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10 Best Performing Smartphones in Second Quarter 2014

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According to Antutu chart, These are the best smartphones in the world. Most of them can be bought in Malaysia.

Are you eager to find out what are the smartphones the people in the world are holding ?? You want to hold it on your hand too ?? These 10 smartphones some of them are readily available in Malaysia market. Besides, this is a right place for you to check the correct prices.

There is no doubt Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is top in the chart. It could be better than Samsung Galaxy S5 if you must ask for comparison. Are you taking this chart seriously because you need to know where to get these smartphones in Malaysia. Most of the smartphones listed on the chart are mostly available in Malaysia. How many of you actually interesting and eager to find out the price and comparison to your current smartphone ?

There are few smartphones are currently not available in Malaysia.They are Huawei Honor 6, S5 Prime, Lenovo K920, Vivo Xshot. The best smartphone among all I would vote for LG G2 despite lower rating on that chart. It cheaper among all of the listed smartphone and best part is the specification on LG G2 is relatively high.

The price is quoted as the latest in the market. Do not hesitate to know more about the smartphone details on the link provided

Top 10 Smartphones according to AnTuTu chart 

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE -  Note 3 LTE Black RM1898
  2. Honor Honor 6 ( Not available in Malaysia yet)
  3. HTC One M8 16GB Gold RM1799 only
  4. One Plus One 16GB LTE -  RM1158 or lower only
  5. Samsung Galaxy S5 Black - Galaxy S5 RM1,739 or lower only
  6. Oppo Find 7 (Just launch)
  7. Samsung Galaxy Prime ( Not yet)
  8. Not yet available in Malaysia
  9. Not yet available in Malaysia
  10. LG G2 32GB LTE- RM 1239 or lower only