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Gaming PC/Laptop should have at least 8GB RAM

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Any laptop you bought on 2018 should have at least 8GB system RAM for minimal pleasure on gaming.

Try a new laptopr or PC ? higher chance you will tumble on windows 10 that required minimum 4GB RAM to run. The truth is windows 10 required a constant roughly 2.5GB RAM to maintain. For any user activities, you are just left with estimated 1.5GB RAM.

1.5GB RAM may seem to be enough for casual web browsing and watching Youtube. In some point, you will need to run its on PC games. This is where everything turn sour and ugly questioning "why newly bought laptop/PC on 2018 cannot handle a 5 years old game bought from Steam ?" 

Experts would argue you are still able to run the game. However, the game constantly taking 95% of the RAM. There was no secret that a game still run on 4GB RAM but with less FPS and happen to have events of stutter.

4GB RAM Laptop/PC are still widely available in today market. In fact, you just opt for higher than 8GB RAM and surely with medium to high tiered graphic card for better gaming experience. To shed a little information about GPU, any GPU running on DDR5 and 4GB VRAM are considered good for gaming. Should you accept 4GB system RAM with Nvidia 10xx series ? of course big no.


Fortnite Battle Royale taking 3GB RAM
There was no better things to do than playing Fortnite right now.

In order to further turn you off buying a 4GB RAM PC/Laptop, one of the best game genre in 2010 - 2020 Fortnite battle royale by Epic games is occupying more than 3GB RAM. 

As if you had 4GB RAM, it is literally unplayable for lacking 1.5GB RAM. To be frank, you could still play the game with image stuttering and imagine engaging in a large scale combat, instead of playing a game it like you are watching a frame to frame images.

PUBG mobile taking 1.5GB RAM
PUBG mobile by Tencent

Emulator and PUBG mobile is taking up 1.5GB RAM. With 4GB system RAM, you will get a constant 90% RAM occupied. It is not harsh to say you could never open a single page of google chrome or even try to do a desktop refresh. Some gamer like to open voice-chat software during game and you may try to open some of your favorite song ? Here is my suggestion, buy a PC/laptop setup that come with 8GB RAM or more. 

In the coming years, gaming enthusiats are slowly adopting live streaming their favorite game. 8GB RAM may not be enough any longer. You may need 16GB RAM in the year 2025 ? 

Top 10 Gaming Peripherals in Malaysia 2014

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Most popular and used gaming accessories/peripherals Malaysian Gamer choose to have

There is no surprise to know Malaysian love to play online game in genre like MMORPG and MOBA during free time. Some people think that the game takes you to another level of satisfaction. The games that are known in the world. For example, Dota, Dota 2, Starcraft 2,  World of Warcraft, League of Legends and many more. Upcoming anticipated game will be Blizzard MOBA "Heroes of the Storm".

To add the effect of satisfactory gaming experience, one must no excluding the fun to own exclusive gaming accessories or peripherals. These companies are investing heavily to make a headset, keyboard and mouse that satisfy gamer around the world. No doubt they are Razer and Steelseries. They are few companies ventured successfully into making gaming peripherals a reality to gamer around the world. 

It was not those huge console companies Playstation, Xbox or Sega who made these worldly known gaming peripherals. It proven that gamer loves having highly sophisticated gaming peripherals to play their favorite games. These gaming peripherals does not cost you cheaply. It happened to be 10 times the price of an ordinary keyboard, mouse and headset.

If it adds the excitement of gaming experience, gamer will just say " Shut up and take my money " that what most of the gamer thinking if they could afford to own them. It just like those celebrity fans, they want to know or get everything a celebrity wore. 

In a recent Dota 2 tournament, an accumulated prize pool up to 5 million offered for the first winner. The highest cash prize in any Esport events. The event has been successfully held and propelled the brand like Razer, Steelseries, Blizzard and Steam. The popularity is so high to the extend there were broadcast in specific TV e-sport channel.

