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Top 13 McDonald's Previous Promotions 2014 - 2016

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Sharing McDonald's moments ! McDonald's promotions 2014 - 2016

McDonald's is on smart move closing down few of its outlets in order to maintain a good annual balance sheet. Is McDonald's growing too fast ? 

The answer is no. If you want which fast food restaurant has surpassed McDonald's in rapid expansion will be KFC. Any small town nationwide you will see KFC and not McDonald's. Then why they are downsizing despite business is strategically located and doing just fine?

No point in arguing on that matter, let just rewind / reminiscence some of the nicest McDonald's Malaysia promotions.

McDonald's Minion toy

1. Minion Toys

Despicable Me the movie was so success when McDonald's Malaysia decided to roll out toy version of Minion everyone was like "I am gonna collect all of them".

McDonald's Malaysia chicken

2. McDonald's Chicken

The taste is fairy nice and so unique. Dipping slice of it into chili sauce is unbeatable combination.

Prosperity burger beef Malaysia

3. McDonald's Prosperity Burger

When Chinese New Year is around the corner, McDonald's never fail rolling out its annually promotional food, prosperity burger. 

FIFA Habanero Burger

4. Habanero Burger

Available during the football madness when Brazil was the main host for FIFA World Cup 2014 that held every 4 years. Never gonna forget painstakingly load of spice inside the burger.

5. Beef Samurai

Eat it like a real Onigiri. The seaweed is bomb coupled with fresh deep-fried fries.

6. Vanilla Ice-cream

The best ice-cream flavor in the world. Cherish your vanilla as in history, vanilla used to be very expensive product and only privileged people access to vanilla ice-cream. Although it much cheaper now, must appreciate every bite of it !

McDonald's Malaysia Congee

7. McDonald's Congee

Home sick of your mother / grandmother Congee ? Now, you can get it at McDonald's without cooking at home.

8. Burger Syok

Notice the artwork ? That is a common depiction of a man draw by local artist. The taste of burger so familiar and delicious.

9. Cakoi with Soya Milk

I do not mean to be rude, when I was eating Cakoi, peoples sitting around me were like kept looked at me, "Am I eating too loud" ? Dipping bits of Cakoi either the chili sauce or Soya milk, it absolutely made my day.

10. Grand Platter

Fulfill your morning with joyful breakfast. Literally wake up early queuing for new McDonald's Malaysia breakfast introduced on early December in conjunction with the launching of Cakoi in the morning menu. Most favorite in this grand platter will be baked bean !!

11. Hawaii Deluxe

The best burger ever. Satisfying level 10 / 10

12. Chicken Wrap

The juicy meat is wrapped flatbread plus ice cold lettuce and purple lettuce bring a sensational meal.

13. Chicken Foldover

Fold with a really thick flatbread plus a two juicy meat. The eating is very different because the meat is not wrapped fully.

Express My Love for McDonald's by through the years of collecting McDonald's promotions food images.  cWhat it like to miss McDonald's promotion ? Be sure to be able to eat all of the McDonald's Malaysia promotion before it gone !

5 Reasons McDonalds and KFC are losing out

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McDonald's and KFC outlets are not closing down

The way some people perceived the McDonald's and KFC are going to close down forever in Malaysia as soon as news broke out the corporation are selling franchise rights. In fact, we will be seeing our beloved fast food outlets closing down gradually due to local investor pulling out their investment. The fast food chain is suffering huge competition.

Instead of making a headline of laying off workers or downsizing, the corporation are selling shares in order to invite more talented shareholders and rising fund for further expansion plans.

These are the restaurants, corporation behind McDonalds and KFC should learn from them. The only thing McDonald's and KFC does the best is free gifts for kids. But, they limited only happy meal get free gift which totally discriminate older person eligible to get toy.


The increasing demand for fast food is great opportunity for Texas Chicken to rise. In my opinion, the Texas Chicken brand is much resounding in the western countries. Texas Chicken coleslaw is much more delicious.


Wendy's promotes healthier burger. If you want a burger that actually naturally decompose faster, come to Wendy's. There was an oldest McDonald's outlet in Penang has been replaced by Wendy's . Who knows after all it was the same owner who opened the oldest McDonald's outlet at Pulau Pinang right ?


Burger topped with maggi seasoning and egg prepared at home. Besides, one could opt eating at any burger stall using Ramli chicken meat.


