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5 Reasons McDonalds and KFC are losing out

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McDonald's and KFC outlets are not closing down

The way some people perceived the McDonald's and KFC are going to close down forever in Malaysia as soon as news broke out the corporation are selling franchise rights. In fact, we will be seeing our beloved fast food outlets closing down gradually due to local investor pulling out their investment. The fast food chain is suffering huge competition.

Instead of making a headline of laying off workers or downsizing, the corporation are selling shares in order to invite more talented shareholders and rising fund for further expansion plans.

These are the restaurants, corporation behind McDonalds and KFC should learn from them. The only thing McDonald's and KFC does the best is free gifts for kids. But, they limited only happy meal get free gift which totally discriminate older person eligible to get toy.


The increasing demand for fast food is great opportunity for Texas Chicken to rise. In my opinion, the Texas Chicken brand is much resounding in the western countries. Texas Chicken coleslaw is much more delicious.


Wendy's promotes healthier burger. If you want a burger that actually naturally decompose faster, come to Wendy's. There was an oldest McDonald's outlet in Penang has been replaced by Wendy's . Who knows after all it was the same owner who opened the oldest McDonald's outlet at Pulau Pinang right ?


Burger topped with maggi seasoning and egg prepared at home. Besides, one could opt eating at any burger stall using Ramli chicken meat.


If you are a great observer, you would notice there are always customers flocking in Japanese restaurants at weekend despite lavish menu. The rising trend of Japanese foods in Malaysia is simply cant be ignored.

You might see it as an irrelevant comparison but both Sushi and burger were not Malaysian foods right ? Besides, you could put it this way comparing Salmon Sushi and Fillet o Fish.


Topped with some side dishes such as lady finger and omelette and curry sauce. Mamak curry flavored chicken definitely attractive.

Trying Zinger Rice Wrap at KFC Suria Sabah

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Tortilla wrapping with yummy Zinger and aroma colonel rice 

Zinger rice wrap

All-in-one for a healthy diet. There were slices of tomato and cucumber stuffed inside. Every bite it so mix of flavor just like eating a burger. But, this is special one using Tortilla bread. Besides, it not like one had ever tasted colonel rice in a burger. Despite that, I was pretty amazed the colonel rice in a tortilla bread is pretty good combination.

Zinger rice wrap
Reality vs marketing illustration. It should be much more round instead of square.

Orderd RM4.90 Zinger Rice Wrap, told to wait for 5 minutes. Gave me a table number so that they could deliver it to my table. The size of Zinger Rice Wrap is quite satisfactory. Every bite of it adds the size of stomach belly.  

Luckily, there were not too much sauce inside, as if there were it will be all over my clothes and face I believe it should be some mayonnaise or special sauce for this new menu.

Check this out what was the KFC menu last year in March. This year is Zinger Rice Wrap as for last year it was Christiano Ronaldo KFC bucket 

Chinese New Year 2015 Menu at KFC Malaysia

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Golden Egg Crunch and Golden Burger delighting you on Chinese New Year 2015

KFC Malaysia Golden burger

It is amusing to know there are some new menu eating at KFC. Could not resist any of them either the golden burger or golden egg crunch. I have ordered both and it is a great and satisfying experience.

Golden Egg Crunch does not taste like normal Kentucky fried chicken. Sjora's juice makes your meal even tastier ever.

A new menu always push away the last great menu brought by KFC. I sincerely hope that one day KFC Malaysia would bring back the old menu. I must say the high-quality fried prawn one should not take it lightly because it taste like so fresh and delicious.

The freshness of the prawn meat is still preserved under high temperature deep-fried I guess they put some secret ingredients deep-fried those golden crunchy prawn. I never like to eat prawn but when I do, I go to KFC.

KFC Double Down Maxx and KFC fried prawn >> Link <<

KFC Crispy Prawn and Double Down Maxx

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KFC Newest menu for the month of December of year 2014

KFC Double Down Maxx
Closer look and rear

A wise or not-so-wise choice the newest menu in KFC Malaysia right now is Double Down Maxx simply to say removing two bun and replacing it with chicken meat. When eating, you are required to use the KFC plastic cover and not grabbing it like a burger sometimes the chicken meat is still in hot temperature.

