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Gaming PC/Laptop should have at least 8GB RAM

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Any laptop you bought on 2018 should have at least 8GB system RAM for minimal pleasure on gaming.

Try a new laptopr or PC ? higher chance you will tumble on windows 10 that required minimum 4GB RAM to run. The truth is windows 10 required a constant roughly 2.5GB RAM to maintain. For any user activities, you are just left with estimated 1.5GB RAM.

1.5GB RAM may seem to be enough for casual web browsing and watching Youtube. In some point, you will need to run its on PC games. This is where everything turn sour and ugly questioning "why newly bought laptop/PC on 2018 cannot handle a 5 years old game bought from Steam ?" 

Experts would argue you are still able to run the game. However, the game constantly taking 95% of the RAM. There was no secret that a game still run on 4GB RAM but with less FPS and happen to have events of stutter.

4GB RAM Laptop/PC are still widely available in today market. In fact, you just opt for higher than 8GB RAM and surely with medium to high tiered graphic card for better gaming experience. To shed a little information about GPU, any GPU running on DDR5 and 4GB VRAM are considered good for gaming. Should you accept 4GB system RAM with Nvidia 10xx series ? of course big no.


Fortnite Battle Royale taking 3GB RAM
There was no better things to do than playing Fortnite right now.

In order to further turn you off buying a 4GB RAM PC/Laptop, one of the best game genre in 2010 - 2020 Fortnite battle royale by Epic games is occupying more than 3GB RAM. 

As if you had 4GB RAM, it is literally unplayable for lacking 1.5GB RAM. To be frank, you could still play the game with image stuttering and imagine engaging in a large scale combat, instead of playing a game it like you are watching a frame to frame images.

PUBG mobile taking 1.5GB RAM
PUBG mobile by Tencent

Emulator and PUBG mobile is taking up 1.5GB RAM. With 4GB system RAM, you will get a constant 90% RAM occupied. It is not harsh to say you could never open a single page of google chrome or even try to do a desktop refresh. Some gamer like to open voice-chat software during game and you may try to open some of your favorite song ? Here is my suggestion, buy a PC/laptop setup that come with 8GB RAM or more. 

In the coming years, gaming enthusiats are slowly adopting live streaming their favorite game. 8GB RAM may not be enough any longer. You may need 16GB RAM in the year 2025 ?