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10 Things to do during Chinese New Year 2016

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4 out of 10 CNY activities You Have Done it unconsciously.

Chinese New Year is HOLIDAY !!


Sunway Carnival Mall
Sunway Carnival Mall

Each shopping mall in Malaysia offers spectacular seasonal decoration especially during all-time favorite Chinese New Year. Sunway Carnival Mall might have spent thousands in order to signify the coming of Lunar new year festival. There is no need to pay to take a picture with your friends !

Branches of man-made Cherry blossom were one of the attraction where passerby could write and tag wishes cards onto the branch. Most popular wishes are health, relationship and job !

Check it out Suria Sabah Shopping mall's Chinese new year 2015 decoration ! Suria Sabah Chinese New Year decoration 2015


It was not Chinese New year without lion dance. Lion dance is a hired performance done with or without the rising platform. However, the lion dance is must to be performed with loud instruments. One will see the lion dance performers making an art out of mandarin orange or carrying a 4-words scroll to gift to the one who funded the performance.


Well known director Stephen Chow's the "mermaid" is one of the selected few films to debut during the highly coveted first week of the Chinese New Year . The film recorded as highest opening ticket sales in a week in many countries including Malaysia.


Parkson counter

There is no way throughout the Chinese New Year week wearing the traditional red Chinese costume. I suppose new clothes mean ward off previous year bad luck. It was really fun though !


There is no compulsory on this point. Everyone went to do some look adjustment in order to wow the crowd of relative. However, dying hair is not very accepted by any parents thinking as it would probably give a bad impression.


Cameo Penang

Cocktail tables full of booze. Singing and dancing with band and DJ. A night before Chinese new year eve 2016 ! The lightning effect is quite cool. It was a little bit intense knowing that the entrance fee was FREE



Crowded temple with overwhelming devotees performing burnt offerings.


Night singing performance !



Everyone love gambling during this time. Only on this festival occasion, The full of dust poker cards and discolored mahjong were taken out from store shelves. Most of them were not addicted to poker or mahjong gambling. After the festival, the mahjong and poker will see no light again until next CNY.


The perception is winning and losing is a matter of luck.


Ritual before meal
A god blessed meal

An offering before a meal. The food then will be properly placed at dining table.

Suria Sabah Chinese New Year Decoration 2015

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Suria Sabah Shopping Mall lights up Kota Kinabalu

The huge Suria Sabah entrance with a huge red magnificent decoration will drive you to a feeling as happy as watching fireworks. The astonishing hundred light shines upon the night turns anyone into an atmosphere of Lunar New Year 2015. It is the goat year.

Suria Sabah Shopping Mall CNY 2015 decoration

Although it is a goat year, there is less likely a goat decoration something like a horse year wh

Dragon Dance Suria Sabah 2015

Prosperity God is here with his angpows and dressing in red and yellow.

Suria Sabah Shopping Mall CNY 2015 decoration

As the Chinese New Year 2015 is around the corner, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall is pretty generous spending so many funds in order to attract visitors. Most of them spend couple of hours watching this exclusive show.

Heavily decorated Suria Sabah Shopping Mall During CNY 2015

Utilizing large ample space they could put some amazing and seriously awesome CNY interior decorations. The eye-catching decoration and intriguing lion dance drums captured many passer-by attention.

Heavily decorated Suria Sabah Shopping Mall During CNY 2015

So many excited younger generation sitting down enjoying the show of daring lion dance performance as it moves across the high-rise pole possibility falling down. If one watch closely enough many thought it is a small pole but it actually big enough to support highly-trained performer moving lightning speed  and performing some breath-taking stunts. Many would quickly figured it out but not when it coupled with highly distracting drum beats

Lion Dance in high rise pole in Suria Sabah Shopping Mall

Always confuse it was a lion or a dog because it too cute to be lion. In fact, it neither lion or a dog. It was a mythical creature that live in a cave. Some would believe it emits fire However, it weakness is firecrackers that could ward off them from destroying villages and eventually they stayed in cave.

For centuries, believing that lighting up firecrackers could save them from the attack of the mythical creature. But, do you ever think how much profit fire cracker makers made ? They would telling you anything perhaps a very good story.