A little bit of spicy herb used in making it I would say it pretty awesome to eat. On your last bite, it better measure how oily the food by touching the warm surface of double down maxx you will be wiser next time do not judge the book by its cover. They better use plant oil or palm oil to cook it much more healthier.

KFC Malaysia burger Double Down Maxx 2014
Aerial view

The size of the Double Down Maxx is just commendable. I have no idea addressing it as burger or else because it does not fulfill one of the requirement to be a burger. It is in satisfying portion one would not feel it not worth in term of size. However, the price is RM14 plus if one choose Double Down Maxx combo which means it come with additional Pepsi soft drink and cheesy wedges (M).

Crispy prawn KFC Malaysia
Seafood crispy prawn

I went to KFC never thought of there would be any crispy prawn simply going there knowing Double Down Maxx. I have ordered Double Down Maxx combo with crispy prawn total 5 pieces it costs RM7.90. The crispy prawn is just taste so good even though for me who does not like to eat seafood. One need not pluck away prawn hardened part just swallow it everything !

Double Down Maxx KFC

The box is amazingly manufactured. Do not hesitate too long find double down maxx by opening the box !!!

KFC and McDonald's Fried Chicken

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They do not taste the same. McDonald's fried chicken breast might be smaller but it meat quantity is as many as KFC fried chicken breast. Besides, McDonald fried chicken texture is slightly red in color on the surface. 2 pieces of Ale Carte McDonald's fried chicken cost more or less RM8.00+.

One should try McDonald's fried chicken because it does not taste like KFC. It is a good thing though. Don you want to know what is the taste and I would say it is distinctively nice.

Votes for McDonald's vs KFC French Fries

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Battle of the french fries between McDonald's and KFC

KFC french fries vs McDonald's french fries

Let get to the bottom of this. KFC introduced its french fries not while ago. What was their intentions doing that ? KFC french fries mixed with crispy black pepper ? Yeah, it definitely taste something else.

We know that since the beginning that McDonald's french fries is unrivaled. It seem like fast food restaurants in Malaysia is re-focusing on this food. I have not try burger king's new french fries which look ridiculously awesome. The texture is so fine. It so much taller !

Maybe I would put McDonald's, Burger King and KFC battle of french fries somewhere in the future. The left picture was captured eating at KFC restaurant. It was the new menu "Tokyo Black Pepper Chicken Chop", whereas, the right picture is recently captured eating at McDonald's restaurant new menu "Double Beef Samurai Junior".

More detail about KFC's Tokyo Black Pepper Chicken Chop

The good old days when everything is so much easier. If one wants to eat chicken, we will head to KFC. If we are craving for burger, it should be McDonald's. Now, McDonald's introduced chicken while KFC introduced french fries. Sometimes, the not-so-wise get confused which to choose both are big restaurants franchise.

Super Yummy KFC Tokyo Black Pepper Mushroom

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New menu KFC Malaysia introduced Tokyo Black Pepper Mushroom sauce with KFC chicken chop

KFC Malaysia Tokyo Black pepper mushroom chicken chop

According to the KFC Malaysia Facebook page, the new menu should have launched on September 28, 2014. There are two selections. The difference are rice and newly launched french fries. Both selection are under same price RM13.90 not included tax.

After taxed it should be around RM14.70. Converted blindly to USD, it should be 5 dollars. As you can see on the image above, there is some sauce poured to the surface of delicious chicken chop. As for the french fries, it does not taste the average McDonald's french fries, it got this rough texture. It crispier though !


If you think one piece of chicken chop is not enough which I was believed too. But, this chicken chop unlike the normal KFC big breast, this chicken chop is full of crunchy KFC chicken juicy meats. It safely to say that it boneless chicken chop.

I would say the Tokyo black pepper mushroom sauce is served with less quantity. I have been trying the last new menu which was Bangkok green sauce ?? they give a large portion of sauce with abundant green peas. As for this new menu, it contains like one or two pieces of  Tokyo mushroom and the sauce not even reach the satisfy quantity. They should have put more mushroom and more sauce

Do not believe Bangkok sauce is served with large quantity ?? Visit to see image Tried Bangkok Green Curry KFC Malaysia

You should try this sometimes at any KFC branches nationwide !! 

