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Votes for McDonald's vs KFC French Fries

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Battle of the french fries between McDonald's and KFC

KFC french fries vs McDonald's french fries

Let get to the bottom of this. KFC introduced its french fries not while ago. What was their intentions doing that ? KFC french fries mixed with crispy black pepper ? Yeah, it definitely taste something else.

We know that since the beginning that McDonald's french fries is unrivaled. It seem like fast food restaurants in Malaysia is re-focusing on this food. I have not try burger king's new french fries which look ridiculously awesome. The texture is so fine. It so much taller !

Maybe I would put McDonald's, Burger King and KFC battle of french fries somewhere in the future. The left picture was captured eating at KFC restaurant. It was the new menu "Tokyo Black Pepper Chicken Chop", whereas, the right picture is recently captured eating at McDonald's restaurant new menu "Double Beef Samurai Junior".

More detail about KFC's Tokyo Black Pepper Chicken Chop

The good old days when everything is so much easier. If one wants to eat chicken, we will head to KFC. If we are craving for burger, it should be McDonald's. Now, McDonald's introduced chicken while KFC introduced french fries. Sometimes, the not-so-wise get confused which to choose both are big restaurants franchise.