing the hanging menu.

Should you choose the hanging menu but insisted in front of the staff you wanted to buy separately limited edition Coca-cola glasses, you would be charge rip-off price something RM 10 for one. Besides, the term and condition you must fulfill in order to get this limited edition coca-cola glass is to purchase McDonald large pack and the time is between 11AM-6AM. 

Coca-cola glass 2014-Ramadan-McDonald Malaysia

Product name : Limited edition McDonald Coca-cola glass
Manufactured : China
Do not use     : Hot Tea / beverage, Knocking
Use                : Cold/Ice beverage

I do not think this is meant for hot beverage as there was a reminder at the back said " do not use heat" . The only way use it safely will be on ice/cold beverage. Maybe not, maybe it just a fragile glass designed to put at display glass cases for showcase to your relative and friends visiting your house.