If you are a great observer, you would notice there are always customers flocking in Japanese restaurants at weekend despite lavish menu. The rising trend of Japanese foods in Malaysia is simply cant be ignored.

You might see it as an irrelevant comparison but both Sushi and burger were not Malaysian foods right ? Besides, you could put it this way comparing Salmon Sushi and Fillet o Fish.


Topped with some side dishes such as lady finger and omelette and curry sauce. Mamak curry flavored chicken definitely attractive.

McDonalds Samurai Burger with Seaweed

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Mixture of Sprite with a little bit of Ribena enough to turn white into red, there you goes Sakura McFIZZ

Beef Samurai McDonalds

Got to try dipping fried fries with seaweed into the red hot chili sauce for explosive taste. Only with a purchase of newest promotion samurai burger.

Eat the samurai burger in a right manner. Have to imagine eating triangle sushi rice simply holding the cover and tearing only the top part of the burger. Unbelievable tasty sauce coupled with juicy beef meat that will surely make you mouth-watering like never before

McDonalds Malaysia made great effort promoting the newest promotion

Older McDonalds Malaysia promotion : Durian flavored ice-cream

McDonald's Happy Meal for Free Minion Toys

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Expect a minion toy and small-cup Coca-Cola. Signs of Minions 2015 movie is coming out to humor you again

McDonalds Happy Meal with Minion Toy

Pride itself to be first in the world introducing a distribution minion toys for each customer purchasing happy meal. Never had a happy meal set at any McDonald's restaurant in my entire childhood. Adult now, the happy meal is not for me anymore.

Perhaps, minion toy convinced me. Still does not make any sense ordering happy meal just for a toy. Luckily, the order taker did not ask for my identification card because only a kids could order a happy meal.

 In order to keep my cool, I ordered a banana toffee Mcflurry. I guess it will act as a disguise / awkward proof vest from just ordering a one happy meal.

When the small cup Coca-cola appeared, I was like this is not happening. I was like you give an adult a small-cup Coca-cola. The people lining at the back of me like "what a weirdo". It tasted like Coca-cola Zero though It good to know that McDonalds Malaysia is adopting a much more healthier carbonated drink for the young. I know one if it was the Red Coca-cola with lots of sugar.

Do you know It happened to me that they actually missed out the minion toy until I started to question them where they hide my minion toy ? Are they trying to take my minion toy away quietly to add in their minion collection or they just naturally think that I am not interested because I am a kids anymore.

Minion Toy 2015 McDonalds Malaysia
One of the 10 Minion toy

At the back of the minion written something like, " Universal studio, for McDonalds, made from China " . Consider this as a free gift for a RM6 ++ happy meal.

There are 9 different more out there. If you ask me will I collect all of them, I need to told you this I have no more  intention ordering another happy meal.

Minion 2015 movie will be on silver screen July 12. Oh man, this movie could humor every walk of life. Still remember a middle-age guys made a epic laughing so hard in front of my seat could barely out of my memory. This time minions is finding a new master before Mr Gru is minion master. I think something is not right, oh yes, the movie is " Despicable Me " instead of Minion.

Chicken Foldover is here at McDonalds Malaysia

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McDonalds Malaysia latest menu Chicken Foldover

It is a roti canai folds with two chicken meat and tomato. They should seriously think some special sauce in it because it quite dry. I was hoping some roti canai's curry or bbq sauce. I still vote for spicy Mc Deluxe or Big Mac. They should put scramble egg in between !!

I do not buy your idea of latest menu Chicken Foldover ! It is a genius idea combining roti canai and two pieces of nugget-like chicken meat !


KFC and McDonald's Fried Chicken

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They do not taste the same. McDonald's fried chicken breast might be smaller but it meat quantity is as many as KFC fried chicken breast. Besides, McDonald fried chicken texture is slightly red in color on the surface. 2 pieces of Ale Carte McDonald's fried chicken cost more or less RM8.00+.

One should try McDonald's fried chicken because it does not taste like KFC. It is a good thing though. Don you want to know what is the taste and I would say it is distinctively nice.

Malaysia McDonald's Double Beef Samurai Junior

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McDonald's Malaysia rolled out new menu "Double Beef Samurai Junior" on September 26, 2014

McDonald's Malaysia double beef samurai junior

You know why McDonald's staffs always asks its customers "Large meal or not" It really obvious that they want you to you spend more on your meal. It is a standard operating procedure (SOP) for them to ask you. Large meal seem to be a very goo deal but you can always say something like "normal" or "no".  

