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Malaysia McDonald's Double Beef Samurai Junior

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McDonald's Malaysia rolled out new menu "Double Beef Samurai Junior" on September 26, 2014

McDonald's Malaysia double beef samurai junior

You know why McDonald's staffs always asks its customers "Large meal or not" It really obvious that they want you to you spend more on your meal. It is a standard operating procedure (SOP) for them to ask you. Large meal seem to be a very goo deal but you can always say something like "normal" or "no".  

Double Beef Samurai Junior

This burger cost around RM4.75 if you said "no" or "normal" to the staff. When you said "Yes, I want a large meal" the price will not be the same. There was a RM1 price increased for you to say "Yes". The price will be RM5.75 instead. Ok, you may say the french fries and Pepsi were to be larger than the medium-sized. Unless you are really hungry, you should order the large meal then.

The taste of Double Beef Samurai Junior is likened to a prosperity burger. Luckily, I ordered a double beef rather than one beef. I would be seriously surprised if I was not. Well, the meal is quite delicious and ward off starving. It seem that McDonald's Malaysia and KFC have things in common. KFC rolled out Tokyo sauce and McDonald introduced Samurai sauce. Wondering what is McDonald's Malaysia next new menu ?? 

Besides Double Beef Samurai Junior., I have eaten McDonald's Habanero Burger during the FIFA 2014 season and Mccountry and McFlurry Durian flavor . I am looking forward to eat more and more !!!