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Big Apple Donuts Chocoholic and Megabite

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Big Apple Donuts feel the dough

Still remember first bite on Big Apple's donuts. The feeling was nothing ever experienced before. Super yummy and the softness amazed me. The first bite was an eye-opening emotion.

Big Apple's megabite and chocoholic

Never really knew that Big apple signature donuts is "alien". Should try it some day later.

It is so far the most pricey donut I ever eaten in my whole life. A good place to hang out too.

Trying Zinger Rice Wrap at KFC Suria Sabah

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Tortilla wrapping with yummy Zinger and aroma colonel rice 

Zinger rice wrap

All-in-one for a healthy diet. There were slices of tomato and cucumber stuffed inside. Every bite it so mix of flavor just like eating a burger. But, this is special one using Tortilla bread. Besides, it not like one had ever tasted colonel rice in a burger. Despite that, I was pretty amazed the colonel rice in a tortilla bread is pretty good combination.

Zinger rice wrap
Reality vs marketing illustration. It should be much more round instead of square.

Orderd RM4.90 Zinger Rice Wrap, told to wait for 5 minutes. Gave me a table number so that they could deliver it to my table. The size of Zinger Rice Wrap is quite satisfactory. Every bite of it adds the size of stomach belly.  

Luckily, there were not too much sauce inside, as if there were it will be all over my clothes and face I believe it should be some mayonnaise or special sauce for this new menu.

Check this out what was the KFC menu last year in March. This year is Zinger Rice Wrap as for last year it was Christiano Ronaldo KFC bucket 

JustBerry Dessert House at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall

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Mango, Tea, Durian and Papaya dessert house.

JustBerry Dessert

Good interior design. Big pink berry with a smile delighting every kids crossing by.

Dessert House at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall

Cendol, Mango and red bean is costing at RM7.00.

Place : Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, 3rd Floor
Food  : Dessert
Price  : RM5 - RM10

Suria Sabah Chinese New Year Decoration 2015

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Suria Sabah Shopping Mall lights up Kota Kinabalu

The huge Suria Sabah entrance with a huge red magnificent decoration will drive you to a feeling as happy as watching fireworks. The astonishing hundred light shines upon the night turns anyone into an atmosphere of Lunar New Year 2015. It is the goat year.

Suria Sabah Shopping Mall CNY 2015 decoration

Although it is a goat year, there is less likely a goat decoration something like a horse year wh

Dragon Dance Suria Sabah 2015

Prosperity God is here with his angpows and dressing in red and yellow.

Suria Sabah Shopping Mall CNY 2015 decoration

As the Chinese New Year 2015 is around the corner, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall is pretty generous spending so many funds in order to attract visitors. Most of them spend couple of hours watching this exclusive show.

Heavily decorated Suria Sabah Shopping Mall During CNY 2015

Utilizing large ample space they could put some amazing and seriously awesome CNY interior decorations. The eye-catching decoration and intriguing lion dance drums captured many passer-by attention.

Heavily decorated Suria Sabah Shopping Mall During CNY 2015

So many excited younger generation sitting down enjoying the show of daring lion dance performance as it moves across the high-rise pole possibility falling down. If one watch closely enough many thought it is a small pole but it actually big enough to support highly-trained performer moving lightning speed  and performing some breath-taking stunts. Many would quickly figured it out but not when it coupled with highly distracting drum beats

Lion Dance in high rise pole in Suria Sabah Shopping Mall

Always confuse it was a lion or a dog because it too cute to be lion. In fact, it neither lion or a dog. It was a mythical creature that live in a cave. Some would believe it emits fire However, it weakness is firecrackers that could ward off them from destroying villages and eventually they stayed in cave.

For centuries, believing that lighting up firecrackers could save them from the attack of the mythical creature. But, do you ever think how much profit fire cracker makers made ? They would telling you anything perhaps a very good story.

Although firecrackers were not easily accessible due to legal barrier as these firecrackers were not taxed by authority. There are some foes still able to get it and play it.  

Malaysia Chairman of Asean 2015 at Suria Sabah

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Educational Entertainment and free gifts  

Program Seranta & Diplomasi Awam

Celebrating Malaysia is the chairman of ASEAN in the year 2015. The official handover by President Myanmar to Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Free gift performed in the middle of the event. Crowd could not resisted it but there were limited quantity of this T-shirt.

Everyone want to have a piece of the T-shirt.

Some of the most eye-catching banner will be like the above picture !

Eat at BBQ Chicken Restaurant

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BBQ Chicken Restaurant located at Suria Sabah basement floor

BBQ Chicken Restaurant
Weekend patrons in BBQ chicken at Suria Sabah shopping mall

Let me take a guess I have faith that this "BBQ Chicken" restaurant is preparing Korean-styled fried chicken. I am sure it is a franchise but, I would definitely say this is a big business opportunity in Sabah because I think Korean restaurants are well received and welcomed by local community. 

I have been to one of the Korean-themed restaurant. I like the restaurant prepares oven/stove for self -frying the meat I think it non-halal. In fact, I like both of them as well as BBQ Chicken restaurant. I bet it halal certified.  

BBQ Chicken Restaurant Gangjeong Chicken and marsh potato
Gangjeong chicken and olive marsh potato

I was ordered a chicken with rice they gave me an answer "Finish". I wanted to try Korean-styled rice too or BBQ Chicken's rice. Anyways, Gangjeong chicken is pretty amazing must try. As for the olive marsh potato I still think KFC's is undisputed no 1. 

BBQ Fried Chicken BBQ Chicken Suria Sabah

Olive fried chicken using healthy olive oil deep-fry it. I had taste it with my tongue indeed unlike chicken cooked with ordinary oil. I guess it healthy a lot.

