Suria Sabah Chinese New Year Decoration 2015

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Suria Sabah Shopping Mall lights up Kota Kinabalu

The huge Suria Sabah entrance with a huge red magnificent decoration will drive you to a feeling as happy as watching fireworks. The astonishing hundred light shines upon the night turns anyone into an atmosphere of Lunar New Year 2015. It is the goat year.

Suria Sabah Shopping Mall CNY 2015 decoration

Although it is a goat year, there is less likely a goat decoration something like a horse year wh

Dragon Dance Suria Sabah 2015

Prosperity God is here with his angpows and dressing in red and yellow.

Suria Sabah Shopping Mall CNY 2015 decoration

As the Chinese New Year 2015 is around the corner, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall is pretty generous spending so many funds in order to attract visitors. Most of them spend couple of hours watching this exclusive show.

Heavily decorated Suria Sabah Shopping Mall During CNY 2015

Utilizing large ample space they could put some amazing and seriously awesome CNY interior decorations. The eye-catching decoration and intriguing lion dance drums captured many passer-by attention.

Heavily decorated Suria Sabah Shopping Mall During CNY 2015

So many excited younger generation sitting down enjoying the show of daring lion dance performance as it moves across the high-rise pole possibility falling down. If one watch closely enough many thought it is a small pole but it actually big enough to support highly-trained performer moving lightning speed  and performing some breath-taking stunts. Many would quickly figured it out but not when it coupled with highly distracting drum beats

Lion Dance in high rise pole in Suria Sabah Shopping Mall

Always confuse it was a lion or a dog because it too cute to be lion. In fact, it neither lion or a dog. It was a mythical creature that live in a cave. Some would believe it emits fire However, it weakness is firecrackers that could ward off them from destroying villages and eventually they stayed in cave.

For centuries, believing that lighting up firecrackers could save them from the attack of the mythical creature. But, do you ever think how much profit fire cracker makers made ? They would telling you anything perhaps a very good story.

Although firecrackers were not easily accessible due to legal barrier as these firecrackers were not taxed by authority. There are some foes still able to get it and play it.