Dota 2 Microplush Blindbox in Malaysia
1. Dota 2 Microplush Blindbox

If you a gamer, there is no need an introduction for you how popular is this game. This is your childhood most favorite game. You never get tired play it days and nights just to make sure your favorite character is trained well. According to research, gamer who are really into this game spent most of the time in this game rather than other games available due to the unlimited excitement. More details at Dota 2 Microplush RM39

2. Steelseries Dota 2 mouse and pad

It included an in-game item. This is what you need to become a professional dota 2 player. A first step to become the best in the game. It costs around RM229.00 You can buy it Cash On Delivery in this site

3. Collectible Plushie set

All of them total 11. I am not sure whether they are giving it all as soon as you pay a price or you have to get all them by randomly. It costs around RM60 with Cash On Delivery 

4. Black Dota 2 shirt XL size

Definitely check this out. It dota 2 logo imprinted in a shirt. Showing off like no one can. Expose yourself in the public you are not just a Dota 2 player, you are a true fan. Check them out at Unisex XL size Black RM69.00

5. Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

I think Pewdiepie has one of this headset. This is totally mind blowing item for a gamer. All the details read at here Green Razer Kraken Headset. It costs less than RM300. Razer Kraken is more than just an ordinary headset.

6. Steelseries Siberia

This is way cheaper than that but look amazing and solid. It made by Steelseries and do not cost you a fortune. It much more budget-friendly costs around less than RM200. Do not just stare there do more research and get the best offer. More details at Steelseries Siberia 

7. Razer Naga 2014

What you are looking at it a synergy both keypad and mouse. Truly innovative and for most of us this is what a MMORPG gamer wanted to have. It way needed for a professional Dota 2 player. As soon as you mastered this masterpiece you are a so called cheater in the game. Your response is faster than the fastest player. You basically win them is a fair and square game and those who do not own him. Razer Naga 2014 RM289 only

8. Razer Deathstalker Gaming Keyboard

This is designed for a game and gamer. A normal keyboard would not have this kind of technology built inside this Razer keyboard. No delay on continuous tapping. You are becoming one with the keyboard. Whatever command you inserted in this amazing razer keyboard is counted done. In case you break the keyboard, just so you know there is 1 year supplier warranty. Do you even think a second this keyboard break easily ?? Costing at RM285 COD available

9. Steelseries Shift WOW

Check it out this steelseries keyboard. By knowing the name you would know it as hard as a steel. It would not break easily like a normal keyboard. It is one and only WOW and steelseries keyboard out there. Just for your information, DOTA was a map by Blizzard's Warcraft. Without Warcraft, there would not have been DOTA. Check them out at Steelseries RM169 only

10. Razer Ferox 2

Loud and clear audio with a subwoofer. This is just nice manufactured in the brand of Razer. I think it costs less than RM200. Do check them out at 2 Razer Music Speakers

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Asus G56 New Flagship Gaming Laptop in Malaysia

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You have more choice rather than picking up MSI or Alienware. Introducing Asus 's flagship groundbreaking and breathtaking gaming laptop 

Never underestimate Asus because they have reputation on solid laptop performance and durability. You are completely okay when consider to include Asus into your list of best gaming laptops. There were not a lot of brands out there specializing in gaming category. There are reasons why Asus should be consider.

Firstly, MSI and Asus are Taiwan based laptop maker company. Basically, MSI and Asus are both Asian laptops. It proved to be cheaper compared to Alienware which owned by Dell. It is not surprise to see Alienware peripherals are all not consider to be cheap in Asian point of view. Fortunately, we did not need condone to just Alienware branded laptops which we know their brand is most well known in gaming industry.

Heavily promoted by Asus Malaysia the new Asus G56 is available to every passionate Malaysian. It not really cheap but the specification is just mind blowing. It have everything you need and honestly preserving it nicely you would not need to change another gaming laptop for coming 10 years. For example, a cheap gaming laptop cost you around RM2,000 or even more but only lasts for coming 4 to 5 years as technologies in gaming industry surpassed your laptop. Why don you just pick something really a nice laptop like Asus G56 which you can play 99% of the high-end games today and make yourself worry-free for the coming years.

A true and hardcore gamer would already know which laptops they should get. Don be influenced by the cost try to look at the performance this laptop can deliver instead of the laptops costing you not more than RM2,500 . It is a high-end laptop worthy of the cost you pay. Imagine Ultra high setting on these games Titanfall, Watchdog, GTA 5, Tom Clancy, Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us. It surely can be achieved by this laptop in fact these games will be running like piece of cake.