Although firecrackers were not easily accessible due to legal barrier as these firecrackers were not taxed by authority. There are some foes still able to get it and play it.  

Chinese New Year 2015 Menu at KFC Malaysia

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Golden Egg Crunch and Golden Burger delighting you on Chinese New Year 2015

KFC Malaysia Golden burger

It is amusing to know there are some new menu eating at KFC. Could not resist any of them either the golden burger or golden egg crunch. I have ordered both and it is a great and satisfying experience.

Golden Egg Crunch does not taste like normal Kentucky fried chicken. Sjora's juice makes your meal even tastier ever.

A new menu always push away the last great menu brought by KFC. I sincerely hope that one day KFC Malaysia would bring back the old menu. I must say the high-quality fried prawn one should not take it lightly because it taste like so fresh and delicious.

The freshness of the prawn meat is still preserved under high temperature deep-fried I guess they put some secret ingredients deep-fried those golden crunchy prawn. I never like to eat prawn but when I do, I go to KFC.

KFC Double Down Maxx and KFC fried prawn >> Link <<

Maxis tells Malaysian to share Happy Deepavali Message 2014

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Share the spirit of celebration nationwide

Maxis tells to share Hari Deepavali message 2014

Those kids were asked few questions. you will be shocked what were the answers ! It was not made clear whether these kids acted in the video clip were orphans. By the way, Maxis pledged donating RM1 for each of LINE Malaysia users downloads the amazing stickers. Let them donate for the unfortunate !!

Step to step

  1. Get your LINE app in your smartphone and open it
  2. Go to "More" tab
  3. Go "Sticker Shop" tab
  4. Go "Free" tab
  5. Click "Celebrate Deepavali with LINE"
  6. Download and let Maxis donate on your behalf
  7. There will be a meaningful video for everyone to see. It available on Youtube though.

Maxis tells to share Hari Deepavali message 2014

Maxis, one of the largest brand operating mobile and network services in Malaysia is enthusiast in helping all of the underprivileged children's homes. This is only available till October 31, 2014. Now it your chance to do some charity for !!

10 Important things to do Hari Raya Malaysia

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Hari Raya Aildifitri 10 Checklists. Do your own or you may like one of them listed here

1. No last minute frenzy shopping

Imagine the attitude of rushing for last minute frenzy shopping spree, the shopping mall might overcrowd. You do not the meaning of overcrowd if you do not see one. I know you wish it not happening on you.

2. Plans homecoming route

Tune right radio station and open it louder to know current road situation. Do not be haste just follow the flow and be patient for your turn. You always get your turn please drive safely for the sake of passenger nad yourself

Get your neighbor alerted that you are heading home. Close the windows and close the gas chamber.

3. Tell employer 1 month in advance

Yes means yes, no means no that what employer will tell you unless you apply it in advance there is a big chance you will get it. However, there is percentage you still need to work. If you have seen the Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) Hari Raya video 2014 you will know what I had tried to say.

4. Check best discount deals for Hari Raya

Lazada Malaysia

Survey all options and physical outlets before decide to make a transaction because there are always big sales. All the people are now more keen surveying online products because items bought online were mostly cheaper due to no expensive rental fees


5. To cinema for Hari Raya movies " Tembus " or " Mat Tudung "

There are massive movies coming out such as the title suggested and Hollywood movies such as Hercules and  Guardian of Galaxy. It is sad to tell you guys that both the movies do not have macho Aaron Aziz or pretty Nelydia Senrose. 

6. Watch exclusive videos made for Hari Raya 2014 in Malaysia

Have you seen the latest Hari Raya advertisement video from Telekom Malaysia, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Proton or Petronas ?? They have put tremendous effort to make these videos.

All the Hari Raya advertisement videos can be watched at All Hari Raya videos 2014

7. Upload Gathering pictures to social media

Do not get upload all pictures onto your Facebook or Twitter account. Tagging your friend and show them your smile face that would light up the dark sky.

8. Green Packets 

You will know the feeling of getting one when you visit employer or Datuk house. They usually warp it in green packets.

