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Eat at KFC Malaysia with Christiano Ronaldo

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Buy a variety bucket RM39.90 or Hot Box at KFC with Cristiano Ronaldo watching you eat 

KFC Malaysia Cristiano Ronaldo

KFC newest promotional campaign featuring Christiano Ronaldo one of the most popular soccer player in the world. 

It is not surprise that KFC is featuring this top player because World Cup 2014 at Brazil is happening right now on June. It is the good move to start early.

Since KFC has taken initiative featuring a top soccer player, I bet we will see another fast food franchise McDonald or Pizza Hut featuring another top soccer player maybe like Lionel Messi ? It is an excellent campaign because in internet when you type "Christiano Ronaldo vs" in Google search engine, you will know both of them are the best soccer players now !

KFC Malaysia Cristiano Ronaldo
5 pieces of chicken, 4 pieces of boneless chicken, 8 pieces of onion rings, 8 pieces of potato hash-rounds, 1 BBQ dip, 1 honey mustard dip, 2 large fries.
Do you think this worth ? 

I cant resist anymore so I went to eat KFC. I realized that the 8GB drive is not free at all with Ronaldo image embedded. ! it cost like RM20.90. Besides, You will need to add RM4.00 to get a bottle of coke in other hand, it is not entitled any drinks.

I have eaten some of it before capturing. Barbecue sauce is pretty tasty and the white sauce is pretty much taste like Japanese wasabi

Anyone noticed Cristiano Ronaldo's signature ?