If I am not wrong all of these cost around something like RM 40 plus. It was worth it as my first time stepping in this restaurant. I would definitely come again wish to try the BBQ Chicken restaurant's rice !!

Place              : Suria Sabah Shopping Mall Basement
Website         :
Social Media : ttps://

Lunch at Upperstar Restaurant Suria Sabah

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Christmas theme decoration for the upcoming XMAS celebration.

The Xmas celebration is approaching Suria Sabah's Upperstar restaurant at Kota Kinabalu. One of the restaurant you must not miss when visiting Kota Kinabalu, Sabah / North Borneo. Upperstar serves local cuisine, burger and pizza. They do not serve pork but one could get alcoholic drinks here.

Tell you why you should choose Upperstar because the food is served in a plentiful portion the price is not that bad with government tax and service charge combined. I would rank Upperstar in a level equivalent of KFC and McDonald's  

Upperstar xmas decoration december 2014

The decoration is stunning local community like to come dine here. In weekend, there were people lining up outside due to no more available seats.

Upperstar xmas decoration december 2014

WiFi and computer are presence you would not notice time ticks away dining here. I guess there are noise absorb objects no matter how noisy next table it will not affect your dining experience.

Upperstar Staff wearing xmas hat

The Upperstar service is commendable as soon as one left the restaurant seat the leftover food and plates are to be carried away immediately.

Upperstar lunch menu

The best time visiting Upperstar restaurant would be lunch time. The foods are priced cheaper. The portion is still sizable apparently there is no double standard. Hey, they care about whether we are satisfy with the portion.

Nasi Lemak King
coconut plain white rice, curry chicken, marinated BBQ chicken wing and nasi lemak

This meal should be RM11.00 in total after tax. There are 4 BBQ marinated chicken wings pretty tasty and plentiful

Roti Kahwin Upperstar restaurant

Pretty delicious and one of the iconic small bites appetizer. I think this is something like RM 1.80.

Spent RM15.70 for Nasi Lemak King and two plates of Roti Kahwin.

Ochado Roast Milk Tea at Suria Sabah

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Ochado Roast Milk Tea and Ochado's Japanese rice

Ochado Roast Milk Tea does contains unique taste. The price for one cup is RM5.90 ranked as the most favorable Ochado's drink. One of its competitors in Sabah are ZenQ and Yoyo. Although there was a milk tea branch Chatime in Sabah, that will not do any differences because Chatime are only popular at West Malaysia.

People lining up to buy Ochado milk tea at Suria Sabah

If you order one ice Milo or ice Nescafe, it already something like RM2.70 at Gaya Street's restaurant before the implementation of GST in April 2015. Drinking Ochado means you are drinking two ice Nescafe. Will the common restaurants in Sabah selling drinks same price as Ochado ?? That is some interesting topic because you needs to know that GST would be implemented next year.

Should restaurant's Nescafe price increasing next year, it better for most of us drink a cup of Nescafe before leaving home. The truth is that most of us would not know whether or not it was overpriced. We know that the demands from tourists are soaring high according to yearly chart released by federal or state government. Some said the restaurant price were to cater the affluence travelers to Sabah. How about the local community ??

Ochado at Suria Sabah is selling this Japanese rice. It really delicious and the way they wrapped it so much creative. The sticky rice and seaweed are best couple ever. It only cost less than RM4.00

Ochado sticky rice

According to Ochado Malaysia Facebook page, they are introducing new menu for burger lovers. More information at OchadoMalaysia Facebook page

Ochado roast milk tea RM5.90

. Buy a cup of Ochado milk tea at Suria Sabah and walk to third floor to the Suria Sabah's food court and find a seat to sip your tea while enjoying the magnificent sea view.

no 1 Ochado drink in Sabah

The current no 1 milk tea at Ochado Suria Sabah is Ochado Roasted milk tea flavor. Personally think that it has this smell of something burned.

All seated Ochado Milk Tea at Suria Sabah

If I remember correctly, this must be Sunday afternoon. There were no seats available. One will need to wait at another corner to wait drink to be served. You are to pay it first and wait later for your food to come.

Where to Eat on Sunday at Suria Sabah Food Court

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Halal and non-Halal, Noodle and Chicken your no 1 choice hangout at the heart of Kota Kinabalu

Suria Sabah Food Court

Brings Starbucks, KFC, McDonald's, Chicken Rice Shop and order a drink at here. I guess there were no restrictions imposed that you should order food there in order to occupy that area. It was crowded with local peoples on Sunday. A location you have higher chance overlooking the wide sea. 

One thing I have observed was the hardworking staffs cleaning the table so that the next customer could occupy the dining table. Without them, you will dine on a table with leftover food. It is not Sabahan culture throwing food leftover. Besides, there is no designated place where Sabahan could learn throw their own leftover food.

As if there were a designated place, they could throw away the food and returning the plate which is a good idea. However, it would take away the jobs. Besides, I would suggest putting the recycle dustbin increasing public awareness on protecting the planet since there were tourist we should set example but, it would jeopardize our culture ( Not all actually left their food on the tablet). Furthermore, outlets could use recycled plastic instead of solid plate or make a recycled plastic and put Suria Sabah Food Court logo or something.

Suria Sabah Food Court on Sunday

Hangout and blend in local community. Suitable for all ages. There were pastry, noodle, malay cuisine, chinese cuisine, chicken rice, buffet and many more.

Suria Sabah Food Court Sea View

You could see boats go forth and back they are transporting people to islands. Today, it was a rainy day. the clouds are blackish. 

Crowd Suria Sabah Food Court

On Sunday, some of the food stalls were off on the non-halal section. Suria Sabah Food Coury operating hour is 10AM - 8PM.