9. Use oil lamp to light surrounding house

Oil lamp is unique culture from ancestor. It has been passed down from generation to generation. It like a Christmas tree but it Hari Raya oil lamp for decoration the house during this period.

10. Be Tolerate

Last thing is to remind not everyone have this rare opportunity celebrating raya with friends and family. Keep them in touch !! You can always video chat the person later.

12 Best Ramadan Bazaar Foods 2014

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Every year there is a Ramadan Bazaar that never failed attracting us to go there for a tour

End of Ramadan month is approaching. It estimated in July 28, 2014, there will be an nationwide announcement of Hari Raya Aidilfitri. We will surely miss this Ramadan Bazaar very much. This is so much like McDonald Prosperity burger. You can eat it any amounts within a month but you will need to wait another 12 months for another feast on it.

But, Ain't no foods can compare to Ramadan Bazaar Food. They are delicious the way they are. Although Puasa is over no Ramadan bazaar, the truth is it even happier and merrier in the month of Syawal.

Kentang putar
1. Kentang Putar

Direct translation is Potato twist or to make it more awesome call it potato tornado. Crispy with chili sauce and mayonnaise sauce. A stick cost is RM3.00.  

Pisang Goreng Cheese
2. Pisang Goreng Cheese

Fried Banana with Cheese. I think there are 10 pieces of fried banana with abundant cheese !! A box of fried banana with cheest costs RM4.00

Nasi Bryani
3. Nasi Bryani

Beside Nasi Kuning/Lemak, this is definitely worth to try. The taste of the special ingredient rice is just make life perfect. A big mouth-watering chicken with a whole boiled egg. It costs RM6.00

Martabak Jawa
4. Martabak Jawa
Everyone is lining to buy this. It really delicious crunchy outer layer with vegetable plus egg inside. For those friend who do not like to eat vegetable, I bet you cant resist this one. Made of vegetable and flour. Cost around RM2.00 for a square. This plate contains 2 Martabak Jawa.  

Terang Bulan
5. Terang Bulan

Direct translation is shine moon or shiny moon. It looked like a pancake with peanuts inside. Is this Malaysia version of pancake ?? . It costs around RM2.50 for a really big piece

6. Air Tebu

Do you guy feel thirsty ?? It Sugarcane juice. This is 1.5L sugarcane juice inside a bottle as large as any large 100 Plus bottle. Choose those stalls preparing it on the spot and wide open. It need to be a freshly made one and cold. Sugarcane juice is not meant to kept for long unless it always inside a refrigerator.

Ramadan cendol
7. Juice or Cendol

One of the drink you must not miss to try. Instant cure thirst and spicy food that you have consumed. They usually sell it in a big package like this. It should be around 500 ML costs around RM2.00

Mee Laksa
8. Mee Laksa

Spicy laksa soup with special mee. Costs around RM3.00 

Ramadan Kuih
9. Kuih

Mix kuih and Dodol. No word can describe how delicious it can be. 

Nasi Lemak
10. Nasi Lemak

Oily rice or fatty rice ?  That are funny direct translation. This is nationwide recognized dish. Do not try to ask the vendor what is this because you will expose yourself as a foreigner. Cant expose identity try to blend in as much as possible. 

Buntut Ayam
11. Buntut Ayam

Fried Chicken butt. Delicious and yummy. 

Kebab Ayam Ramadan Malaysia
12. Kebab

Grilled Chicken in the wide-open crack of bread with super tasty sauces. It costs RM2.50 .

Hari Raya Videos in Malaysia 2014

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Complete list of new Hari Raya videos in Malaysia 2014. Do not miss these meaningful videos 

Earliest wishing all happy celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslim in Malaysia. Happy holiday for everyone.

1. This advertisement video is made by Telekom Malaysia 

Title : Sister

Moral of the story always know and admit your faults. Especially during Hari Raya ask for the forgiveness of elders.

2. Jakel and Aaron Aziz

Get Aaron Aziz and Zizan Razak brand at nearest Jakel clothing store. Check them out for original and high quality wear only RM60.

3. Petronas Hari Raya Video Song

Title : Ke Pangkuan Bonda

#PetronasRaya2014 , A hashtag newly created by Petronas for you who want to comment on this video clip. A very soothing song coupled with a family preparing for Hari Raya.