Double Beef Samurai Junior

This burger cost around RM4.75 if you said "no" or "normal" to the staff. When you said "Yes, I want a large meal" the price will not be the same. There was a RM1 price increased for you to say "Yes". The price will be RM5.75 instead. Ok, you may say the french fries and Pepsi were to be larger than the medium-sized. Unless you are really hungry, you should order the large meal then.

The taste of Double Beef Samurai Junior is likened to a prosperity burger. Luckily, I ordered a double beef rather than one beef. I would be seriously surprised if I was not. Well, the meal is quite delicious and ward off starving. It seem that McDonald's Malaysia and KFC have things in common. KFC rolled out Tokyo sauce and McDonald introduced Samurai sauce. Wondering what is McDonald's Malaysia next new menu ?? 

Besides Double Beef Samurai Junior., I have eaten McDonald's Habanero Burger during the FIFA 2014 season and Mccountry and McFlurry Durian flavor . I am looking forward to eat more and more !!!

Votes for McDonald's vs KFC French Fries

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Battle of the french fries between McDonald's and KFC

KFC french fries vs McDonald's french fries

Let get to the bottom of this. KFC introduced its french fries not while ago. What was their intentions doing that ? KFC french fries mixed with crispy black pepper ? Yeah, it definitely taste something else.

We know that since the beginning that McDonald's french fries is unrivaled. It seem like fast food restaurants in Malaysia is re-focusing on this food. I have not try burger king's new french fries which look ridiculously awesome. The texture is so fine. It so much taller !

Maybe I would put McDonald's, Burger King and KFC battle of french fries somewhere in the future. The left picture was captured eating at KFC restaurant. It was the new menu "Tokyo Black Pepper Chicken Chop", whereas, the right picture is recently captured eating at McDonald's restaurant new menu "Double Beef Samurai Junior".

More detail about KFC's Tokyo Black Pepper Chicken Chop

The good old days when everything is so much easier. If one wants to eat chicken, we will head to KFC. If we are craving for burger, it should be McDonald's. Now, McDonald's introduced chicken while KFC introduced french fries. Sometimes, the not-so-wise get confused which to choose both are big restaurants franchise.

Malaysia McDonald's is giving out free Sundae Cone

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Celebrating the launch of McDonald's Malaysia. They are giving out free Sundae Cone till september 9, 2014

Free of charge Sundae Cone from LINE Malaysia

Do not intimated by the word "free" you are required to do something in return. LINE app users is happy that they could get a free sundae cone. Entitlement was only for LINE users. If you do not have LINE app in your smartphone now, download it first.

After downloaded the LINE app, go to More then Official Account, search for McDonald's Malaysia and subscribe it. 

Line Malaysia giving out McDonald's sundae cone

When you get a message from McDonald's , type "I love McD" and you must meant it. If the quota is not fully used, you will get a congratulation message. Open the message you will get a code that you need presenting it to McDonald's staff at any branches. 

Do not forget to order a McDonald's burger because it will be totally embarass just drive in and get a free sundae cone.  

McCountry and Durian McFlurry in McDonald Malaysia

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There are good and bad thing. Good is Durian season and Bad  on McDonald reputation


Despite the ongoing protest aimed on McDonald Malaysia. The atmosphere in Facebook page of McDonald Malaysia was unhappy and sorrow. Placing MH17 and black cover as a sign of mourning and there were notes written by Management of McDonalds Malaysia addressing the issue of boycott.

The boycott issue to the extent that there were states such as Kelantan branch of McDonalds had closed down. It was actually a rumor about the closing down at Kelantan state. But, looking at the McDonald Malaysia Facebook page, they used to promote their newest promotion there. The newest 2 was a note and not a promotion.

They never publish on McDonald Malaysia Facebook page  newest menu McCountry, Cheeseburger McDeluxe and Durian McFlurry. McCountry is selling at RM 6.00 with regular drink and french fries. My first bite on McCountry reminded me of Ramly burger meat. I am guessing it was Ramly burger meat because I always bought Ramly burger cooking it at home !

Do you know Ramly burger ? It a local brand known for manufacturing Malaysian household burger meat. More information at A1 Vs Ramly Burger meat

Durian Mcflurry is no stranger for some part of state such as Johor. Johorian might have tasted this if they have been a trip to Singapore. McDonald in Singapore rolled out the same menu last year. Mc Durian still taste very sweet the only different it added Durian flavor instead of Oreo. This cost around RM5.60 with tax