Bangkok Green Curry Individual Combo is tasty

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It all about green sauce with green peas coupled with KFC trademark chickens.

Newly launched KFC promotion " Bangkok Green Curry Individual Combo " . I think it was launched in the month of August. I am pretty sure KFC Malaysia launched this promotion after Aidilfitri holiday. The green sauce was tasty and there were many green peas submerged under it.

With that green sauce, you will have your mind changed that you should not dip your hot chicken meat into KFC chili sauce or tomato sauce. All your thinking will be dipping into Bangkok green sauce. When your mouth is full of green sauce remember to take the bowl of white rice closer so that it can fall into the rice instead of dropping to the floor or table. What a waste !!

If you feel spicy which some of you guys will get the regular ice cold Pepsi come to rescue. When you done with that you will keep doing the routine until there is no more left to eat. Not to mention that this set is RM14.90 slightly different than the price stated at KFC website

KFC Tangy Crunch with Doraemon Blanket

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New KFC menu in the month of June 2014. KFC Tangy Crunch hot and spicy chicken recipe and Potato hash-rounds

Cristiano Ronaldo "So Good" commercial ads is ending. The popular soccer player who is now at Brazil with it Portugal squad. The ads started since March till June estimated 3 months. There were no special flavor chicken but there were Cristiano Ronaldo merchandise such as flashdrive, headphone, water bottle and pouch.

The new menu is taking over and surely Malaysian will miss this exclusive promotion featuring top soccer player. The new promotion is KFC Tangy Crunch a promotional title for special flavor chickens. Besides, Boneless Chicken rice is not longer at the menu table in any KFC outlets in case you do not know.

KFC Tangy Crunch Family and Friends Meal Malaysia 2014
KFC Tangy Crunch Family and Friends Meal

Have you tried it the new KFC promotion ?? The special flavor indeed spicy you would notice there is few new ingredients added at your first bite on this chicken. Moreover, they will serve you Lipton beverage rather than Soda Soft Drinks. I would say it way better than serving me Coca-cola.

Did you notice the Doraemon Blanket ? I am not a fan of Doraemon and it was not my decision to purchase it . I know little detail about it, if you wanted to get one of those it costs around RM 15 something.

Just a friendly advice if you do not want to get the Doraemon blanket, it is better you to take Tangy Crunch Individual Meal because there were no obvious benefits for those choosing family and friends meal. If the KFC staff insisted you to take then tell them you are sorry !!

Furthermore, KFC is not the only fast food restaurants offering new menu. One can go McDonald they are having Habanero Burger and free Coca-cola glass promotion. Yet, you can go to Pizza Hut they are having discount everyday after 9PM

I have tried  McDonald Habanero. Have you ?? See this Habanero Reality vs McDonald Habanero ads

Eat at KFC Malaysia with Christiano Ronaldo

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Buy a variety bucket RM39.90 or Hot Box at KFC with Cristiano Ronaldo watching you eat 

KFC Malaysia Cristiano Ronaldo

KFC newest promotional campaign featuring Christiano Ronaldo one of the most popular soccer player in the world. 

It is not surprise that KFC is featuring this top player because World Cup 2014 at Brazil is happening right now on June. It is the good move to start early.

Since KFC has taken initiative featuring a top soccer player, I bet we will see another fast food franchise McDonald or Pizza Hut featuring another top soccer player maybe like Lionel Messi ? It is an excellent campaign because in internet when you type "Christiano Ronaldo vs" in Google search engine, you will know both of them are the best soccer players now !

KFC Malaysia Cristiano Ronaldo
5 pieces of chicken, 4 pieces of boneless chicken, 8 pieces of onion rings, 8 pieces of potato hash-rounds, 1 BBQ dip, 1 honey mustard dip, 2 large fries.
Do you think this worth ? 

I cant resist anymore so I went to eat KFC. I realized that the 8GB drive is not free at all with Ronaldo image embedded. ! it cost like RM20.90. Besides, You will need to add RM4.00 to get a bottle of coke in other hand, it is not entitled any drinks.

I have eaten some of it before capturing. Barbecue sauce is pretty tasty and the white sauce is pretty much taste like Japanese wasabi

Anyone noticed Cristiano Ronaldo's signature ?