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12 Best Ramadan Bazaar Foods 2014

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Every year there is a Ramadan Bazaar that never failed attracting us to go there for a tour

End of Ramadan month is approaching. It estimated in July 28, 2014, there will be an nationwide announcement of Hari Raya Aidilfitri. We will surely miss this Ramadan Bazaar very much. This is so much like McDonald Prosperity burger. You can eat it any amounts within a month but you will need to wait another 12 months for another feast on it.

But, Ain't no foods can compare to Ramadan Bazaar Food. They are delicious the way they are. Although Puasa is over no Ramadan bazaar, the truth is it even happier and merrier in the month of Syawal.

Kentang putar
1. Kentang Putar

Direct translation is Potato twist or to make it more awesome call it potato tornado. Crispy with chili sauce and mayonnaise sauce. A stick cost is RM3.00.  

Pisang Goreng Cheese
2. Pisang Goreng Cheese

Fried Banana with Cheese. I think there are 10 pieces of fried banana with abundant cheese !! A box of fried banana with cheest costs RM4.00

Nasi Bryani
3. Nasi Bryani

Beside Nasi Kuning/Lemak, this is definitely worth to try. The taste of the special ingredient rice is just make life perfect. A big mouth-watering chicken with a whole boiled egg. It costs RM6.00

Martabak Jawa
4. Martabak Jawa
Everyone is lining to buy this. It really delicious crunchy outer layer with vegetable plus egg inside. For those friend who do not like to eat vegetable, I bet you cant resist this one. Made of vegetable and flour. Cost around RM2.00 for a square. This plate contains 2 Martabak Jawa.  

Terang Bulan
5. Terang Bulan

Direct translation is shine moon or shiny moon. It looked like a pancake with peanuts inside. Is this Malaysia version of pancake ?? . It costs around RM2.50 for a really big piece

6. Air Tebu

Do you guy feel thirsty ?? It Sugarcane juice. This is 1.5L sugarcane juice inside a bottle as large as any large 100 Plus bottle. Choose those stalls preparing it on the spot and wide open. It need to be a freshly made one and cold. Sugarcane juice is not meant to kept for long unless it always inside a refrigerator.

Ramadan cendol
7. Juice or Cendol

One of the drink you must not miss to try. Instant cure thirst and spicy food that you have consumed. They usually sell it in a big package like this. It should be around 500 ML costs around RM2.00

Mee Laksa
8. Mee Laksa

Spicy laksa soup with special mee. Costs around RM3.00 

Ramadan Kuih
9. Kuih

Mix kuih and Dodol. No word can describe how delicious it can be. 

Nasi Lemak
10. Nasi Lemak

Oily rice or fatty rice ?  That are funny direct translation. This is nationwide recognized dish. Do not try to ask the vendor what is this because you will expose yourself as a foreigner. Cant expose identity try to blend in as much as possible. 

Buntut Ayam
11. Buntut Ayam

Fried Chicken butt. Delicious and yummy. 

Kebab Ayam Ramadan Malaysia
12. Kebab

Grilled Chicken in the wide-open crack of bread with super tasty sauces. It costs RM2.50 .