Let look at this spectacular specification inside this laptop. Remember to blink your eye and close your mouth because you cant handle this laptop awesomeness. Which one to choose among Dell Alienware, Asus and MSI ??

I would pick Asus or MSI. Sometimes Alienware laptops is made for US Europe where their temperature is colder than Asian countries. As for Asus and MSI, it much more concentrate on better quality in dispersing and withstand heat inside the laptops. I might be wrong but I heard Alienware heated up pretty fast ! 


Laptops features : 15" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i5, 12GB RAM & 1TB HDD, GTX760M

Color : Black

Weight : 4KG

GPU cards : Nvidia GTX760M  , GPU Pixel shaders  : 768 , GPU memory speed : 4000 , Memory 

bus : 128 , GPU power consumption : 55W

A total of 12GB RAM is just hold my breath away. Look at the weakness side, it would be the weight, power consumption. A great graphic card would consumer large amount of electricity. It only sell for less than RM4000 last time I check. You can check the price at Asus G56JR Free Gaming Mouse and mousepad

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Perfect World opened Swordsman Online in Malaysia

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World No 1 badminton player Lee Chong Wei have been invited to attend opening ceremony of 4Games Swordsman online in Malaysia 

Source: xa.4games

Swordsman online or "笑傲江湖 "is a poplar 3D online MMORPG set at a distant past influenced by Jin Yong novel. The game is fantastic and addictive due to infusing historical Chinese infrastructure in the past with fiction. Mandarin speaking often called it as "Wuxia" .  

Growing popularity of swordsman online worldwide stemmed 4Games to open a new server for Malaysia players. The game will be in Chinese language but the game will be designed to cater local Malaysian players as well as other southeast Asia countries. Despite that, there is no announcement there will be IP block thus any country players could access and play !

With this initiative, Malaysian will no longer need to play the game at other server that hosted at far and long distances. As a result, Malaysia will have greater online gaming experience because lag-free and interactive between players is improved. 

Not only that, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippine who interested in playing Swordsman online could join the game in a consistent and familiar environment. For example, player can communicate and understand English inside the game. Besides, the game chat room will no longer dominate by Chinese characters.

As a part of promoting the game, opening ceremony of Swordsman online in Malaysia, they have invited Datuk Lee Chong wei to attend this grand opening ceremony at Paradigm Mall ground floor. Detailed information can be found at the banner above. Joining this event, you might have a chance to bring back something good as displayed at the banner. Don miss this event visit them on June 1 Sunday, lunch time till 2PM ! 

Besides, a meeting with Swordsman online players will be held ahead of the opening ceremony on May, 30. Time is 10AM-10PM for two days

Official 4Games Facebook page :

This video is part of marketing strategy for Swordsmen online will be opened in Malaysia. Close beta Swordsman online is scheduled to be launched onMay 29, 2014.  Downloadable game client had been released earlier and the size is 8GB - 9GB . Should you opt for Swordsman online game disc, management of 4Games announced every account could get a free disc upon requested to their home no extra charge upon them. 

Top 10 Gaming Laptops in Malaysia 2014

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Gaming Laptops is about weight, power consumption, Graphic processor unit. It is more than you ever know

Of course the main thing to ponder first speaking of gaming laptop should be GPU. Laptops will be always a portable one. Their weight as well as power consumption is very much important.

If it is heavy it will be not so portable. Importance of power consumption is no less than it weight. Comparison of graphic processor unit in laptops is essential it will be slight boring just talking about it. There are many things need to learn about graphic cards it is not just low-end and high-end graphic cards. There are many factors needed to consider !

We can breakdown on graphic cards to Pixel shaders, Memory speeds, Memory Bus. All of the new graphic cards in laptops need to be Direct 11.

Without further delaying, First you will see a entry-level gaming laptop till those will cost you really expensive. You do not really need heavy GPU laptops You can always buy a cheap one and play your favourite high-end game let say "Titanfall", "Crysis" rendered game setting to low. 

