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Super Yummy KFC Tokyo Black Pepper Mushroom

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New menu KFC Malaysia introduced Tokyo Black Pepper Mushroom sauce with KFC chicken chop

KFC Malaysia Tokyo Black pepper mushroom chicken chop

According to the KFC Malaysia Facebook page, the new menu should have launched on September 28, 2014. There are two selections. The difference are rice and newly launched french fries. Both selection are under same price RM13.90 not included tax.

After taxed it should be around RM14.70. Converted blindly to USD, it should be 5 dollars. As you can see on the image above, there is some sauce poured to the surface of delicious chicken chop. As for the french fries, it does not taste the average McDonald's french fries, it got this rough texture. It crispier though !


If you think one piece of chicken chop is not enough which I was believed too. But, this chicken chop unlike the normal KFC big breast, this chicken chop is full of crunchy KFC chicken juicy meats. It safely to say that it boneless chicken chop.

I would say the Tokyo black pepper mushroom sauce is served with less quantity. I have been trying the last new menu which was Bangkok green sauce ?? they give a large portion of sauce with abundant green peas. As for this new menu, it contains like one or two pieces of  Tokyo mushroom and the sauce not even reach the satisfy quantity. They should have put more mushroom and more sauce

Do not believe Bangkok sauce is served with large quantity ?? Visit to see image Tried Bangkok Green Curry KFC Malaysia

You should try this sometimes at any KFC branches nationwide !!