4. Astro Kosong Kosong chain videos

Casts : Lisa Surihani, Zizan Razak, Hanis Zalikha, Fazura, Nana Mahazan, Maya Karin, Feeya Iskandar, Azhael, Sheera Iskandar, Shiro, 

There are many video with the title "Kosong Kosong" by numerous actress and actors. One of them is from Lisa Surihani

5. Nissan Malaysia Hari Raya video

Title : Atuk

Grandpa and Grand mom went out dating without telling their son and grandson.

6. Hari Raya video by Radio Television Malaysia (RTM)

Title : Ini Baru Raya

All the city dwellers back to Kampung. Try to catch live chicken is very difficult for those who never live at Kampung. Leave the job for elderly parent.

7. Panasonic Hari Raya Videos

Title : Riuh Punya Raya

There are 4 or more videos titled Riuh Punya Raya. In the end, they are promoting Panasonic electronic goods to all Malaysian.

8. Hari Raya video by JKKN

Title : Kuih Ibuku

True story of an adult man leaving behind his mother.

9. Hari Raya with Ambank

Title : Raya Bergaya

Raya bergaya with Ambank.

10. Hitachi Hari Raya advertisement videos

Title : Kasih Lebaran

There were more than one video. See them all !

11. Tenaga Nasional Hari Raya Video Song

It really creative video by TNB. So far, there are 3 videos with different genre. Joket, Original and Pop.

12. Hari Raya Video with TV9

From Media Prima a meaningful video. Spend more time with parent is always undeniably right decision

13. Hari Raya Proton Advertisement video

14. Hari Raya Aid with KFC Malaysia

More about " Hari Raya " in Unitedmy

  1. Top 10 goods/product Malaysian buy online during/before Hari Raya

Future Music Asia 2014 will be held at Malaysia

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Gear up for biggest musical event in Malaysia on March. Future Music Festival Asia is invited all your loved singers to sing for you !

Future Music Asia malaysia banner
Future Music Festival Asia 2013

Get Official FMFA 2014 merchandise by Zalora exclusive hat band, T-shirt FMFA 2014 merchandise

In conjunction of Visit Malaysia 2014, there are many happening in Malaysia including the next upcoming FMFA 2014. Official website at Future Music Asia, "Shut Up ! and Take My Money !" If you keen for 1 thrill night with your friends, girlfriend or boyfriend buy the ticket now or it will be too late. It is a 3 days festival. However, You could buy 1 day ticket to FMA or you could pick a ticket that has 3 days pass. The event held on March 13, 2014 until March 15, 2014. 

FMFA 2014 featuring Armin van Buuren and his lovely "A State of Trance", Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz. Besides, Deadmau5, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Wu Tang Clan, Raekwon, Bauer, Carnage, Eric Prydz, Sub Focus, Methodman, Ghostface Killer, Porter Robinson, Markus Schulz, ATB, Goldfish&Blink, Denizkoyu, Dangerdisko ft.Sheila Majid, H3, Chase, Adventure Club ft. Yuna, Tubby, Anowl and many more.

FMFA is restricted for 18 years old and above. It will be held at Bukit Jalil National Stadium at Malaysia. For this event, you are required to present national I.D when enter the premise. It is either driving license or IC. So, do not forget bring your I.C on March 13, 2014.

FMFA organizer highly recommended ticket buyer make their purchase on official ticket vendor and encouraged many refrain from purchasing at non-authorised ticket dealer. For your information, The one-day entrance fee for any 3 days is costing at RM208.00 and shall be revised on next batch of ticket releasing. The final price will be at RM248 releasing at the 4th batch.  It is important to know getting ticket through E-mail is free and other method shall be charged a fee. Other ticket including 3 days pass costing RM388 or 3 days pass + VIP will be RM588.00.   Visit here for more information

The last date ordering a FMFA ticket online is on March 11, 2014.  

This event is a collaboration of Future Music, LIVESCAPE, Malaysia Major events, MTV, Visit Malaysia 2014, Galactix Asia and Malaysia cultural ministry.

You must be thrilled it is FMFA 2014 promotional video..