You need to know that gaming company always want their game to exceed expectation in current GPU. They want provide as real as possible. They are good at promoting to us to buy newer computers because they are affiliated with computer manufacturer. Gamers always have a choice to lower the game setting although it will slightly impact gaming experience.

Summary of important things to look at a gaming laptops are weight, power consumption, GPU, Screen size. As the innovation and creativity in small chips built inside each laptops growing rapidly, each laptops in the future will try to look at different angle in gaming laptop. Battery technology is one of the example. The reason why I do not put battery as an important factor to look at gaming laptops because gaming processor required consistent power supply that a lithium battery still will be depleted.

Purchasing a gaming laptop does not need you to look at the battery factor because a gaming laptops generally run faster when you always plug it into a power socket instead using battery. Laptop battery does a small part in this topic.


Laptops features : 15.6" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i5, 4GB RAM & 1TB HDD, GTX760M

Color : Silver

Weight : 2.5KG

GPU cards : Nvidia GTX760M  , GPU Pixel shaders  : 768 , GPU memory speed : 4000 , Memory 

bus : 128 , GPU power consumption : 50W

The GPU is fully supporting 5th generation PureVideo HD. A very good and prime example entry-level laptops. It is under RM3000. Purchase with the right vendor, It has 2 years warranty. Newly launched by Asus in the year 2014. Check the full information and current price at Asus RM3,100 more or less


Laptops features : 15.6" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i7, 8GB RAM & 750GB HDD, GT740M

Color : Silver

Weight : 2.5 KG

GPU cards : Nvidia GT740M  , GPU Pixel shaders  : 384 , GPU memory speed : 1800 , Memory 

bus : 64/128,    GPU power consumption : 33W

A bigger screen of Toshiba satellite if you do not like 14" screen size gaming laptop. Bigger means more expensive. Opting for bigger gaming laptop screen and higher middle range graphic card? Full information and current price at Toshiba Satellite Gaming SIlver


Laptops features : 14" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i5, 4GB RAM & 750GB HDD, GT720M

Color : black/orange

Weight : 2.2KG

GPU cards : Nvidia GeForce GT720M , GPU Pixel shaders  : 96 , GPU memory speed 

1800 , Memory bus : 64 , GPU Power Consumption : 25W

Laptop come with HD camera for video chatting at skype or any video software. Lenovo always boasted they have longer battery life in any of their products. Check full nformation and current price at  Lenovo Flex black/orange

LENOVO Y410P 5940

Laptops features : 14" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i7, 8GB RAM & 1TB HDD, GT755

Color : Black

Weight : 2.2KG

GPU cards : Nvidia GeForce GT755 , GPU Pixel shaders  : 384 , GPU memory speed 

: 5400 , Memory bus : 128 , GPU Power Consumption : 40W

Lenovo always boasted they sell at a lower price. I think this laptop is under the actual price. One of the laptop you should buy with the budget RM3000. Although it does not have 500+ pixel shaders but this is consider one of the fastest GPU ever build inside a laptop. More information and current price at 
Lenovo laptop cost about RM2600 more or less . There is a bigger screen size version this laptop. It is Lenovo Y510.


Laptops features : 14" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i5 processor , 4GB RAM & 500GB SATA HDD, GT740M

Color : Cool Steel

Weight : 2.0 KG

GPU cards : Nvidia GeForce GT740M , GPU Pixel shaders  : 384 , GPU memory speed 

: 1800 , Memory bus : 68/128 , GPU Power Consumption : 33W

Emphasis on the right screen size and weight of laptop are as important as the GPU for a would-be laptop consumers. Too large or too small laptop screen size will rendered your gaming or learning experience. 4GB RAM is super fast enabled you to open few more website tabs while browsing for your assignment information. Acer is well known brand they have been recognized the biggest laptop manufacturer in the world. You can see any electronic retail shops in Malaysia selling Acer products. With this specification only cost around RM2000 more or less. Check the current price and full information laptop at Acer Aspire V5 Cool Steel


Laptops features : 15.6" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i7 processor , 4GB RAM & 1TB SATA HDD with 24GB SSD, GT740M, Bluetooth 4.0

