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Top 10 Gaming Peripherals in Malaysia 2014

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Most popular and used gaming accessories/peripherals Malaysian Gamer choose to have

There is no surprise to know Malaysian love to play online game in genre like MMORPG and MOBA during free time. Some people think that the game takes you to another level of satisfaction. The games that are known in the world. For example, Dota, Dota 2, Starcraft 2,  World of Warcraft, League of Legends and many more. Upcoming anticipated game will be Blizzard MOBA "Heroes of the Storm".

To add the effect of satisfactory gaming experience, one must no excluding the fun to own exclusive gaming accessories or peripherals. These companies are investing heavily to make a headset, keyboard and mouse that satisfy gamer around the world. No doubt they are Razer and Steelseries. They are few companies ventured successfully into making gaming peripherals a reality to gamer around the world. 

It was not those huge console companies Playstation, Xbox or Sega who made these worldly known gaming peripherals. It proven that gamer loves having highly sophisticated gaming peripherals to play their favorite games. These gaming peripherals does not cost you cheaply. It happened to be 10 times the price of an ordinary keyboard, mouse and headset.

If it adds the excitement of gaming experience, gamer will just say " Shut up and take my money " that what most of the gamer thinking if they could afford to own them. It just like those celebrity fans, they want to know or get everything a celebrity wore. 

In a recent Dota 2 tournament, an accumulated prize pool up to 5 million offered for the first winner. The highest cash prize in any Esport events. The event has been successfully held and propelled the brand like Razer, Steelseries, Blizzard and Steam. The popularity is so high to the extend there were broadcast in specific TV e-sport channel.

Dota 2 Microplush Blindbox in Malaysia
1. Dota 2 Microplush Blindbox

If you a gamer, there is no need an introduction for you how popular is this game. This is your childhood most favorite game. You never get tired play it days and nights just to make sure your favorite character is trained well. According to research, gamer who are really into this game spent most of the time in this game rather than other games available due to the unlimited excitement. More details at Dota 2 Microplush RM39

2. Steelseries Dota 2 mouse and pad

It included an in-game item. This is what you need to become a professional dota 2 player. A first step to become the best in the game. It costs around RM229.00 You can buy it Cash On Delivery in this site

3. Collectible Plushie set

All of them total 11. I am not sure whether they are giving it all as soon as you pay a price or you have to get all them by randomly. It costs around RM60 with Cash On Delivery 

4. Black Dota 2 shirt XL size

Definitely check this out. It dota 2 logo imprinted in a shirt. Showing off like no one can. Expose yourself in the public you are not just a Dota 2 player, you are a true fan. Check them out at Unisex XL size Black RM69.00

5. Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

I think Pewdiepie has one of this headset. This is totally mind blowing item for a gamer. All the details read at here Green Razer Kraken Headset. It costs less than RM300. Razer Kraken is more than just an ordinary headset.

6. Steelseries Siberia

This is way cheaper than that but look amazing and solid. It made by Steelseries and do not cost you a fortune. It much more budget-friendly costs around less than RM200. Do not just stare there do more research and get the best offer. More details at Steelseries Siberia 

7. Razer Naga 2014

What you are looking at it a synergy both keypad and mouse. Truly innovative and for most of us this is what a MMORPG gamer wanted to have. It way needed for a professional Dota 2 player. As soon as you mastered this masterpiece you are a so called cheater in the game. Your response is faster than the fastest player. You basically win them is a fair and square game and those who do not own him. Razer Naga 2014 RM289 only

8. Razer Deathstalker Gaming Keyboard

This is designed for a game and gamer. A normal keyboard would not have this kind of technology built inside this Razer keyboard. No delay on continuous tapping. You are becoming one with the keyboard. Whatever command you inserted in this amazing razer keyboard is counted done. In case you break the keyboard, just so you know there is 1 year supplier warranty. Do you even think a second this keyboard break easily ?? Costing at RM285 COD available

9. Steelseries Shift WOW

Check it out this steelseries keyboard. By knowing the name you would know it as hard as a steel. It would not break easily like a normal keyboard. It is one and only WOW and steelseries keyboard out there. Just for your information, DOTA was a map by Blizzard's Warcraft. Without Warcraft, there would not have been DOTA. Check them out at Steelseries RM169 only

10. Razer Ferox 2

Loud and clear audio with a subwoofer. This is just nice manufactured in the brand of Razer. I think it costs less than RM200. Do check them out at 2 Razer Music Speakers

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