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Watch World Cup 2018 in Radio Televisyen Malaysia

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Malaysian are watching RTM 2's World Cup 2018 Russia vs Saudi Arabia

Watch on Smartphone with Digi unlimited plan RM100+
Watch on Smartphone with Digi unlimited plan RM100+

You may watch it free of any charge in your smartphone browser or PC browser. Fret not as if you had missed Russia vs Saudi Arabia, RTM 2 would make a playback on the match. Highest resolution is 720p and for those who has limited internet speed may opt 234p for smoother video buffering. 

Some of the perimeter wall advertisements are visible such as Hisense, Wanda, Budweiser, Vivo, McDonalds, adidas and many more. The first goal between Russia vs Saudia Arabia was in the 11 minutes with a head goal by Russia team's "Lury Gazinsky"

In fact, relevant authorities in Malysia have suggests  all Malaysian should pay no charges on important World cup 2018 matches. Previously, in order to watch every World Cup high-definition shows were needed to pay a subscription fee to a private company and only important world cup matches were shown in national television channel.  

Full occupancy is expected on those restaurants with television as some would prefer the ambience watching with a group of supporter and adversary, 

Please click the link for world cup 2018 opening ceremony and watch it on Youtube. 

If you wish to watch LIVE you may watch it on Official LIVE RTM 2