Color : Aluminium Black

Weight : 2.5 KG

GPU cards : Nvidia GeForce GT740M , GPU Pixel shaders  : 384 , GPU memory speed 

1800 , Memory bus : 68/128 , GPU Power Consumption : 33W

15.6 screen size plus some internal space in Solid State Drive for your perfect laptop performance and experience. Built-in the latest touchscreen technology. Basically a gaming laptop requirement is higher than 2GB RAM and good graphic card. You will not be disappointed purchasing this multi purpose laptop. It cost around RM3000 . You could check current price at Asus Vivo Book Touch Black


Laptops features : 15.6" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i7 processor , 8GB RAM & 1TB SATA HDD, Radeon HD 8670M

Color : Aluminium Black

Weight : 2.2 KG

GPU cards : Radeon HD 8670M , GPU Pixel shaders  : 384 , GPU memory speed 

: 2000 , Memory bus : 64 , GPU Power Consumption : 30W,   Shader : 5

Last time I checked on Malaysian market. This cost around on a scale RM2500-RM3000 . Dell is well known brand for manufacturing gaming stuff. This laptops is highly sophisticated in engineering and it is touch-screen built-in. Looking for gaming laptops budget less than RM3000? It also boasted that using MaxAudio 4.0 technology winning numerous awards. This is a perfect example. Check full information at Dell Inspiron 5537T


Laptops features : 14" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i5 processor , 4GB RAM & 500GB HDD with 24GB SSD, GeForce GT370M

Color : Aluminium Black

Weight : 2.0 KG

GPU cards : GeForce GT370M , GPU Pixel shaders  : 384 , GPU memory speed 

1800 , Memory bus : 64/128, GPU Power Consumption : 30W,   Shader : 5

HP Pavilion generously offered 2 years warranty on this laptop. It can help you do daily computing with ease. Hesitate no more this gaming laptop is not even over RM2000. This GPU is highly valuable due to it can support 4k resolutions. A fairy good GPU coupled with fairy low price really tempting .Check the current price and full information at HP Pavilion m4


Laptops features : 15.6" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i7 processor , 8GB RAM & 1TB HDD, GeForce GTX860M, Bluetooth 4.0

Color : Aluminium Black

Weight : 1.9 KG ( Doubting)

GPU cards : GeForce GTX860M , GPU Pixel shaders  : 640 , GPU memory speed 

: 5000 , Memory bus : 128, GPU Power Consumption : 60W,   Shader : 5

-GPU featured Battery Boost, Gamestream, ShadowPlay, GPU Boost 2.0, Optimus, PhysX, CUDA, SLI and Geforce experience

MSI's gaming laptop with 15" screen size and steelseries gaming keyboard. Running side by side with highly renowned Geforce GPU. All of the gaming features you needed the most are all inside. MSI generously offering buyer with 2 years warranty. It boasted that the MSI hardware is not an ordinary but a gaming leaned hardware. It possibly reduce and kills lag when you are downloading and streaming with friends in online game. It can make your gaming experience to next whole new level. The price to pay on this rig will pay you off and well worthy. It is over RM5000 . Could check full information at One of the kind MSI GS60 Black


Laptops features : 14" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i7 processor , 8GB RAM & 750GB HDD with 64GB SSD, GeForce GTX765M, Bluetooth 4.0, Microphones and 2MP HD camera.

Color : Aluminium Black

Weight : 3KG

GPU cards : GeForce GTX765M , GPU Pixel shaders  : 768 , GPU memory speed 

4000 , Memory bus : 128, GPU Power Consumption : 55W,   Shader : 5

It heavy and it hungry of more power but it is because of it gaming rig. It is sensible at any angle that Alienware one of the division of Dell competitor of MSI laptop one should mention. Alienware brand is associate with gaming just like Nvidia is a gaming chip associated with gaming term. This alienware is a fine piece of gaming rig. Built-in aluminium protects your LCD and components, while the cooper heat sinks keep your system cool on the inside so you can game for hours and hours. It make sense why it is so heavy.

Are you a gamer that upload youtube video ? This is good laptop as it has Purevideo HD and video encoding engine called NVENC. It really hard to choose between MSI laptop and Dell Alienware. Both of them have same price tag but different screen size. Choose wisely if you are interested ! More information at  Dell Alienware A14